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Michelle Obama Jumps Rope in China with Her Daughters!

Michelle Obama Jumps Rope in China with Her Daughters!

Michelle Obama plays a game of jump rope with the locals while visiting the Xi’an City Wall on Monday (March 24) in Xi’an, China.

The 50-year-old First Lady of the United States was also joined by her daughters Malia, 15, and Sasha, 12, for the educational and fun experience.

“As I watched these performances and demonstrations, I was struck by how this wall, which was constructed as a physical blockade, now serves as a symbolic connection between China’s past and present,” Michelle wrote on her blog about visiting the site. “There you stand, on top of a wall that’s hundreds of years old – a wall that has withstood war and famine and the rise and fall of dynasties. Yet when you look down, you realize that below you on both sides lies a city not too different from one you’d see in America – a city full of cars and bustling commercial districts, but also quiet residential areas.”

“It reminded me a little bit of when I met with a class of sixth graders back in the United States – 11 and 12 year olds who visited China last year.” Michelle added. “They told me that before they left, they assumed they’d encounter historic palaces and temples everywhere they went, but instead, they found massive cities full of skyscrapers and bright lights.”

15+ pictures inside of Michelle Obama visiting the Xi’an City Wall…

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  • strt

    Well, well – there she is again having a jolly time on her vacation, a vacation paid for by me and you and other hard-working Americans who are lucky to have some savings left over at the end of the month after buying food and paying rent. Doesn’t she have any sense of guilt?? Guess not, especially when you’re staying at a hotel costing about $8,400 per night.

  • diana

    The only thing she has a sense of is entitlement
    hawaii january
    aspen february
    china march
    $10”s of millions of $$$$ for each
    that’s OK MO – you keep enjoying your vacations, while I keep working real hard to pay for them

  • Andy

    Shame to her

  • kati

    And why is Michelle’s mother on this trip?? The daughters are old enough now to take care of themselves; they don’t need grandma to supervise them anymore. Marian Robinson gets to live in the White House for free and gets to go on all of Michelle’s fancy and expensive vacations for free. Who elected granny??

  • Amanda

    WHY do these people keep getting glorified??? Disgusting.

  • shelly

    @#5 – The Obamas keep getting glorified because if you dare to disagree with anything they do or anything they say you’re automatically called a racist. That’s the trump card that is always brought out by them and/or their supporters.

  • Aisaiko5

    If you don’t understand why the President and First lady are getting publicity (or glorified as you say), then you are either an idiot or racist (most-likely both). You only hate them because they are black. None of you were clucking when the Bush family or the Clinton family went on vacations. So why is it such an issue now? Yeah….right. Complete bigoted bs.

    And BTW they spend their own money for personal trips. Secret Service is required, they can not refuse it. Try learning something. Morons.

  • our future Queen Ovomit?

    Yea, one of the many cities where only 20% of the population is permitted to enter and live in. The other 80% either live much as they did 50 years ago in relatively primitive circumstances or are privilaged enough to work in one of the many factory towns
    (1$/hr.slave wages) in order to povide the West with cheap goods and corporations with outrageous profit margins.

  • BS! Aisaiko5

    Oh what short memories you Obamapologists freaks have. It was a running joke about the many many Bush Crawford Texas Ranch vacations, Bush cutting brush, Bush burning brush, Bush choppng wood etc. Every time Bush made a speech in his second term the stock market would plunge, another running joke . Not mention being called a chimp, an idiot, Alfred E. Neuman etc.
    Try learning something moronsLOLOLOLOL
    Nothing funnier than an uninformed Liberal who thinks it is intelligent. .
    This is taxpayer money and will cost in the tens of millions Idiot
    Obama sucks because he is a terrible lying sack O’ Shiiite not because he is Black.

  • It Is Possible

    Word is that “She” is really an ugly man in drag.

  • Meg

    “Barack Obama and his family cost the taxpayer $1.4billion per year, according to a recently published book.
    By contrast, the British Royal Family costs less than $60million each year

    Two of the principal costs of the the Obama presidency – and any other presidency – are staffing and security, according to Robert Keith Gray’s book Presidential Perks Gone Royal.
    Much of the money spent on Mr Obama’s family goes to perks such as entertainment and household expenses.

    For example, the White House contains a movie theatre which is manned by projectionists 24 hours a day in case one of the family feels like a trip to the cinema.
    And even the Obamas’ dog Bo costs the taxpayer thousands of dollars – his handler is reportedly paid over $100,000 a year.

    Another huge presidential outgoing, according to Mr Gray, comes in the form of staff members who can be appointed by the commander-in-chief at his own personal discretion.
    226 members of Mr Obama’s staff are apparently paid over $100,000 – and the President can increase their salaries at any time.

  • strt

    @#7 – there’s my point exactly; we only hate the Obamas because they’re black. There it is – just as I said, the old trump card of racism. It’s baloney. When the Bush family went to Texas for vacations, they didn’t jump rope in China, they didn’t go skiing in Colorado and they didn’t spend three weeks in Hawaii over the Christmas/New Year’s holiday eating flavored ice. I don’t care if the Obamas are green or purple or black; they’re abusing the honor of the presidency by thumbing their noses at the working guy who supports them in their lavish exploits.

  • shelly

    Yes, you are always called a racist when you dare to say anything negative about the Obamas. It’s simply not true.

  • shelly

    Aren’t the Obamas just as entitled to negative comments as they are to positive comments, or are they somehow above all that because of the color of their skin?? Being critical of the Obamas doesn’t make someone a racist.

  • Cece

    Do people realize that this trip and visit is being done for DIPLOMATIC reasons? They’re not representing themselves, they’re representing America. You don’t have to agree with their politics or like who they may be as individuals, but I think this trip has little to do with rest and relaxation as much as it has to do with the President’s family not only representing him, but our country. If you had the responsibility to travel around the world and could allow your children the opportunity to learn about different cultures and people by being immersed within it, would you not afford them that opportunity? I would!

    What does race have to with the first family fulfilling their obligation and duty in regards to improving Sino-US ties?

  • Sid

    @Aisaiko5: Nicely said. The idiots wont get it though, their minds are clouded by white entitlement and racism. Thank you for trying though…

  • “idiots” lol

    And part 2 of this tragedy will be Hillary Clinton for President and her WAR ON WOMEN in which she will suck in all of the clueless politically correct uneducated liberal morons for votes. Then she will turn on a dime and do the bidding of the Rich White Elite, just as Barack Obunghole.
    Please read and educate yourselves sub moronic Liberals. None of you should be allowed to pass on your genes

    Sid obviously does not understand the meaning of playing
    “the race card”.dumb dumb dumb lol

  • ize muss bees a race iss

    Aisako5 was shot down and proven wrong only to come back and agree with herself. heehee

  • David Howard

    Google “Michelle Obama is a man”

  • daisy

    @BS! Aisaiko5:

    Please read and educate yourselves sub moronic Liberals. None of you should be allowed to pass on your genes — HA HA HA you are the idiot here — do you know what diplomacy means? Look it up — the internet is a wonderful place so is an edumacation. hehe

  • daisy

    @ize muss bees a race iss: You’re probably a racist — but more than likely just an uneducated moron clouded by your white entitlement and can’t handle a changing society where the white man will slowly become the minority. Glory glory days to come :)