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Angelina Jolie Puts Spotlight on Syrian Refugees in CNN Report

Angelina Jolie Puts Spotlight on Syrian Refugees in CNN Report

Angelina Jolie is putting her name to good use once again to put the spotlight on Syrian Refugees in this new report that CNN aired on Thursday (March 27).

The 38-year-old actress, who is currently in Sarajevo visiting with victims of the Bosnian War, paid a visit to a Lebanese refugee camp to speak with a young girl named Hala and her five siblings.

“When I met Hala, and her brothers and sisters, they had been living in this camp for almost a year,” Angelina said in the video about the children, who watched their mother die under their collapsed home and don’t know where their father is.

Angelina Jolie Puts Spotlight on Syrian Refugees in CNN Report
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149 Responses to “Angelina Jolie Puts Spotlight on Syrian Refugees in CNN Report”

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  1. 51
    Observer2 Says:

    Angelina continues to impress on the daily. The video is heartbreaking.

    The human spirit is resilient. And some children, have to grow up way too soon.

  2. 52
    Observer2 Says:


    Do you work for the cIA? Cia? CiA? CIa? cia? Do you have tan lines? LMAO!

  3. 53
    Observer2 Says:


    Would you have preferred that Angelina talk about oats and stuff? Her diet, her hair, her exercise program, her skin care? Is that the type of envoy you prefer? Better go and buy Aveeno, Ticky will tell you all about all of the stuff. She won’t do it well. You’ll have to get through the ummm’s, ah’s, ummm.

    She’s more your speed and I.Q. level.

    Angelina’s way out of your league.

    Though, it’s funnier than hell seeing you lose it over her and stay pressed. Good Times!

  4. 54
    Observer2 Says:

    #45 EVE @Eve:

    The trolls, like horns, don’t have reading comprehension skills. They don’t even know what reading comprehension means. That’s why a journalist called them tabloid addled psychos.

    horns, needs to sit on their horns and sit and spin. It’s the only action that they’ll ever see. LOL.

  5. 55
    Observer2 Says:

    CinemaCon: Sony Screens 30 Minutes of ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2,’ Plus New ‘Fury’ Footage

    The first footage from Fury, David Ayers’ WWII tank drama, was screened. It centers on Brad Pitt as the leader of a closely knit tank crew that adds a new member to its ranks.

    The footage showed explosive battle scenes and tense moments between the members of the crew and some of the civilians they interacted with during the war.

    Shia LaBeouf, who stars as one of the crew members, has several emotional moments in the trailer, reciting Bible verses and, at one point, screaming at Pitt’s character who has decided to stay and fight a massive, fast-approaching army of German soldiers.

    “Ideals are peaceful,” said Pitt’s character. “History is violent.

    The other picture that made waves was “Fury.” An original story by Ayers set during the last days of World War II, the movie finds Brad Pitt playing Wardaddy, the commander of a five-man tank crew who have already been to hell and back again. Make no mistake, Pitt is not playing another version of Lt. Aldo Raine from “Inglorious ********.” The scenes shown depict Wardaddy as a feared, but loved commander whose entire life is in his tank. Logan Lerman plays Norman, a newbie to the Army who is immediately out of place among a group of veterans portrayed by Pitt, Michael Peña, Jon Bernthal and, yes, Shia Labeouf. In fact, all the actors look at peak form (even Labeouf), but Pitt? From what was shown, this looks very, very special. Ayers has also crafted a grittier and more realistic European Theater than depicted in “Saving Private Ryan” or HBO’s “Band of Brothers.” Up and coming cinematographer Roman Vasyanov has been impressive previously collaborating with Ayers on “End of Watch” and his look was the best part of “The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman,” but “Fury” is going to become into his calling card. It’s simply gorgeous work. The trailer should hit theaters sometime this summer and expect “Fury” to quickly land on any many awards season contender lists.

    David Ayer’s based-on-a-true-story, WWII tank action epic sells itself on the cast alone. With a line-up that includes Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Peña, and Jon Bernthal, you almost don’t need to show much of the film. However, Sony hit several general audience sweet spots in showcasing key moments from the movie. The action is real and raw with an end-of-the-world feel, which is to be expected from director Ayer (“End of Watch,” “Sabotage”), who has proven his ability to bring audiences into the story in such a way. When we meet the team of weary, muddy, hardened soldiers (led by Pitt’s character) toward the end of the war, we feel an almost instant connection to and interest in their plight, even if we don’t know why just yet. Lastly, the footage showed that there is love in war, as evidenced by a quietly moving scene away from the battlefield involving Pitt’s character, toned and tan and shirtless, and Lerman’s character visiting two women and talking about life and love.

    Damn. Five min sizzle reel for @DavidAyerMovies’ Fury was outstanding. Gave me chills, WW2 tank movie with heart and energy. Wow. #cinemacon

    Rebecca Ford ‏@Beccamford 3m
    Sony showed footage from #Fury. Lots of Brad Pitt and some emotional scenes from Shia. #CinemaCon

    The Maple Theater ‏@TheMapleTheater
    Footage from David Ayer’s FURY was absolutely jaw-dropping. Looks like @SonyPictures is gunning for Oscars #cinemacon

    So, Angelina’s Unbroken kills at Cinemacon, so does Brad’s, Fury. Angelina is walking the walk and Brad’s executive produced what appears to be a very good documentary with Big Men. Also, Plan B has produced Resurrection, new hit on TV and they have The Normal Heart coming out on HBO. Emmy nods may be in Plan B’s future to go a long with their Academy Award. Brad and Angelina may be in the game for next awards season. I say may, we won’t know, until we know. Until the movies are released and so on.

    Hi paypal. ROTFLMAO!

    No wonder the trolls lost their collective heads last night. All 7 of them from Fat Fvcks R Us.

    And all the trolls have is Ticky giving interviews for no reason, continuing to prove she’s as deep as a thimble. And she is what Tate Donavan called her. A shallow b!tch. What Brad called her, a dead end bore and what Mayer called her, old and boring.

  6. 56
    Angie and Brad beautiful love Says:

    fvck, this was really hard to watch !!!!!!!!!!

    Seeing Angie with that poor family of children without parents and living in a refuge camp make me think in all the hard things Angie have saw in all this 12 years working in UN for refuges.

    Angie must be affected by all this images, she must fell the sadness and the impotence, she must be traumatized too by all this disgrace and inhumanity she sees every time she goes in a UN mission.

    I don´t know what is need to survived a war situation but Angie must be really a strong and courageous woman, i don´t know what is need to lived with all this images and all this emotions and this experiences when she return to her home.

    Like i said, Angie is the most beautiful woman in the world, a great and glamorous actress, a very rich and successful person and a happy mother and wife with a happy family, living in a amazing home in a peaceful place and besides all that she is in that refuge camp, talking with that kids, looking to their faces and eyes and felling all the drama and tragedy of this family.

    Angie must be mental prepared to face this situations. It must be very difficult to return and not think about this drama again.

    Well, hope Angie family can give all the love and support she deserve. It´s not easy to do what she does. Angie deserve everything in this life. She already is doing too much. She is a force of nature but this images are to harder to forget.

    I know Brad and her six happy kids will compensate Angie after this kind of trips. She is a Queen but an Angel too….kiss

  7. 57
    yloveblue Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. The war of adult kill kid’’s happiness.Goopy’s kids are the all same syrian kids.

  8. 58
    Angie and Brad beautiful love Says:

    I believed Angie is helping personally this children and this family.

    Even if we don´t know, even if it´s not a public help and is not reported i really believed Angie is doing something for this kids.

    This family was chosen to make the report for UNHCR video, they are the best example of what this war can do for a family with children so young and the trauma this situation can generated in a person.

    Knowing Angie i believed she will not be in peace if she do not find a way to give some help to this amazing family.

    The public don´t know and Angie is not a person to need any publicity about this kind of dramatic situations, but if she and the UN select this family, Angie for sure is helping and supporting this kids, like she probably does with many others without nobody knowing.

    Angie is too good and she cares too much to not done nothing. One time she talked with a old couple in Serbia, the house was destroyed (something like that), Angie was crying and she promises help. After many months, someone from a TV found the couple and they are living in a new home that was donated by Angie.

    Angie have helped many people without public report and i´m sure Angie is helping this kids. I will sleep a little bit better because i know Angie.

    She is a beautiful Queen but she is a Angel first

  9. 59
    ndn Says:

    It was so sad watching the video….The situation is getting worse…I’m glad that Angie is bringing awareness to the plight of these refugees…

  10. 60
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    @Angie and Brad beautiful love:
    That is my gut feeling as well. Angelina is doing a lot more than just interviewing these children. Her heart would not allow her not to help and when Brad sees the video I know he would want their family to help in every way they can. They cannot see hurting….especially children….and not reach out their hands to help them.
    God bless our beautiful JoliePItts. They have hearts of gold filled with love.

  11. 61
    Anon2 Says:


    You gotta wonder if Aniston knew about CNN’s report on the refugees and Angelina’s interview of the refugee family. You know those sneaky PR hacks that some stars have to employ for years. Huvaning and hacking all over the place—no wonder Jennay is doing a promotional press junket on her narrating an Aveeno lotion ad about combining oats. What did Jen say she was again? An ambassador for Aveeno on a global scale? bwhahaha

    I don’t know which one who should be more embarrassed…Aveeno or Aniston.

    Aveeno needs to donate some oats to starving people and animals. Aniston needs to quit with her lying azz.
    Thank you, Angelina Jolie!

  12. 62
    JPS Says:

    Jared Leto talking about the Jolie rumors. He has such nice stuff to say about Angie and Brad. He calls her a married woman and says she’s a is a Queen. Starts at 2:55

  13. 63
    SadHens Says:

    Jared fawning all over Brange meanwhile Brads ex hags trying to get in with Leto

  14. 64
    Kim Says:

    @Observer2: I don’t know why Angie doesn’t just book a resort in Mexico to put money into the Mexican economy.LOL

    As for Maddox and Zahara Im sure they have friends in London from the multiple times they have lived there when Brad or Angie was on location.

  15. 65
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    @Love the JoliePitts:
    Let me add Shiloh is so much like mom I know she will either ask why no one is helping and how much can she help. She is a little “honey” as Angelina described.
    I remember how upset she was about Malala and wanted to help. The JP children appear to be very thoughtful and loving children. Learning from both parents, bless their precious hearts.

  16. 66
    Kim Says:

    I haven’t been on JJ much this week what caused this troll meltdown ?

  17. 67
    tweet Says:

    caitlynn wheat ‏@caitlynn_taylor 33s

    brad pitt will be 90 years old and still will be the hottest guy in America

  18. 68
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Thanks for the vid.
    Can I say how much I LOVE Jared?
    What a cool, calm, collected, pretty guy. And what lovely things he says about Angelina and Brad.

  19. 69
    SadHens Says:

    The JP’s winning. Basically the good reception from Unbroken and Fury at Cinemacon, Brad looking hot as hell, and Angelina balancing her career, family, and charity work

  20. 70
    a lurker Says:

    Everyone has met Brad and Angie always praises them.

  21. 71
    SadHens Says:

    CinemaCon was formerly known as ShoWest. Best ShoWest ever was in 2005

  22. 72
    marina Says:

    Well, we’d love them to come down here!

  23. 73

    Just coz your FILTHY PANTIES is size XXXXXXXXXL you don’t have to put your frustration on Angie!!!!

  24. 74
    Tamhore out Horne the hore in Says:

    Angelina Jolie:. Tamshiit who?

  25. 75
    Phool. Says:

    Angelina Jolie puts spotlight on Syrian refugees as U.N. Refugees chief warns Lebanon could collapse under burden

    March 27th, 2014
    Lebanon could collapse under the weight of the massive influx of Syrian refugees, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres warned in an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour that aired Thursday. Without economic and financial support, and an increased effort to share the burden of Syrian refugees, “Lebanon [does] not [have] the possibility to go on with the present situation,” Guterres said.
    Angelina Jolie, a Special Envoy for the UNHCR, is highlighting the plight of Syrian refugees.She recently visited with a family living in a Lebanese refugee camp, speaking with a young child, Hala, and her five siblings. Hala saw her mother killed under their collapsed home, and their father is missing and presumed dead.
    “Twenty-five percent of the Lebanese population today is Syrian,” Guterres said. “We have more Syrian students in Lebanese public schools than Lebanese students.” “Lebanon has serious problems with electricity and water, and largely because of this huge increase in population; the health system is totally overburdened, and the security implications of the Syrian crisis to Lebanon are absolutely dramatic.” “Nobody can afford the collapse of Lebanon in the present moment.”
    Lebanon has felt the brunt of the Syrian conflict, with just under a million refugees, according to the U.N. Turkey and Jordan are both caring for about half a million refugees each; Iraq and Egypt are also carrying a significant burden. “I remember in Jordan another child, a 4-year-old child, a boy,” Guterres recalled. “We were there for 20 minutes in his family’s tent. And he was constantly shooting with a toy gun.”
    “Nobody managed to calm him down because violence is so deeply now in his way of life.” The UNHCR is trying to help those children with “psychosocial support” but that is often ineffective given the extent of some of the trauma, Guterres admitted. “When we see this tragedy, when we see this generation, it really breaks our hearts, because it’s not only these children; it’s the future of Syria that is being completely undermined.”
    Guterres’ mandate as U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees is humanitarian, but as a former Portuguese prime minister, he says the security implications of the conflict are hard to miss. “I’m sure now the biggest threat, not only to regional stability but to global peace and security that we have faced since many, many decades ago.”
    “Recently in a meeting with the minister of home affairs of Europe, their main concern was not the number of refugees coming into Europe; it was the number of European citizens going into Syria to fight in Syria now.” “And that one day will come – radicalized, hardened, and potentially a security threat for their own countries.”
    It is absolutely essential, Guterres said, that the international community overcome its divisions and work to end the conflict. “I have never seen any major crisis in the world being solved without a lot of discreet, behind-the-scenes diplomacy.”
    “What is for me dramatic in Syria is that I don’t see that activity behind the scenes.”
    It is vital that all countries with a stake – whether politically or militarily or financially, and whether with the government or opposition – play a role. He cited the U.S., Russia, Iran, Saudia Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey to name just a few. “I believe it’s absolutely essential that these countries all understand that today this is a war nobody is winning,” he said. “It is clear that both the government and the opposition cannot survive without the support of the key stakeholders around the conflict.” “This is becoming a serious threat to everybody.”
    Shortcut to:

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