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Katie Holmes Makes Rare Appearance with Suri at NCAA Game!

Katie Holmes Makes Rare Appearance with Suri at NCAA Game!

Katie Holmes sits in courtside seats with her daughter Suri while attending the East Regional Final of the 2014 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament on Sunday (March 30) at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

The mother-daughter duo watched on as the Connecticut Huskies beat the Michigan State Spartans 60-54.

Also pictured inside: Katie posing for photos with Matthew Morrison after attending the Finding Neverland musical workshop presentation held at New 42 Studios earlier in the weekend.

Katie, who once was involved in the musical, watched on as Matthew and the cast performed a special sneak peek for industry insiders before they take the show to Boston for a trial run.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes at the basketball game and the workshop presentation…

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katie holmes suri cruise basketball game 02
katie holmes suri cruise basketball game 03
katie holmes suri cruise basketball game 04
katie holmes suri cruise basketball game 05
katie holmes suri cruise basketball game 06
katie holmes suri cruise basketball game 07
katie holmes suri cruise basketball game 08
katie holmes suri cruise basketball game 09
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  • hmm

    I thought you weren’t going to post kids?
    But back to katie: What the heck is she wearing?
    One thing she is not wearing is make up and she should be.

  • Katie Homely

    Hi, It’s Katie here. Please don’t google Katie Holmes and herpes or you will see what I really look it. It isn’t a pretty sight. Thank Jesus/Xenu for photoshop or I wouldn’t have a job at all (or thank whoever I keep switching religions can’t make up my mind between the molesting priest of the abusive xenu crowd.)

  • Michelle

    What happened to your no kids policy? Suri is not a public figure.

  • mary

    no kids policy???? that is a kid!!!!

  • WTF is she doing

    WTF. Why does she go out looking like that??? I see bag ladies looking better and in nicer clothes. What is wrong with her in the head????? She does this all the time. It’s like she has an attitude that thinks she is above having to look decent in public.

  • 123

    read people! the no kids policy bill only goes when the pictures are unauthorized (i.e. family time, going to school and just every day activities), but when kids are at events with their parents or it’s their parents who post the pictures on social media sites the pictures are allowed to be posted

  • Just Jared

    Hey guys – sorry for the confusion, but photos of the children of celebrities taken at public sporting events are in accordance with our No Kids Policy, since the celebrities are bringing their children to a public and televised event.

  • kho’s new way

    @Just Jared:
    oh,i think kho find a new way for showing her meal ticket.

  • http://comcast Teresa

    Congratulations again Katie for saving your daughter from the Scientologists, Katie must have seen plenty to have to take the drastic steps she took to save her daughter.

  • Juliana

    @Just Jared:

    oh there is always a way … sorry Jared but that is stupid . Im a lil dissapointed with this and with you for posting this . If you don’t start doing it No kids in your website , who will ? seriouslly , I think you are full of bullshit now .

  • AAAmember

    @123: SO BASICALLY SHE’S PIMPING SURI AGAIN AND JJ IS SOAKING IT UP. Can’t really blame JJ is J-Ho wants to USE her child and we the public support it, then JJ have to make their money. That whole $#it feeding on $#hit. YUK!

  • blah blah blah

    So over it.
    Good for her she left the cult that she willingly joined and praised to get with Tom.
    That doesn’t change the fact she can’t act, or sing, or dance, or design clothes to save her life. Nor that she is below average in the looks department for a “Hollywood Actress”.
    It also doesn’t change the fact that with and without Cruise she uses her daughter and calls the paps.

  • http://Justjared Olive

    @blah blah blah: you still hook up to the Emeter.

  • blah blah blah

    Ha, you wish. Never dumb enough to join the cult like Holmes. It’s possible to hate the cult and see Katie for what she really is all at the same time.

  • Katie

    I love her, she is so cute. She is amazing and met her Cute Husband at –> TheMarriageMatchDotCom <– and now she is so Happy!

  • Nathan

    Katie’s face looks cute as hell in those Finding Neverland musical workshop pictures.

    Love that smile sweet yet sexy at the same time.

  • Sean

    She gets more freaking fugly every day. Stop posting about her here.

  • anne

    Oh my God. How many people on this site boring and jealous.
    I’m sure they do not have 1% of the beauty of KH.
    Seriously, now. I can not see traces of Tom Cruise on Suri. She is Mapother, more is not CT. I would bet $ $ $ $ $.
    Bella, I think like Miscavige, eyes, height …

  • Dare to Be Honest

    @anne: Have to agree with you re: nothing wrong with her Au casuelle appearance. 90% of these posters loose credibility when they trash her when there is nothing bad. JUST wait a few days…. She won’t disappoint you.

  • Daily Mail
  • annie

    Must be honest,, don’t like the bangs. Her hair looked quite nice since she cut it shorter, but can’t beat her long hair.
    Hope it grows out quickly. One of those styles that needs pro styling, like in the previous thread, that was nice.

  • Dare to Be Honest

    @Dare to Be Honest: Don’t like the bangs but what is wrong with the Basketball outing?

  • annie

    Those 2 sets of pics don’t even look like the same Katie. The ones with her hair up , she looks in her 20′s, they are so cute. I like the sleeveless little jacket, better than the other outfit, no no, !

  • K-Flop – Not Happening

    So, last week K-Flop sat with Harvey Weinstein, Allison Pataki, Georgina Chapman, Jim Dolan and her PR rep Leslie Sloane, at a luncheon-reception for Pataki’s book ‘The Traitor’s Wife’.

    It was rumored that Weinstein lobbied for Holmes to star as the wife in the screen adaption of ‘The Traitor’s Wife’ and Pataki endorsed it.

    Mr. Dolan (MSG executive chairman) seems to be throwing in his support, last time sitting and conversing with K-Flop at a Knicks game at MSG in early January and now sitting at the same reception table as K-Flop.

    I think its going to take more than Weinstein to get audiences interested (again) in any K-Flop acting project.

    I guess Weinstein thinks he can succeed where Cruise failed in making K-Flop an ‘authentic’ actress. (in the eyes of the public)

    K-Flop is no JLawrence… she’s about 12 years, one child and one marriage too late. K-Flop has very little (memorable) screen presence (in a positive way) and no range. K-Flop peaked soon after Dawson’s Creek ended.

  • Meyven

    Meh, lot’s of talk. See what comes to fruition. Usually not too much.
    He can put her out there but he can’t make the public receive her well.
    I think his motives- at least in part- are due to his anti – Co$ stance. Didn’t he make a movie about it?

  • Kelly

    Suri looks bored. Hate Katie Holmes.

  • annie

    @ Kflop
    If the role of Benedict Arnold is played by a leading actor, as it seems to be the case for success, yes there is no reason the movie will not do well, and I think that HW knows that. What I don’t understand … she. or isn’t she, getting work. So she’s not an A list actress, but most of them arn’t either.
    If this movie is in the process of possibly getting made, she also has Miss Meadows, The Giver, a new tv series happening.
    Seriously what is with you people.
    When she was married to TC, everyone said he bought her everything she worked on.
    Now she’s on her own, and movie offers, and other things are happening, you are making her sound like she’s over the hill, not attractive anymore not good enough anymore. Can’t act, can’t do this , can’t do that!
    But from where I’m sitting, the girl is doing ok thank you very much, and, and if she’s as hopeless people make , then girl , this girl must have some serious powers of persuation , or some serious powers of something, going for her, that maybe you people can’t see , or don’t want to see!
    The other day somebody said that there are Scie people on here, or really devoted TC fans, I ‘m starting to believe that now.

  • Mama’s little money maker

    In one of the pictures Suri has what looks like a doll on her lap. Isn’t she 8 this month? I don’t know any 8 year olds that still carry their dolls in public and especially to a sporting event. Not her fault. I blame the mother/parents.

  • Tori

    @annie: The woman is a mediocre actress. It is a miracle she gets the parts she does. Her movies basically flop big time. She has a very low return on the investment ratio. It is hard to believe her “talent” alone is getting her these roles.

  • annie

    @ Tori
    something is getting her these roles. didn’t get them when she was with TC, who was supposed to be buying her roles, or maybe his connections are not so great, or maybe he didn’t want her to further her career too much, that is also a possibility.
    so please give your opinion as to how and why she’s getting them.
    for someone who has no talent, how is she scoring them, why are producers, directors, authors. even interested
    If you do happen to reply, I don’t have to agree with you, just please give something that makes sense, because it’s in very short supply around here.

  • Meg

    @annie: if you people are disagreeing about her talent then shame on all of u. It is about skill and is wether she is humble and determined enough to “hone her skills”. If she is as arrogant and lazy as so many claim than yes I agree; it’s K – flop’s call. BUT when I hear comments like she’s 10 yrs. 1 child etc. to late, I get miffed! Has not anyone heard of the guy who died of a heart attack that was on the sopranos. I believe he started acting n his 40′s. the point is, she still has our attention. What she does with it is up to her.

  • Meg

    Here in Cleveland there is the east and the west side. The poor me vs. the pick yourself up by your bootstraps. By who she associates with, I think sometimes she gets caught straddling the fence …EEOOUUch! Vs. keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Toledo, I am not familiar with so I really am curious as to how savvy she is. Bush 43 ‘s whole success ran on letting people think he was not that smart, when in fact, he was proven VERY intelligent.! Naturally all his haters never dared to do the research to find out the truth.

  • Meg

    After all, Putin used to spend time with Bush on his ranch. Now we’re stuck with him mocking the One. Big. Ass. Mistake America

  • Joy

    When she was with Cruise he did get her gigs. They were better roles and staring roles like the Kennedy’s. Or if not directly got her the gig it was due to them being in the spot light (A list?)at that point and people being curious. As K flop and others pointed out she was given many chances and still didn’t shine as some great actress.
    Her roles now sure she gets them but how big are they? what kind of movies? Is she the best part of are her reviews mostly still not very good?
    Her “TV Series” is nothing yet. It’s a pilot and it’s almost like an audition at this point since it’s not even clear if they will make a whole season. There are tons of pilots every year and very few make it.
    The role with HW-Stein is all talk at this point.

  • Meg

    @Joy: Everytime I hear how cruise got her gigs, I want to spit. The analogies I could use re: a suppressed person going out and performing is just sad!!!!!! How can a person hone a skill when you have some a hole questioning or correcting your every move. Of course her performances were empty, she was performing with half a brain. Tom held the other half captive. The guy Ariel Castro comes to mind if you need an analogy.

  • Really??

    You’re going to go with Ariel Castro?
    Even Katie probably wouldn’t use that word for him.
    That is just stupid.
    Not denying that relationship was strange but using a serial rapist and kidnapper is just disgusting.
    Let’s not even get into Katie and her own choices but whatever.
    You said you are from Cleveland does that mean you are admitting you are Dare to be Honest and Sincerely Concerned?( She claimed to be a family friend and from Cleveland). If so, it makes sense why you are always all over the map in your views. – so was DTBH and SC.

  • Free at last!

    Ariel Castro forced sex on his captives and hanged himself in jail.
    TC done none of those. I do not believe TC had sex with this piece of average looking thunder thighs.
    KHo doesn’t deserve TC, hence the contract wasn’t renewed.

  • anne

    @Free at last!:

    You say:
    “I do not believe TC had sex with this piece of average looking thunder thighs.
    KHo doesn’t deserve TC, hence the contract wasn’t renewed.”
    So explain to me : how a man marries with a beautiful, attractive, sexy woman (I’m straight) and does not have sex with her? Tom Cruise is gay? Asexual? Crazy?.
    Scientology is in favor of marriage and children.

    And Suri? How was she born? Artificial insemination?

    I do not understand, because spend so much $ $ $ $ $ with fake marriages. Staying only in dating is cheaper.

    Hi Annie.

  • Missy

    @joy, the Kennedys was not a starring role. It focused on the men. Now I don’t blame all her career issues on Cruise, but it’s a myth that he got her better roles. She went from doing films like Batman Begins to doing Mad Money instead of TDK. Most of the parts that she got while with Cruise were supporting roles in small, low budget films. Now she has lead roles in small indies like Miss Meadows and Mania Days, and a supporting role in a bigger film with an amazing cast (The Giver). And she also scored a role in a pilot, which has a very respected writer, producer. Yes, we’ll have to wait and see if it gets picked up. The point is that people are casting her in things. So I agree with Annie. For someone who is supposedly so ugly, untalented, vapid etc. Katie seems to be doing just fine for herself. Still not sure why so many posters here even waste their time following someone who is supposedly so boring, untalented, etc. To each their own.

  • Meg

    @Really??: Bed 3 women, woman had to scrub toilet with toothbrush for disrespecting, SLEPT in different rooms

    Sure, My analogies are far fetched …. To get your attention! Ariel too feels he did no wrong. He was closely entwined with his family and never separated enough to grow up. He too rationalized his obsessive/controlling behaviors at the expense of others. …too the END.

    Not DTBC etc., just little ole me

  • annie

    ”Kho didn’t deserve Cruise”
    .that little sentence says a lot about the posters and why they say what they say.
    ”Enamoured….I’m more than enamoured, I feel like I’m in a dream’.
    words by Tom Cruise.
    Now Free at Last is going to put a whole different meaning to those words, under another name. Can’t wait!

    hi Anne, how you going?

  • no kids?

    that was a short lived no kids policy– while I slightly missed seing the kids I was WAY more happy for the parents of those kids- and for the kids- at their well deserved freedom– do not give up the no kids policy Jared

  • no kids?- oh!

    oh- sorry Jared, I read your comment after I posted. That makes sense. I continue to applaud your good work for the no kids thing and how it has caused other sites to also do no kids- yay for the kids! happy :)

  • Not free at last

    I am not Free At Last and didn’t write that about Cruise but
    - just because he/she said she didn’t deserve cruise doesn’t have anything to do with that comment he made. You are the person that always excuses holmes for being in love with cruise in the beginning and excusing her ignoring all the signs about sci. Double standard?
    –first impression and infatuation is never realtiy. should cruise have known better, yes but that doenst change the comment. Just shows holmes did her best job of acting when she was trying to impress him- including joining his religion in ten seconds and dumping her old one and her old friends.

  • Not free at last

    So Kho said amazing things about Tom when they first met. It’s called infatuation.
    Should we go look up all those comments and assume they are all still true now after divorce?
    She once said “Tom and I will always be in love” lol. jokes on her for that one.
    Her gushing about him made her look like a total fool now and then.

  • Katie Sux

    Katie is doing herself no favors going around looking like a slob. Aside from Annie and Missy/Bebe she has hardly any fans around the net. Its not just the Daily Mail commenters but in reading the other gossip boards from the past few pictures she is getting way more negative comments than positive all the way around. Most are saying she looks like a slob and a bad actress. It is very off putting to people.

  • Missy

    Can I ask you ask a question? Why do you care?
    OK so she’s ugly, has no career, has no fans. Everybody hates her. Obviously, I’d beg to differ. But even if it’s true, who cares? All I see is a woman going about her life, not harming anyone. You go around from site to site reading all the comments about her and then report back to JJ. Obviously, you’re free to do what you want, but it is kind of funny how someone who is supposedly so irrelevant gets under your skin so much.

  • nice

    I don’t think everyone hates her- why would they? Her ex Tom is a douche, people hate him. She gracefully extracted herself from a bad marriage. She is very much with her daughter and seems to me like she is a really good attentive mom. Her daughter used to be constantly hounded by paparazzi, thank goodness Jared and others put an end to that! Katie seems like a decent person- I don’t see her as hated.

  • nice
  • Sylvia

    Katie clearly wants Suri to be seen and photographed. Katie probably hates the no kid policy. No other parent pimps their kid like she does. So she takes Suri to a very public event to make sure she can be seen. Awful discusting mother. No 7 year old girl cares about a random college basketball game.