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Tristan & Sasha Hemsworth: Chris Hemsworth & Elsa Pataky's Twin Boys - See Their First Picture Here!

Tristan & Sasha Hemsworth: Chris Hemsworth & Elsa Pataky's Twin Boys - See Their First Picture Here!

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky have just revealed the names of their newborn baby boys: Tristan and Sasha!

The 37-year-old actress posted a picture on her Instagram account, along with a picture of her newborns’ feet.

“They are already home. Tristan and Sasha arrived in this world 18 March just after the full moon. Complete happiness!!” Elsa wrote. So adorable!

Elsa regularly blogs for Glamour Spain, and told her fans in a post, “Enjoy every second with your baby because it is the most wonderful thing of the world.”

Chris and Elsa welcomed the twins this past weekend. Congrats again!

Bigger picture inside…

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  • http://@aduiiii Adriana

    Sasha ???????? two baby boys????? one of them named Sasha??????

  • elisa

    Love the names !! Congrats !

  • Cate

    Really nice names although Sasha is usually used as a diminutive of Alexander rather than the formal name itself.

  • aquarius64

    I knew it was a matter of time before Elsa pimped this kids out. (It’s been a week since the birth, so she showed some restraint, probably at Chris’ insistence.) Get ready for pap shots for the well baby visit. And a Spanish blog – that’s all she’s got? Not even a US reality show? Proves she’s not taken seriously that even her husband’s name and fame are not enough.

  • aquarius64

    @aquarius64: correction – these kids.

  • Taylor

    @aquarius64…Oh my wow, why are you being so hateful. A lot of fans of both Elsa and Chris, have been concern about their twins. I wanted to know if it was a boy or girl. I am happy she posted a picture of them. It doesn’t even show their faces. She’s showing concern on her part for not posting a full body pic. At least she works, so yes, Spanish Blog is enough…she has an amazing husband who bring home the money. She takes care of the kids and loving husband. Stop being hateful and just wish them the best.

  • copycat

    Omg I love the Tristan name!!! It’s beautiful.

  • sarah

    @aquarius64: calm yourself. she did it on her instagram, which MANY people do, famous or otherwise, and people took from that. it’s just a photo of their feet, not like she’s selling photos of them to people or us weekly.

  • aquarius64

    @sarah and @taylor – Elsa has an uptrady, golddigger history that is never going to be forgotten. Neither is the famewh0ring. Right now there’s a truce because of the baby pics of the feet, but people will go hard on Elsa again for the next attention seeking stunt she pulls.

  • Sashalize

    Sasha is a unisex, standalone name. Alexander/Alexandra is the origin name, quite true. Congrats to the lovely couple.

  • LOVE

    Beautiful names.

  • Ana

    I love Elsa. I would kiss her as*.

  • Anna

    @Ana: It sounds like you need to get a life.

  • +++

    They have the longest toes I’ve ever seen.

  • Ummm

    @Adriana: It’s a boys’ name, too.

  • Thor

    @aquarius64: Anybody who shows up at the Oscars 8 months pregnant with twins is never going to stop trying to get attention. She’s probably just now going to do it through her kids.

  • ???

    Was she the subject of that blind item about freaking out over having twins, because of what it would do to her body??

  • Ana

    @Anna: why the hell can’t I love Elsa?????? Yes she has the most perfect face ever. She’s the perfect woman. For me she’s perfect!!!!!! ok??? You have no idea stupid insolent. I would spit on your face lol

  • Europa49

    @aquarius64: You sound very bitter and jealous for some reason. Did she steal a boyfriend from you? She’s posted a photo of their feet on her Instagram account. Relax….

  • ish

    @Ana: you know she had a nose job right? if you were a fan, you would know she’s not a natural beauty, just sayin.

  • Ellice

    @Ana: She also has the BEST plastic surgeon….Google before and after pics, nothing against her or plastic surgery but I can’t stand it when most celebs are called “beautiful” and “perfect face” when they had lots of work done…..

  • Ana

    @ish: @Ellice: I agree. That surgeon should be given an especial award for the work done to Elsa.

  • OK

    awwwwww babies so adorable! Then they grow up.

  • golly

    Sasha is a feminine name, and ugly to boot. Good job Elsa, you’re a moron. Poor kid.

  • talia

    @golly: like someone else has already mentioned, sasha is a unisex name.

  • aquarius64

    @Europa49: And the old stand by defense by stans when their idol is criticized: you’re jealous. No I don’t want her husband; I’m no fan of Elsa, aka Kim Kardashian-lite.

  • sarah

    why can’t people on this site just be happy that this couple had two healthy babies and move on, instead of dragging someone they don’t even know through the mud? what’s the point?

  • OK

    @sarah: its this weird new thing called FREEDOM OF SPEECH

  • sarah

    @OK: doesn’t mean you have freedom to be an asshole.

  • dee

    Dayum. Tristan was gonna be *MY* sons name. Ugh.

  • Haha

    @Ana: And we’d all spit back, because you’re a moron. Who says they would kiss someone’s ass, anyway?

  • OK

    @sarah: if you can’t handle my and others opinions either good or bad then stick to fans sites darling

  • writer

    @OK: There’s always the same person that comes on these sites and acts like they’re the only ones who can have an opinion when it comes to Hemsworth and his wife, and God forbid anyone say anything negative about either of them. I suspect it’s a relative of his or hers.

  • Maria

    @Ana: Creepy….you sound like a stalker….and one who needs to go back to school and learn English.

  • Taylor

    @ Thor and @aquarius64, I don’t typically deal with you internet hating trolls, but the chick is not a gold digger, when she and chris met, he was not all that famous or known. Its just been the last two years that his fame has risen. Plus, she was at the Oscar to support her man. Pregnant Kerry Washington and Olivia Wilde were there, also. Its because they were invited like Elsa….Stop hating, because your not the one popping babies out for Chris, you wish you were.

  • Thor

    @Taylor: Sorry, I don’t wish I was “popping” anything out … he’s not my type. Most women that HUGE would not have even gone, the other two women weren’t nearly as far along and looked great. Too bad if you don’t like the comments…everyone is entitled to their opinion, not just you.

  • @writer

    @writer: @Taylor:
    I think the family member (“taylor”) is back judging everyone’s comments. Talk about TROLLING….this person spends more time here than anybody….LOL!!!

  • OMG

    @ish: Boob job too.

    Elsa Pataky seems like a natural and passionate kind of person. But I’ll admit she loves the limelight. I think she’s the scarlett woman or whatever everyone seems to hate. Bcoz these girls are volcanoes in bed and they look great always (natural or applied beauty) and they get all the guys.

  • Oh my

    Awful, feminine names for the two boys.

  • There are much worse names…

    I love the name Tristan and while Sasha is usually used as a nickname for Alexander I think it works fine for a boy on it’s own. Congrats to them!

  • Jessie

    Awww! How cute.
    Everyone doesn’t hate Elsa Pataky. I don’t know her or anything about her, but I’m not going to go about hating on her. For what? They seem to be a happy couple and if they’re happy with each other why should anyone else object. Everyone and their grandmother has plastic surgery so what’s the big deal. Natural beauty or not, who fricking cares.

  • Rachel


    You know her personally do you? Since you don’t you need to STFU!

  • jen

    I have a friend who has a son named Sasha. It is of Greek origin and in france, as well as other European countries, it is a name for boys.
    Do some homework before coming on these post and making yourself look stupid.
    Congrats to the family!!

  • Jory

    OMG so sweet two baby boys <3333

  • Bellla

    @golly: Sasha/ Sascha can be used for both gender. Especially in Europe it is used for Boys/ Men. The origin of this name comes from russia. So stop crying about that.

  • Erika

    I like Tristan, but in my opinion Sasha is more of a girl’s name. Sasha could work as a nickname for a boy though.

  • aquarius64

    @Rachel: are you Elsa’s family, or her PR rep who’s afraid that what’s been discussed in blogs will stick in mainstream press and that will be the end of her? Fans like you treat blogs like this as FAN SITES, which this is not. Different opinions are allowed unless they are racist or life threatening. If you only want to see positive posts perhaps you would be better served with a fan site. Elsa made herself fair game to criticism for the way she put herself out there with her blatantly obvious attention seeking.

  • Anita

    Wow. So many people send out birth announcements and post pics after they have babies. I can’t believe people are getting upset because Elsa and Chris did it. I am totally envious of Elsa’s life, beautiful husband and adorable children, but seeing what seems to be a “perfect” family makes me happy. All the best to them. As for the name Sasha… this country is so scared to relate anything feminine to boys, it’s nuts. Even though it is gender neutral, but sounds feminine doesn’t mean the kid is feminine. Geez. Give it a rest. Men in other countries dance, can wear pink and have names like Sasha. And they are still men!!! Gorgeous hunks too. Chris is no exception. :) Be happy people. Let the couple be

  • huh?

    seriously, India, Tristan, Sasha? what’s wrong with them and the stupid names??