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Johnny Depp Makes Special CinemaCon Appearance to Promote 'Transcendence'!

Johnny Depp Makes Special CinemaCon Appearance to Promote 'Transcendence'!

Johnny Depp hits the stage for a special appearance during the Warner Bros. Pictures Presentation held during 2014 CinemaCon at Caesars Palace on Thursday (March 27) in Las Vegas.

The 50-year-old actor was in attendance at the event to promote his new movie Transcendence to an audience full of movie theater owners. He was joined by his co-star Morgan Freeman and their director Wally Pfister.

The movie, in theaters April 17, is about a terminally ill scientist (Depp) who downloads his mind into a computer. This grants him power beyond his wildest dreams, and soon he becomes unstoppable.

10+ pictures inside of Johnny Depp at CinemaCon…

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johnny depp cinemacon transcendence 02
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johnny depp cinemacon transcendence 04
johnny depp cinemacon transcendence 05
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  • brenda

    Oh Johnny you are so handsome but that hairstye is not good for YOU and those glasses..please NO! Please Johnny change that look..I want to see you sexy and cool AGAIN!

  • Me

    Johnny is starting to morf into his next role i see…the gangster Whitey Bulger. Gotta love this hollywood chamaeleon

  • Amanda

    Grumpy Johnny’s movie going to flop big time.

  • Fresh

    I agree. He’s turning in a caricature of himself. Just google his news and you’ll see him in ripped jeans, tinted glasses, and a weird hat full of holes. He’s trying too hard to look like he doesn’t care. So lame. Time to get a whole new wardrobe. Grunge is so out.

  • ya

    @Amanda: Yeah it’s going to flop but only in your dreams! It will be a hit, deal with it.

  • Fresh

    p.s. Morgan Freeman looks 20,000 times better than Johnny Depp

  • JDF

    @Fresh: Shut the hell up, He looks amazing and he’s dressing very nicely here. This article is not exactly about what you are talking about. He’s been wearing that hat and tinted glasses since ages, what’s new? Does wearing things that he’s been wearing for so long make him a caricature of himself now? He doesn’t try to look like he doesn’t care or anything, this is just his style and the way he likes to dress, can’t you understand that? Are you that shallow that you only care about what people wear? He’s not wearing that hat and tinted glasses here so why the hell are you complaining about them? The only lame thing here is your petty comment. If he got a new wardrobe, then THAT will make him a caricature of himself and not wearing things that he’s been wearing since ever.

  • Jessica

    @Fresh: Good joke! Wow, why all the hate? He looks beautiful and fantastic for his age. Just admit it. Saying that a total fug looks better than him is beyond ridiculous and very much invalid.

  • Anne

    @Fresh: You agree with who? yourself?

    He looks stunning and youthful.

    Stay pressed, hater.

  • Fresh

    @JDF: You totally need to get a life!

    @Jessica, I’m sorry but Morgan Freeman is an incredible actor and he is impeccably dressed here. I hate to say for his age coz that’s ageist.

    Johnny Depp just looks awkward and uncomfortable. I’m so sick of those ‘alternative’ bohemian grunge types who profess to hate the limelight but nevertheless cultivate high profile relationships, act in blockbuster films, and then shirk away loudly shouting, ‘I’m an artist’! We get it, you’re intense, moody, and much, much more artist than we are. So what? You still dress like a troll and like you don’t respect any of the people showing up. Take a shower, buy a suit, and act like a pro.

  • johnny baby

    @Amanda: Lol, it’s going to be a huge hit.

  • Fresh
  • JDF

    @Fresh: Um, no you are the one that needs to get a life you loser. I’m a fan posting on his articles but YOU are not so why are you here if you hate him so much you pathetic troll? He actually was fun and pro at the event according to those who attended it and was totally not awkward and uncomfortable, did you even see the freaking pictures? he is smiling and laughing in most of them. He is actually dressing like himself. Being himself you know? Not wearing a suit does not have anything to do with not respecting the people showing up. WTF!! He was very respectful and humble towards all the people at the event and he didn’t act like he didn’t care.

    Take a shower? Hahahahahaha, that’s really funny because he looks so clean here and like he just took a shower. His outfit is more expensive than your whole closet combined.

    Oh you wanna see him wearing a suit? Easy, just google any pictures of him at any premiere! He always wears elegant suits at these events.

  • JDF

    @Fresh: No he doesn’t need to lose his glasses just to please losers like you.

    He wears elegant coats and suits mostly these days, nothing new to those who actually follow him and not talk based on a google search.

  • JDF
  • Carla

    50? More like 35.

  • Fresh

    @JDF: Okay, fair enough, it’s a bit harsh to hate on him for a holey hat. But I don’t like his style nowadays. It’s annoying and he should make a better effort. After all, style IS about happening out there as well, not just whatever you feel like wearing. He was great during his Edward Scissorhands and his best performances was in the 9th Gate, Blow, From Hell, and Secret Window. That’s all. I hope the film does as well as it deserves.

  • JDF

    @Fresh: His best performances were actually in Potc, The Libertine, Finding Neverland, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Sweeney Todd, Public Enemies

  • Fandango

    Johnny Depp is a mediocre actor at best. He made tons of money because naive girls think he is the sexiest thing ever.
    These days he needs a shower and new teeth. I feel sorry for Amber, he is completely gross.

  • @ Moron #19

    @Fandango: Mediocre at best? Is that why he’s been nominated for the Oscar 3 times and won 51 awards? Is that why he’s been in the showbusiness for 30 years? Or is that because of these “naive girls”? Do you really think that his movies made billions and billions of dollars only because of these “naive girls” “think he is the sexiest thing ever”?? Hahahahahahaha! Hatred can blind people and make them really stupid! But yeah he’s got a lot of young fangirls that adores him.

    Why do you feel sorry for Amber? Is she forced to be with him or what? She’s been with him since more than 2 years because she loves him.

    These days? That picture is from freaking 2 years ago you moron!

    He looks handsome and clean these days as you can see in the pictures. You are completely gross as a human being or dare say tool? GET A LIFE and stop posting crappy comments on his articles!

  • Brooklyn

    You think he’s “Gross” not her! No need to feel sorry for her she’s a grown woman making her own choices!

  • jada

    JD looks fabulous and anyone who says otherwise need a glasses.

  • brenda

    @19..why don’t you post a picture of you and let me say if you are the gross dumb!

  • brenda

    Johnny Depp is cute no matter what ! By the way..I pray to God that his movie to be a success !!!

  • Mel

    Johnny looks handsome but without soul. Amber killed his soul. The movie’ll be a success

  • Yo

    How disrespectful the people can be? He can’t loose those “glasses” you troll!! He needs it. He has serious issues on his left eye. He always has said he’s nearly as blind as bat…leave him alone!

  • Fandango

    Johnny Dope hanging out with Marilyn Manson.

    Is he only getting high with his creepy friends or is he drugging with Amber and his daughter as well?

  • JDF

    @Fandango: Wow, that was almost 2 months ago and you talk as if it’s a new article? What does hanging out with his friend has to do with this article?

    He is not getting high you imbecile, he only smokes cigs. He is just dropping his daughter off at school for god’s sake!! there’s is no need to assume something like that.

  • JD looks amazing in the movie
  • JD looks amazing in the movie
  • JD looks amazing in the movie
  • JD looks amazing in the movie
  • Anna

    @Mel: Amber killed his soul?
    I can assure you this is not the case. An aquaintance of me saw him perform at the concert with Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper and Steven Tyler.
    He looked happy and relaxed on stage and at the aftershow party-and Amber supported him.

    Movie promotion has never been his favourite thing-he’s always looks a little uptight. So that doesn’t mean anything.

    And he need his glasses-he’s nearly blind on his left eye.

  • Danny Lopez

    @JDF: Amazing that you make a lot of comments on all the sites when most are coming just to talk about the movie. You are very rude to everyone everywhere on any site.

  • Danny Lopez

    What surprises me is that this post has been up for many hours and only 34 comments and most of from the same people. I hope this does not mean the movie will be another flop. I am noticing most post are becoming less and less other than disputed fights, most of the post have nothing to do about the movie. This to me can only mean one thing that he has become over exposed and ran out of faces in his pocket or his personal life style is affecting his career. I do think it is time he take a rest from making movies. Reinvent himself again, do directing. The music while that is his first love should also be put on hold as it is becoming his own enemy. Fans are just not showing up for shows they wait for the dvd. If Fans had to wait one year for the dvds maybe that would draw more into the theaters.

  • JDF

    @Danny Lopez: All the site? I only post here and from what I see, the trolls are the ones that are beingrude.

    This kind of posts usually don’t get many comments and the article is not exactly about the movie or about a new trailer or poster, it’s about an event that Transcendence was part of.

    Please stop dramatizing it, He is far from overexposed people like the Kardashians are overexposed but not Depp who is rarely in the media.

    Most people are excited about Transcendence and it’s gonna do well. The Lone Ranger made $260m so I think enough number of fans showed up for that one.

    Ran out of faces? that’s interesting because I’m seeing new faces in his upcoming movies!

  • Mel

    You probably don’t accompany Johnny’s career. If so you would never say that.
    Johnny is soulless and Amber is destroying his image. That’s a shame because he is one of the most interesting people of our time.

  • brenda

    It hard but I’m agreed in part with @ Danny Lopez that Johnny needs to TAKE A REST FOR along time and then come back..but you know why he looks like this..because he is into a NEW character now..yep a new character..for what?..Stop doing silly movies without a good script man..Please Johnny wake up are so CAPRICIOUS!!! I remember when David letterman said to him in one interview….”you are ALWAYS doing a new movie ,don’t you?”..And david was right! Why johnny has to do 5 movies for year?..WHY’?..Please Johnny stop with that MADNESS and do only too movies..but TWO GOOD MOVIES!..Got it? And I really hope this new movie be a success..the fil looks great and I hope his fans and people go to see it..I wish him the best!

  • Myriam

    Now we have to prepare our stomach to see Amber with Johnny during the promotion of Transcendence. arrrrgh

  • Joe

    Prepare your stomach for Johnny Depp’s rotten teeth!

  • Kate

    @Joe: Already prepared for his gorgeous smile! He looks so beautiful when he smiles! Just like an angel.

    Stay mad and jealous.

  • Sasha

    @Myriam: Amber should go with Johnny for the premieres of Transcendence. She goes with him to everywhere! She looks sh * t stuck in his shoes.

  • Alex

    Johnny’s smile has stains on his teeth but it’s a lovely and sweet smile

  • Meg

    Johnny lost a lot of his aura since his connection with Amber Heard. I wish him the best for this film !

  • Denise

    Awww I’m so excited for Transcendence. Will be a great movie :D I’m very excited if Amber will be at the premieres too. I hope so :D When she’s with him he looks so happy :D At the last pics with Vanessa he wasn’t happy anymore. I’m very glad to see the light in his eyes again and the engagement ring on his hand :D GO AMBER AND JOHNNY! YOU’RE GREAT!!!!! :D

  • yep

    I like Johnny and hope this movie is a huge success.

  • Nola

    I swear since Johnny left his family for Amber he looks like he is truly sick in his heart. His eyes look so sad and worn. He looks almost sick physically. I think in his heart of hearts he knows that he has made a huge mistake with this whole Amber business. He has lost so many fans and the respect that took him a life time to achieve. I am really worried about him lately. He is making bad choices and it is showing. Amber is the worst thing that ever happened to our Johnny Depp. I think we all want the cool, sexy Johnny back, and this cliche` Johnny Depp to be over with already.

  • Nola

    @JDF: No Danny is right, I see you(JDF) on every sight there is bout Johnny. We can tell by the way you write, you say the same thing, over and over. I am worried, I mean seriously worried for you JDF. All you do is write all day and night about Johnny Depp. It is sweet that you are a fan, but you seem very obsessed and take things so personally about someone you do not really know. I know you feel like you do, but i assure you Johnny doesn’t read this stuff. You should go out and have some fun, and enjoy YOUR life. I am not trying to be mean sweetie.If you are healthy and not ill, why not go shopping and make your self look cute and go out and have some fun. Take a break from the net. I think it would help you. Best to you, Nola

  • Anya

    @yep: Me too

  • Anya

    @Meg: Amber’s game is so obvious.
    First she poses as a lesbian to get attention. How she didn’t get it, so she attacks to work with Johnny in TRD.
    As the film tanked she attacks Johnny and manages to destroy his life.
    Now to pose as a good girl she gets engaged and want to get married, then she’ll get pregnant and take full cash from Johnny.
    Free spirit my ass.
    Vanessa is the real free Spirirt , she got pregnant in the heat of passion, she never needed to marry Johnny and today she’s beautiful and free, living her life without worrying about Johnny and the b*tch Amber