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Adriana Lima Meets Up with Kevin Spacey at Sony Open!

Adriana Lima Meets Up with Kevin Spacey at Sony Open!

Adriana Lima sits in the front row to cheer on the tennis pros at the Sony Open held at Crandon Park Tennis Center on Wednesday (March 26) in Key Biscayne, Fla.

The 32-year-old Victoria’s Secret model got a surprise when Kevin Spacey went up and introduced himself and said “hello”! Check out the pics of the duo meeting up in the stands below.

“Let’s go @novakdjokovic!!” Adriana wrote on her Instagram that day. Luckily for Adriana, Novak Djokovic won the match against Britain’s Andy Murray that afternoon.

10+ pictures inside of Adriana Lima watching the Sony Open…

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adriana lima kevin spacey meet up at sony open 01
adriana lima kevin spacey meet up at sony open 02
adriana lima kevin spacey meet up at sony open 03
adriana lima kevin spacey meet up at sony open 04
adriana lima kevin spacey meet up at sony open 05
adriana lima kevin spacey meet up at sony open 06
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adriana lima kevin spacey meet up at sony open 09
adriana lima kevin spacey meet up at sony open 10
adriana lima kevin spacey meet up at sony open 11
adriana lima kevin spacey meet up at sony open 12
adriana lima kevin spacey meet up at sony open 13
adriana lima kevin spacey meet up at sony open 14

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  • See?

    A true star doesn’t need to call the paps. She gets recognized even in a crowd., and gets front row seats wherever she goes. She’s one otherworldly beauty.

  • True

    Kevin Spacey is gay, so I highly doubt he was hitting on her. She’s a Novak fan because he’s Serbian, and so he is her husband, with whom Novak is friendly. She has Serbian citizenship now.

    I wonder if she’d feel this way if Novak was defeating a Brazilian player?

  • Sayer

    She’s stunning.

  • hoe

    She irradiates happiness.

  • Janey

    @See?: Totally agree with you. Thats why I like her and Doutzen. Miranda is famewhore n01 and alessandra comes second. Both always call the paps

  • Ray

    @Janey: how could you possibly know that?! Are you a pap? Seriously… Are you? 😧

  • Janey

    @Ray: LOL you dont have to be a paps to know this. Open your eyes and you will see.

  • Concur

    Definitely, you don’t have to be a pap to know it. Just look at thet level of their fame and success and compare it to models/celebs who don’t get half as papped and who are 100% more famous and successful . I don ‘t hate Ale and Miranda, This is just simple logic


    People who believe that celebs call the paps are foolish conspiracy nuts like Clyde Lewis, etc. Who don’t really understand human nature that much; not to mention the humanist devil himself.

  • Concur

    lol acting naive doesn’t suit you. Makes u come across as a desperate fool. So tell me, the paps are liars who would say some celebs call them even tho they don’t have any benefits to lying about it, Jen Lawrence was lying when she said some pap approached her to give her his contact? Those people are lying or you just want to build up a theory simply because you’re a fan of either Ale or Kerr? The latter being the right answer I guess.

  • Wow

    I just want these haters to be ignored. She looking so pretty and down to earth, duh.

  • Told you so

    Once again we have Adriana fans insulting other models.
    You really must be afraid of something, otherwise they would never enter your mind.
    Btw. What do you call someone who puts pictures of her ‘private’ family on the web, poses like a s*ut on the red carpet, and invites paps to photograph her while working out? Adriana.
    That sounds more famewhore-ish than anything Alesandra or Miranda have ever done.
    Pot, meet kettle.

  • Fresh

    She’s so plain! Kevin Spacey is definitely gay, yep.

  • Wow

    These pictures prove that makeup, lighting and photoshop are her friends.
    Why hasn’t she had her teeth fixed by now?

  • ?

    Posing for the paps at a sporting event? Oh no, she’s not a famewhore at all. :eyeroll:


    No.10; Most major-loser paps are so desperate to have some importance and meaning in their lives that they claim that the celebs call upon them. Doesn’t happen; except for the occasional B-lister wanna be.

  • Concur

    @DOCTOR FEEL GOOD: exactly! B lister wannabes. Aka the Ales and Mirandas. I’m waiting for your answer on how Jen Lawrence said with her own mouth that she never knew paps and celebs worked together until a pap tried to give her his number. Jen is a stupid liar or your are the baseless liar? Lol Miranda especially is an impeccable famewhore, stop being a fan if you can’t admit this to yourself

  • @17

    You’re right. Celebs and paps sometimes work together.
    Like when Adriana called them to watch her working out.
    That’s the action of a famewhore, for sure.
    Now aren’t you proud to be right for once?

  • Haha

    ????? Adriana called the paps while working out? Lmao. Sure. She called the paps during VS show season when all eyes were on her Oh that makes a lot if sense. A legitimate pap caller is Miranda dressing up like they pay her for it and call the paps while walking and posing like she’s on a runway.
    #15 you are not familiar with poses right? Oh wait, sure you are, this is bitterness all round because Miranda starts posing for anyone with a camera once she steps out.

  • LOL

    @Ray: You don’t have to be a pap to know it because the paps know it and THEY say Alessandra calls the paps. That’s why we know it.
    @DOCTOR FEEL GOOD: People who don’t believe celebs call the paps are NAIVE. Except for the occasional B-lister wanna be? B-lister like Alessandra? LOL
    “Told you so”, I’m not Adriana fan and you know Alessandra calls the paps.
    That doesn’t sounds more famewhore-ish than anything Alesandra or Miranda have ever done because they have done done it all. But Miranda doesn’t invite paps to photograph her while working out.

  • @19

    But she did call them. Denying that just makes you look like a delusional idiot.
    And just as a comparison, Miranda on the Vanity Fair red carpet was glamorous. Adriana on the red carpet for that charity function was ridiculous. She was arching her back like a dog in heat. People were making fun of her all over the web.
    You Lima-loonies really are in a constant state of denial, aren’t you.

  • Smh

    @@19: give us a single website where ppl were making fun of her look and pose at the gala. Not that I’m holding my breath because NO ONE made fun of her. Like come on, she’s Adriana Lima. The comments were about how gorgeous the dress was and how she the pose looked like a lot of work. If there are making fun comments, they were made by U. Also, let this tired arguement fly already. Nobody will belief Adriana called the paps. That’s not in her nature. Now, why don’t you run along and go help Miranda pack her bags to move to Asia because that is the only place she can get consistent work. While you’re at it, pack your stuff and move with her. And take along some paps with you, but of course that goes without saying. Magazines will call her when they need her stark naked for eds. She got that covered.

  • @22

    Lol! Saying that the poses looked like “a lot of work” IS laughing at her.
    How stupid are you fans, anyway? Lol!
    I saw the laughs on fashion blogs. But I guess that you would never see those. You know, since fans of Adriana obviously know nothing about the HF industry.
    Oh, and if she didn’t call them, how did they know she was there? And why was she posing for them? Don’t be stupid. Or should I say, don’t be in denial. Stupid is just part of your nature.

  • Smh

    @@22: we don’t know about HF. Lol says the imbecile that didn’t know the difference between Donna Karan New York and DKNY. Lol that’s rich coming from you. Those “fashions blogs” tho, care to drop a name? lol. I’d love to see the comments that made fun of her haha

  • @24

    You quoted one yourself. No one has to post anything else.
    “A lot of work” is an insult to anyone with any intelligence whatsoever.
    And no. You don’t know anything about fashion if you’re still insisting that Donna Karan is high fashion.
    Gosh. You really need to step away from your obsession once in a while. Adriana’s stupidity is rubbing off on you.

  • Smh

    Bye girl. You can’t answer simple questions. You sjouke be able to answer them if you ‘re telling the truth (but ‘truth’ is an alien word to you) instead of dodging the questions by focusing on a mistake as generic as responding quoting myself. Lol. You’re Miranda’s No.1 agent, so obsessed that you are not afraid to lie just to make her look good. At least Adriana fans hand you the bitter truth. I mean, sure, if it gets you through the night, Donna Karan is not high fashion. Neither is Miu Miu.

  • @26

    Sorry. You didn’t quote yourself. The post that mentioned the ‘hard work’ was an original post.
    We don’t have to answer your simple minded question, because you were stupid enough to answer for us.
    Lol! Poor Adriana fans.
    They run away when the truth comes out.
    It hurts, doesn’t it.
    Btw, I’m not a Miranda fan. Doutzen is my fave VS model.
    I just think that it is hilarious that you try to make Adriana look better by insulting one of the hottest models in the business.
    Just last night is saw Miranda in two different commercials for multinational brands, and in an ad for shopstyle.
    She’s everywhere right now, and that scares you delusional Adriana fans.
    She is known as nothing but a panty model. A random fashion promotion for a BRIDGE collection, won’t change that.
    Buh-bye now.

  • Smh

    It’s kinda cute how u want people to believe you’re not a Miranda fan lol. Miranda doing shopstyle….I’m ashamed for u that you think it’s a bragging point. Lol. Yea she has H&M, *yawn* so has every model. She’s nothing but a trashy commercial model who says yes to every job. U are just bitter because Adriana is VS’ boss angel and has paved out a place for herself in fashion. Something Miranda could never do. lol, didn’t she say she’s going to reduce her workload that why she “left” VS? Yet she’s working with a lingerie brand that is a cheap version of VS.Haha girl is hustling more than ever so I guess she’s as terrible a liar as her fans. Word our there is she’s going to do the Vs show. Looks like she has hit her head and realized she’s no Gisele and it’s better to admit defeat and do the show than going around photoshopping pics during the show, for attention.
    Girl, keep pretending she’s an angel and you’re not a fan. Meanwhile, Adriana is about to do a veet commercial and will no doubt balance it with high fashion as always. Unlike shopstyle (lol) veet actually is a world famous brand that most women use.
    You might want to stop because everyone knows. Miranda is more prone to shaming than Adriana.

  • @28

    You just make this waaaay too easy.
    You call Miranda commercial for repping H&M, a brand that Gisele also worked for. As she did for Mango.
    Then you have the gall to brag about Adriana doing a commercial for Veet???
    You say it’s important (lol) because it is worldwide and everybody uses it? So that makes it ok???
    Are not Swarovski, H&M, Wonderbra, Clear and Reebok worldwide brands????
    Funny. I guess that you think an unwanted hair remover is prestigious?
    At least we know that Adriana uses the product. She has to use something to get rid of all that arm and knuckle hair. Ewwww.
    And I really don’t care whether you believe that I am a Doutzen fan or not. I am. And your opinion means nothing to me.
    I’m just having a blast proving that the only people who could call Adriana HF are the ones too stupid to breathe unless they are told.
    BTW. I don’t hate Adriana. She’s pretty, and a fine model for underwear. But I think that your constant attacks on other models who have nothing to do with these threads opens the door for Adriana to be treated the same way. If you never brought up another model, we would have less cause to mock you. But you never learn. You always attack. It really must be because their popularity and success outside of modeling threatens poor Adriana. She’s 32 with no prospects after modeling. I hope that she has saved her money.

  • Adriana

    Honey, the commenter called Miranda commercial because she IS commercial. Come on now, you don’t have to be a hater to see this. And what is wonderbra? Even the name sounds corny, also, I have been reading JJ for years and which models do Adriana fans insult other than Miranda, which is evidently because Miranda fans do the same. So Gisele does H&M=it’s prestigious. You’re theory is lame. And Just like Doutzen, Gisele got other campaigns hf/commercial. Miranda has absolutely no hf campaigns in the past 4 years. It doesn’t make for a supermodel. And I’m pretty sure the commenter didn’t mean Veet is prestigious. Just that Adriana has both the HF and commercial world and the same can’t be said for Miranda.
    You’re not even making anyone believe you’re a Doutzen fan instead of the obvious Miranda. Same for not disliking adruana.

  • Smh

    Yea, she’s 32 and has already started investing in real estate, like owing a house in one of the most exclusive communities in the world. #30 Lol I think wonder bra is her new panty deal. Such a downgrade right? Oh and everyone admits Clear and Reebok are good. H&M too, but they are all commercial. Adriana as I said is about to do veet. She’s most probably going to get the Jason Wu campaign and a Vogue Spain and coca-cola collaboration is coming. That my dear, is called versatility and balancing. Maybe if Miranda deleted some pap phone numbers and concentrated her famewhoring a$$ on fashion, maybe, just maybe designers will start looking at her direction.

  • mirandabar

    wow she is so ugly in regualr photos,. Like a bucked tooth hamster.
    why is she never with her husband and children? odd.

  • candis


    Adriana is stuck in a pigeon hole because she has zero business sense. Miranda got out instead of selling her soul to a panty company who owns their models so she has the better back up plan which is why Adriana fans always attack ( they obviously feel threatened). Yes Adriana is a VS icon, but she could have been more. Open a magazine (not a mans mag but a prestigious one) when they list the greatest models of all time. She is no where to be mentioned. Its always the same models; Twiggy,Lauren Hutton,Kate Moss,Linda Evangelista,Cindy Crawford,Christy Turlington,Claudia Schiffer,Iman,Gisele,Daira Werbowy,Lara Stone etc etc). Basically even the world of fashion knows Adriana is nothing but a panty model so she doesnt have respectt within the industry. Not hating, its the truth. She is a lingerie/mans mag icon. and nothing more. I cringe to even put her in the same category as Linda Evangelista and the like aka the REAL supermodels. You can count Adriana’s prestigious jobs on one hand. Someone like Linda it would take a whole book to write about her career success. just sayin. Adriana is another Elle/Kathy/Tyra/Heidi. the b level models. Her fans can deny it til they die but if you did a side by side comparison of her portfolio career next to those others, it would be obvious what she is even more; a popular glorified panty model.

  • LOL

    omg Miranda fans; Miranda would be pretty much UNEMPLOYED if it werent for the invention of selfies and paparazzi. That is the bulk of her career. Yes she dabbles in c list modeling territory here and there but nothing to brag about. When she gets Versace,Fendi,Gucci,Prada campaigns & a US,British,French and an Italian Vogue cover (aside from the “vs models in high fashion trend circa 2010) please brag away. until then quit acting like she is some in demand model. It just goes to show you that her fans live in a big bubble. (like the size of her head).
    Adriana doesnt have those things either but at least she has her contracts. Miranda just takes anything and everything that comes her way. She and Ale are the biggest try hards the modeling world has ever seen. I wonder if theyre friends? or their egos would probably clash too much.

  • Smh

    ^lol and Adriana has a richer portfolio in fashion than than Miranda so I don’t understand their self-delusion. #33 you think Adriana has no respect in the fashion world? Then what about Miranda’s try-hard a$$ who has been basically shunned by fashion? Lmao. The category of women they put Adriana in are one of the most successful models the world will probably ever see. Which category does Miranda belong in? Definitely not with Kathy and co. and most definitely not with the Giseles. She’s belongs in the paparazzi queens category where she’s the leader. lol u Miranda fans are entertainment value. Haha

  • Lol

    I love how the Adriana fan lists all of the accomplishments that would make a supermodel, and condemns Miranda for not achieving those goals.
    Then in the next breath, admits that….well…..Adriana hasn’t done any of those things either, but THAT DOESN’T MATTER!!!! She’s still the bestest supermodel EVER cuz she IS!!!!!!!
    You just can’t make this stuff up.
    BTW. Buying your own homes is not ‘investing in real estate’.
    Investing in real estate means buying office buildings, condos, or great swaths of land in prime development areas.
    Thanks for admitting that Adriana has no business sense.
    Bellazon quoted a magazine article about Miranda that talked about her new career moves. The magazine spoke with Aleen K., who is managing her career (she is also Orlando’s manager), who said that with her new contracts, she will only have to work for less than half of the days that VS and DJ’s required from her. This is exactly what she wanted for Flynn. The article also added that with all of her new, less time consuming contracts, she stands to earn more than 15 million this year.
    Smart with contracts, smart with her business, and smart for going to an expert with a lot of pull. Dumb old Adriana could learn a lot from Miranda. So could her fans.

  • Smh

    Lmao. Your definition of real estate investment tho. As always twisting things to favor your theory. Adriana has houses everywhere….but if you don’t feel like that’s real estate, don’t drop out of school sis. How exactly do you know Adriana has no business sense? Like explain. Do you know her dreams? How do you know she won’t start a business after VS? Even if she doesn’t, she is set for LIFE!
    Are you serious right now? You want to bring her manager in this? Lol desperate much? It couldn’t have sounded more far fetched if Miranda said it herself. As if he’s going to say anything that’s not sugar coated.EVERYONE knows Miranda is working twice as hard as her VS/DJ days. Come on sis, you know full well on her last 3 years at VS, Miranda was THE MOST underused model. DJ only needed her for 2 shows in a year and 2 or 3 photoshoots. So pls, get that cock and bull manager out of our faces. As if Miranda would let him say anything she doesn’t want him to. As for that imaginary $15 million. Let’s wait for forbes.

  • @37

    No, I agree with #36. That is not investing in real estate. That’s just owning houses in the countries where you spend the most time. Even if she sold all of her properties, her profit would only be a few million at most. Buying the right commercial real estate can earn you millions per year. That is what real estate investment means.
    And if she had any business sense, she would have started preparing her post-modeling career years ago. She has nothing to fall back on when she stops posing in her underwear. That’s obviously poor business sense. You don’t have to be a mind reader to see things that are right in front of you.
    And how is Miranda working twice as hard? She’s not travelling near as much as she did for VS or DJ’s. VS had her all over the world. And they used her a lot for promotions, all the way to the end of her contract. She was the one that they sent to talk shows to promote the VSFS. She was the one who interviewed Bruno Mars. And her black and white outfit that closed the segment, stole the show from poor Ale and her fantasy bra. But now she works a few days a week, at most. And only a few trips a year. And none to Australia, where they would keep her for weeks at a time. A photoshoot in NYC that takes a day, is a far cry from flying overseas for shoots.
    And I’m not sure why you don’t believe that she will earn around 15 million this year. She earned over 7 million last year, and she has a lot more contracts now. Aleen (sp?) is a woman, btw, and she has no reason to lie about her clients or their earnings. She is one of the most respected managers in the business.
    Maybe Adriana should contact a manager who will get her on the right investment path. It’s late to start planning, but it would be better than nothing.

  • Smh

    @@37: funny u think it’s too late for a31 year old to start a business and you want us to believe you know a thing about business. lol u Miranda puppets can’t stop can u? And we have every right to believe the manager is lying. He won’t say anything Miranda doesn’t want him to say, and Miranda has faced the world to spread lies photoshopping her pics and lying about it. Facts are, Miranda is working twice as hard. Sorry it’s math, if you can’t figure it out, you’re welcome to stay in you’re ignorant stupidity. Maybe she’s not going to Australia because no one there wants to work with her anymore? Why are you pretending like Miranda was the only angel who did promotions for VSFS? Lol stop! (And the promotions don’t even take take that long). All the angels do it. Adriana especially doing promotions at the very day of the show because she’s the crowd pleaser. Fun fact: the ratings of the show skyrocketed last year. Lol Miranda had no impact whatsoever. Also, Adriana doesn’t need a manager who unnecessarily gives interviews about the same venom Miranda spreads to anymore who will listen. Oh no, she, Adriana, is a confident woman and she never needed such trivial tactics to get to where she is.

  • Jess

    lol. calm down people. I like her outfit, nice colours :)

  • @39

    Uhmmmm, 31/32 is ANCIENT in model years.
    The rest of your comment is just as stupid.
    How exactly are one day shoots, and one or two short trips per month equal more than two week trips, working six days a week, and a different country every week?
    You must have failed math class. And probably every other class, for that matter.
    But I do agree with you on one account. Adriana doesn’t resort to “trivial tactics”. Calling paps to watch her work out, posting pictures of her own children, posing like a h00ker on the red carpet, and sitting front row, instead of a box, at a sporting event while posing and waving for attention aren’t trivial. Those tactics are downright pathetic.
    She’s ridiculous. Jet like her delusional fans.

  • @39

    I know that Adriana’s fans aren’t big fans of facts, but this is ridiculous.
    The show’s ratings didn’t “skyrocket”. They didn’t even go up. They were DOWN from the previous year.
    Care to try again?