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Katie Holmes Prepares to Film 'Dangerous Liaisons' in Her Return to Television!

Katie Holmes Prepares to Film 'Dangerous Liaisons' in Her Return to Television!

Katie Holmes has her hair and makeup all done for her day of work on her upcoming ABC pilot Dangerous Liaisons on Thursday (March 27) in New York City.

The 35-year-old actress is making her big return to television since her run on Dawson’s Creek over a decade ago.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Dangerous Liaisons is about “the love and rivalry between two equally matched, powerful socialites who play out their obsessive attraction to and seduction of each other through their manipulation of others.”

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes on the set of Dangerous Liaisons to film her pilot…

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katie holmes prepares for her return to television on set 01
katie holmes prepares for her return to television on set 02
katie holmes prepares for her return to television on set 03
katie holmes prepares for her return to television on set 04
katie holmes prepares for her return to television on set 05
katie holmes prepares for her return to television on set 06
katie holmes prepares for her return to television on set 07
katie holmes prepares for her return to television on set 08
katie holmes prepares for her return to television on set 09
katie holmes prepares for her return to television on set 10

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  • Mary

    Please tell me she is not playing one of the “powerful socialites.” I could not imagine her pulling that off.

  • Katie stinks as actress

    some one please tell her the “Stroke Victim” smirk is not cute on her.

    My money is on another dud for Katie’s career. A few more months and we will see.

  • Katie stinks as actress

    Also she doesn’t have the young fresh pretty look anymore to pull it off. She is aging and it shows.
    She was never a natural beauty as far as classic features but she did have a cute fresh face back in the day. She is 35 now so can not rely on that.
    40 is going to sneak up on her fast. She should worry about getting a date soon. It’s been two years. (and yes, that goes for Tom too before anyone says the same)

  • Sylvia

    If this is just a Pilot, It might not even get picked up if it’s awful. And there’s a good chance it’ll be awful with Katie in it.

  • Meg

    @Katie stinks as actress: Or Bell’s Palsey. Manipulative B**** she is. Must be hard for her to know that she is simply replaying what she has been doing for the past 10 yrs. …only now they have put a name for it, “manipulation, obsessive attraction”.

  • Sean

    A dare any male poster here to look at picture 2 and say that is an attractive woman. If you think so you are either some sort of chubby chaser or you are convincing yourself she still looks like Joey Potter who you use to whack off to.

  • Fresh

    @Mary: I agree with you. I don’t get the hate but I don’t see her in a role e like that. But she did something vaguely in that direction in The Gift. Hopefully she can pull it off.

  • http://comcast Teri

    I am still so proud of Katie for saving her daughter from the Scientologists. that was a very brave thing she did. Katie is still a nice looking woman.

  • blah blah blah

    Yes, she left a cult. Good for her.
    Still can’t act, sing or dance or anything else to save her life.

  • tick

    Oh please. She can’t act her way out of a paper bag.
    The only one from Dawson’s Creek who had any talent was Michelle Williams. Katie’s career is a big fat joke compared to Michelle’s

  • @10 I agree

    If she had not married Cruise she would be out of the public eye by now. She would have faded away a long time ago.
    Look at the pictures of her here trying to get in the same frame with Suri her meal ticket.
    Fameho? There is no reason for her to be bending down and walking at Suri’s height level and smiling to the camera EXCEPT that she wants the paps to make sure they don’t get just the meal ticket alone. Pathetic!!!!

  • Nathan

    Michelle Williams is blah as hell she is a nice person a good mom and a good actress but you can’t compare her to Katie.


    I will say it. Katie Holmes is Hot!! I mean look at her she looks better with no makeup then most women do with makeup.

  • Meg

    Again!!!!!! What is up with the big tongue??? The way she dresses up IS how a classy 30 y/o ” classy lady” should look. Just hope she doesn’t dress herself into the depths of despair.

  • Nathan

    Katie looks really cute in pic #4 beautiful face.

    I think the shoe’s are cool just cuz she’s 35 years old doesn’t mean she has to dress like an old lady.

  • Yasine

    @Nathan: Puffy eyes, even with the makeup. Hope she’s not drinking and getting sleep.

  • Jojo24

    If Holmes is such a hottie I wonder why she is still single? How come all the great guys aren’t lining up to get with her?
    Her fans will say she probably wants to be alone but no one is buying it.
    She better start collecting cats or she will be lonely when Suri can move out.

  • annie

    Since we are talking Daily Mail, I think the pics are lovely. She has a pretty face. She has makeup on, but it’s not over the top , actually quite subtle.
    She looks great with the oversized coat, jeans and high heels.
    Here I again, Heidi Klum is 40 and wears those shoes. Agree Nathan, 35 is still young.
    Even the pics, where her hair is going crazy in the wind are cute.

    @ jojo24
    you are so funny!
    You are going to be running out of silly things to post very soon, so make the most of it while you can.

  • Carolyn

    @annie: Annie in those DM pics her hair looks like crap in that messy up do. I’m on a tour and most of the women have their hair in pony tails and up dos and their hair looks much better than her rats nest. As a public figure she must know when she looks like she just rolled out of bed with dirty ratty hair she is going to be criticized. She obviously doesn’t care.

  • Dare To be Honest

    @annie: What shoes

  • Dare To be Honest

    Must say, Daily Mail is not nice to her. No doubt, she was pulling out a clip! Hopefully, there will be some rollover on how to dress ( from the set).

  • To Carolyn

    She doesn’t care and that is her arrogance and delusional attitude. She really really thinks she is something else.I don’t know if she was that way BEFORE the tc era or if all the fame and attention of being in that A-list crowd (from no work of her own) really went to her head. It will come back to bite her one day and as someone said even the daily mail called her out and said it was a ratty mess.

  • ANNE

    # 3 – I read that in any divorce agreement (TC and KH) could enter into a new relationship so soon. (Tom Cruise’s eccentric, remember?)

    # 16 – I’m sure not lacking “men” for KH. I think it is in the divorce settlement. She sure has a hidden male. LOU

    For the envious and boring this site: KH is a talented and beautiful woman. She will win. Just forget the disastrous decision of the past, “marriage” and move on with her daughter thanks to God has a mother fighting for her, unlike poor Bella, rejected by 02 mothers. I read that Nicole in an interview referred to Sunday as her oldest daughter. Poor Bella, rejected by 03 mothers (biological, adoptive and step-mother). She is strong …. will bear it.

  • lol

    lol at people who believe everything they read on the internet.
    Divorce agreements don’t tell you when you can find a new relationship.

  • Cari

    @ANNE: Oh please both Tom and Katie bragged that she, Katie was a wonderful mother to Bella and Connor. And if that is true then she is just as guilty of hurting Bella and Connor as Nicole was.

  • Nicole

    I like Nicole overall but I did just watch this video and she does seem to not mention Bella here and refers to Sunday Rose as the oldest. I think in context Jimmy was asking about the kids with Keith but I can see how it can be insensitive. I do think she loves Bella and she has spoken about her before but this can be taken very badly. Agree with Cari too that if Nicole did hurt Bella she wasn’t the only one. Starts about 1:55 here in video. She refers to Sunday a few times from then on.

  • Yassine

    @To Carolyn: Personally, I think her tendency, prior to TC was, “I’m all that,”. I come from an upper middle class background and deserve.. but then some of that comes with the age. You know, cocky… Marrying Cruise only SPOILED her. Then on top of the gravy train, she developed a sense of she was better than him because of her 1st hand exposure to no doubt his idiosyncrasies. The end result, Ungrateful B****. If she had married someone like her career manager or the camera person (like Julia Roberts did) she would of been more grounded and possibly kind.

  • Yassine

    I hear Gwyneth Paltrow thinks that life of a movie star (2 weeks/yr. 14 hrs./day). is much harder than the “normal 9-5 grind of us normal people. Maybe that’s why she is comfortable in the big tongue sneakers. I mean,,,, of course we wouldn’t get how it’s perfectly fine for a 34 y/o mom to wear what The Bieb’s and/or street thugs wear. Can’t wait to see her wear the low riding pants.

  • add to that

    @26 Totally agree that she thinks she is now better then TC the A-list legend (like him or not he has a 30 plus year career of mostly good movies and is a star world wide-despite his many many faults he is a star) So now she in her mind she is better then even A list because she can say she walked away and took her parting gift , the meal ticket, his only biological child.
    Nothing will change her ego. Let her live in her fantasy world but people like that don’t end up very happy. We will see from the outcome of her life if she decides to get humble.

  • Nathan


    i thought you used to be a big Katie Holmes fan what happened?

  • http://w annie

    We have a woman, who is walking to wherever she is going to. It’s very windy, and her hair gets all windblown, and to some people here that becomes an issue. Seriously whatever rocks your boat I guess, but it’s getting more and more ridiculous on here by the second.

    @add to that
    What has she said or done that makes you believe she thinks she’s better than TC the a- list, (which he is).
    She has said nothing, and goes about her business, and doesn’t bother anyone, except you.

  • Yassine

    @annie: She divorced him!!!!!!!!

  • Meg

    @Nathan: he got a girlfriend:)

  • @meg

    lol perhaps. Or met her again for a 2nd time and this time saw how rude/smug and not attractive she can be. Rose colored googles were off.

  • Meg

    @Meg: #13 – Meant the way she dresses on set is how she should dress.

  • You cannot be serious!


    What’s wrong with you? What’s up with this public stabbing of Bella? You have some very dismal ideas about kids being placed for adoption. It doesn’t mean the biological mother rejected the child. Open adoption is something new, close adoption doesn’t mean the mother rejects the child.
    I cannot comment about Nic and Bella’s relation, but Bella said it herself that she and her mother are close.
    You have no idea how Bella and Connor were raised. Tommy’s house is never without his family, such as his mom and sis, that part is known for sure, do you think they kept Bella in the basement?
    Plus she’s a 21 years old young woman, studying arts in London. with her dad’s money and connection, she can explore whatever she desires.
    Quit stabbing Bella, you cannot hurt her, only to show what a miserable person you are!
    As for KHo, that’s a facade and charade, Tommy will regret ever get involved with this average looking thunder thighs forever.

  • I’ll cosign that- Plus 1

    you go girl!
    I’ll co-sign that.
    Except he probably does regret it already, not WILL(future) regret it ;)

  • BeBe

    @You cannot be serious!:
    You need to take a chill pill. Anne did not say anything negative about Bella in on this thread. (I know she has in the past) Her comment was sympathetic and I agree. We don’t know for sure what goes on behind closed doors, but Nicole does come across as cold towards her older children.
    I like Nicole well enough. I just find it interesting that Nicole can do no wrong, while Katie can do no right, according to people on this thread.
    Can you imagine if Katie were to get married again, have more children, and then publicly act as if Suri doesn’t exist. Somehow, I don’t think that would sit well with people. I do have empathy for Nicole, as I believe her children were alienated from her, but I’d be lying if I said some of her comments don’t rub me the wrong way.
    Anyway, I wish Katie good luck on her new show. Love the hair.

  • You cannot be serious!

    You’ve gotta be kidding! Calling a a girl triple rejected by the mothers is sympathetic? More like back door stabbing! What? Now that Anne knows that she cannot get away with criticizing Bella’s look, she switches to ridicule her about her being adopted by Tommy and Nicole? And that’s sympathetic?
    Told you, I cannot comment on Nicole’s relation with Bella, can only cite what Bella said herself in an interview.
    As for how KHo treats Suri, we all know how she could pimp Suri out day and night, until most of the gossip outlet decided to stop being her accomplices. On top of that Suri’s infantile cuteness just evaporated as she grows. Not that there’s anything wrong with it.
    So I say, if KHo signs out her womb again, Suri could be very happy to be left alone from being all her Mommy Dearest’s attempts to whore.

  • You cannot be serious!

    @I’ll cosign that- Plus 1:
    You are so right there!

  • BeBe

    Not saying I agree with Anne, but it sounded like she was criticizing the people whom she believes rejected Bella. I didn’t see any criticism of Bella in her comment. But whatever. I’m not going to bother reasoning with someone who is so full of hate. Funny how you’re so sensitive to any perceived insult about Bella’s adoption, but apparently feel that it’s ok to make crude, degrading comments about Katie giving birth.
    BTW, the comments that Bella supposedly made about Nicole were in a sleazy, Australian tabloid. I doubt that she actually spoke to them, but you can believe it if you want.

  • annie

    @ Bebe
    The very same magazine that said that Nicole Bella and Conner are close, is the same mag that last week said Tom and Katie are getting back together again, and again.

    Yet to this day, after NK marriage to KU, all the times they come back to Aus, all the family get togethers with her sister and kids, and parents, on the country property that they own or owned, never , have you ever seen one pic of C and B since 2006, when the kids came down for the wedding.
    I’ve already said it about 100times, but some time ago, in an interview on a morning show, the interviewer, by the name of Richard Wilkins asked KU about C and B. Keith replied that he doesn’t see them very much, not as much as other step parents see the kids.
    The key words are he doesn’t see them very much, why would he say that?
    And why has Conner never aknowledged his 2 little sisters, on his twitter, page. He goes on about how the most thing is the family, but it doesn’t come across like that.
    However they are all liars, so it doesn’t matter anyway.
    Saw an interview with Tom on Oprah for Vanilla Sky.
    ”I love Nicole, we’ve sorted things out, no hard feelings, no need for lawyers, we are good friends”
    Meanwhile Nicole went around saying how depressed, devastated, brought to her knees, unable and unsure to love for years, and he goes around saying how wonderful everything was between them.
    Oh my god, they tell so many lies, that they don’t remember the last lie, they said in public.

  • Madame M

    They are all liars? Ha, Indeed Miss KatieHo is in that group too.
    All celebs lie to the press or tell only the parts of their lives they want you to see. Do they even owe the public an explanation for everything? We will never know the whole truth about Nicole Bella and Connor.
    Tom has said the older kids told him not to talk about them anymore on David Letterman. (jokingly about personal stories since then their friends tease them and want to know more) Maybe that is one reason why Nicole doesn’t say much either now that they are over 18 and living their own lives. Maybe Nicole saw them when Keith wasn’t around or when she traveled. He tours alot. Maybe that was just a safe answer for him he thought since he didn’t want to misspeak about her kids. It can be a touchy subject with kids that aren’t yours.I wouldn’t base my whole understanding of Nicole’s (NOT KEITH’S) relationship with her older kids based on one comment from him(not her). For Connor posting pictures of little kids is very different then posting of your sis who is about the same age. I know the instagram of Bono and Ali’s kids because I am a fan of his. The two older girls are in their young 20′s and they have two younger brothers that are teens or younger. They don’t post pictures of the younger kids at all but I don’t assume it means they don’t like the little brothers but it’s more about what you can post pictures of that is allowed in the family. They try and keep the younger ones as private as possible. Back to Connor, other than that one picture of him and Bella with their dad when they were kids (which was already a picture in the public domain) I don’t think he post pictures of him with his dad either but that doesn’t mean they aren’t close. Twitter and Instagram for him is a place for him and his friends or for him to post about career gigs.
    Here is Connor’s own words saying he loves his mother just this past week. Some will still say he is lying even though he didn’t have to say the word love since he was asked a general question. He sounded affectionate about her. He talked more about his dad but that is because most questions were on Tom first so I wouldn’t read more into that.

  • Madame M

    Here is another interviewer saying that he saw the kids close to Nicole and even Tom’s sister went to Nicole’s wedding. I am sure some will say it was to keep an eye on them for the cult but remember they were young at that time and most parents don’t allow kids to travel alone. But we didn’t see pictures of this traveling so surely it doesn’t exist and can’t be true right?? No pictures means it didn’t happen?? Surely the same is true and Tom never sees Suri now because we aren’t seeing the evidence of it.

  • BeBe

    @Madame M:
    It’s true that we’ll never know for sure what the full story is re:Nicole’s relationship with Bella and Connor. It is my *opinion* that the kids are either completely estranged or have very little contact with her. This isn’t simply based on the lack of photos, but many different factors.
    Even if the kids have asked their parents not to talk about them in public, I still think Nicole comes across as quite cold. Was it really necessary to refer to Sunday as “my oldest daughter”? She could have easily stated, “My 5 year old is interested in acting, while my 3 year old likes to sing”. She doesn’t have to mention her older children, but she also doesn’t have to completely erase them either. It wasn’t just this 1 comment that bugged me. She has repeatedly made comments that I find insensitive.
    While Connor might not tweet that many photos of Tom, he does often mention him. Every year, he posts a loving Fathers’ Day message for his dad. Never any Mothers’ Day message for Nicole. Wonder why?
    I did see the interview where he said that he loved her, and thought that was sweet. In another interview, he confirmed that he would not be visiting his grandparents. He was OZ for several days, had plenty of time to go to the beach and other places, but no time to see his grandparents? I just don’t buy it.
    These are just a few of the many factors that lead me to believe that the kids are estranged from their mother. I don’t have time to get into everything. I will say that I do genuinely hope that I’m wrong.

  • Dare To Be Honest

    @annie: #17 – you said she was “DISCREET” in her putting her privates on the screen. You must not of looked on the Internet lately!!!! Just google KH hot and then look at the images. She is the WORST. Maybe that is why Yassine has turned on her?!?!

  • BeBe

    BTW everyone knows that the kids were at Nicole’s wedding. There were indeed photos. That was in 2006 and a lot could have changed since then. Even then, I got the sense that Nicole’s relationship with her children was distant, but I could be wrong.

  • Madame M

    The point again is we only see SOME of what goes on. We don’t know how far it was to his grandparents or how much he had to work. Going to the beach for a couple of hrs is different then driving a ways to spend an afternoon with someone. Lots of factors and little information. Besides even if he is close to Nicole we don’t know if he saw his grandparents growing up much. With divorced kids they are often closer to one side of the family but that doesn’t have to mean ESTRANGED or not liking the other side. Divorce sucks for kids and that is a price to pay most times unless they all live in the same place.
    You don’t say I LOVE YOU about someone you are estranged to. His own words and the interviewer in the other link who SAW THEM IN PERSON is more credible then just going off the few tidbits we see in the press here and there.I don’t know if he made the longer printed comments about his mom – maybe /maybe not but it was used in the link posted as well and no mention of the tabloid so we don’t know if the tabloid was the original source or if they just picked it up. Nicole does come across cold but not just about those kids she is joked about as being a cold fish in general so I don’t take that to mean everything.
    If you still want to keep your ‘opinion’ over his own words then so be it. He loves her. They are not estranged. Probably not as close as he is to Tom but that is very different. Many children of divorce are closer to the parent they lived with on a daily basis.

  • Madame M

    @46 yes everyone knows they were at the wedding but I was referring to the traveling schedule and them having fun and the interviews feelings about how they acted.

  • Madame M

    @47 No Katie fan but is it possible some of those are photo shopped? they do that to a lot of celebs and make vulgar pictures.

  • Madame M

    CORRECTION: Meant to post to 45