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Miranda Kerr Flies to South Korea Amid Sexy 'GQ' Cover Buzz!

Miranda Kerr Flies to South Korea Amid Sexy 'GQ' Cover Buzz!

Miranda Kerr waves to the crowd waiting upon arrival at Incheon International Airport on Monday (March 31) in Incheon, South Korea.

The 30-year-old model is making headlines today for her sexy British GQ cover in which she openly talked about sex and dating.

“I love my body, look after it and enjoy all the changes it goes through. I loved having a bigger chest while I was pregnant and I’m lucky to have a small frame. I’m a healthy, juicy person,” Miranda said in the issue.

Make sure to check out all of the other quotes in our earlier post!

FYI: Miranda is wearing J Brand pants.

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  • Wandasisi

    She is loosing her looks. She isnt the Miranda Kerr from 2006 anymore. :(

  • Drats

    She’s gained weight. Chipmunk cheeks around the mouth= dead giveaway for bulimia.

    Sad, sad, person, and very unselfaware.

  • jane

    Desperste woman…now she thinks maybe if she says she is a bi she will het more attention as cara Delevigne. I had to LOL when she said she made orlando wait 6 months to kiss him…..right miranda….right

  • jane

    Desperate woman… she thought maybe if she would say that she is bi she would get more attention as cara delevigne. I was laughing when she said she was bi lol and when she said she made Orlondo wait 6months to kiss him ….right miranda right

  • karine
  • Pfft

    @Drats : How the heck does her cheeks show that she is suffering from bulimia? Her ”trademark cheeks” have always looked quite full and rounded, its what gives her a look that youthful innocence that has made her famous. Regardless of what anyone thinks of her saying someone has an eating disorder, a very serious matter, is uncalled for.

  • Drats

    @Pfft: Um, Google is your friend. You can also talk to doctors. Puffiness around the mouth is a dead giveaway for bulimia. Her eyes also have that look. Go read up on the symptoms, pal, instead of attacking me.

  • Drats


    As I said: Google is your friend, pal.

    Read up on the disorder instead of attacking me.


    “I love my body, look after it and enjoy all the changes it goes through. I loved having a bigger chest while I was pregnant and I’m lucky to have a small frame. I’m a healthy, juicy person”
    She sounds crazy.


    “I loved having a bigger chest while I was pregnant…” I know, right? The boobb job looks very good.
    “I’m lucky to have a small frame.” Small frame? Not for a model. Especially a fashion model. You look fat, darling.

  • yuck

    @Drats: I always noticed it as well! Emaciated body wise but having a huge fat round face is bulimia sign 101. Its usually not normal for an ultra skinny chick to have a fat womans face, unless she is suffering from an ED. Puffy cheeks are one of the first signs of bulimia.

  • blindgossip

    If the Two Stunning Developments In Secret Relationship blind is about her, which I’m inclined to believe, then she’s pregnant, hence the slightly fuller thighs…

  • Ya

    I see shes big in Korea lol

  • Cg

    Wow a bunch of jealous haters? Do you guys really think miranda gives a shit what you guys think? While you guys are hating on her, miranda is out living her life and making millions. You guys have no reason to hate. I think it’s really sad honestly. Miranda is one world’s best models ever. Miranda is known for her trademark. Which are her dimples. Bulimia? Are you guys serious? I can not believe I’m actually witnessing this right now. Go get a life you dumbass piece of shits. It’s ridiculous. You guys really need to revalute your lives. Like honestly. What do you guys feel? Does hating on someone make you guys feel superior? Because it doesn’t. It doesn’t make you look cool. You’re just an asshole. I think all of you are just insecure about yourselfs, that you have to bring others down too. That’s really dumb. God you guys are so hateful. It’s sad.

  • spirit7

    She is as gorgeous as ever!! Her and Candice S. are the most beautiful models out there. Love seeing pictures of her.

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashains: Miranda Kerrdashian proves that all she really wants to be is a sex object…and then flies off to sell shoes that she got naked for in the commercial. Treasure yourself!!

  • Tyla

    She is not losing her looks. She looks exactly the same to me. And the cover is breathtaking!

  • @12

    She’s pregnant with other guy 6 months after she’s divorced from Orlando? Yeah wright.

  • Reba

    @Pfft: I’ve been saying this for years! Round faces=youthful look! I look a good 10 years younger because of a round face and high cheekbones! I hated it when I was little but LOVE it now! Also, if you notice, I think Orlando Bloom may be drawn to this look; KB & MK both have it and he dated/married both of them the longest!

  • rachel

    for all the haters out there, you guys shouldnt be hating on miranda for looking gorgeous. I’d like to see you guys as good as her when you’re her age. plus, she had a baby and got back to her slim figure in less than a couple months. i swear she’s like a 30 year old who looks 24 or 25

  • Katy

    Wow a bunch of JEALOUS, ENVIOUS, HATEFUL people trying to verbally abuse a gorgeous super model all because she’s beautiful and can’t help it. She was made this way. The perfect healthy face and slim lean physique is what God made her with naturally; and as the smart woman she is, worked out and kept her body beautiful, even after a baby. Miranda didn’t let herself go like you jealous fat haters here, using babies, age and married life as an excuse. Instead of looking through the evil eyes of jealousy, take a hint from this all around woman and do what she does. Stop judging this woman’s eating, by saying dumb, lying, crap about her being bulimic. You’re just using negativity as another excuse not to work your fat azzes off. Miranda is smiling an living her life, while ya’ll broke, lazy fat pigs watch her succeed. You GO Miranda!

  • @21

    Why you think that all fat ( if someone is even fat) people come here to comment on her? And why i should be jealous on her? The comments are about how she always talking to everyone about her sex life, without thinking to take it for herself ( you know, privacy) and you think that people are jealous, envious, hateful because of that? Are you that smart to think on that? No i’m not fat and i’m not jealous of her, but i find her so disgusting! But if that’s normal for you, then ok!