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Suki Waterhouse Exits 'Fatal Attraction' Press Night Showing Off Her Bare Midriff!

Suki Waterhouse Exits 'Fatal Attraction' Press Night Showing Off Her Bare Midriff!

Suki Waterhouse shows off her bare midriff while making her way out of the Royal Haymarket Theatre with some friends on Tuesday (March 25) in the West End of London, England.

The 22-year-old English supermodel strolled out with a suitcase after attending the press night showing for play Fatal Attraction, which is based on the 1987 film by James Dearden.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Suki Waterhouse

Earlier this month, Suki was spotted with fellow British model Cara Delevingne leaving the Karl Lagerfeld store and fragrance launch party held at Harrods.

FYI: Suki is wearing the Coach Borough Bag.

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suki waterhouse exits fatal attraction press night showing off her bare midriff 01
suki waterhouse exits fatal attraction press night showing off her bare midriff 02
suki waterhouse exits fatal attraction press night showing off her bare midriff 03
suki waterhouse exits fatal attraction press night showing off her bare midriff 04
suki waterhouse exits fatal attraction press night showing off her bare midriff 05

Credit: Zibi; Photos: WENN, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Pedro

    Beautiful girl no wonder Bradley dumped ugly Saldana for Suki.

  • Lydia

    Her hair looks much much better this way. What a difference.

  • ish

    supermodel? no jared, just no lol

  • Lisa

    @Pedro: Makes ya laugh that this is the best the UK can put out and call a ‘model’. LOL. Have one ugly girl pose with other ugly women and see who looks best.

  • LeahLeah

    That suitcase is a better look from the purse she would shove her extra panties and toothbrush into when upgrading her men.

  • Bonesy

    Not everyone can afford plastic surgery and this girl has had plenty of it. Why can’t agencies find real women with natural beauty instead of all this plastic shitz. I still don’t find her attractive at all, and I don’t see the model with her big bobbled head, short legs and man brows.

  • Noo

    This is Bradley gf? I mean he could do better

  • Melody

    @Bonesy: Miss photo shop. I bet a man in drag could do better.

  • Derek

    Wow, there are so many jealous girls in this comments section. Don’t hate her because you’re unbangable and she is! go back to crying over your ice cream, or get on a stairmaster, or something!

  • Derek


    sweetie, you’re not “better”

  • Bret


    I smell a fatty.

  • Kitzy

    Girls unattractive. Girl could perm her hair, shorten it or straighten it & she’d still be gross. Don’t know how to dress either.

  • Drake

    The contract is over yet I still have to see photos of her as if she relvant.

  • creeson

    she is such a joke. nice choice of outfit for the theatre. bradley is better off without her. she was sure minding her ways during awards season. front row at sags, baftas, and oscars, then suddenly she’s back in london tongue kissing girls and partying again. he deserves better than someone who would use him for publicity.

  • scarlett

    THIS is NOT a supermodel. She has done nothing to deserve the term. She’s barely a model. Karlie Kloss, Candice Swanepoel even, I admit begrudgingly, Miranda Kerr, they’re the new breed of Supers. Not this girl. I’d even accept Cara being a super before her. She’s done a few shows at one LFW, one perfume ad and a few editorials. That’s it. She’s better known for shagging Bradley Cooper than she is her modelling work. Stop using ‘supermodel’ as a term to describe these half-assed models who are it girls riding on someones coat tails

  • Tilde

    It’s so obvious Bradley is fed up with her. He makes it so clear.

  • chrissy

    She is giving me #aaliyah in that top.

  • cate

    @scarlett: Thank you! So much truth in your comment. So tired of this site using ‘supermodel’ for any skinny chick who does a few editorials.

  • Can’t Sing

    What exactly is she wearing here?

  • Rachel

    The sad thing is that all these jealous girls hating on her don’t have a clue as to what is truly sexy… Watch any interview of suki and you will see why he looks at her with those puppy dog eyes. She really loves herself is confident charming and completely unique (which is why she doesn’t dress like a Barbie and has Bradley drooling over her)
    Guarantee the jealous haters don’t have a man (I mean beyond a play thing) because hating on other girls shows how weak and how low you feel about yourself. Try loving yourself and you might have a life a little closer to sukis

  • Mimi

    She is 5 feet 7 inches tall and her head is 10 inches! Sorry, but I do not think plastic surgery can fix that. I agree with a previous poster, a guy could dress in drag and still look better. Hey Jared Leto.

  • Closets

    Are we still pretending that Cooper is heterosexual and that he and Waterhouse are a real couple?

  • Lorna

    @Mimi: Jared Leto is much better looking. Shame that they cannot find better looking women in England. Here in the USA you can find models in high school, college, malls and McDonalds. Over in England they find ugly entitled girls whose parents are friends and society mates.


    @Closets: His blinds fans think Cooper likes women lol he likes MEN
    Model or supermodel who cares? She is just his beard don’t hate her for a juicy work contract

  • Fake Hollywood

    @Derek is a derelict who enjoys staring at pics of various whores. The less clothing, the better. Why? Because no self respecting girl would ever want to date such a loser as you.

  • Fake Hollywood

    @Rachel. The sad thing is that you believe a drug addict party girl fame whore lifestyle is more fulfilling. High school dropout loser is no one’s role model. You must have been brought up on 42nd street. So pathetic you are.

  • Al

    She is NOT a supermodel Jared

  • Isabella

    I think this is the first time that there is a note about her and BC is not mentioned.

  • ImSorry

    Suki is not a supermodel.
    She and Bradley broke up is why he’s not mentioned.

  • Isabella

    @ImSorry: Sounds logic.

  • Yep !

    @ImSorry: No Im sorry. The break up stories are false. Bradley and Suki are still a couple. Sorry ladies

  • Nope !

    Bradley is heartbroken. New stories are out

  • Isabella

    @Yep !: sorry for what? I’m just giving an opinión. I do not know them and I do not think that I would ever meet one of them either. Or I’ m interés red in meeting them. BC is kind of creepy dating a girl that shows she doesn’t know nothing and acts like a jerk with her model friends. If my daughter does what she does she will be in huge trouble like touching tintes with her friend, that is so stupid… And at the end It is just an opinión.

  • Bradlifer

    They are over. (Yep! Is a troll with ten names.) That is why they don’t use his name in the articals about her.

  • and

    @Bradlifer: how do you know they are over ? just because of the false Star story ? how will you react when you’ll see Suki with Bradley in Morroco ?

  • Bradlifer

    @and: What will you do when it becomes official it is over.
    I think they are over, i have every reason to believe it is over and until i see prof they aren’t they are over.

  • Bradlifer

    @and: how do you know it is false? And FYI a lot of other media picked it up.

  • question

    @Bradlifer: All you do is criticize Suki, if they broke up what are you going to talk about now? Are you going to keep following Suki so you can keep criticizing her?

  • Bradlifer

    @question: awwww how cute off you to worry about me. And FYI except from a few no one really cares for the whure, look around u everyone is hating suki.

  • question

    @Bradlifer: You didn’t answer the question. If they broke up nobody else will talk about her anymore. What will you talk about?

  • and

    @Bradlifer: a lot of media picked up but not the most reliable. why ? Because they are not over that’s all. Just another false gossip about them, not the first and not the last. and you will have your “prof” soon enough that they are still together.

  • Bradlifer

    @and: we will see, IF we get anything at al. Until the it is over between them. @question: wanna know what I will talk about? How happy i am slatty whurehouse is gone.

  • Bradlifer

    And shuv if in your face it is pver between them.

  • Bradlifer

    @and: and where is your prof it is false news?!?!? As far as we al know it is over between them. There is nothing showing they are still together. Jj, dm all stopped using his name in her articals and she stopped talking about him in her interviews.

  • Suki PR

    @Bradlifer: You are full of it! This is the first article JJ has written that has not mentioned Bradley’s name. The last story Daily Mail wrote about Suki leaving the theater mentioned him and included a picture of them leaving the Tom Ford show. Everybody is talking about Cara and Michelle kissing. No one cares about Bradley and Suki right now.