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Nicole Kidman's Husband Keith Urban Announces Exciting Benefit with Great Lineup!

Nicole Kidman's Husband Keith Urban Announces Exciting Benefit with Great Lineup!

Nicole Kidman keeps her head low as she walks back to her car after working out on Tuesday morning (March 25) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 46-year-old actress’ hubby Keith Urban just announced an exciting concert, All 4 the Hall, which is now in its fifth year, which benefits Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

“I think this is going to be an extremely unique and revealing night for everyone,” Keith said in a statement. “Not only are we going to see extraordinary ‘one of a kind’ performances, but we’re going to hear some stories that just may have us hearing these well known songs in a whole new way.”

Carrie Underwood, Reba McEntire, Kacey Musgraves, and more will be part of the concert.

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman leaving the gym…

Just Jared on Facebook
nicole kidman keeps so fit at the gym 01
nicole kidman keeps so fit at the gym 02
nicole kidman keeps so fit at the gym 03
nicole kidman keeps so fit at the gym 04
nicole kidman keeps so fit at the gym 05
nicole kidman keeps so fit at the gym 06
nicole kidman keeps so fit at the gym 07
nicole kidman keeps so fit at the gym 08
nicole kidman keeps so fit at the gym 09
nicole kidman keeps so fit at the gym 10
nicole kidman keeps so fit at the gym 11
nicole kidman keeps so fit at the gym 12
nicole kidman keeps so fit at the gym 13
nicole kidman keeps so fit at the gym 14
nicole kidman keeps so fit at the gym 15

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Firefall

    We love this event. Family drives from Georgia and attend every year. Keith makes sure there’s a different lineup so you always get a unique show. Can’t wait! Can’t wait to see Nicole on Jimmy Kimmel tonight too!

  • zaslow

    So pretty.

  • Erica L

    What, Nicole’s a guest on Kimmel tonight? Thanks for the heads up. DVR get ready!!!!!

  • hey lady

    Anybody know what brand Nicole’s jacket is? I really like the black with small color accents.

  • Huh?


    No, we don’t love this family

  • curious

    Surely Kidman has a gymnasium at home. Why does she find it necessary to periodically use a public gym. Oh that’s right, it’s so she can ring the paps for a photo op.

  • Oh dear

    That jacket is hideous.

  • Firefall

    @hey lady: It doesn’t look like it but Nicole has worn Lululemon in the past. I also like the colors. Would be nice on a sneaker too.

    Get some help for your obsession Huh? and curious. I see you posting nasty comments on every single Kidman story.

  • Firefall

    You too Oh Dear. A serious intervention.

  • ewwww

    Nasty color clash on the jacket.

  • Lisa

    Nicole you certainly make your fans proud. Tks for the reminder that NK will be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight. Wouldn’t miss seeing her.

  • EdWood

    Kidman threads are the funniest corner of JJ. Crazy person frantically posting defensive comments to make it look like there’s more than one poster who hates the actress. I like the jacket (the jacket is ugly). I love Nicole (no we don’t).

    What do you want to bet she’ll be watching Jimmy Kimmel tonight with the rest of us? lol

  • x

    It’s obvious Nicole has chosen her outfit for the gym and that’s why we have a ghastly concoction of mismatching colors. Take away her red carpet stylist and all you are left with is plain old Nicole, who has no fashion sense or style whatsoever.

  • EdWood

    @x: Why do you keep posting you don’t like the outfit under different names?

  • 1urbanfan27

    Keith doesn’t need a qualifier for who he is…I’ve known who he is and how talented he is for 15 years…Long before she went after him…

  • really now

    @1urbanfan27: Go stalk someone else 27. Plenty of people don’t listen to country and don’t come here to see Keith Urban. I’ve seen comments online from people that don’t even know they are married. Get over yourself.

  • x

    @EdWood needs to wrap his/her head around the fact that Kidman is one of the most unpopular actresses in the world and many, many people will and do comment their displeasure.

  • really now

    Nicole is lovely and Keith is her husband. Nothing wrong with that at all. Love them both. I can’t wait for All4TheHall! Reba will be a hoot!

  • really now

    @x: Why do you keep posting under different names?

  • NotBuyingItInNashville

    What does her going to the gym have to do with All For the Hall? To what do we owe the pleasure of seeing the wonderful ghastly morticia images?

    And Keith is now again being referred to as Nicole Kidman’s Husband. He must have done something to make her mad and so now with this headline she’s just reminding him who is boss and that he’s a paid employee.

  • SM is sneaky

    EdWood/Firefall/really now = sewer mistress. Practise what you preach and stop posting under different names.

  • really now

    @NotBuyingItInNashville Why do you keep posting under different names?

  • really now

    @SM is sneaky Why do you keep posting under different names?

  • Molly

    @hey lady: Her clothes are definitely Lululemon. It’s the Pow Stripe line for the jacket. I don’t know if it’s still available in stores though.

  • Oh dear

    Does Kidman realize the hideous yellow collar clashes with her dyed red hair? Probably not.

  • duh

    Oh if only your hate speech made sense…or mattered.

    @Hey lady Nicole’s jacket is from lululemon’s Spring 2013 collection. Try ebay.

  • Holly

    If you are going to make an announcement about Keith’s career, why don’t you post pictures of him instead of his wife?

  • Lulu

    I wish they would live stream the event. I remember watching the first event with Vince Gill . Most of his opening acts also performed one year.

  • All For The Hall/Urban

    According to maclen, Urban did live stream the show in 2009:

    “KEITH URBAN……and friends” … in that very first show in 2009…EVERYTHING was stacked to showcase orb. Orb and his band played the entire first hour. Orb got to “live stream” the show on his fansite…where he then tried to hawk his fansite merch crap on the same page as the show stream. The “paying members” of his fansite were guaranteed tickets to the show…which was simply a promotion to get more people to pay for membership to his fansite to buy tickets, surely a “ticketscalpers” dream situation. By the time of the second show, none of the bigger names returned…which as I just explained was the reason they did not return…in my opinion…orb was simply shilling himself too much.

  • Me3

    Yeah, do not understand why these pics are shown for a music event. Kinda annoying. Just an excuse to use recent pics? On a side note, her body is in great shape. Must be nice to have the time to spend on exercise while having a career and two little girls. But as the saying goes, if you do too many things, you do nothing well.

  • http://comcast Debbie

    Everyone knows you are one person hating on The Beautiful Keith Urban FAMILY. At least 1urbanfan27 has some nice things to say about her imaginary lover.

  • Oh dear

    @Debbie: I agree. When it comes to exposing the truth about KUNK, 1urbanfan27 is the least of your worries.

  • Carolyn

    Some people spin every good deed into something negative as though all of Keith’s actions are selfish ones motivated by self promotion. That is their take on everything Nicole and Keith related. All for the Hall is a wonderful evening of entertainment. Keith deserves credit for taking it on each year. All the negativity won’t dim the luster of this event for those of us who are fans.

  • Common Sense

    Yes me3 that’s what they do. This is not a country music news site. It’s a latest celebrity photo site. The last photos taken of Keith before the AFTH announcement were at an airport days ago and would have been considered not current enough to use.

  • Common Sense

    @Carolyn: The truth is they don’t want either Keith or Nicole to receive kudos when it has been earned so they make up entire scenarios about what is going on. They can’t accept Nicole backstage at AFTH rehearsals or at the show even when there’s photos. So you know they can’t accept Keith helping the CMHOF because its a great cause. This is year 5. If the Hall wanted to replace him they would have. These women just can’t deal.

  • Spot on Carolyn

    “… all of Keith’s actions are selfish ones motivated by self promotion”

  • Common Sense

    @Spot on Carolyn: That’s why everyone knows you’re a desperate fake. Lifting comments out of context. Only a moron would try that with the original source right there on the same page.

  • Common Sense is really Stupid

    People who read all the comments and have “common sense” would be aware the comment was purposefully posted out of context.

  • maclen

    You know…perhaps orb could have chosen a REAL charity to make as his yearly philanthropic “showcase” effort…other than an organization who’s job is to simply “celebrate” country singers. In essence…working “tirelessly” every year for the “Hall”…he’s basically working for HIMSELF. Yes, he “video streamed” the entire concert on his fansite the first year that he got involved with an already “established” effort…but I doubt if the Hall appreciated that orb ALSO tried to hawk his fansite merchandise off the back of the show steam…so he hasn’t live video streamed it since. I also doubt if the Hall appreciated orb shilling fansite tickets to the show to ONLY paying members of his fansite…which no doubt led to the fansite announcing the very next year of the show…in 2010…that a “portion” of the money made off of NEW paid memberships to orb’s fansite would be donated to the Hall. This whole scam is for how to promote orb in the best…and most… positive light. Clearly, changes had to be made to ensure this whole thing DIDNT become too much about orb.

  • Belou

    Where’s the attack on Vince Gill for starting an event for a ”fake charity” that’s only there to help himself?

    You know, you and your cohort are extremely sick women. Thank goodness you can’t do anything but show yourselves to be the hateful hypocrites you really are.

  • Oscar

    I say to myself I’m not to post on any site that has these ridiculous people post on but Maclen (and all your other names) you are so ignorant or just choose to be. Keith gives to many charities such as the Salvation Army, St. Jude’s, the American Cancer Society, habitat For Humanity just to name a few. I am sure I am missing others. The CMHOF was really needing donations so Keith and Vince Gill started this yearly show to help out. Any items sold pertaining to this organization monies all go back into the hall. Preservation of history, or in this case, country musical history is so important to our future generation. Don’t forget there’s also the rock ‘n roll Hall of Fame. Okay go ahead spin my message with your negative attitude.

  • Oscar

    As for knocking Nicole’s very expensive Lululemon workout gear, you all couldn’t afford it let alone get into it. Nicole has stated, and you all know this because you follow JJ, that she likes spinning classes because she can get a full workout in 45 minutes. Not that any of you have taken spinning but you need an instructor and special bikes.

    Regarding the statement from someone saying she has two kids how can she exercise that is ridiculous. Everyone should exercise every day even if it’s for half an hour. I’m sure that what I’m saying is foreign to most of you.

  • Nice try OscAr

    Q. Why doesn’t Kidman workout with her instructor/personal trainer on her own spin bike in her state of the art home gymnasium, like she does every other day of the week?
    A. No paps

  • Sorry

    Nicole’s very expensive Lululemon workout gear looks like crap.

  • maclen

    “Where’s the attack on Vince Gill for starting an event for a ”fake charity” that’s only there to help himself?”

    There you go…that’s a pretty good effort if I do say so myself. I can’t carry the world by myself. Gill began a “fake charity” to help himself? I’ll second that comment. Then orb came along and slapped his name on it for a piece of the glory. There’s nothing like celebs finding even MORE ways to pat themselves on the back and take bows in public.

  • nail on head Oscar

    @maclen: You’re an effing doofus. And a hypocrite.

  • Keyboard Junkie

    Why is Vince Gill not criticized? Because he doesn’t ride his wife’s coat tails to get PR. Read the headline. Keith deserves better. Or, maybe he doesn’t…. This is a great event…yes, I attend every year. But, where are the photos of Keith? He was out and about in LA yesterday… He just didn’t make a call to the paps to let them know where he would be…that’s right!!! Thus we get more borinNg photos of her with his headline. Could these two be more obvious? I don’t think so….

  • Oscar

    @Nice Try Oscar

    You just proved my point. It’s obvious you’ve never exercised a day in your life. Spinning is done in a class environment it’s the way it’s done because it encourages a spinner to work harder when you’re working side-by-side with other spinners. Why don’t you go out for a walk it would do your heart good maybe help your brain cells.

  • http://comcast Dee

    I don’t know why The Crazy One hasn’t been kicked off JJ. She or he has been kicked off other media articles. You notice she, with her other fifty names, has nothing to say about Keith and Nicole if her or he real name is mandatory.

  • maclen

    Yes, I am constantly amused by silly…ridiculous…and very santimonious comments from people who love to squeal about how such ugly and bitter remarks can be said about people they DONT even know..then turn around and make ugly and bitter comments…about people they dont even know. I’m still expecting to be called a “doodie head” at some point…but “doofus” is very close.