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'How I Met Your Mother' Finale: The Mother's Name is Revealed!

'How I Met Your Mother' Finale: The Mother's Name is Revealed!


It was a bittersweet ending for How I Met Your Mother, which had it’s series finale episode on Monday (March 31) following nine seasons on the air.

We finally got the answers to some major questions that viewers had throughout the series, including how Ted met his children’s mom and also what her name is.

The series starred Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hannigan, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders, and Josh Radnor, as well as Cristin Milioti as The Mother for the final season.

WHAT DID YOU THINK of the series finale of How I Met Your Mother?

Click inside to find out what happened on the series finale…

Ted decides to leave the wedding early and finds himself at the bus stop talking to an old woman about the bass player. She tells him to go back and find her at the wedding, but then she happens to show up there. He tells the old woman that he’s not going to go for it as he is moving. At the end of the episode, we see that he does muster up the courage to talk to the bass player and they chat about the initials on her umbrella being the same as his – TM. We then find out she is named TRACY McCONNELL!

Some other big things that happened during the episode were the reveal that Barney and Robin eventually got divorced because her work schedule was too travel heavy. He ended up getting a random woman pregnant in 2019 though.

We also find out that Marshall and Lily had a third child.

Finally, we find out that Ted and Tracy (The Mother) didn’t get married until after they had Penny and Luke. It took them seven years to finally tie the knot!

In the end, the mother actually dies and Ted gets permission from his kids to go out with Robin!

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  • Asha

    You totally left out the part that the mother died and Ted ended up with Robin.

  • Gen

    Sighhhh after watching this show for nine seasons, I was a bit disappointed with how it ends

  • Jenn

    Someone fell asleep before the episode ended…

  • Erin

    Was The Mother actually his kids mother, or was Robin their mother? I never watched the show, but the outrage has me trying to figure out why they’re so mad lol.

  • commonsense

    Utterly disappointed with the ending. It was a cop out.

  • Sphie

    If that was going to be the ending why bother with 9 seasons it should have been a 1 season show if the mother was going to be killed off and ted was going to end up with robin anyway

  • Finally

    FINALLY THIS SHOW ENDED!!! I really liked it at the beginning, like this first 3 seasons, but then it became boring and the plot stopped interesting me. i saw the complete last season and re watched the others, but this ending was stupid and DISAPPOINTING.

  • Willow

    Over rated mediocre show…

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  • Stephanie

    This gets posted so much.

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  • Molly

    The ending is such a disappointment. I hope it’s an early April Fool joke and they’ll air the REAL ending next week.

  • Tara

    this is one of me most AWFUL endings that i ever watch. They manage to make the mother just a momentary distraction from robin insted of the love history that they sold us in the begining. so disapointed, i trully HATED

  • Weird

    @Tara: exactly

  • Realynn

    Thank you HIMYM‬, for ruining a great show with such a stupid ending. 9 years of character development down the drain. Was this whole season a joke? We watched 22 episodes about Barney and Robin getting married and Ted finally finding The mother and then you pull that?

  • Marshmallow

    SO disappointed that Barney and Robin were nothing more than a mistake. I could tell that was being foreshadowed but I hoped it would be saved somehow. Sad. I hate Ted with Robin.

  • ruby

    I’m sad that they killed off the Mother and frankly the ending didn’t make a a lot of sense BUT… I’m over the moon about Ted and Robin ended up together this is how it should be and this freaking horn left me in tears omg. I’m serious this guys getting back together restored my faith in love.

  • Original

    An original ending, just for a change! or is there more to it?

  • Mari

    So Barney and Robin get a divorce because of her workload but she ends up dating Ted? And the mother died in the end.

    A very disappointing end….and all that after nine seasons.

  • Emma

    This was my least favorite series finale I have ever seen in my life. The only good thing was the fact that they answered all the questions. But seriously, putting Ted and Robin together after repeating time and time again that they weren’t together! And the final season with the kids showed that they writers knew what they were going to do with the mom the whole time! Gah! I hated it!

  • heatherheathercoolio

    Oh my god I knew her name was tracy! Cos in one episode ted meets a girl called tracy and jokes about with penny and luke by saying that she was the mother. They belived him anf obviously they know their mothers name so if her namevwasnt tracy they wouldnt have belived ted xxx

  • Trinity

    The mother’s name was actually revealed already in season 1 episode 9: Betty Full of Turkey. Just rewatched it. Ted said it as a joke, but it was TRACY,