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Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Black Intimates in See-Through Dress!

Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Black Intimates in See-Through Dress!

Kim Kardashian rocks a see-through dress while making an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Tuesday (March 25) in New York City.

The night before, the 33-year-old reality star and her fiance Kanye West were spotted catching a departing flight out of LAX Airport in L.A.

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It was recently reported that a man claiming to be Kim‘s boyfriend was taken to a hospital and placed under a psychiatric hold after showing up at her mom Kris Jenner‘s home, according to the L.A. Times.

15+ pictures inside of Kim Kardashian making an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers

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kim kardashian late night with seth meyers 01
kim kardashian late night with seth meyers 02
kim kardashian late night with seth meyers 03
kim kardashian late night with seth meyers 04
kim kardashian late night with seth meyers 05
kim kardashian late night with seth meyers 06
kim kardashian late night with seth meyers 07
kim kardashian late night with seth meyers 08
kim kardashian late night with seth meyers 09
kim kardashian late night with seth meyers 10
kim kardashian late night with seth meyers 11
kim kardashian late night with seth meyers 12
kim kardashian late night with seth meyers 13
kim kardashian late night with seth meyers 14
kim kardashian late night with seth meyers 15

Photos: NBC, AKM-GSI
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  • Lol

    she looks embarrassing atrocious.

  • kerry

    Stuck in a style rut. Same old see-through dress and big underwear look we’ve seen so many times. Like shes lost own sense of style in the last year and is just clinging to the same desperate look trying to stay attractive. Same goes fot the croped tshirt/pencil skirt combo. Needs a new stylist. Used to be so fashionable, now just looks despate for attention. Sad.

  • KKK

    Why would she even be on this talk show to begin with? To promote her Vogue cover?

  • Lily Lala

    Is Seth Myers that desperate to have this fat whale stuck in a net on his show? Seems like he would make fun of her…

  • soy

    nobody wants to see your grandma panties thanks

  • I


  • janie

    Her middle name is inappropriate! Thanks Anna… there’s your Vogue Cover! You must be proud!

  • Diaper Butt Kim K.

    @Lily Lala:

    Apparently, NBC owns E! which explains why she’s only on that particular tv network. She definitely shouldn’t be in that ugly outfit with her huge lumpy ass.

  • Jessie

    You’d think even if a homemade porn movie gave her a start after all this time she’d have more to promote that her body. This woman will not age well. She will be filling, cutting, snipping, stitching, slicing and dicing everything that she can to stay looking young. She has so little self worth beyond her body.

  • @

    @I: Shut up Chloe, you fat Kardashian gorilla. Your whole family are nothing but cheap hores..from your ugly mother to your youngest sister.

  • jared

    fire your writers jared, idiotic headlines

  • JustSayin

    Oh honey… if you’re gonna wear this, at least make sure you don’t have any rolls showing. She’s not fat, yet she looks it by she wearing clothes that are too small.

  • JustSayin

    Oh honey… If you’re gonna wear this outfit, at least make sure there are no rolls showing. She’s not fat, but she keeps choosing sizes too small for her that make her seem that way. Girl, you were just on Vogue! The former fashion bible! If you want people to believe you deserve your spot on there, dress like it! This is not doing anything for you!

  • Looselipz

    Barf vomit gag. Her face doesn’t move and her body is a stuffed sausage. Cover it up please. Fake through and through.

  • Diaper Butt Kim K.

    @JustSayin: @Lily Lala:

    You got that right. VOGUE the FORMER fashion bible!

  • ChubbyBunny

    She’s actually gained weight back. It’s embarrassing. She looks horrible and needs to stop going on TV and start going back to the Gym.

  • Judge Betch

    Does this girl ever wear anything that fits her right?

    Everything is either so huge she disappears in it, or so small she looks like meat in a sausage casing.

    The sleeves on that dress make it look sloppy.


    Can he hire someone to fix your clothes to fit right?

  • allison

    They love to leave that baby. Normally moms are attached to their babies for at least a year except if they have to leave them for work. Kim K and Kanye does not mind jumping on a plane to Paris or NY and leaving the kid with a nanny.

  • kami

    whhyyyyyyyyyyyy is this plastic faced mannequin on any tv show????? why???

  • funny9

    She is a beautiful woman. And it’s nice she is shapely and not a twig

  • randi

    That baby is nothing more than a prop to these two idiots. Kim herself said that she loves to dress up the baby (like a doll) as well as putting Kanye’s gold chains on her (like a doll). These two morons have no clue how to be parents; they only know how to exploit that poor kid.

  • Jan

    Why does she have fans???

  • Tyla

    It is nice that she embraces her curves. I admire female celebs who do so! Just as long as they are at a healthy weight for their height. I think Kim may be just a tad over, but whatever. At least she isn’t anorexic and ill looking!

  • Carol

    Those shoes are awful & 100% not flattering at all. They cut her off so her calfs look wicked thick (esp in the pic of her sitting). They are also tied so tight that she has muffin tops on her calfs & ankles.

    The only good thing about this dress is her chest area is a bit more covered than normal. There is nothing wrong with showing that area. But to the extent that Kim has being doing of late is a bit pathetic and look-at-me-look-at-my-boobs-i-need-attention.

  • http://JustJared Jan

    OMG! Stop writing about this loser!!!!

  • siennagold

    She looks so tacky in that dress. That dress would look better on someone tall and skinny. I don’t understand why people think she has an amazing body. She has really large hips, thighs and butt. I guess some people prefer that body type.

  • miapocca

    this is not flattering…with kanye wests exit, she will lave the wardrope behind…he likes to show off her nakedness to the world..I wonder why he is not showing off his ugly pipi right beside her..

    The best kim ever looked and dressed was during her wedding to Humpfries. Note that dump-fries was in the back seat so the choices were really kims and I think she would prefer that look if she wasnt obsessesed with doing everything knaye west asks…

  • Annie

    Dress definitely adds the illusion of bulk to her – Kim is hardly “fat”, but this dress (along with most of the stuff she wears) look good on tall super skinny women only.

  • aranka paul

    Dear God, she looks like a fat middle age woman with very bad taste in fashion. Why do all her outfits need to be see-through, why?. Who the hell wants to see her black granny panties and her rolls of fat under the lace. She is supposed to be a fashion maven – according to Vogue, yeah, right. The Vogue folks should have put Lupita on the cover, now, there is a woman with tremendous fashion sense, intelligce to boot and she is truly gifted acctress, plus she is gorgeous. Put somebody on the cover of Vogue who embodies a true sense of a modern woman (like Lupita, Kate Winslett, Kerry Washington), not somebody known only for the sex tape and a plastic face. I always thought Anna Wintour was made of sterner stuff – planty of integrity and true grit – I gues I was wrong.

  • Denny

    PLEASE get rid of Kardashian trash!!! Left Eonline – when there’s no news apparently you fill space with those tramps. Don’t they take & post enough pictures of themselves?!!

  • Denny

    @Lol: I AGREE 100%

  • Denny

    @I: Is this Kim speaking?

  • me

    if people hate Kim and her family so much then why are they so famous
    their show is on the air for so long so that mean that America loves them.. same goes for this post. You guys don’t get. bad publicity is just as good as good publicity. the more nasty comments you make on their post the more famous they get. why cant you people understand that? JUST DONT COMMENT then you will see what will happen.

  • santamariavargas

    I really don’t think she checks the mirror before exiting the house. She looks really sleazy and the underwear look is so not attractive.

  • Maddy

    Glad to know gray whales aren’t endangered!!!

  • Ralies

    @Lily Lala: They all seem deserpate. Leno had her on his goodbye show and Fallon had her on his debut. Seriosuly is this all the best they can find as guests? Talk about scrapping the bottem of the barrel. She is a F list star. Why doesn’t he get some A lister or B lister atleast?

  • Omg cover up you cow

    Her “fashion advisor” has been playing a cruel joke on her for quite a while now and she is too stupid to realize it.

  • Alouisis

    Chunky girls like her should wear more clothes. Nobody wants to see he tubby belly or large posterior.

  • Ruby


  • Ruby

    Oh yes. Some of us actually LOVE her body shape. Some of us curvy women are loving this message in that one do not need to be ultra thin and sickly looking in order to make the mark. This lady is beautiful, she has a lovely body and she very well knows it. She is not fat and unhealthy looking nor thin with a sickly appearance. I like this healthy balance of absolutely curvy gorgeousness. Utterly realistic.

  • Jesika Moreno

    She looks like a whale.