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Johnny Depp Hits The 'Transcendence' Premiere in Beijing After Confirming Engagement!

Johnny Depp Hits The 'Transcendence' Premiere in Beijing After Confirming Engagement!

Johnny Depp is dapper as he suits up while attending the premiere of his latest film Transcendence held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on Monday (March 31) in Beijing, China.

That same day, the 50-year-old actor confirmed that he is indeed engaged to fiancee Amber Heard after showing off his ring while attending a press conference for the new flick.

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In case you missed it, check out Johnny looking super hot in Prada on the cover of Interview Magazine’s May 2014 issue.

15+ picture inside of Johnny Depp at the Beijing premiere of Transcendence

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  • yaya

    He’s going to marry an Angelina wannabe

  • Carla

    He’s going to marry a gorgeous, sweet girl that is in love with him and takes care of his kids and makes him happy. Congrats to him 3>

  • Bill


  • yaya

    @Carla: A bisexual sweet girl :)

  • kat

    @Bill: Why do you post hateful comments about this man everywhere ? Jealous and bitter much?

    What the hell is “omg so creepy!!11″ about him? He’s the nicet and sweetest and he’s got a heart of gold and is so kind to all his fans.

  • Nada

    He looks great as usual. He looks so happy and like he’s having so much fun there!

  • Qua

    You can find better pictures here

  • Susie

    @kat-He is a creep, he walked out on his wife and children, if he was nice he have waited until his kids were a bit older, don’t tell me this wont have an affect on them, leaving them for a lesbian, about as low as a man can get.(if indeed he still is a man)He is done my books and his show will bomb.

  • Lou

    In some years, when Lily Rose will be major and probably artist and interwievée, we shall exactly know how she and youngJack really took the separation of their parents and their felt reality in front of this amber who broke their family and their childhood. It is impossible that they have no resentment. They probably lost the respect for their father whom the comportment is an insult most for them than for Vanessa. An this is very traumatizing for a child to lost respect for his father. They now certainly have secret hate for him as for amber ! The shame is on them !

  • JDF

    @Susie: @Lou:

    Same idiotic & clueless person?

  • JDF

    @Susie: What the hell are you talking about? Your ignorance is insane and you judge him like this? What wife are you talking about? She didn’t want to get married and they had major problems and broke up like any normal couple way before he started dating Amber. Is that hard to understand?

    He’s got the custody of the children and they live with him and he was pictured dropping them off to school and in their school many times. Saying that he walked out on them just shows how you really know nothing.

    If he was nicer? He waited more than 1 year before he came out in the public with his new girlfriend just for the sake of their feelings.

    Amber is a bisexual and not a lesbian you clueless judgemental bi_tch. He is 1000 the man that all the men that you know are.

    He is done in your delusional, clueless world? Good! His show is gonna be a success and you can spread hate on here all you want you pathetic, clueless troll.

  • JDF

    @Lou: Yup, she will be a major artist just like her father.

    Why do you think you’ll know anything? They are a private family and they won’t share such a private things for losers like you. And why the hell do you care so much? Do you have nothing better to do in your life other than gossiping about people that you know nothing about? Pathetic!

    They were understandable and didn’t take it as bad as you desperately want to believe. They prefer their parents separated instead of them being together miserable and fighting all the time.

    Amber had no hands in their breakup and Jack and Lily welcomed her into the family and are so friendly with her and you can see pictures of them looking happy and laughing everywhere.

    They didn’t lose any respect for their adoring father you clueless f_cking bitch. They love him and have so much respect for him because he always put them before himself.

    Did the kids lose respect for Vanessa because she broke the family and is dating another guy now? Do they have secret hate for her because she’s away working in france most of the time?

    They attended their engagement party and you think they hate them? Hahahahahaha!

    The shame is on you for talking very negatively about people that you know nothing about.

    Get a life and mind your own business instead of being concerned for happy people who love and care for each others.

  • Me

    His children are more than fine with her. It’s not secret that Lily Rose is pretty close to her and even to her friends…
    By the way, Johnny started to talk more freely about her. He said he would love to bring her to China and calls her for the first time in public, “my girl” in the red carpet…he looks shy and happy!

  • JDF

    @Susie: @Lou: You should be ashamed of yourself for discrediting a loving father who does everything he can to make his kids happy.

  • allison

    This new movie must be terrible if he is promoting it so hard in China.

  • JDF

    @allison: So are all the movies that Hollywood stars promote in China terrible? It’s the second big market on the world you dumba$$! Robert Downey JR promoted the hell out of Iron Man 3 last year and it made over $120m there.

    The movie is amazing according to those who saw it in pre-screenings.

  • mmmm

    @allison: The movie is produced by a chinese production company, you dumbass! he has to promote there also in america because they financed the movie

  • Connie

    Funny that he wears that ring and makes it all official while promoting a new movie. It calls into question the authenticity of the entire relationship. As if the age gap wasn’t odd enough. Even if it is genuine I doubt it will last.

  • I don’t think so

    @Connie: He’s been wearing the ring before he started promoting this movie. Makes it all official? They asked him whether the ring confirms the engagement and he said they could take as they like. How is that “making it all official”? Didn’t he already “make it all official” by going with Amber to events many months before the promotion started for this movie?

    You are really stupid if you think the relationship is PR. They are a private couple but these personal things can’t be hidden from the press/media no matter what. even when it’s so genuine.

    Amber refused to talk about him and their relationship while promoting her movie, doesn’t that say something to you? They have been dating for more than 2 years and they only came out last year and they still never talk about each other.

    Are Micheal Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones a PR couple too? There’s a bigger age gap between them and unlike Johnny & Amber, they reveal all what goes on with their relationship to the press!

    Just because he dropped a some hints, it doesn’t mean he made it all official and that the relationship is for publicity. If it was for publicity they would be talking about each other and how in love they are all the time.

    I guess people can’t know a real couple when they see it these days.

    They will last as long as they are happy together. Just wish them happiness.

  • Food Counts

    @Susie: I hate to see marriages end and all, but seriously, Johnny never married Vanessa. So, she was NOT his wife! I don’t care how long they lived together. If she wanted to be his wife, she should have insisted on it or been willing to walk away. That’s what you do and sometimes that’s when you find out what you really mean to a man. Many men have love for a woman and like being with her for a time, but they don’t see “forever” in her.

  • LOL

    “he looks shy and happy”

    Looks more like he can’t even stay sober during the promotion of his latest movie!

    He looks completely hammered.

  • Whatever

    “Who knows the secrets of the Human Heart” – a quote from the movie The Crying Game

  • JDF

    @LOL: LOL @ you for actually thinking that he is actually drinking these days! Can’t stay sober hahahahaha. He’s defo more sober than he’s ever been these days.
    Get your eyes checked please because he actually just looks happy and relaxed.

    Go see the videos and see how he is acting completely normal before claiming BS like this. Idiot.

  • Jelly

    Am jealous of Amber! Congrats to them. She is certainly a huge upgrade from that ugly french prostitute.

  • Dasha

    No, Amber is American.
    She is the prostitute. The fame who*re

  • Dasha

    I saw some magazine covers with Vanessa. What a difference to Amber.
    Amber always poses as a who*re with her mouth open, Vanessa is lovely, with class.

  • Dasha

    Vanessa has success since 14 without being anyone’s girlfriend.
    She was successful before Johnny and continues to succeed. Even more successful than Amber

  • http://@Carla_Godinho_ Carla Godinho

    Like and Share

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  • LOL

    Of course he looks relaxed, he just had a happy puff.
    Johnny Dope was just photographed with his Nazi memorabilia, real children skeleton collecting Satanist friend Marilyn Manson holding a marijuana pipe in his hand.

  • Engels

    Are you satisfied with what you been getting, Mrs Amber Whored?

  • Engels

    @Carla Godinho:
    I also love Johnny, but has no way to support Amber

  • Falala

    @Engels: No one is asking you to support her, just ignore her and focus on johnny. Who johnny chooses to date/marry does not make johnny who he is.

  • Falala

    @Dasha: Good for her, i like vanessa too and am glad she is doing well. However, this article is not about her. Am sure her fansites would appreciate those comments:)

  • Kate

    @LOL: And by “he was just photographed” you mean 2 months ago. He was not holding a marijuana pipe.

  • Connie

    @I don’t think so: lol honestly you don’t read between the lines at all, do you?! First of all I didn’t say this was certainly a PR stunt but it could be. This ‘private couple’ is just very good at playing the press. They like to make out that they are private because it helps maintain interest and speculation. Do they have to walk around holding hands in public and flashing their rings? Did he have to wear that ring for that event? Do they have to play the game of ‘I’m wearing a ring, now I’m hiding/not wearing a ring/now I’m wearing it again’? Johnny Depps career was on the slide and Amber an unknown. Then suddenly after this Miss Heard was a trending search on Yahoo.

  • JDF

    @Connie: You lost all credibility by saying Johnny’s career was on the slide because the only reason people are caring about the engagement and his relationship with Amber is because he is Johnny Depp. He never stopped being relevant and people will always talk about everything he does.

    Look, PR couples are the ones that talk about each other all the time and call the paps to take pictures of them making out and always act cozy at events. If Johnny and Amber were a PR couple they would at least smile while being photographed. There is NO PR couple that act like a private couple because there is no point in that. That is just a stupid excuse from you to make your point valid.

    Just because they are getting so much attention because of their relationship, it doesn’t mean that it’s a PR relationship. It’s not their fault that people care so much about other people’s relationships.

    Of course they have to walk around holding hands in public, they are an engaged COUPLE. What do you expect? Why would they not hold hands? They are not a secret couple.

    Flashing their rings? they were actually just wearing them and not being like “Oh look at our engagement rings!”

    And of course they would wear their rings everywhere they go. Why wouldn’t they? Are they supposed to take them off when they are in public just to prove that they are not a PR couple?

  • Nat

    @Falala: you can try to create a positive image of Amber in Johnny’s sites, but it won’t help her. People know that Amber is totally different from Johnny.

  • Alex

    @Nat: Everyone see and know that Amber is arrogant, false, jealous and selfish

  • Engels

    @Falala: this point makes me think, because you can have friends who are different from you, but a girlfriend who has so many different qualities, it is hard to understand.

  • Engels

    @Falala: I’ve done more than ignore her I already placed her with the trash

  • Hannah

    Man- this is really pathetic-too bad that only delusional Vanessa and Johnny fans are spreading their fanfics (lol).

    If this bunch of nutjobs are actually fans of Johnny I truely feel sorry for him.

    JDF seems to be the only sane and intelligent person here (lol).

    By the way: passing a judgement on people you don’t even know is unhealthy and not very intelligent.
    I saw Amber on Top Gear Long before she met JOhnny-she seems to be a nice and humorous person and I see why Johnny wants to be with her.

  • Ella

    Haha-Vanessa Looks like Frankenstein’s daughter these days!

  • MATH X

    @Dasha: No, Amber is eurasian just like Johnny, not American. Johnny plays characters who are US citizens and has apparently played an American character but is not American himself, only a US citizen. He is caucasian like all NYLA import showbiz in America, save a few token examples. Americans don’t even do show biz, except you could say for military intelligence. LOL 8)

  • XXL

    @Ella: you can say this again.

    I’ll go and see Transcendence.

  • Jun
  • Jun
  • Jun
  • Jun
  • Connie

    @JDF: You clearly have no idea about how the world of press works. I’ve worked in PR for 15 years and this stinks of it. Sure the celebs who call up the paps are out there and they are the really cheap, low class celebs. Depp has used the privacy card through most of his career. The less you know, the more alluring the celeb seems but it only works with big names… such as Depp. You can still be a big name with a career heading down the pan. Amber Heard has not so much used this privacy thing and only really started spouting it once she was with Depp. In fact she was using the same lines as him… on more subjects than just privacy. I’m sure Depp doesn’t want the world to know everything about him – after all, who would? At the same time he does want people to look his way more than he makes out and Amber seems that way even more so. Hand holding and ring wearing can take place in private if you really want to keep attention away from yourself. Not when you’re about to step out of a hotel in front of loads of paps.

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