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Zac Efron Attacked in Skid Row Area of Los Angeles

Zac Efron Attacked in Skid Row Area of Los Angeles

Zac Efron was attacked over the weekend by a sketchy person after getting stuck in the bad skid row area of downtown Los Angeles, according to TMZ.

The 26-year-old actor and his bodyguard told cops that arrived at the scene that they had run out of gas and were sitting in their car waiting for a tow truck. While waiting, they threw a bottle out of the window of the car and it happened to smash on the pavement near a group of “transients.”

The group of people came over to the car to confront them as they thought the bottle was being thrown at them. The bodyguard then got attacked by two of the guys so Zac got out of the car to help, but then got punched in the mouth.

“It was the hardest I’ve ever been hit in my life,” Zac said to the cops. No one was arrested as the cops felt it was a mutual combat.

Despite the fight, Zac‘s face was looking pretty perfect on Tuesday (March 25) when he filmed a sketch for a secret project alongside Neighbors co-star Seth Rogen and football player Aaron Rodgers. The photo was tweeted (then deleted) by a producer who does stuff for MTV, so perhaps it was a skit for the MTV Movie Awards?

Click inside to see the photo of Zac Efron taken after the fight…

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  • Bella

    Well why would they throw a bottle out of a car… stupid idiots. How about showing some responsibility for nature and areas where people live. He propably doesn’t want me to throw my garbage in front of his house either…

  • OK

    TMZ Now there is a source I believe. What to hear this from his people.

  • Huh?

    Oh my god!!! f.u.c.k.i.n.g assholes. he just can not catch a break, can he? =/

  • michelle

    @Bella: I second that! Well said!

  • Honestly

    I don’t buy it. TMZ is on his ass since rehab thing. People who are on that page already comment it’s because of drugs. Yeah, no. Cops were there. Zac allegedly talked to them. if he was on drugs, something would be said about it.

  • Amy

    Hmm… I wonder why Zac was in a “sketchy” are of LA…

  • commonsense

    Who is he trying to kid? I have no doubt he was out there buying drugs.

  • TX1961

    Aaron Rogers and Zac Efron in the same film? INteresting bit of casting there..

  • Yikes

    Isn’t this where they busted Brad Renfro and Nick Stahl (sepratley) in the past, rip Brad

  • pika

    i would like to know this “sketchy” area that TMZ speaks of.. Tell us where it is and we’ll tell u whether its sketchy or not. the story overall is kinda confusing but TMZ loves to throw people under the bus

  • leah

    poor thing (aha) ! Guess what you’re human get a grip !

  • OK

    Love you Zac. Waiting to hear from your team.

  • Ran out

    Ran out of gas??? Ummm sure….!

  • thk

    get your shit together zac

  • jen

    So he just happened to have run out of gas in a known rough area of LA while he was out for a casual drive…

  • Karyn

    So basically he was in this sketchy area waiting to buy drugs, decides while he’s probably stoned or drunk or both to throw a bottle out of a car window subsequently getting beat up by a bunch of thugs. Nice one Zac, nice one. The ‘ran out of gas’ story, you sold it well my friend.

  • Lola

    Why in the hell would you throw out a glass bottle out of car? And in skid row? Are you kidding me?

  • ahlee

    i don’t see how its so hard to believe this story this guy went to rahab twice for drug abuse just because his PR team say he is sober doesn’t mean he really is damn his fans are so delusional anyway i hope he can find help soon

  • Princess

    “I run out of gas” “I slip in a puddle” are the same sh&t as my dog ate my homework….i used to be a huge fan of him but now he really disapponits me and im starting to get worried. He has to clean up his act for real this time!!!!

  • Lauren

    Who wrote the last paragraph ? It’s written awful

  • OK

    That is right people make your judgments before you hear both sides of the story. I forgot to haters there is only one side.

  • emily.d

    I still love him, am a huge fan, but all of this bullsh** is starting to worry me as well… What was he doing in such an area at midnight? Why would he throw a bottle out of the car window? (this is idiotic itself) Is it even possible he’s doing drugs AGAIN?

    Oh Zac, get your act together, for real, please. PLEASE.
    Don’t let your fans down, we’re breathing for you, so just stop this sh**, for God’s sake. We don’t really wanna see you end up like the next Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse or Cory. :((

  • Tiana

    @OK: You’re beating a dead horse w/ that hater stuff, people is going to believe what they believe it’s what some people do. I love Zac Efron one of my favorite actors in the industry but as a fan I got to be completely honest with myself, he did had drug usage and most likely he did go over there to get drugs. What a handsome rich Caucasian boy doing over in Skid Row shit there no paps over there and who in his little bubble would get caught dead over there yeah right I’m not believing this story at all. I love Zac but he needs to get his shit together I mean ASAP!

  • Rocky


    AMEN!! Also, how could you not know you were low on gas? Something’s not right here. Sorry.

  • Why?

    You haters are idiots why wait 4 days for this story to come out. With a story like this they shouldn’t have waited four days, that and if you look on his twitter page you can see that there was no sign of him being attacked because if he did there would have been a bruise on his mouth and there isn’t.

  • Amanda


    Totally disappointed in this guy. Why would he or allow his body guard to throw a glass bottle out of a car window? I used to like this kid, but he’s doing some really stupid sh– lately.

  • Les l’y

    The pic is about a sketch for ESPN.

  • Mar

    @Why?: don’t forget tho that the rehab news came out what, 4 months late, and there is something called make up, and the fact that he had a bodyguard with him who I consider was sober, could explain why no one was arrested, throw a bottle out of his car, well yeah trash, and past midnight and Sunday. Enough evidence

  • Lauren

    If zac was “obviously intoxicated” wouldt zac be arrested? Like the source told tmz? This story sounds fishy but why just jump to the conclusion zac was or looking for drugs??

  • Hot Dumb Italian Mike!

    I actually like Ephron, he is one of the rare people in this industry that has talent. Hopefully he will check his ass into rehab soon. The area around the L.A harbour freeway is known for only 3 things; prostitution, drugs and gangs. Gee, I wonder which one of these applies? Hope he comes to his senses!

  • OK

    @lauren Zac would of been arrested if he had been driving and intoxicated or both people were intoxicated. We don’t know that he was.

  • Libby

    @Amy: Whats this guy doing in a ‘seedy’ part of LA when everyone knows he went into ‘rehab’ last year because of a serious drug abuse problem => , and that “BROKEN JAW” incident in his home last year? Now ‘another’ smack in the face? ….Somethings not right with this story.

  • OK

    @Tiana It depends on where one is coming from or going to. They could of ran out of gas like it said (Doesn’t mean he was going there).

    First I don’t do drugs. (Against my religion and upbringing ) however I know who to call or go that are much safer areas than this. If I know then Zac or people he knows does also.
    Why would Zac go there for drugs when he could have them brought to him? This is just not logical.

  • Camden

    Well…I’m just going to overlook the fact that this guy is in the sketchy parts of town…Can anyone say ex-rehaber trying to score drugs?

    But what an idiot. I guess he thought because he wasn’t in Beverley Hills he could litter all over the place, have some respect for crying out loud.

  • OK

    I hope his team gives us answers if we like them or not.
    All I want is for Zac to be healthy and sober. I know he had a problem but as for nowI still believe that is behind him.

  • zzzz

    I dont believe that story. Zac previously had hit them because they didnt give him the drugs he needed and a bottle was involved. Blaaaahh

  • Trent

    Looking for drugs, LOL!

  • allison

    This is a worse story umm lie than the last one he told about breaking his jaw.

  • http://comcast Loren

    I really like Zac, especially after seeing his amazing job he did with Nicole Kidman in The Paperboy. But why would they throw a glass bottle out the window ????

  • Emma

    Drugs. Drugs. Drugs. That’s what it is folks.

    Logic: If you run out of gas in a shady part of town, of course, stay in your car…but, but…throw out a bottle out of the window??

    This should be a wake up call for him to go back to rehab(doubt it), or else he’ll end up like Phil Hoffman.

  • sasha

    Why are you waiting for his team to give you answers? They are obviouslly not going to tell the truth. They will just tell some made up story like the “Slipping on a puddle” tale.

    He was out intoxicated, and looking to score drugs. Zac is NEVER seen with his bodyguard but the ONE time he is stuck in skid row he happens to be with a bodyguard? Come on people there is way more to this story.

  • billbob

    @Bella: SO GLAD THIS TOOL and his bodyguard got beat up. What kind of DOUCHEBAG throws a bottle out the window?????

  • chris

    Anyone who believes this story please see me about some property I’ve got for sale

  • Tiana

    @OK: True, True but it still sounds sketchy to me, hopefully were wrong and that he really did run out of gas!

  • Keri

    I think living In the closet really takes its toll. He needs to free himself. He’s had some rough spots. He realizes his limited talent will leave him with ensemble roles. His short stature is a challenge as well. He should just accept he was a young star and his big days are behind him.

  • OK

    People Mag is reporting that The L.A. Police Dept. has no record of this incident.

  • hannah

    @OK: I agree with you about not trusting this story just yet. Why would he be in a seedy area to buy drugs when he could’ve just had someone bring them to him? And with no police record, I wonder what “evidence” TMZ is going by? I truly hope Zac is ok.

  • druggiewontstop

    was he buying drugs in the area? hope not! but oh man, he should stop his nasty habits!

  • druggiewontstop

    Lies lies lies! He could end up…

  • ofakk