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Brad Pitt Supports His New Documentary at L.A. Screening!

Brad Pitt Supports His New Documentary at L.A. Screening!

Brad Pitt poses for a photo with director Rachel Boynton at the screening of her new documentary film Big Men held at the Sundance Sunset Cinema on Wednesday evening (March 26) in Los Angeles.

The 50-year-old actor served as an executive producer on the movie, which follows a small group of American explorers at Dallas-based oil company Kosmos Energy, who discovered and developed the first commercial oil field in Ghana’s history.

While Brad was in Los Angeles, his fiancee Angelina Jolie was seen flying to London with their kids Maddox and Zahara following her presentation at CinemaCon in Las Vegas.

FYI: Brad is wearing Palladium boots.

30+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt at the screening…

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brad pitt big men documentary screening 01
brad pitt big men documentary screening 02
brad pitt big men documentary screening 03
brad pitt big men documentary screening 04
brad pitt big men documentary screening 05
brad pitt big men documentary screening 06
brad pitt big men documentary screening 07
brad pitt big men documentary screening 08
brad pitt big men documentary screening 09
brad pitt big men documentary screening 10
brad pitt big men documentary screening 11
brad pitt big men documentary screening 12
brad pitt big men documentary screening 13
brad pitt big men documentary screening 14
brad pitt big men documentary screening 15
brad pitt big men documentary screening 16
brad pitt big men documentary screening 17
brad pitt big men documentary screening 18
brad pitt big men documentary screening 19
brad pitt big men documentary screening 20
brad pitt big men documentary screening 21
brad pitt big men documentary screening 22
brad pitt big men documentary screening 23
brad pitt big men documentary screening 24
brad pitt big men documentary screening 25
brad pitt big men documentary screening 26
brad pitt big men documentary screening 27
brad pitt big men documentary screening 28
brad pitt big men documentary screening 29
brad pitt big men documentary screening 30

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  • who

    Trolls better strap themselves in, it looks like another banner year for Angelina and Brad movie-wise.

    Brad’s letting his hair grow out on the side, he’s so unbelievably hot. You cannot tell me that man is 50.

  • horns

    Pitt at screening of “Big Men” doc in LA
    Co parenting without being parents. That’s only possible for our two selfish idiots. ‘we never work at the same time ‘…,.. :roll:

  • horns


    Blind Item #2

    This A+ list mostly movie actor had a meeting this week. During the meeting a woman waited alone at another table until our might as well be married actor to an A+ list mostly movie actress finished. She then got up and the he put his arm around her before they went back up to the room they had come from before he had his meeting.

    Wow, so he’s really not even trying to hide it anymore. Tick tock, Angie.

    They have an open relationship. They are all business. They’re not called The Brand for nothing. Pitt better be more careful though. Cracks are showing in the facade.

  • horns

    Sorry. No blind item for them. Just a blind about Brad and his new squeeze. Maybe Jolie is too old and boney to squeeze that Brad finds someone else young, fresh and juicy.

  • horns

    They are broken up already. They lead their lives separately but they dont have to announce it to the world about it. At least not until either one of them needs to formalize a new relationship. Until then, they are happy to decieve us and the loons of their togetherness and hapiness of being in their beutiful family. :doh:

  • just sayin

    If the definition of bisexuality is you are attracted to both genders sexually. then we all are bisexual, we are attracted to Brad and Angie. I think the bisexual is having sex with both genders, if you don’t, then you are not bisexual which makes more sense. Angie only has sex with Brad, thus she is no bisexual.

  • just sayin

    Brad is NOT married. dumbazz.

  • huh

    Brad looks like he can film Fight Club sequel. I can’t wait for Fight Club 2 but only directed by Fincher no one else. you gotta keep the dark tone of the movie.

  • fyi

    Brad Pitt made a special appearance at an afterparty for the screening of Big Men in LA on Wednesday. The documentary was primarily filmed in West Africa and follows a small group of American explorers at a Texas-based oil company as they discover and develop the first-ever oil field in Ghana. As an executive producer of the film, Brad showed up to support director and producer Rachel Boynton during the event and looked as handsome as ever with an upswept haircut and bit of facial scruff. His fiancée, Angelina Jolie, was also busy promoting a project close to her heart this week. She took the stage at Cinemacon in Las Vegas to speak on behalf of her film, Unbroken, during the Universal Studios presentation.

  • MIMI

    Brad Pitt is a vampire, he doesn’t age. So hot.

  • Claire

    Where would Angie be now? Still in London? I just can’t keep up with the Jolie-Pitts! Haha

  • gracie

    @Passing Through:

    I respectfully but completely disagree with you! You are acting as if no one experimented in their youth with the same sex, I guess living in MO the bible belt kept you a tad sheltered. lol

    Seriously, you have a tendency to post crap like this as if you are the ONLY one who knows the truth about Angie and Brad’s past. If anyone disagrees with you, you will go on and on to prove your OPION is the truth! Well, in my opinion you are completely off base.

    I know agreeing to disagree is what you keep on posting here at JJs. Let’s see if you can do that. I bet you can’t. lol

  • tbh

    Pitt is hotter than the jolie. Jolie is old and bones.

  • oh boy

    Brad Brad Brad you handsome devil.

  • lucy

    @gracie: If anyone went to college and lived in a dorm or a sorority house as I did, then you know at least one or two girls that “experimented” sexually. The ones I knew went on to marry well and have children and seem perfectly happy with their husbands.

  • lylian

    @just sayin:
    If the definition of bisexuality is you are attracted to both genders sexually. then we all are bisexual, we are attracted to Brad and Angie.
    I’d agree with that statement and I think homosexuality – bisexuality-heterosexuality – its on a spectrum.

  • umm

    Brad looks hot and so young. but 90s Brad was God’s most beautiful creature, he was breathtaking.

  • lucy

    @oh boy: Surprised Angie could tear herself away from Brad to go to London, and I mean literally let go of him. The man just gets better looking all the time, how is that possible.

  • New Thread

    New Thread

  • gracie


    Exactly! Thank you for your confirmation. Because “experimenting” is NOT equal to = you are bi for life! I sure am not. Geesh!

  • New Thread

    Wrong. No new thread.

  • Crazy is loco

    Cdan admitted to making up blind stories. Blind Gossip outer them and posted they will never use cdan stories because they are fabrications.

  • manu

    Brad liebt plastische Chirurgie! deshalb sieht er “jung”. Er und Angie bekommen es zusammen.

  • nana

    Ohh my, he’s back :P

  • forever dumpee BRAD

    Wake up.

    the big liar BRAD appear

  • the ring


    lie, pitty keeps a stable relationship with bambi

  • Fury BRAD

    He is not producing fury.
    His acting is just so-so.
    He is a just businessman

  • the ring

    horns @ 03/27/2014 at 3:02 am

    They are broken up already. They lead their lives separately but they dont have to announce it to the world about it. At least not until either one of them needs to formalize a new relationship. Until then, they are happy to decieve us and the loons of their togetherness and hapiness of being in their beutiful family. :doh:

    Pitty is with bambi and saint angie… everybody knows it… my beloved loons live on Mars


  • executive producer brad

    He works for his money and fame.
    Look at his greedy SMILE

  • THE MOST pretentious

    When brad was with Jen, his lies. we remember his lies.

  • valis202

    So hypothetically Maleficent, Big Men, Fury, Unbroken, Resurrection and A Normal Heart could all be vying for awards at the end of the year. No wonder the trolls are going loco.

    BTW does anybody know what is happening with True Story as this is also suppose to be released this year as well.

  • NickyAngel

    Brad is like fine wine…he’s hot

  • valis202

    From the Hollywood Reporter regarding CinemaCon
    The first footage from Fury, David Ayers’ WWII tank drama, was screened. It centers on Brad Pitt as the leader of a closely knit tank crew that adds a new member to its ranks.
    The footage showed explosive battle scenes and tense moments between members of the crew and some of the civilians they interacted with during the war.
    Shia LaBeouf, who stars as one of the crew members, has several emotional moments in the trailer, reciting Bible verses and, at one point, screaming at Pitt’s character, who has decided to stay and fight a massive, fast-approaching army of German soldiers.
    “Ideals are peaceful,” said Pitt’s character. “History is violent.”

  • brad history

    Brad’s history is the history of an excellent liar- IUC


    In these days Pitt and Jolie just chasing money …
    They are not Brangie anymore …just BRAND

    Pitt is so- so actor
    Jolie is so-so actress
    Behind them are SO MANY people dependet off their BRAND and THAT just keep it going and going and going…

  • NAN

    Wow,KurokoSheManGaydogs are still talking about Angie’s past huh ?

    Poor a C list hagtress that she is still be a DeadEnd star,a Barren Cow,she and her Gaydogs cannot ” LET IT GO ”

    Angie never buy any house to that B!tch,not like a tv hagtress that she bought a house for her Lesbo Bedfriend,ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaa

    Today Angelina is happy with the love of her life and her lovely children!

    A tv hagtress is still Empty Love and Empty Womb…..Ouch….Ouch

  • Bea

    Brad looks absolutely gorgeous.

    Another day, another 24 hours to come of the hens and hags venting their spleens, looking like fools and trying to turn this site into crap – and Jared letting it happen.

    It’s too bad he doesn’t have the balls to go to a one name/one IP address registration system. Or monitor this site like CB does.

    I guess poor Jared needs the hits from the fat tick hens and hags to make it look good for him.

  • http://justjared zce

    Brad’s name is always brought up in any and everything not involving a movie. I say good work ethics and keep on keeping on good for you GOD BLESS THE JOLIE- PITT’S, do what you love to do then it’s not work.


    “Producer and Director Rachel Boynton first went to Africa in 2006 to research her documentary Big Men. Six years later, she had a film that takes an expansive, yet focused, look at how oil makes its way from deep in an ocean off the coast of Ghana to the U.S. stock exchange, and the ensuing complications.
    In 2006, when I started making the film, oil prices were really, really high

    You open the film with a quote from Milton Friedman about greed. What does that quote mean to you in connection with this story?

    Well, I start with two quotes. Milton Friedman, when he talks about greed, he is talking about it as the engine in society, he is talking about it as greed is good. It motivates our economy and it motivates our society. I felt very strongly that you needed another quote after that to balance out that attitude, because there is a cost, there is a price. Basically he was Mr. Individualism. But at a certain point you also have to think about how we are all connected to each other, and what the price of an over-emphasis on maximum individual profit might be. The second quote is a quote from The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. It’s about these guys who go looking for gold and it destroys their relationship. I think of the movie as a modern day Treasure of the Sierra Madre with real people and access over the course of six years.
    Speaking of big men, Brad Pitt executive-produced the film. What was his involvement?

    I was traveling with Sebastian Junger in the Niger Delta, he was writing an article for Vanity Fair, and he had had some correspondence with this guy called Jomo Bomo, who was basically the publicist for the militants. He had written Jomo Bomo saying, hey, can I get access and Jomo Bomo had written back saying, I don’t know who you are, you are out of luck. And then apparently Jomo looked him up on the internet and read about The Perfect Storm. Once he figured out who Sebastian Junger is he said, ‘Oh, no problem, I’ll give you access, just give me a signed copy of your book.’ So I thought, I need to bring on an executive producer that means something, and I went home and I asked Brad Pitt to executive produce the movie, and he read the pitch and he got really excited.

  • Naw!

    No chance that BrAnge are heavily involved in cover propaganda that promotes the neo colonialism of Africa through the use of AFRICOM and corporate theft of resources, ultimately resulting in the further impoverishment of the people. The entertainment industry is now partners in a new more sophisticated propaganda which seeks to misdirect and cover the ambitions of an evil and greedy NWO.These two obedient soldiers are tools of a NWO that seeks to dominate everyone and everything.
    It has been said that BrAnge were plugged in long ago to what is really going on in the world and Hollywood’s role in it. They made the CONSCIOUS choice to join in, in order to enrich themselves .
    Both evil sell-outs, justification is that there is no God, a one world government is inevitable, and the survival of the fittest. They are ultimately in for a big surprise, a Faustian bargain.

  • incredible

    can anyone give me the link of celebrity bitch

  • wfb

    Trolls have all they screws loose, tsk tsk

    No one cares about your opinion troll! You’re beyond boring. Tsk

  • incredible

    link of CB ?

  • JJt

    Here is the theatrical trailer for Big Men


    Yahoo releases the trailer of ‘BIG MEN’, the documentary about an American oil company’s involvement in Ghana. (produced by Brad Pitt)
    the whole video credit to
    the movie official website:


  • ndn

    Brad Pitt’s ‘Fury’ and ’22 Jump Street’ win Sony Pictures CinemaCon preview

    The other picture that made waves was “Fury.” An original story by Ayers set during the last days of World War II, the movie finds Brad Pitt playing Wardaddy, the commander of a five-man tank crew who have already been to hell and back again. Make no mistake, Pitt is not playing another version of Lt. Aldo Raine from “Inglorious Basterds.” The scenes shown depict Wardaddy as a feared, but loved commander whose entire life is in his tank. Logan Lerman plays Norman, a newbie to the Army who is immediately out of place among a group of veterans portrayed by Pitt, Michael Peña, Jon Bernthal and, yes, Shia Labeouf. In fact, all the actors look at peak form (even Labeouf), but Pitt? From what was shown, this looks very, very special. Ayers has also crafted a grittier and more realistic European Theater than depicted in “Saving Private Ryan” or HBO’s “Band of Brothers.” Up and coming cinematographer Roman Vasyanov has been impressive previously collaborating with Ayers on “End of Watch” and his look was the best part of “The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman,” but “Fury” is going to become into his calling card. It’s simply gorgeous work. The trailer should hit theaters sometime this summer and expect “Fury” to quickly land on any many awards season contender lists.

  • http://Justjared Susan

    Good morning J-P fans.
    It is going to be a rough year for the Troll, Brad and Angie will be doing interviews for their projects, most of the year, so far tampon went back twenty years, now the she/male will have to reach back into Angie’s childhood.
    The @ring is always getting the couples that are breaking up wrong, not once did idiot get it right.
    Brad hair really grows quickly, by the end of the year he will be sporting a pony tail.

  • ndn

    Brad Pitt plays it cool as he arrives at night-time screening of Big Men in tinted glasses and mohawk
    He’s an industry legend fresh off a successful awards season as executive producer of 12 Years A Slave.
    And while Brad Pitt is establishing himself behind the camera, his famous good looks make him one of the all-time red carpet favourites.
    The 50-year-old’s megawatt charm was on full display as he supported his latest venture Big Men for a special Sundance screening on Wednesday in Los Angeles.
    Dressed in khaki trousers, combat boots, and a tan jacket the exceptionally fit star wore his famous blonde locks in a faux hawk.
    The Legends Of The Fall hunk completed his evening attire with a pair of tinted shades, a gold chain, and a V-neck white T-shirt.
    Brad posed for a few snaps with the director of his new film Rachel Boynton, who was certainly pleased to be in such close proximity to the gorgeous actor.

    The documentary Big Men examines international oil exploration in both the US and Africa.
    Pitt is also currently in post-production on Voyage of Time, a Terrence Malick flick about the known universe in which Brad serves as a narrator.
    Sign of approval: Pitt gave the thumbs up as he entered the screening

  • Kate

    Old grandpa is just getting older and worse! he looks so f*cking gay with this outfit! lol
    Who’s the woman with him in all the pics? another mistress? where’s his jealous anorexic beard right now to see what he’s doing? lol #PRrelationship

  • Erianthe

    Well great … these photos are going to keep me from concentrating on work today. D A M N!!!!!! Why aren’t there more men like him here in NYC??!!!!!! Brad is looking FINE. Just F.I.N.E.

    Ahem, excuse me, that’s Academy Award Winner Brad Pitt is looking F.I.N.E…..

  • Hello

    Brad always makes thought provoking projects.