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Johnny Deep Confirms Engagement, Shows Off His 'Chick Ring'!

Johnny Deep Confirms Engagement, Shows Off His 'Chick Ring'!

Johnny Depp shows off his ring while attending a press conference for his new movie Transcendence at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on Monday (March 31) in Beijing, China.

The 50-year-old actor confirmed at the event that he is indeed engaged to fiancee Amber Heard and called his engagement ring a “chick’s ring”!

“The fact that I’m wearing a chick’s ring on my finger is probably a dead giveaway. Not very subtle,” Johnny said before talking about his upcoming wedding. “I think that I would be better at making women’s shoes than I would be at wedding planning, I can’t plan anything. I’m really bad at that stuff.”

30+ pictures inside of Johnny Depp at the press conference…

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johnny depp confirms engagement chick ring 20
johnny depp confirms engagement chick ring 21
johnny depp confirms engagement chick ring 22
johnny depp confirms engagement chick ring 23
johnny depp confirms engagement chick ring 24
johnny depp confirms engagement chick ring 25
johnny depp confirms engagement chick ring 26
johnny depp confirms engagement chick ring 27
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99 Responses to “Johnny Deep Confirms Engagement, Shows Off His 'Chick Ring'!”

  1. 1
    Carla Says:

    For god’s sake why did you make it all about the engagement ring? He obviously only talked about it for a little bit when they asked him about it and he did not exactly say “Yes, I’m engaged”!

    He looks better than ever and I can’t wait to see Transcendence.

  2. 2
    Sara Says:

    Looking hella fine! yum yum.

  3. 3
    Boo Says:


  4. 4
    Judy Says:

    I have a lot of respect for him as an actor, but not as a man. He dumped the mother of his children, who is now middle-aged, for a much younger woman. I used to think he was one of the decent guys in Hollywood, but he’s just like everyone else there; they will sell their soul for youth and beauty.

  5. 5
    Brett Says:


    Judy, wake up. This is Hollywood. And it’s Johnny Depp. You really think he was going to stay with his wife instead of marry this scorching hot young thing? I know what I would do….and it would be the latter. Amber is as hot as hell.

  6. 6
    Brett Says:

    And also, men aren’t that different outside of Hollywood. Word of advice to the middle aged wives out there: if you’ve let yourself go or aren’t having sex with your husband anymore – somebody else is.

  7. 7
    Love The Shoes Says:

    @Judy: Please do your homework Judy and stop assuming he dumped Vanessa for one thing, and that he did it for Amber as you would be wrong on both counts and it’s easy enough to prove that by just checking out what Vanessa has had to say. This was an amicable split. This was NOT about him having some midlife crisis. He and Vanessa would be apart regardless and she’s not somewhere wallowing in sorrow or drowning in bottle after bottle of Beaujolais! I really despise presumptions stated as fact. It’s laziness personified.

  8. 8
    Me Says:

    What a handsome man! and I think it’s really sweet that he wears his chick’s ring. Amber is very lucky even if he wouldn’t help much at planning the wedding :D

  9. 9
    JDF Says:

    @Judy: Oh shut up and don’t judge people over things that you know nothing about. SHE WAS NOT HIS WIFE! He and Vanessa broke up amicably and they have nothing but nice things to say about each other because they are still friends. They had problems for years and they were just miserable and it was not working out anymore so they broke up and moved on with their lives just like any other couple. He started seeing another woman and she started seeing another man and they are happy now.

    He is the most decent and sweet and humble guy in Hollywood. Stop judging him over such personal things that you don’t know about.

  10. 10
    What Says:

    Amber wants to get engaged and then married and now her whole family, beginning with her father is pushing Johnny to get married her soon and have children. Golddiggers

  11. 11
    Oliver Says:

    chick’s ring for Amber chicken

  12. 12
    Sasha Says:

    Johnny is a lovely and decent man, he didn’t deserve to be used that way by a b * t c h as Amber.

  13. 13
    Myriam Says:

    At least one thing will be good. God writes straight with crooked lines, at least after all this, we’ll never hear about Amber Heard, after all that her career is over.
    Thanks God!

  14. 14
    Oliver Says:

    This is not true.
    Amber is not hot.
    She is beautiful and unattractive. Proof is that even they have bombarded the last full year with pictures of her in magazines, in tabloids with gossip and she played something in a film, and if not for the fact that she was engaged to Johnny, she would still be nothing.
    Nobody cares about Amber by her own attributes. She is meaningless, insignificant and unattractive.

  15. 15
    JDfan Says:

    @JDF: You say people don’t know what happened between them both & you do why don’t you get off your high horse & just shut up this story is sooooo boring we all know that your a johnny Depp maniac but who do you think you are telling people to shut up what gives you the right to say that towards people everyone has a right to say what they want about certain actors etc you are a horrible & nasty venom person on just jared.You take it too far about johnny Depp & his personnel life & about his relationship.I’ve read the comments you say about Vanessa if your truly a fan you wouldn’t say hateful stuff about Vanessa to me your not a fan your just a silly man or woman who doesn’t have a life & just buts into everything that johnny does I know many fans of johnny and their not as bad as you they don’t say hateful stuff towards Vanessa johnny must be so proud to have a fan like you who throws abuse @ the mother of his children I wonder if you said it to his face am sure johnny will give you a very good punch lol bye

  16. 16
    @brett Says:

    Hahahaha you’re an idiot go look up cheating statistics. It’s almost completely equal when it comes to men and women cheating. So you might want to go check on your wife. Oh wait, you live in your moms basement and you’ve never been with a female in your life.

  17. 17
    Anya Says:

    Chick’s ring = self-destruct

  18. 18
    Anya Says:

    @Myriam: I agree with you!
    Go away Amber Heard!
    Go back to your filthy hole!

  19. 19
    Anya Says:

    I agree!
    Go away Amber Heard!
    Go back to your hole!

  20. 20
    JDF Says:

    @JDfan: Oh look! I have a troll that is obsessed with me here!

  21. 21
    Johnny fan Says:

    I’m a fan of Johnny and I see with regret how this is unfolding.
    This ring is called more attention than the actual movie of Johnny.
    This is sad because Johnny is a great actor and it’s killing the movie.
    It’s a pity.

  22. 22
    Leila Says:


    That would make sense but I’m not sure statistics always tell the truth. Usually they are self-reported when it is this subjective of a topic. Plus, lets be frank – guys are dogs sometimes!

  23. 23
    Be happy Says:

    Well I hope he’s happy and it’s great that Vanessa and johnny are still close and friends they spent 13 years together with 2 beautiful kids I do think that johnny wanted to Marry Vanessa but Vanessa didn’t want too @ least they will share lovely memories what they had together and I will miss the story that he told in Many interviews how he met her love that story I do believe he fell in love with Vanessa in France etc but now have both moved on with different people in their lives now.

  24. 24
    Falala Says:

    @Love The Shoes: “bottle after bottle of Beaujolais!” Looool. I agree with you though. I am sure she has not been sitting in the dark consuming roquefort cheese either. Vanessa is not a victim, she is a strong woman in her own right. Like vanessa said something was wrong from the beginning so who only her and johnny knows what was wrong from the beginning. Two happy parents are better than two unhappy parents. I am just glad that they are still good parents to their children.

  25. 25
    Jdfan Says:

    @Anya: @JDF: LoL you should be so lucky if anyone was obsessed with you thank you for calling me a troll.looks like you don’t have anything else say about my comment maybe because am right about you why don’t you just crawl back were ever you came from or just sit and keep commenting about johnny and trashing everyone that makes a comment you vile creature keep them coming Everyone is waiting for you lol

  26. 26
    Falala Says:

    @Johnny fan: Actually only hollywood and its gossip sites care about that stuff. In the china press conference, the subject was not discussed in detail at all. The focus there was his new movie and his first experience in china, its people, movie industry and cuisine, not his engagement as it should be. I for one would like to hear more about transcendence on US sites not an update on his personal life. But the gossip sites will always be interested in gossip. We the fans want to know more about his movies not his personal life which is non of our business.

  27. 27
    JDF Says:

    @Jdfan: Well you are!Awww You are using my username too!! Honey, I didn’t even read your whole comment because I couldn’t care less.

  28. 28
    Yeah Says:

    @Falala: And that’s why I respect China much more than the US.

  29. 29
    Falala Says:

    @Yeah: I second that:)

  30. 30
    JDFan Says:

    @JDF: Wow you called me honey this must be your soft side that no one has seen on just jared lol well enjoy your life I hope you keep commenting on justjared and brighten Everyones day with your comments or what ever you spat about about bye babes.

  31. 31
    Lala Says:

    @What: LOL! at least she and her “devil” family didn’t trap him by becoming pregnant just after three months of having sex as Vanessa did.

  32. 32
    JDF Says:

    @JDFan: Wow you are super pathetic! Bye? You will most likely respond to this. Get a life instead of picking on strangers that have done nothing to you. Brighten Everyones day? More like Brighten trolls day!

  33. 33
    Zara Says:

    He must be really into her, that he even wants to talk about marrying or planning that stuff for a girl. Jealous of Amber, do like the pair though :)

  34. 34
    Denise Says:

    He looks great :D It would be even better if Amber would be there too :D And by the way: Amber is starting a VERY SERIOUS career now. Her next project is with Christopher Walken and calls “When I Live My Life Over Again”, it’s a drama movie. Her first serious role is in “London Fields” and the next will be this!

  35. 35
    Nona Says:

    Greedy, ageing Hollywood star desperately trying to make his latest movie a hit.

  36. 36
    Lala Says:

    @Denise: Maybe she wasn’t there because his trip was too short to be worth of a jet lag? he has to come back already because he has to be on Letterman. Or maybe something about politics? Amber was with the Dalai Lama recently and how outspoken she is I won’t be surprised if she isn’t fond of China because the Tibet

  37. 37
    JDF Says:

    @Nona: Wow you will never stop posting crappy comments on his articles, will you?

    Greedy and desperately trying to make his latest movie a hit? Puhlleez, he’s just promoting the movie like all other actors do. The movie is going to be a hit anyway.

    The engagement thing was just a little bit of the whole thing but the US media made it all about the engagement because of their shallowness and thirst for the privacy of stars and their relationships.

    He’s aging like a fine wine and is looking better than ever. Stay mad and pressed.

  38. 38
    Mandy Says:

    @Nona: Are you mad that he’s all over the news and is getting so much publicity for this movie? Hahahahahahahaha!!

  39. 39
    Lovejd Says:

    Awww. I love that he kneels to talk and kiss those children. Too cute

  40. 40
    LMFAO Says:

    @Nona: I didn’t know that JD is the only actor that promotes his movies!

  41. 41
    Katie Says:

    He is so amazing and hot. I wish he was my Husband but he met his beautiful wife at –> TheMarriageMatchDotCom <– and now she is so Happy!

  42. 42
    Brian Says:

    @Falala: Too late!
    The movie will tank.
    Amber is jinx, I told you that

  43. 43
    Brian Says:

    Vanessa gave the greatest punishment to Johnny. Left him free to Amber. Now he will marry her and he’ll know what the hell is

  44. 44
    JDF Says:

    @Brian: Hahahahahaha, you are so ridiculous and overdramatic!!

  45. 45
    Oliver Says:

    Makes sense dude!
    Johnny, fry that chicken, man, and get out it soon!
    Amber scares me. Evil eyes.

  46. 46
    Lorenzo Says:

    I like that smile on his face :)
    Love , peace, happiness and all the best to him!

  47. 47
    Marie Says:

    “Johnny Deep Confirms Engagement”
    Who is Johnny Deep?
    Jared, you betrayed yourself writing Deep. You thought about how Johnny is deeply ill in this whole BS, isn’t it?

  48. 48
    Brian Says:

    You’ll see

  49. 49
    jared haha Says:

    @Marie: oh my god i just noticed the deep!!! lool what a lousy writers

  50. 50
    Brian Says:

    Johnny’s a good guy and terrific actor but the world and the jinx Amber, so.

  51. 51

    “And why not?”

  52. 52
    Love The Shoes Says:

    @Falala: Exactly. I read Vanessa’s side and she seemed more perturbed with the public not moving on! Whatever they had wasn’t strong enough to keep them together but they have two great kids who seem quite alright with Amber.

  53. 53
    Rita Says:

    Paul McCartney could explain to Johnny how a golddigger looks like and how Johnny should stay away from Amber

  54. 54
    groundcontrol Says:

    You sound old. ;)

  55. 55
    Erin Says:

    @Brett: Judy is entitled to her opinion whether you like it or not or agree with it. I don’t agree with all of her comments, but I will say that your response was pretty gross. If you build a life with someone and have kids with them and claim you love them, you can’t be dumb enough to think they won’t age…can you? Amber will age as well. I think your reasons for rooting for Johnny are so low. He should end things with his partner just because she’s not as young and hot as Amber? That’s what you would do? I feel sorry for your future spouse (if you get one). The media can say “amicable split”, Johnny and Vanessa could say it too, doesn’t mean it’s true. No one will ever know what went on in their marriage but them. That said… I wish Johnny, Amber, Vanessa and their children all the best.

  56. 56
    GFW Says:

    So he can marry this one but not the mother of his children? Or was she no that into it?

  57. 57
    Meg Says:

    Kids are not well at all ! It is not possible that they are well ! In the deep of their soul, they are sad ! They cannot have any respect again for this man who is not a father anymore, prefering a dirty hot aventure to the hapiness of his kids and seeming fool now ! It is a disaster for them ! And Amber, when all this thing will not amuse her will continue her life with other hot womans or with another rich and celeb actor with who she will play in a film !

  58. 58
    Nona Says:

    @ Mandy

    He is in the gossip rags, not in the news. Ageing movie star hyping his movie with his new young PR girlfriend. He has become a joke.

  59. 59
    Jo Says:

    Johnny’s a nice guy and Amber just thinks in herself. Most Johnny’s fans are in silence for what is happening with him.

  60. 60
    Jo Says:

    I won’t watch London Fields

  61. 61
    Juniper Says:

    Love this mans face.

  62. 62
    Lilas Says:

    It is for publicity and boost his career in flop since 2 years !
    Tiger Amber :

  63. 63
    Lilas Says:

    It is for publicity and boost his career in flop since 2 years !
    So, he has for that “Tiger Amber” :

  64. 64
    Jo Says:

    @Lilas: typical fame w h * r e

  65. 65
    maria Says:

    Johnny will soon be NOT so hot and old. Wait til Amber cheats on him with a young, virile stud. What goes around, comes around, dude.

  66. 66
    b!tchesbrew/boysdo Says:

    he looks fantastic for his age but……theres a 15 or so year age gsp brtween them i just think thsts kinds wrong.

  67. 67
    They like her Says:

    @Rita: According to the magazines, Paul McCartney and his wife welcomed Amber with open arms at the Grammy dinner they had with Johnny and Amber. So much, that they sat together in the same table and even when Johnny was called to jam some song with other invited to the party, Paul and his wife remained sitting and talking to Amber. Paul as much as every other friend, his mom, his children, his sister, etc, etc, have welcomed her into the family…and that says much more about her than any of your (delusional haters!) crazy theories and fantasies about her.

  68. 68
    They like her Says:

    By the way, Amber is starting a new movie in some days, what could explain why she isn’t in China and why they were in NYC a week ago. But it makes me wonder if she will be at the LA premiere or not? because she has to be in NYC a couple of days after that, already starting her work.
    The good news (maybe not a coincidence to chose that project) is that she will be really near Johnny who will be working in Boston also in a couple of weeks too…just an hour by airplane

  69. 69
    brenda Says:

    @Brian and @Lilas…jealous jerks both!And that’s not going to happen bc his movie will be a hit..great actors and great movie,all I ask is people give him a chance,he deserves it because he works so hard! Go best wishes !

  70. 70
    JDF Says:

    @Rita: You mean Paul McCartney who welcomed Amber with open arms?

  71. 71
    Original Says:

    He must be toying with the Idea of role reversals, home life that would be a house husband and in the movies would be Mrs Doubtfire. alright alright alright.

  72. 72
    JDF Says:

    @b!tchesbrew/boysdo: There’s nothing wrong with being in love and love does not know age.

  73. 73
    JDF Says:

    @GFW: She didn’t want to get married because she didn’t believe in marrige. He said he was willing to marry her if she wanted to but she didn’t. Amber believes in marrige.

  74. 74
    GAVILIN Says:

    but where is she? good question i think. or where is orlando. oh thats right he came out. and why is the ring so small? another interesting one. i just call her m. and im using this page to say ; im better. oh good luck. :)


  75. 75
    GAVILIN Says:

    no comment? :)

  76. 76
    JDF Says:

    @Meg: Um, do you think that you actually know the kids more than him and how they feel more than themselves? You probably don’t even know their names.

    They are very well and happy and they have so much respect and love for Johnny and Amber and they are happy that he is happy and alive again.

    You have no right to say he’s not a father anymore, he’s got the custody of them and they live with him and he dropes them off to school everyday.

    He is just living his life and being happy. Even though he adores them, his life shouldn’t be all about them.

    Amber has been only with one woman, do you really think she prefers women that much? she’s been with more men than she was with women.

    She’s in love with him and they won’t break up anytime soon.

  77. 77
    JDF Says:

    @Nona: Hahahahaha, good joke! He’s on all the news outlets, he’s on the Hollywood Reporter, Deadline, NY times and also the venerable 125 year old “Wall Street Journal”, etc. Hahaha you are such a pathetic joke of a hater!

    Ageing movie star? Yes, he’s been in the showbusiness for 30 years and he’s still going strong and is as popular as ever!

    He didn’t even talk about her, they asked him a little about the engagement and he said that he could not deny it because he’s wearing the ring. That’s it, but of course the US gossip sites made it all about the engagement ring.

    You are really an idiot if you think his relationship with Amber is for PR.

  78. 78
    JDF Says:

    @Lilas: He’s Johnny Depp. He gets publicity for anything he does. If it was for publicity then why did he not even talk about her? Did you even see the actual short interview?

  79. 79
    Looselipz Says:


    You’re the reason men are jerks.
    PS, Johnny was never married to Vanessa.
    He’s obviously feeling very possessive of this far younger arm piece, so he’s marrying her desperate to make her off limits to both women and men.

  80. 80
    JDF Says:

    @maria: He’ll always be hot and charming and even if he lost his looks, she’s not with him for his looks, she’s with him because she loves him and she will never cheat on him. Why would she cheat on him?

    Why the hell do you wish she cheats on him? Is that your way of congratulating a newly engaged couple? Wow, some people are really so sad and pathetic.

  81. 81
    JDF Says:

    @Looselipz: Um no, he’s actually marrying her because he loves her and knows very well since 5 years. Unlike the “oh so poor” and “victim” Vanessa, she believes in marrige. Desperate to make her off limits? Hahahahaha, as if she would leave him if they didn’t get married.

    Johnny is so far from being desperate over anything.

    How do you know that he is feeling very possessive of her? Do you know him personally and how he actually feels? You know nothing so stop judging him and talking $hit.

  82. 82
    GAStinks Says:


    the ***** when did 41 become “middle-aged” ?

  83. 83
    Jonathan Says:

    Amber dated 1 woman, kissed publicly anther woman and was with a third woman. She dated Tasya for 3 years. And last year she was pictured with Tasya at Melrose. So, do you think that suddenly she is in love with Johnny.
    I know tha Johnny is the dream for many women, but I don’t believe tha he is Amber’s dream and she is not his dream.

  84. 84
    Carla Says:

    @Jonathan: Her relationship with Tasya was just a sham for the media to cover her real relationship with Johnny. They are together since more than 3 years and she is in love with him.

    You don’t know either of them to know whether they are each other’s dreams or not.

  85. 85
    Phil Says:

    Amber is sick. This wannabe Angelina Jolie is sick. Look at her face, she is sick.

  86. 86
    Jonathan Says:

    And do you know? no.
    Wrong man, Mam.
    Tasya was never cover for Amber and Johnny. She was her partner.
    Why don’t you accept it?
    How many men Amber dated before Lanus? I said dated.
    Because she preferred women

  87. 87
    Falala Says:

    @Jonathan: She was not famous though and most likely they were not famous either. So no one would know them unless they step forward. Stop trying to put her in a box that she has openly said she does not belong to. The question you should be asking is was she even really into tasya? where are the pics of them kissing? none. And even a rat would see that she was not into that kiss with the second woman and that woman was at one of tasya’s exhibit. How is that? If she met johnny in 2009 then she may have liked him since then. did you ask yourself that? Just accept that for now she has made her choice. You don’t have to like it because It does not affect your life in anyway so let her be. No one knows what will happen in the future but for now she is engaged. Life is too short so enjoy your life too. Oh by the way, if you are a man, why are you here?? It makes no sense at all. Please leave all the gossiping to the women who do it best. Ciao!

  88. 88
    Jonathan Says:

    @Falala: hmmmm, who the hell are you?
    Amber is still not famous, babe! She never will be famous. Even when she gets pregnant, she will be the mother of one of the kids of Depp.
    Amber is dead publicly is only a matter of time for her to realize that.
    Ask former school friends of Amber and they will tell you if she is or not a lesbian.

  89. 89
    Alex Says:

    agreed. She isn’t famous or rather Amber is just a famous golddigger.
    Now she has less fans, even her old fans are turning their backs on her. Her LChat was deleted
    Fans of Johnny don’t accept her, they aren’t against her, but they ignore her.
    When she was a lesbian, she was so interesting because many men have erotic dreams with two women, but now she is a fame b * t c h. Now she became uninteresting.
    Just another cute blonde

  90. 90
    Dasha Says:

    Funny ol’ world, innit?
    Who would have imagine a cool guy like Johnny one day would be fool

  91. 91
    Dasha Says:

  92. 92
    Dasha Says:

    Amber is the opposite of Johnny in everything, we can’t support Amber

  93. 93
    Engels Says:

    Are you satisfied with what you have getting, Mrs Amber Whored?

  94. 94
    Mac Says:

    That of the direction and the foolishness for the special offer of their movies! I would believe in this marriage only when it will be official ! These two perverts have no real intention to get married ! They play with the paps !

  95. 95
    Tippi Says:

    Clowns ! I do not believe in it one second in their marriage barefoot on the beach ! Furthermore, the bomb Amber Heard with her smile technicolor and her rembouré bra does not look like one second to a bride ! How they are ridiculous with all this fun !

  96. 96
    rrr Says:

    yes !!!!!!!!! I am sure that rings are imitation ! Too big even for a pirate ! All that is joke !

  97. 97
    rrr Says:

    Johnny was released by Vanessa who packed her suitcase in front of all its bullshit and since, not to lose face, and maybe out of revenge, he hangs on to this woman with bad look ! That does not regild its image !

  98. 98
    JDF Says:

    #94 + #95 + #96 + #97 = Same person.

  99. 99
    Anasthasia Says:

    Oh dear, I see we got real experts on Johnny.

    Why would he want to marry Amber if he didn’t love her? She isn’t pregnant or anything.

    Amber has a bad look? She’s a natural beauty.
    Have you seen Vanessa without photoshop and makeup- she remsembles Frankenstein’s daughter.

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