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Taylor Swift & Lily Aldridge Are the Chicest Ladies Who Lunch!

Taylor Swift & Lily Aldridge Are the Chicest Ladies Who Lunch!

Taylor Swift heads out for lunch with her friend Lily Aldridge on Friday afternoon (March 28) in New York City.

The 24-year-old singer and the 28-year-old supermodel have been friends from quite some time and we got a glimpse of their friendship when Taylor performed at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last year.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Taylor Swift

It was reported this week that Taylor has bought a massive $20 million penthouse apartment in the Big Apple!

FYI: Lily is carrying a Jerome Dreyfuss bag. Taylor is wearing a Red C Jewels ring and earring.

15+ pictures inside of Taylor Swift and Lily Aldridge out for lunch…

Just Jared on Facebook
taylor swift grabs lunch with model lily aldridge 01
taylor swift grabs lunch with model lily aldridge 02
taylor swift grabs lunch with model lily aldridge 03
taylor swift grabs lunch with model lily aldridge 04
taylor swift grabs lunch with model lily aldridge 05
taylor swift grabs lunch with model lily aldridge 06
taylor swift grabs lunch with model lily aldridge 07
taylor swift grabs lunch with model lily aldridge 08
taylor swift grabs lunch with model lily aldridge 09
taylor swift grabs lunch with model lily aldridge 10
taylor swift grabs lunch with model lily aldridge 11
taylor swift grabs lunch with model lily aldridge 12
taylor swift grabs lunch with model lily aldridge 13
taylor swift grabs lunch with model lily aldridge 14
taylor swift grabs lunch with model lily aldridge 15
taylor swift grabs lunch with model lily aldridge 16
taylor swift grabs lunch with model lily aldridge 17
taylor swift grabs lunch with model lily aldridge 18
taylor swift grabs lunch with model lily aldridge 19

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • RandomHearts

    Wow, what asurprise. Another Taylor Day. 24/7/365. Enough, Jared. Every day parading around with 20 pounds of make up and all these retro outfits that look like bad 80′s fashion, but it’s OK because she hangs around models now so she can pretend she is glamorous too. Running around New York with models. This is her new image. Maybe she is trying to get Jake’s attention since he is with a model now and he lives in New York. Stalker much?

    Lily is sweet. Her husband is a musician. Maybe Lily thinks it will help her career to get attention walking around with Taylor. One thing is sure. If Taylor’s in the photo it’ll get posted on the internet. Taylor refuses to be ignored. Ugh! I wish.

  • Nic

    Randomhearts… Get a life you weirdo.. It’s celebrity gossip site, if you don’t like pictures of Taylor Swift , don’t stop and click on them… don’t comment … And don’t write a paragraph of your pathetic hate for Taylor Swift… Loser.

  • pandora

    I’d like to know who is forcing you RandomHearts to look at all these Taylor photos? Don’t like em, don’t click on the link. All celebrity photo sites base their content on clicks and views.

    That being said Taylor looks fabulous. I don’t really care who she hangs out with.

  • Sim

    Love the coat on Swifty , damn she’s model tall, she’s taller then Lily , who I love , both gorgeous girls with great style.

  • Ava

    Wonder why Taylor is getting a pad in New York, the LA scene must get too much and the people there all so screwy, ain’t cause of the weather.

  • Andreu

    They hang out together just to get photographed. Plz, what do these two have in common to talk about?

  • Roman

    Wow, the title on this post has to be the douchiest one written yet! I can’t stress out enough, how bad JJ needs to hire new writers!

  • Asdf

    Lol Lily looks miserable. She’s too mature to hangout with a girl who has to bring people with her everywhere she goes.

  • Juj

    JustJared has become the latest celeb blog. Paid to post garbage daily

  • scarlett

    Is there anyone Taylor doesn’t latch on to? She’s has the most random bunch of famous ‘friends’.

  • A

    TS globs onto anyone with a celebrity name.

  • RandomHearts

    The weirdos are the people who know the lyrics to all the songs, and they know her whole history and can tell you how many records she sold, and blah, blah, blah. Well I can say what ever I want to. I get sick of all the Taylorbots who come here and gush over her. This thread isn’t only for her fans, it’s so people realize not everyone thinks she is God’s gift to the world. All Jared does is post the photos. We can either like or not like. I just get sick of people falling for so much fake stuff. Asdf is right Lily looks miserable. Andreu I agree with you, Lily has absolutely nothing in common with her. Maybe Taylor is not in LA because there is no one to hang around with in LA.


    The amazing thing about Taylor Swift is that she does not look at all like the kind of girlfriend buddy who would let you do her in the mouth Britney Spears style. Don’t get me wrong now, that is a good thing, generally speaking.

  • lol

    Taylor is a younger version of LeAnn Rimes

  • Alaia

    She’s always “spotted” with her celebrity friends. And apparently she has about 100 best friends.

  • lol

    @Alaia: PR friends

  • goouthavefun

    Pr friends? Tell me why a highly established (highest paid in music 2 out of the last 3 years) would need Pr friends. She is not some up and comer trying to make a name for herself. Furthermore a married with children 28 year old supermodel would not have a need for a pr friend either. These are highly successful, established women, who happen to be really good friends. Suck it haters and just because taylor is pretty and always put to gether does not mean she is earing 20 pounds of makeup. However if she is wearing 20 pounds of makeup, it takes a ton of confidence and attitude to pull that off. Again you all are simply jealous of taylor swift, wealth, height, abilityto make friends and you can not stand it that she always looks great. Life is going to be so hard for you over the next 20 to 30 years, cuz taylor swift is here to stay. She had not even reached her fullest potential yet.

  • NM

    RandomHearts is so jealous because one of the greatest stars of our time happens to be getting all the attention and her fans and a lot of people love seeing her pics. That is the reason. So RandomHearts needs to go hide if he doesn’t want to see anything.

  • goouthavefun

    @A: yeah she does glob on to anyone with a celebrity name. Did you see her at the hospital visiting all of her famous celebrity friends. It is the only reason she extended her visit from one hour to 4 and a half hours. All those celebrity friends in the hospital she had such an amazing time she just could not leave. Lol.

  • NM

    Well, then don’t comment then, if you don’t like it. Go on to a Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus site or whatever and make your comments there. Taylor is the one that is in demand and so what if you don’t like it.

  • goouthavefun

    @RandomHearts: that is just an excuse for you to keep up a weird hater obsession with taylor swift. No, this is not a fan board which is why taylor swift is not the only celebrity posted about here. However, it is definitely not a hater board. Why spend your life posting hateful things about a person you do not even know. It will only make you miserable and unhappy inside. Trust me, people are not made to hate, it makes you feel terrible inside but you cannot stop it because for some like yourself hate is an addiction, sort of like being a drug addict. You would be doing yourself a huge favor if you focused more on people you do like instead of making nasty book long comments about people you do not like. If you did that taylor swift would have a very small presence in your life because it is you who are going out of your way to spread internet hate. Taylor swift is just living her life she is not on your tv and if she was just turn the channel.

  • RandomHearts

    Don’t attack me because I disagree with you. I don’t like her. And you can’t condemn someone for not liking someone. This is a free country. All these walking around pictures are fake. Taylor is a fake who wants the world to think she has a lot of cool, famous friends and all those guys fell in love with her but she dumped them. Ha, ha! Right. And you sheeple swallow this fantasy. If someone else wins an award or they are in the news, she finds a way to put herself in the picture.

    I am laughing at all of you robots who defend her. Taylor is all about image. She’s in our faces all the time. Like being brainwashed. That’s why she is so successful. It’s called advertising. She has millions and millions of dollars to hire an army of people and you do it for free. What do you get out of it? Nothing. She is happy to take all your money and she is rich. She doesn’t even know you exist. Every thing she does is photographed and promoted. She is her own reality show. Except none of it is real. LOLOL!

  • haha

    @RandomHearts: it is a free country and you want freedom to do what you want but it also free for others to call you out as a jealous hater. So you go ahead and hate on a stranger on the internet just because you don’t like that she has had boyfriends or has friends if you want, but life must be pretty boring if you let this little petty stuff get you all down in the dumps. Anyhow, I don’t see the pictures as fake, unless they were photoshopped they are real pictures of grown successful woman out and about. I see women walking together all the time but nobody cares about it because their name is not taylor swift. As far as the boyfriends go, that was in her early 20′s and she has not had one in nearly a year and a half so you can let that go,. You sound like a bitter ex boyfriend, are you joe jonas or something. So go ahead and spread you hate, just be prepared to be challenged. If you hadn’t started the comment off with a long hate rant there probably would not have been as many comments or hits on the taylor topics, then her poppularity would go down and people would stop posting about her. But as long as she has haters a passionate as you, the paps and justjared will keep posting about her because she drives traffic to their site, It is a win win for the paps, the websites and taylor swift really because it keeps her celebrity in demand. The best way to nake someone go away that you do not like, is by not making their pictures the most commented on. As long as Taylor has all this internet interest, she will be photographed all over the world from not until eternity.

  • haha

    btw, taylor swift has never gotten a dime of my money, not a single penny. Just because people are not a hater doesn’t mean they are spending all their money on taylor swift merchandise. I’ll bet you are making taylor swift rich more then I am cuz I only really commnent on her topics at justjared, mostly, I’ll bet you are all over the interent making her more popular by spreading hate, these websites don’t care a hit is a hit and if the hit is for Taylor Swift, it makes her more popular. BTW, most celebrities are rich, not just Taylor Swift, even a person you support and spend all your money on is rich, probably not as rich as taylor, but rich none the less, so I could say the same thing about you, you are spending all your money ona person who doesn’t give a rats ass about you. Let me take a wild guess Carrie Underwood fan? You sound exactly like those jealous haters.

  • jenny

    Jared is pathetic, he constantly posts about these two, esp Lily , because they are his personal friends.
    Lily is NOT a supermodel, she’s never even done any runway except for that cheap VS stuff. Learn the meaning of the words you use ok? thanks.