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More 'Vogue' Photos of Kim Kardashian, Kanye West & Baby North Released!

More 'Vogue' Photos of Kim Kardashian, Kanye West & Baby North Released!

Kim Kardashian and a shirtless Kanye West pose for a photo with their baby girl North West in this new look at their Vogue magazine spread from the April 2014 issue.

Here is what the 33-year-old reality star had to share with the mag:

On idolizing Elizabeth Taylor: “Everything seemed so selfless for her. We talked about the jewelry and how it ultimately didn’t belong to her; she just wanted to help people. [Her house] was just so enchanting, with a garden with really pretty trellises and beautiful roses, but it wasn’t realistic for me to purchase. It only had a one-car garage.”

On life with a baby: “I take pictures of her all the time and dress her up. I put Kanye’s big chains around her, and I put a little Louis bag and some Jordans, and I was like, ‘What up, Daddy?’”

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Photos: Annie Leibovitz for Vogue
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  • marci

    @47 – Jonathan Cheban has a long line of business ventures, but his latest and greatest claim-to-fame is his solid friendship with the entire Kartrashian family. Many times when you see them, you see him – on vacations, dining out and just hanging around together. He’s probably their number one fan and defender.

  • marci

    @#47 – Jonathan Cheban has a long line of business ventures, but his latest and greatest claim-to-fame is his solid friendship with the entire Kartrashian family. Many times when you see them, you see him – on vacations, dining out and just hanging around together. He’s probably their number one fan and defender. But I sometimes wonder – is he bought and paid for to supply a positive spin on the family??

  • True

    The porn star wins.

  • eww

    @Sim: ‘I agree. that baby should have clothes on and he should have a shirt on

  • Americus

    From what I read about Elizabeth Taylor, when she was Kim’s age she cared about was herself, her love life and her kids. Just like Kim. Liz Taylor was an actress and a drama queen. Kim is a business woman and a drama queen.. Elizabeth Taylor didn’t start getting all involved with charities for AIDS until later in her life. Then her best friend Rock Hudson got it. Lots of people were getting it, but they weren’t getting any help, and no one would talk about it, because everyone thought it was a sex disease and you got it from being gay. Elizabeth Taylor had a lot of gay friends she was close to so she got involved. But really, it was her son’s ex-wife who got it first. I read a lot about her because I think she’s beautiful. Kim met her and they were friendly, and Elizabeth thought she was beautiful and she liked Kim.
    I agree with that guy, about Sara Michelle. It’s a good question. Does what she says even matter? I am glad Kanye & Kim got that cover. I think I will get a subscription to Vogue, now.

  • Tori

    Wow, those are some deep thoughts, Kim. I think my IQ level just dropped.

  • Tonya

    @Qwerty: Yes, it does because she leaked it on purpose and still collects money from it.

  • Tonya

    @Americus: Liz Taylor probably had dementia when she met Kim, that’s why she liked her. Liz would never EVER approved of a porn actress like Kim. She was a woman of high morals. Porn actresses should not be on the cover of Vogue. Kim had to stay in Playboy that’s where she belongs. Go ahead get your subscription. Vogue will need it now that many customers are canceling theirs.

  • nell

    @#55 – Kim is a porno star; Elizabeth Taylor was a two-time Best Actress Oscar winner as well as the mother of four children.

  • Trash

    @TIME: Oh please. Heidi Klum was with a Black man. Get over it. Kim is just trash.

  • Unbelievable!

    Hard to believe these are the thoughts of a 33 year old WOMAN. I would have thought these comments were made by a teen mom.

  • Peta

    @TIME: They both are people of color. Kim is not white, she’s middle eastern!

  • aranka paul


    No, you are wrong, so very wrong. You don’t even come close to the real issue. There is nothing wrong with being interracial couple. I wouldn’t care what color Kim K is (polka dots, green or purple), she is a selfish, self absorbed, no talent, no brains person, period, Actally, what does Kanye see in her I wonder. Of the two, he is by far more talented and may I add a more intelligent one, even though his behaviors of late leave a lot to be desired. She is one that majority of mankind despises and not because she is of any particular color but because of her antics and generally what she stands for ( money, fame, shallow life, no interest in arts – she will leave no legacy to younger generation, oh, yes , she will, porn tape). And may I ask what do world disasters (mud slides, droughts, fires etc have to do with Kim and Kanye – actually I have never heard of them giving a cent to the less fortunate that them,to folks who might have lost their home to fires, mud slides, earthquakes etc). They are self centered spoiled brats who only live for the dollar signs – they are sad, sad representation of our humanity.

  • xoxox

    She looks very vacant eyed in these shots, or maybe she looks serene. Hard to tell. She’s not an actress (although that reality sh it show is totally and hilariously scripted) nor a model so it’s hard for her to convey any emotion in her photos. She reminds me of one of those 70′s/late 69′s housewives would were always Xanaxed or tranquilizered up due to the vacuous nature of their lives.

  • Yo

    They’re both extremely stupid. I hope they make North go to college so she has a chance at normality. But no, I think North will end up like the Will/Jada Smith or younger Kardashian kids. Spending all her time on Twitter posting selfies just like her intellectual, sophisticated, classy momma.

  • mimi

    @Luiza: Exactly!!!!!!!!!

  • Rachel

    I hope that baby peed on both of them.

  • mika

    On life with a baby: “I take pictures of her all the time and dress her up. I put Kanye’s big chains around her, and I put a little Louis bag and some Jordans, and I was like, ‘What up, Daddy?’”

    if anyone was having doubts that she’s an idiot

  • Andy

    Vogue become trash magazine boycott vogue

  • Aimee

    Elizabeth Taylor didn’t have high morals. Liz broke up Debbie Reynold’s marriage to Eddie Fisher remember? And Debbie had two small children at the time. I dont get all the hatred towards the Kardashians. There are a lot of people getting rich and famous now from reality shows. This hatred is way over the top.

  • kerry

    What happened to that blackskinhead line about moving out of the country and keeping his life private. ‘She’s not Americas baby’s he said and yet he now has her naked in a magazine and released her photos on a tacky talkshow. Was that song just written for attention or is he becoming a hypocrite. Starting to think he’s losing his morals. Lived in LA to long.

  • Lola

    For some reason, I think that when this baby becomes an adult she is going to sue her parents (and will probably win)

  • Scorpion


    Some people may have a problem with the fact that they are an inter-racial couple. However, I think the main reason is that both do not have good reputations, so when they got together, it was like a double whammy. Kim made the sex tape, is narcissistic and has no talent. Kanye made some good music, but he has a huge ego and has been quite obnoxious.

    I agree there are still racists out there, which is a shame. But I think these 2 get so much hate more so because of their words/actions.

  • HMinogue

    North’s adorable, God Bless her. They are a beautiful family.

  • mimi

    The interview is pretty dull but in the end you got to wonder, even you did not agreed what wintour has done to her magazine, showing this couple and make them looks like a jokes, is a big step for wintour to showing her strength, and let the it couple, who were embarrassing themselves in open, take fall.
    its like, she’s making them look fools.
    I guess, if i were the couple, then i would be so pissed off and angry, like really mad and embarrassing…..its not just the pictures looks boring but the it couple interviews looks so shallow and just BLAH, nothing special or real coming from them……so, either you are smart to read between the lines or you just ignorant and blame wintour, i choose to read the pages when the it couple talk about themselves and laughs after it and understood, why paparazzi following them around….which is kind of showing to the world, everything that the couple thought that they were the biggest and famous couple in the world, unfortunately, its only happen on their mind….LOL

  • stephanie

    they make me sick they are what is wrong with America. go away trash.

  • BillDe

    When (if) Kim Kardashian marry her baby daddy will NW still be a bastard or does that go away? Sorry, I’m ignorant to this sort of thing I’m white.

  • allison

    I just saw a old photoshoot she did with Reggie Bush. Major chemistry. These pictures with Kanye there is no chemistry. Kim looks like she has been placed on a set with strangers to do a photoshoot.
    Oh and I laughed at Kim saying in the interview that her favorite place to go to read about HERSELF is DailyMail. Can this woman be any more self absorbed and the queen of the tabloid era. Not classy at all Vogue editor.

  • tee

    Who’s putting money down on that baby being forced into beauty pageants?

    Don’t become a parent because you want to dress it up like a doll. That kid is going to otherwise be the worst, or demand emancipation by 14.

  • Iknow

    this issue will “Sell” because the K-clan will buy all the magazine by the truckload to make it appear it sold out.

  • Minty

    The three amigos,I mean ass whores…. Shallow as they come…. Anna Wintour is the new laughing stock of fashion. Vogue is worthless now. Elizabeth Taylor’s house was so pretty, but it only had a one car garage. SHALLOW. We do not need these Kartrashian FAILS in the entertainment media. You are sincerely excused from reality. The sooner they all fall from Hollyweird the better.

  • Lena

    Maybe I’m confused about this “No Kids” policy or something? In any event, babies are always precious. This one is adorable and looks like a little sweetie pie, of course.

    But, baby pics (especially of girls) are supposed to be about little duckies and rainbows and pastels and flowers. Not gangsta’ dark hues with mommies attempting to strike a supermodel pose in a failed attempt at uber sexy frowny face.

    Why is Kardashian everywhere? WHAT is her talent? A question I keep asking and no one ever has an answer.


  • aryian

    @Lena: She has no real talent. There is no reason for a Vogue cover when her shit realty tv show is in low ratings and she can’t even sell magzines covers naymore. Anna Wintour should be ashamed of herself. She denied Victoria Beckham, a woman who actually has had TWO successful careers ie The Spices Girls and her own fashion line, which is worn by A listers, a Vogue cover( Kim fans who call Kim a ‘business’ woman need to look at Victoria). Anna also cancelled Miley Cyrus’s Vogue cover at the last minute because she was thought Miley was acting inappropriately and did not deserve it, yet she think some pissed on porn star with no real talents or accomplishements deserves one. Disgusting.
    Anna Wintour will regret this. She can’t snub anyone now. How much longer until someone like the Gossliens or Duck Dysnasty people end up on Vogue?

  • Yasmin

    And yet, you’re all here commenting about it and promoting her. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then just shup up e don’t say anything at all. Doesn’t matter how she got famous, she is now. Deal with it. And if you hate her because she made a sextape, I’m guessing you’re all virgins?

  • http://justjared tellingthetruth

    Cal, why are you such a bully? You say what you want, yet you down others. Everyone have a right to their own opinion… stated your opinion. So what if she like the Kardashians, that’s her right. Just like you don’t like them….that’s your right. So back the f#ck off and leave people alone. Its people like you that I would love to stomp a mud hole in your azz.

  • anyway

    I see why sh got famous from her sex tape as it was pretty sexy. It is just NOW she is a joke. She clearly does not like her creepy baby daddy but likes his fame and money. And that photo with the naked baby pressed against the dad’s bare stomach with the mom’s hand on the naked butt is just Creepy! they should have had at least a diaper on the baby,. and every photo of Kim and Kanye looks like she is pretending to be into him but she isn’t. I give them maybe 3 or 4 years till they split.

  • http://justjared tellingthetruth

    I happen to think they make a beautiful couple. For the person that said baby was ugly….you better look at yourself in the mirror. One thing for sure, its not a damn thing ugly about North. She’s the complexion that most of you are dying to get, lmto. It amazes me how people hate on someone they don’t even know. One without sin cast the first stone. Well we know that will never happen. Why should it matter to any of you what Kim have done? that’s her life and it doesn’t involves any of you. I personally think most of you are jealous because they both have money. A lot of you wish you could have made that kind of money from being on your backs. Get a life people, Kanye and Kim doesn’t give a f about what you think. North wearing 1000 dollar dresses, what your kids wearing? lol.

  • http://justjared tellingthetruth

    I agree with you Anyway, they should had diapered the baby. Its not like its just in a family album. They are exposing her to the world and its just to many perverts to be doing that.

  • Yasmin

    @anyway: Creepy? They are her PARENTS! For God’s, sake! It’s not like he’s the one naked with a baby naked on top of him. This photo shows intimacy. And if you don’t get it, you have bigger problems than I thought.
    It’s amusing you guys trying to “read” the photos.

  • Yasmin

    And also, Kim has her hand on North’s tushy. You can barely see it.

  • Numerlie

    People who call her out for her lack of talent and skills are not ‘haters’, grow up please. This woman has nothing to offer that is good to society. She just takes, fakes and is a fraud. She is also a bully and a rude woman, ie how she talked to Katie Couric. Kanye also is a bully when he insult other performers who are better, more talented and famous. Both of them suit each other. Anna Wintour is probably the laughing stock of the fashion world. I hope she get replaced by someone who doesn’t by into the stupid reality tv stars hype.
    Victoria Beckham deserves better then this, in the end she is the winner. Because she is an A lister by her own right and David is an A list soccer player too. Both of them are a more famous, powerful and influential couple then these two clowns. Kanye wishes he and Kim were on the Beckhams status as an A list couple. They are nothing but a trashy D list couple no matter what.

  • Bianca

    @TIME: Of course, pull the race card. You’re as clueless and stupid as they are. GTFO with that statement..

  • Nkosi

    They should have deleted this awkward picture…the hand placement is stoopid… otherwise good for her, she got her man, she got the baby, she got the vogue cover…

  • http://@junofred juno

    they are atlist making money while yu are busy commenting on how miserable they are

  • Paola

    Si ya vimos las fotos para que compramos la revista entonces, en internet se cuelan jaja

  • TorynPrix

    Why didn’t they put some clothes on her?

  • Chris

    What’s next for Vogue? Snooki? What was this magazine bought out by the National Enquirer? They’ve sunk to that level.

  • ryan

    Looks like a case of pedophilia to me!

  • Jay

    As a matter of observation, not being mean, the baby is not as cute as many bred by average looking people. Maybe he’ll grow out of it.

  • Queen

    This is gross how a bunch of grown people are hating on this family. Kanye west is all in the Fashion world and Kim Kardashian is 1 of the most beautiful women in America. I generally don’t even read these comments because it’s always filled with irrelevant people who got so much to say. At the end of the day they are still on the Vogue cover like it or not., Vogue will continue to be a popular magZibe , Kim and KNye are Rich and FMous and Baby North is adorable. Sorry but it’s the truth