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Angelina Jolie's 'Unbroken' is a Film 'We All Need Now More Than Ever'

Angelina Jolie's 'Unbroken' is a Film 'We All Need Now More Than Ever'

Angelina Jolie looks absolutely gorgeous at The State of the Industry: Past, Present and Future and Universal Studios Presentation held at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace during CinemaCon on Tuesday (March 25) in Las Vegas.

The 38-year-old actress discussed her film Unbroken, which she just wrapped directing earlier this year.

“Over the years the project experienced a number of false starts,” Universal Pictures chairman Donna Langley said of the project (via THR).

“I wanted to make this film because in the end its message is one that we all need now more than ever. It’s the journey of man finding his way through the darkness and into the light,” Angelina said when she walked on stage.

FYI: Angelina is wearing Juan Carlos Obando with Ferragamo shoes.

15+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie at CinemaCon…

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angelina jolie vision in white at cinema con 01
angelina jolie vision in white at cinema con 02
angelina jolie vision in white at cinema con 03
angelina jolie vision in white at cinema con 04
angelina jolie vision in white at cinema con 05
angelina jolie vision in white at cinema con 06
angelina jolie vision in white at cinema con 07
angelina jolie vision in white at cinema con 08
angelina jolie vision in white at cinema con 09
angelina jolie vision in white at cinema con 10
angelina jolie vision in white at cinema con 11
angelina jolie vision in white at cinema con 12
angelina jolie vision in white at cinema con 13
angelina jolie vision in white at cinema con 14
angelina jolie vision in white at cinema con 15
angelina jolie vision in white at cinema con 16

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  • anustin

    thats my girl,jolie.a FORCE of NATURE.ouch!!!

    oh well…. Maniston got huge of pores.


    Brad Pitt came from a good background, good parents and that’s why he’s not like George Clooney. Even though he could have been a complete manwh0re, he was not raised to behave like that.

  • Passing Through

    # 123 funny tweet @ 03/25/2014 at 7:07 pm
    # 124 funny tweet @ 03/25/2014 at 7:08 pm
    ROTFLMBAO!!! Oh shite! People are having a lot of fun at Putrid’s expense. I’m sorrow for her kids’ sake, but given the fact that she’s such an annoying, stuck up, elitist biitch – everybody’s happy to see her fail at something in a big way. I also have to wonder if Graydon Carter will re-think publishing that VF article. You know she’s probably scared spitless that he will.

  • Rose

    Why do people worship this woman? To me she is a boney woman who can’t act or direct. And everything she does – all her charity work and her PSAs are to help boost her own popularity and goddess like status. I still believe that if it weren’t for her relationship with Brad Pitt people wouldn’t be fawning over her so much.

  • Haters suck it



  • Cliniqua

    Amen… and Amen!

  • Bea

    Hoovesey is probably already planning the photos of a “girls weekend” with Goop and fat tick for the weekend Maleficent comes out.

    I wonder if he can hold himself that long.

  • well

    @Rose: First of all, Jolie’s MAIN claim to fame is her beauty. She’s a unique beauty in Hollywood. Unfortunately, she’s hitting 40 soon, and after that, I really doubt she’s going to look like Sophia Loren. Brad Pitt is, of course, the cherry on top. Also, lots of females hate Aniston for some reason, and they are so tangled up in the fight against her.

  • BlogBrat


    I like her. I don’t worship her. To you she boney and can’t act whatever. But to the fans she is a great mother, actress, director, humanitarian, and an amazing woman. If she too boney for you and can’t act, why are you here? Go find some one who can act or fat. Get the f Uck off this thread.

  • Haters suck it

    Angelina doesnt give a shit to Goop. For Angie Goop doesnt even exist.

  • anustin

    Sad.what’s apple going to do now?back to the tree.?and Moses,will less to 9 commandments.sorry.

  • Rose

    @BlogBrat: This is a gossip site. Anyone can post comments in here, positive or negative. It’s not just for fans.

  • just sayin

    I wonder if Vanity Fair will publish its piece on Goop now.

  • Bea

    I was wondering how long it would take for a troll-hen-hag to take Rose’s name in her absence.

  • anustin

    so the Bj ain’t working anymore fishticky….bahaha.

  • also


    Michele Catalano ‏@inthefade
    “So mommy and daddy still love each other but, well, why don’t you go read about it on GOOP, kids? Give mommy some page views, she’s sad.”

  • juju

    so happy about the reactions to unbroken
    looking forward to the trailer
    n seeing on the big screen
    angelina looks beautiful as always

  • ndn

    Sh it!!!! I was away for few hours and bam breaking news…Fishy’s marriage is ovah…!!!! I never liked her one bit…she comes across like ms know it all…high and mighty…cold and calculated…
    Feels bad for the kids though…Chris on other hand.. I like his band’s music
    Went to Coldplay concert once and it was awesome experience.

  • juju

    angelina claim to fame is her TALENT
    her beauty is part of who she is
    she will always be beautiful
    she is one of those women
    that will be beautiful in her 80s
    it’s the bone structure
    now stop using fans names n answer to urself

  • hahaha

    Brad and Gwyneth Paltrow can be back together. She is the only woman he has publicly declared ‘ the love of my life, my angel Gwyneth Paltrow”

  • juju

    hold ur breath while u waiting
    u would make urself n the world a favor


    @BlogBrat: tsk tsk. Nasty words!

  • BlogBrat


    You complain the same s hit on every thread. To scare to use your own moniker. You have to still Rose’s. Loser.

  • BlogBrat

    You complain the same s hit on every thread. Too scare to use your own moniker. You have to steal Rose’s. Loser.

  • Angie at her Best

    The poster Rose who is posting a few times on this page IS NOT our JP Rose. Obviously she/ he is using Rose’s alias and definitely a big fug troll. Pls ignore.

  • didn’t you know?

    @BlogBrat: People on Angie’s threads steal monikers all the time.

  • Stealing Monikers

    It’s SO MUCH FUN!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Maybe Huvsy will throw a pity party for Goop and invites MANiston and Handler.

  • bap

    Angelina is the best thing that ever happen to Brad! Brad chose two losers Anniston and Paltrow.

    Those two former women of Brad’s are bad news.

  • well

    @juju: Sez you. If Angelina Jolie looked like every other Hollywood actress, you would be caring less about her. You’d toss her to the curb. But nobody looks like her and she had that bad@ss attitude that some of you ladies really like. That’s first. Then, add on all the other stuff.

  • susan101

    she look so old, and the baggy clothes have to go, why is she starving herself?

  • BlogBrat

    @Stealing Monikers:

    Yes, for an immature 12 year old. For a grown assss woman, that’s sad and pathetic.

  • tailor

    angelina is horrible looking, they built her a chin, a nose, a facelift, yadiyadiya…she’s gross, too much plastic surgery. she’s gross. ewww

  • Rose

    @Angie at her Best: You do realize there are other people in this world named Rose right? I’ve always used this name on this site and I’m not a troll.

  • juju

    angelina could be ugly
    n it would still stand out
    because of her IMMENSE TALENT
    she could be ugly dressed in baggy clother
    or in a burka as Jon Stewart said
    n she would still be HOT
    it’s who she IS
    not how she looks or dress

  • juju

    it = she

  • juju

    clother = clothes

  • busted

    @Angie at her Best:

    it always happens when there is some good news about Angie..

    This was the next step in promotion. Universal must be so stoked for Unbroken. They seem to be fully behind Angie and the films. She was the only STAR that took the stage. I think she is going to promote both films big time. So we are in for a treat..

    Angie Angie Angie and more ANGIE.. always a good thing.

  • huh

    Lamey hinted Chris Martin cheated.

  • well

    @juju: None of the girls here would be this crazy about Jolie if it were not for her looks. Her looks ate her #1 attraction. That’s what started the rave about her in the first place in Hollywood and on these boards.

  • Bizzy Bee

    Good evening JP fans.

    Apparently Ticky’s guru Hussy, or whatever his name is, is asleep at the wheel because she isn’t even getting tv cameos. No bit part in The Hangover IX? What is she paying him for?

    I heard she gets tired of people complimenting her on looking good for her age. Well, what will she say when the pity compliments stop coming in?

    It’s unfortunate she put her curse on Aaron Eckhart. I haven’t seen him since he was stuck with her in Love Happens.

  • trt

    It didn’t take you that long to steal Rose’s name, huh troll? Why are you so scared of putting down your own name?


    @huh: Not surprised if Chris is a cheater. What else is new?

  • Tee-hee

    @trt: Who cares. Lots of bloggers here have been stealing other names. Lots of the moderators are also here doing the same.

  • lylian

    Great news about Unbroken and Maleficent.
    Sad news about Chris M and GP seeing they have 2 little kids. Though JP fans kinda knew a split was very possible for CM and GP, I think most JP fans wanted them to work it out for the sake of their 2 children.
    But as many of us had thought, CM and GP let the press and the public dictate what they do in their relationship waaaaayyyyy too much, all this pretentious nonsense about not appearing together on RC’s or being photographed together etc..

  • juju

    she’s is beautiful
    breathtaking beautiful
    it’s part of what’s she is
    n it’s normal that people noticed
    but as John Frankenheimer once said

    “The world is full of beautiful girls, but they’re not Angelina Jolie. She’s fun, honest, intelligent, gorgeous and divinely talented.”

    beauty alone does nothing
    folks always been fascinated by angelina
    her, her personality n her talent
    even the ones that say they hate her
    like u

  • also

    @Tee-hee: Who puts down their real name or only one name? LOL! Be serious!

  • what

    @huh: Lamey spin

  • well

    @juju: Breathtaking? Matter of opinion. I’ve seen maybe 3 or 4 Angelina-type women in my entire life. Just as beautiful as her. Nobody else looks like them.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    Most of the fans don’t use their real name because we don’t need to. But we we don’t steal (I don’t) other people’s name, not even the haters. Only the haters are too chicken to use their own names, especially when they post hate posts.