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Orlando Bloom Gets His Hot Body By Running Stairs!

Orlando Bloom Gets His Hot Body By Running Stairs!

Orlando Bloom gets his heart rate up while running up and down the stairs during a workout on Monday (March 24) in Los Angeles.

A few weeks ago, the 37-year-old English actor was handsome in a suit while hitting the Vanity Fair Oscars Party after the 2014 Oscars in West Hollywood.

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It was recently announced that Orlando will be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Wednesday (April 2). We’re so excited for him!

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom keeping himself in shape with a cardio-workout…

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orlando bloom heart racing with stairs 01
orlando bloom heart racing with stairs 02
orlando bloom heart racing with stairs 03
orlando bloom heart racing with stairs 04
orlando bloom heart racing with stairs 05
orlando bloom heart racing with stairs 06
orlando bloom heart racing with stairs 07
orlando bloom heart racing with stairs 08
orlando bloom heart racing with stairs 09
orlando bloom heart racing with stairs 10
orlando bloom heart racing with stairs 11
orlando bloom heart racing with stairs 12

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  • GUH!

    Get it, Orlando!
    His body is amazing!
    *is ded*

  • YES!!

    Can’t wait to see him get his star!

  • Lily

    Oh dear poor guy has Man “B**BS”…. : (

  • Why?

    He gets a star?? – why?? – I really donĀ“t get it.

  • Meghan

    Orlando is a gorgeous man. It’s great that Orlando is getting the recognition he deserves and getting honoured with a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. He has earned it.

  • Anon

    Does anyone know what the brand name of the shoes he is wearing? I like the colour and would like to get a pair. He is gorgeous and excited about him getting his star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

  • Mmmm

    It’s great that he’s getting a star as he’s been in two big movie trilogies in LOTR & POTC. As well as the 2nd Hobbit movie.

    I just wish he could be in a hit movie where he wasn’t part of an ensemble cast but that he was the leading man. The last 2 POTC movies & the 1st Hobbit movie were huge hits without him in them.

    It’s pity he didn’t persevere with bigger movies even after they flopped like Elizabeth Town, Kingdom of Heaven etc but decided to do small Indie movies instead.
    I think that was a mistake career wise as none of them did any good so now it’s harder for studios to take a chance with him & cast him as the lead role.

    I think it was great that he got to reprise the role of Legolas again but at the same time it could be seen by directors that he hasn’t moved forward at all acting wise.
    Especially the special effects used trying to make him look the same age was a bit weird as well but understandable from the movies perspective.

    I hope being in the Hobbit gives him a chance to revive his career other than just playing Legolas again.

  • @3

    Psssst…… Those are called pecs, not b00bs.
    That man has a beautiful chest!

  • @7

    Actually, KOH did quite well in the worldwide box office. It just didn’t do well in the US. Mostly because it gave an even story, and didn’t paint the Muslims as the stereotypical bad guys. And I’m saying this as an American.
    He chose to drop out of Hollywood after he finished Pirates. He went to Antarctica and then did a play in London. All against the wishes of his management. Did it hurt his career? Probably. But I think that he was at a point where he didn’t really care. He earned a ton of money, and could then work on the smaller films that he always wanted to do. He got really good reviews for Zulu, so maybe the critics are willing to give him a chance. It’s a pity that some people only see success in dollars earned. And even if you do, he’s had a career that other actors can only dream of.
    As for Legolas? Heck, he would do anything for Pete. And I’m sure that he had a blast being back in Middle Earth. Even after 12-13 years, he can still pull off The Elf. Fans sure seemed to love seeing him back. I saw it in the theater twice. And both audiences erupted in cheers when Legolas made his first appearance. Does he look 22 anymore? No. But no one in their right mind would expect him to. We simply enjoyed his character. His athleticism was definitely still there.
    He deserves his star. More so than many.

  • xx

    He gets a star and Leonardo still doesnt have one? Scandal!


    OMG! Orlando is gorgeous. I love him.

  • Sara

    He really is beautiful, isn’t he.

  • @7

    Thank you !

    For me, this is not deserved yet. Especially when you think of all the other older actors/actresses who should be acknowledge instead. He has not even met their level yet, or worked for that long in HW years. LoTR and Pirates is not good enough in my book. Think about all the other stuff he has done. A star is a collected whole achievement, so no. I do not agree with their decision.

  • poblisque

    I have to laugh at the hypocrites on delphi that now gush over Bloom, when he was with Miranda they hated his guts and called him names for anything he did, now he is not with her they gush over him over everything he does, it proves that it was just Miranda they hated and were jealous of her, why else would they do a complete turn around? It proves all along what people said, the people that are on delphi are crazy and their opinions are BS.

  • Sam

    He’s one of the highest grossing actors of all time, so yes he deserves it.
    This is Hollywood, remember. This is about the impact that he has made in movies. How many actors can claim that they created two iconic characters that will be enjoyed for generations? Hmm?

  • deluxe

    He doesn’t deserve that star anymore than any other actor who was a teen heartthrob “next big thing”-and then sunk into oblivion, like it or not Orlando WILL fade into oblivion eventually and as he has no work lined up I would say that will happen within the next few years. HOWEVER on the flip side it seems anybody can get a Hollywood star these days and it isn’t just the elite anymore so that much shows in this case and many others. Orlando should enjoy this while it lasts, he won’t be in the spotlight for much longer no matter how many more pap set ups he keeps doing.

  • @16

    I see that Kerrazy had made her appearance.
    What kept you, sweetness?

  • @deluxe

    well said!

  • @16

    Pretty hard for him to sink into oblivion when his movies are being played around the clock all over the world.
    He deserves that star. But I guess the simple fact that he is getting just pi$$es off you haters to no end, doesn’t it. LOL!

  • Elena

    @Sam: Because of movies that he didn’t have a leading role. Movies that featured an ensemble of much more famous and MUCH more talented actors or were carried by Johnny Depp. Not exactly a credit to his acting skills. Or obvious lack of the same. It was all just luck. The movies he carried tanked. Big time. Celebrities buy stars on The Walk of Fame. Bloom ponied up. It really s as simple as that.

  • @Elena

    Hahaha, what a joke are you Elena. If he was buy his star, why he didn’t do that before?

  • ;(

    Blah blah blah blah blah zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz blah blah blah zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • @20

    Sure, he was part of an ensemble. A very important part, evidently, otherwise the wouldn’t have written him into the script for The Hobbit.
    In fact, most blockbusters are ensemble films. With each member playing an important role to make a cohesive whole. Can you think of one that isn’t an ensemble piece??? Nothing comes to mind right now, but maybe you have more time on your hands than I do.
    Even POTC was an ensemble. Captain Jack would have been insufferable without Barbosa, Will, Elizabeth, Gibbs, etc, to balance him out. Every buffoon needs a straight man for the comedy to work.
    Funny that you are giving Johnny the full credit for those films.
    But of course, we are all familiar with your double standards when it comes to Orlando.
    What did he ever do to you for you to take things so personally? Why are you so obsessed with him and his family?

  • Nancy

    @Elena Orlando has earned his star on the walk of fame. It is about time that he is being recognized for his achievements in the film industry. Congratulations Orlando.

  • Ha

    Well there’s our bitter bunny!
    How they hangin’ Bealze? Or is it Callie?
    No matter. You are both the same.
    Bitter, angry, lonely, hateful hags with too much time on your hands.

  • Linda

    He’s so cute.

  • Mmmmm

    I don’t have a problem with Orlando getting his star as he deserves it seeing as he’s been in two blockbuster trilogies.

    What I was saying in my #7comment was that I wish he was able to be in OTHER movies that were hits where he wasn’t part of an ensemble cast but one where HE is the leading man that carried the film.

    It wasn’t a criticism of his roles in LOTR or POTC at all.

    It’s just that I’m concerned because his leading man roles in Elizabethtown & KOH were not successful so therefore Directors & movie executives think he can’t carry a film & his time has passed.
    Yes reprising Legolas again IS great but it doesn’t change the perception of him as an actor.

    Look at Robert Pattinson, he hasn’t been in one successful movie since Twilight, they’ve all been flops. He was considered the next new heartthrob actor after Orlando yet his career has stalled as well.

    I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that I’m concerned that Orlando has only ever been perceived & labeled as a pretty boy/heartthrob actor.

    Apart from Leo DiCaprio very few “heartthrob” actors have gone on to be A-Listers & have long term careers.

    It only takes one film to turn things around so I’m hoping he gets that chance.

  • JustChill’n

    What do you think of Orlando Bloom & Kate Perry? I’m not a “musical” fan of KP, but I think she seems like a fun gal. I think now that she’s single, it would be good for these 2 to have a fling. Nothing too serious, & certainly nothing that’s going to last. Still, something that these 2 can have some fun with. I think they deserve it considering who their exes were.