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Jamie Campbell Bower Brings Model Matilda Lowther to Jameson Empire Awards 2014

Jamie Campbell Bower Brings Model Matilda Lowther to Jameson Empire Awards 2014

Jamie Campbell Bower puts his arm around model Matilda Lowther on the red carpet at the 2014 Jameson Empire Awards at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Sunday (March 30) in London, England.

The 25-year-old actor and his pal Matilda both starred in the recent Burberry campaign together.

Also joining the duo at the show were Will Poulter, Hayley Atwell, and Annabelle Wallis.

“Terribly excited for tonight’s Empire Awards. X” Jamie tweeted earlier in the day. “En route to tonight’s Empire Awards. Be kind children. X” he added.

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  • rochelle

    She kind of reminds me of Bonnie just with dark hair.

  • Lol

    She looks nothing like Bonnie! Wow. You BWright fans need to stop commenting on everything to do with Jamie and relating it back to bonnie.

    Matilda is beyond gorgeous.

  • Ally

    Nope nope nope Jamily ❤️❤️ TMI City Of Ashes will bring those two back together Matilda isn’t pretty enough for him.

  • Kate


    Are you kidding me? Matilda is 100x better looking than lily.
    Besides she’s not a stuck up wannabe and a user like lily either.

    Get a grip.

  • AforAlli

    Oh, come on! Just becasue they posed together on the red carpet it doesn’t mean they’re dating! They both just work for Burberry…

  • Hoodie

    He’s dating a girl named Olivia Hann, she’s from London and 22. It’s been going on for a while now. If you take a close look @ his Twitter you’ll see. She’s a sweetheart… :)

  • Mags


    Nope, he and Olivia ended things like over a month ago, they weren’t even properly dating. Just ‘seeing’ each other.
    Pretty sure he’s with Matilda now but not 100% definite.
    Anyway, as long as he never goes back to boring Lily I don’t think whoever hes seeing is an issue.

  • http://ederlynlevine LucieHerondale

    @Ally: TRUE!!!! Jamily Always and Forever. I mean, I’m fine with whoever they are dating but seriously, I hope they will get back together. They are perfect for each other.

  • Ally

    @Kate How can you possibly know anything about Lily and her personality. If you’ve noticed Jamie has a pattern of dating women he works with. If he is dating Matilda it won’t last and yes she’s not pretty enough for him idc if she is a model. They’re gonna be filming he’s gonna have to kiss her and that’s gonna be the end of Matilda.

  • Kate


    Wow you must be like 10 and have no concept of how relationships actually work.

    You dont have to know everything about lily to know she’s not a genuine person. It’s OBVIOUS.
    “Jamie has a pattern of dating women he works with” coming from a fan of serial dater lily Collins this is hilarious. And considering lily is the only co-star Jamie has ever dated.

    How are you a ‘fan’ of ‘jamily’ when you clearly do not like Jamie. You can’t be a fan of a pairing if you dislike one of them.
    The sooner you ‘tmi’ fans get lost and leave Jamie alone the better your all deluded.

  • Ally

    @Kate: Actually Bonnie Wright the woman he was engaged to he was in Harry potter with she played Ginny. He dated Ashley Greene who he was in twilight with and now he’s with Matilda who he worked with for Burberry. So yes he does date women he works with. I’m a big fan of Jamie ever since Sweeney Todd. There is nothing wrong with loving TMI or shipping the two of them because they made the movie that much better. I’m quite a bit older then 10 btw and I fully understand relationships I’ve been with the same person for the last 4 years.

  • Happy for him!

    He looks gorgeous and happy again! Thank you Matilda if u have something to do with it.
    So what if he dates people he works with? He’s 25 FFS, he can’t play a teen-ish clubber 24/7 just to get to know interesting girls.
    Wish for good roles to land on his lap instead of spreading drama over his personal life!

  • Kate


    Firstly you might want to brush up on your facts before you start with your ridiculous claims.
    He did not date Ashley Greene. They are friends. She had/has a boyfriend.
    He did not meet Bonnie at work on harry potter, they met through mutual friends way beforehand. Same goes with Matilda, she is a friend of a friend and they worked together on Burberry after they had already met.
    He didn’t even meet Lily on set. He met her beforehand at a party also.
    So really your ‘point’ has no weight does it?

    P.s if you had a boyfriend of four years you wouldn’t spend your time whining about Jamie/lily no longer being together & you would not make childish comments such as “They’re gonna be filming he’s gonna have to kiss her and that’s gonna be the end of Matilda.” Hahhaha, seriously.

    Your wrong. That’s it. End of conversation.

  • Ally

    @Kate: I didn’t comment on when or how they met my point was that he dates his costars which is in fact true. I didn’t say it made him a bad person shit happens. I wasn’t trying to start anything with anyone IMO she isn’t pretty enough for him. You had to take it and fly off the handle. I like to read, I read the books so I watched the movie I like Jamie and I like Lilly their relationship on screen was believable because they were in love off screen. It made the movie better, if you’ve read the books you’d know jace and clary kiss and if there are any feelings left between the two of them it’s highly likely it will lead to something else. I’m over this childish bullshit . Can’t voice your opinion without some twat waffle calling me a child and questioning my relationship. He’s an actor. You’re a dimbass and now I’m done with this conversation.

  • Andrea

    Lily and Jamie aren’t ever going to get back together. Jamie was only with her to get over Bonnie (and he was only with Bonnie to get over Zoe) and Lily was only using him for fame. Jamie is a serial dater. He can’t go a month without having a new girlfriend. And he always falls so fast and thinks it’s ~tru luuuuv~ but then they’ll break up and he’ll be with another girl in a month to get over the last one. It’s rather hilarious tbh. He seems really immature and rather co-dependent, which is why the girls seem to end the relationship every time.

  • hahhaahaha


    :O what?!?!?!?! You mean?! 24 year old man BEHAVES LIKE 24 YEAR OLD MAN?! GROUND BREAKING NEWS. AS IF. never saw this coming. I hope your not seriously getting pissy about this as it’s a bit pathetic lol. Oh Yeh and I’d LOVe to know how you get your information ‘the girls always end the relationship’ r u a wizard? Because I do not know how you would know this otherwise, alsooo why do you know the ins and outs of this man’s personal life if you so obviously don’t like him. Bit weird that, luv

  • Andrea

    @hahhaahaha: Calm down, honey. Only stating the facts, sorry if that hurts you. Anyone with eyes and a brain can see it’s pretty darn obvious every girl has dumped him by the way he acts afterwards. Jamie is an immature co-dependent man. He behaves more like a 13-year-old girl/boy in middle school, but you keep telling yourself he behaves like a grown man does.

  • Andrea

    @hahhaahaha: And who said I didn’t like Jamie? Been following him since his Sweeney days. Just because I think he’s immature when it comes to women doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy his work (except TMI and Twilight, those were both horrid). I’d never want to date him because it’s clear he’s not good dating material, but he’s a talented man, particularly his singing.

  • Ann

    I’ve been a fan of Jamie’s for years, and frankly don’t care who he’s dating. I will say that there is one thing I don’t like though. It seems that every time he tweets about Matilda her friends all bombard him with replies of “you’re such a great couple” “you’re so cute together” etc. etc. and if someone says anything that even hints of being negative, they jump all over that person. It kind of comes off as manipulative, and even a little bit bullying. You know what they say, show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are. I hope Matilda’s not like that for Jamie’s sake. He seems like a really nice guy and deserves to be with someone nice too.

    Anyway, besides that, what I’d really like to see is a new movie lead role for JCB. It’s been too long since we’ve seen him on screen in something new.

  • lex jessica

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  • http://@ashleighn19981 Ash

    Look, honestly it doesnt matter who he is dating okay? As long as he’s happy with who he is with then thats all that matters.

    Of course all TMI fans are going to want Jamily Back and who knows some day in the some distant future it may happen. We don’t know what he’s thinking.
    It’s true he does go through alot of women sometimes but we shouldn’t hold him to his dating past and let that define him. I believe he is an amazing person both him and Lily are. They have their own lives to live and us fans can’t just control them.
    They bothe deserve to be happy and some fans arent making it easy for them, we should all just butt out.

    I believe we are allowed to have our own opinion, we don’t always have to voice it because we may realise it will hurt other people.
    Like there is alot of bullying going on here because we all have many different opinions on who they should date.
    It’s their lives let them do what they want, they are both amazing successful people just leave them to their business and let them make their own mistakes

    No hating me please.