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Nicole Kidman Stuns in New Jimmy Choo Campaign & Video!

Nicole Kidman Stuns in New Jimmy Choo Campaign & Video!

Nicole Kidman shows off her legs for days in this new campaign image for Jimmy Choo‘s new Pre-Fall 2014 collection.

This is the fourth season that the 46-year-old actress has been a face for the brand and she is featured in the campaign video by the hunky model Sean O’Pry.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

Nicole was seen looking gorgeous last week while attending a screening of her latest movie The Railway Man in West Hollywood.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Nicole Kidman’s new Jimmy Choo campaign?

Nicole Kidman & Sean O’Pry Star in Jimmy Choo Campaign Video
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nicole kidman jimmy choo campaign 02

Photos: Jimmy Choo
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  • WTF

    what happened to her nose?

  • Me3

    Doesn’t really look like her in the photos. Retouched much? The eyes? The video shows her minimally so it’s hard to say.

  • lol!

    there are alot of fresh new faces new actresses and models..she’s sort of old news.

  • D

    She should wear her hair down more often.

  • Arhhh

    The power of Photoshop is all its splendour !! She doesn’t look like a human being any more. Not to mention the tickness of her “legs”

  • Arhhh

    The power of Photoshop and all its spendlour !! ridiculous :o)
    She doesn’t like anything, not to mention the thickness of her “legs”

  • EM

    @WTF: Looking a little Michael Jackson-ish


    What??? That’s not her?? Totally look like a different person! @_@

  • Yyyyyy

    She looks like she’s high on something…..

  • anna

    Instead of trying to photoshop her into a 21 year old model perhaps they should have just hired a young model in the first place.

  • Maddie

    Nicole looks beautiful but they always overphotoshop for no reason.

  • Maddie

    Nicole looks beautiful but they always ovetphotoshop for no reason.

  • janekay

    @ anna: thats it, she looks like a 20 year old, does not look like her at all – and these photos really do not suit her, they are not befitting of her stature at all…when I think Nicole Kidman; I think high class, elegance etc; not hippie chick cross with Cara Delvigne.

  • Anorexia Fan

    Seriously – she’s skin and bones – it looks gross. Yech. Such a gorgeous woman when “normal” weight. Tragic she is promoting the Twiggy look.

  • john444


  • Wendy

    Yes, highly photoshopped. But NK sets the bar high for women nearing 50. She looks fit and beautiful when not photoshopped.

  • lara

    wow! i didnt recognise it was her till i read the title :/

  • AAAmember

    PHOTOSHOPPING is really awful. They got a 46 yof looking like a 26 year old little boy and we all are supposed to believe this $#hit. People must be getting more stupid like social media thinks we are.

  • Little MY

    She’s in character, call it photoshop or whatever, but she playing a part and she looks very different. she looks like herself in the video!

  • http://comcast Teresa

    BEAUTIFUL NICOLE KIDMAN. Nicole is more beautiful than that photo shopped picture. They make her look so skinny in these pictures, even her face.

  • http://comcast Jennifer

    My husband said he would take Nicole over any 20 or 30 year olds he can think of. I do think there is something special about her.

  • maclen

    It’s very clear why Choo “manipulates” kidman’s image to complete unrecognizability …meanwhile obviously giving in to kidman’s demand to look MANY decades younger. It’s surely MUCH better for ‘business” if they DON’T recognize that it IS kidman…but simply a generic mannequin stick figure.

  • http://comcast Joni

    Oh maclan (The Crazy One) lot of articles on Nicole here on JJ. This ought to keep you busy for a while, using different names and bashing Nicole Kidman. Have Fun !!!!

  • ADa_

    I thought it was Sienna Miller

  • crikey

    Love love the shoes, can’t afford them though unless Jimmy has a lower end line

  • Katie

    She is so cute and such a funny girl. She is amazing and met her Cute Husband at –> TheMarriageMatchDotCom <– and now she is so Happy!


    No.18; Are you aware that the number ’18′ is a symbolic numerology reference to eternal youth in the Hebrew tradition?
    P.S. Note the Sicilian Mormon missionary suit coat top, circa 1972.


    No.8; Of course that is not her anymore. What are talking about?
    P.S. Note the Salt Lake City, Utah setting for Ezekiel 37′s Alfa Romeo repair shop on State Street in Midvale.

  • Cate

    The photoshop here is ridiculous. Why hire a mature star like Nicole Kidman and then photoshop her into an unrecognisable skinny 20 year old. Might as well have just hired a generic model.

  • hoggy

    she does not really look like that OMG everything is so so so fake and phony phony these days . and we all wonder why women trying to meet an expectation that is not realistic is so devastating ! Nicole not cool to let these photos out !

  • 8

    yuk. she’s changed her fvcking face so many times she’s scary to watch. It’s incredible to see how many women hate themselves that much to change their faces to that point. you look at her in the 80 s and it’s a completely different person physically. these women end up looking like aliens, not humans. horrible.

  • the bridge

    @Wendy: Exactly!

  • More lies

    We know old Kidman’s legs are more muscular from her spinning classes. What a deceitful photoshop disaster.

  • Sorry

    Her face resembles a Bassett Hound dog.

  • Not buying it

    The Kidman campaign has been so FAKE, it is time women everywhere say NO MORE and boycott jimmy Choo.

  • Sia

    @Not buying it: I’m guessing you can’t afford them anyway. Hahaha!

  • Phil

    she’s become gross to look at. with all her plastic surgeries and photoshop. those kinds of phony messages are a shame in society.

  • duh

    @Phil: Right, Not buying it. What about the photoshop fakery the skeptics have done over the years. That kind of deception from grown women is a shame in society.Trying new names to post with won’t fly.

  • Erin

    Nicole is beautiful and Nicole looks youthful (although that’s been with the help of Boxton and lip plumper, she’s still beautiful.) They didn’t need to air brush her to look 21 though. She looks find without the extreme retouching. I know all photoshoots have retouching, but this is overboard. If I didn’t know she was the face of Choo, I wouldn’t even think that was her flipping through my magazine.

  • Boycott Jimmy Choo

    Say NO to photoshopping.

  • So weird

    Along with everything other part of her body, Kidman’s nostrils look to be photoshopped too!!

  • Say NO to photoshopping

    BOYCOTT Jimmy Choo.

  • No Boycott

    Sorry, can’t boycott a fabulous product like The Choo for an insane woman posting on the interent all day. Granted, this particular line is not my favorite but it will appeal to many. Nope, won’t give up my Choos or Flash perfume for a crazy lady ranting about photoshop like it’s Nicole Kidman’s fault. Look around, photoshop is everywhere.

  • allison

    She looks like an younger uglier version of Kidman. Take a look at what Kidman really looked like in her twenties and you will agree with me.

  • Boycott Jimmy Choo

    Second rate shoes on a second rate actress. Say NO to photoshopping.

  • http://comcast Audra

    @WTF: I don’t know that anything happened to her nose. I do know what happened to your nose, it is in Keith and Nicoles business. Get a life Crazy One.

  • http://comcast Audra

    @Boycott Jimmy Choo: Real Stupid Comment !! Like you could afford Jimmy Choo shoes. LOL

  • Say NO to false advertizing

    BOYCOTT Nicole Kidman and Jimmy Choo.

  • maclen

    “BOYCOTT Nicole Kidman and Jimmy Choo.”

    No need in the case of kidman actually. Her films are ALREADY boycotted by movie ticket buyers…as orb’s monkey’s are clearly boycotting his latest album. The “phoniness” runs deep with these two talentless hacks…as does their dull and bland personalities. You can “play the game” all you like…doesn’t mean your going to win it.

  • Batman