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Pharrell Williams Endorses Hillary Clinton For President: 'She's Gonna Win!'

Pharrell Williams Endorses Hillary Clinton For President: 'She's Gonna Win!'

Pharrell Williams leaves his famous hat at home on the cover of GQ magazine’s April 2014 issue.

Here’s what the 40-year-old entertainer had to share with the mag:

On his Oscars snub: “Well, trust me: when they read the results, my face was…frozen. But then I thought about it, and I just decided just to…let it go.”

On Hillary Clinton being the next president of the US: “Let me tell you why Hillary’s going to win. Everywhere you go in this country, you have red and blue. You got the Democrats; you got the Republicans. You got the Bloods; you got the Crips. You know what else is red and blue? Blood. Blood is blue in your body until air hits it, and then it turns red. That means there’s unity. There’s gonna be unity. So when you think about a night where there’s late-night talk-show hosts and it’s mostly women, that’s a different world. Right? A world where 75 percent of the prime ministers and the presidents were women: that’s a different world. That’s gonna happen, and it’s gonna happen when Hillary wins. Because you know what? No matter how staunch of a supporter you are of no-abortion, whatever you are: you’re a woman, and there’s no way in the world you’re going to vote for somebody that’s going to try to tell you what to do with your body. Hillary’s gonna win. Listen, I’m reaching out to her right now. She’s gonna win.”

On his hat: “Anything different, people are going to look at and go, ‘Ha ha ha ha, what is that??’ Then, after a while, they do a little bit of research; they realize it’s Vivienne Westwood, an ode to her boyfriend at the time; they had a store together called World’s End. The guy who went on to sign the Sex Pistols, Malcolm McLaren.”

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  • Sosli

    Hilary for president ! Make Cheating legal after all Bill did cheat three
    Times, ! Keep talking about other celebrity cheaters, Cheaters wife
    Who stood by him while he lied!

  • Truth

    I agree, she is going to win. The republicans have royally screwed things up by alienating the youth of the country with their old-fashioned ideologies. HILARY WUT WUT 2016.

  • Truth


    sounds like somebody’s gotten cheated on…maybe it’s because you let yourself go?

  • Bret


    cheating articles – where all the ugly girls come out to play.

  • marie

    Actually, blood is never blue. It’s always red. It appears blue because of the skin. Blood color ranges from either dark red or bright red. So yea…

  • LOL


    leave it to Marie to crack the metaphor. what smart one, that girl.

  • Bill

    Hillary gives good head.

  • Mike

    @LOL she is actually right, which voids his whole metaphor. I don’t like Clintons or Bush’s. We have had (when Obama is done) 24 years of bad policies that just don’t work. None of you really know anything about the Clintons other than what the media tells you, or what your parents tells you. They have never held an office where there wasn’t some type of scandal going on, and that is a legitimate problem. AND no I don’t respect a woman who stands by her husband when he publicly humiliates her like that. Also, he lied to the American people, not just her. Hilary saw a political career for herself. She is part of the establishment. Also, don’t forget she flip flopped on the War in Iraq, and at the end of the day voted for it.

  • Jinx

    Long live Hilary! No, I really mean it.

  • True

    @marie: Actually, there are some earth-based lifeforms that do have BLUE blood. Copper-based life forms.. Humans are iron-based life forms, so we have blue.

    The Vulcans of Star Trek had blue blood because they were copper-based lifeforms.

  • July

    I love that Pharrell is supporting her! I think she’s great and she deserves to win! It’s about time that a woman become president of the United States!

  • Sosli

    Kerry is doing a better job than the dike named Hilary! No I am not jealous nor have I been cheated on! Just that every governor has to quit is job because h cheated on his wife! Here is Hilary coming in to the White House! For president ! Wow she could nit handle her last job what in the world makes you think that she can handle this one ! Guess what John Kerry took over her job! And did a better job than she did. In her
    Fat pantsuits , tell me what qualifications she has to be president. Be the wife of one!

  • Alex

    GO HILLARY GO!!!! As a 22 year old female college student there is no way I would ever vote for a republican who has no business telling me what to do with my body. I understand that in some ways with republicans and democrats it is about the lesser of two evils and for me that is the democrats. All my friends share this sentiment and the young vote is not going to the republicans unless you are a frat boy who goes to Alabama and your family is still supporting you to get drunk and marginalize women on the weekends.

  • karlo

    Wow- what a world we live in, where women need to applaud a guy for supporting a woman – and her rights, and what she is and is not allowed to do with her body.

    Best lines he ever spoke.

    That hat is still stupid as Justin Bieber though…

  • alh

    this idiot needs to STFU. Stick to making music, not promoting your opinion. Hillary is as bad as Obummer, she will lie, steal and cheat her way to the nomination. And the press is her voice. People wake up before its too late. Oh, and if you want to see a war on women, look at Egypt, Iran, or even China to see how they treat women, THAT is the war on women.

  • alh

    @Alex: Republicans are not trying to control your body. Stay in school, you need it. Just because people are against aborting a baby right up until the time it comes out is not telling what to do with your body. Too bad the liberals don’t view a fetus as a person, but they will go out and fight for a f*cking fish to save it.

  • Ava

    Ah because 8 years of Obama turing American into Banana Republic isn’t enough, Sorry America can’t afford another 4 years of Democratic rule . The women who has done nothing besides ride her husband coattails and public sympathies.

  • tom

    Once it enough , Americans hired Obama a left wing hack who wasn’t qualified All she did as Secretary of State, is a reset with Russia.. how did that turn out., bomb Libya and get a Ambassador and 4 others Americans slaughtered then lied about it and pushed Obamacare , the worst government program in American history.. That every democrat lied to get passed and is slowly destroying Americana’s healthcare.

  • Annie

    LOL she’ll ancient, will be over 70 , sorry America doesn’t need some old bag of bones who’s only accomplishment in 40 years of public life is turning a blind eye while her husband banged anything that moved.

  • Belinda

    Sorry I’m 23 that last thing the youth should do is vote for Hillary Clinton, Obamacare is paid for on the backs of the young, youth unemployment under Obama is the highest it’s ever been in America, and the 5 years of slow growth, young people like me are already a decade behind our parents, we will never live their quality of life with the national debt from 10 trillion before Obama to over 18 trillion doubled in one President and Obama still has another 2 years. The debt will be paid by me and my age and our benefits will be cut to save money, the only people who will be able to live under Hillary Clinton with be rich celebrities.

  • Simone

    Please don’t make me laugh, democrats didn’t pick her 8 years ago, they passed her up for a nobody with no experience or smarts and now they want to go back to this old cow, who has helped Obama screw up America and the world that 7 years of spending trillions , America is worst off now then when Obama took over in the height of a recession and the world is in more crazy with more crazy people in power . Americans aren’t that stupid, let’s hope.

  • your mom


    Hillary is as bad as O̶b̶u̶m̶m̶e̶r̶ every president ever, she will lie, steal and cheat her way to the nomination.


  • Englin

    The world doesn’t need another democrat president !