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Miranda Kerr Has So Many Adoring Fans - Watch the Video!

Miranda Kerr Has So Many Adoring Fans - Watch the Video!

Miranda Kerr receives such a warm welcome as she arrives at the airport in Tokyo, Japan on Tuesday evening (April 1).

The 30-year-old super model got a bouquet of flowers from one of her many, many screaming fans. Check out a video Miranda posted below of everyone waiting at the airport for her autograph.

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“Thank you for my warm welcome into Tokyo ❤️🙏😊” Miranda captioned the video.

Earlier that same day, Miranda did some promo work in Korea for Autograph Session For Reebok Skyscape.

FYI: Miranda is wearing rag & bone leather pants and a Koral shirt.

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miranda kerr causes fan frenzy at tokyo airport 01
miranda kerr causes fan frenzy at tokyo airport 02
miranda kerr causes fan frenzy at tokyo airport 03

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  • cute

    just a bunch of girls and a kid

  • Adrianafan

    she would post a video like that lmao….Did you hear the screams when Adriana does a VS event? or the screams when Gisele arrives in Brazil? they ain’t posting videos like that. She is the Kim K of models.

  • @2

    And you’re on this thread, why?
    You can’t b*tch about Miranda fans insulting Adriana if you do something as stupid as this. Unless you want to be known as the hypocrite that you are.

  • lol

    @Adrianafan: I went to an adriana event earlier this year. The place was practically jammed. Miranda’s team obviously arranged this airport photo call.

  • HAHA

    Well asian people take pics of EVERYTHING xD

  • ugh

    who does this chipmunk woman think she is? other models get this kind of reception too and theyre not boasting about it, ugh she is an insufferable narcissist c list model fame h*.

  • c

    Can someone make me understand why adriana and miranda fans are always at war? Other than both being VS angels at one point, their careers couldn’t be more different. Adriana had found fame at the very beginning of her career and has managed to stay relevant all these years. Miranda was a late bloomer but she has done eexcellently for herself. I don’t see the connection.

  • spirit7

    Oh you Adriana fans are pathetic!!! Miranda, looks good. go girl

  • scarlett

    I’ve lost track, how Miranda posts is that in the last 24 hours? 3…4? Is she really that interesting or important or does she just pay well JJ?

  • nameless

    @c: The connection is that they actually look natural and didn’t have any surgery.

  • @4

    Miranda is extremely popular in Asia. That’s why they pay her the huge salaries that they do to rep their products.
    They didn’t have to arrange anything.
    You can tell how excited they are. That’s not acting.
    Besides. She posted this on her own page. If you haters didn’t stalk her every move, you would never have seen it.
    JJ can count on you idiots showing up on all of her threads, so he follows her to post these types of things. You didn’t have to click on the thread, now did you.

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: Aleen Keshishian paid a whole lot of people a whole lot of money to pretend her client is someone important.

  • @troll-ena

    I guess that she paid Reebok, H&M, Swarovski, etc, millions in order for them to hire Miranda for millions then, right?
    Because if Aleen didn’t, that means that Miranda earned that money.
    And any model that earns that kind of money is, guess what, considered important.

  • think

    @c: it all started when miranda fans began getting bitter thar she was playing second fiddle to adriana. It’s not Adriana’s fault VS favored her over the rest. It was probably just public demand.

  • @14

    I don’t think that you would be able to find any Miranda fan who didn’t acknowledge that Adriana is the queen of VS. That was never the issue.
    I all started when Adriana’s fans claimed that anyone who didn’t think that Adriana was the most perfect, most successful, most in demand, and the best HF model to walk the runway, was just a jealous Miranda fan. Why they think this, I’ll never understand. Some even say that they are fans of Gisele, Doutzen, etc, but Adriana’s fans just claim that they are lying, And that they must be fans of Miranda. ????
    They then proceed to insult Miranda in every way possible, never acknowledging her successes. They claim that Miranda’s contracts with H&M, Reebok, Mango, etc, are all low class jobs. But then brag that Adriana just scored a huge contract with Veet. Yes, Veet.
    Of course, all this leads to actual Miranda fans attacking Adriana right back. Calling her just a panty model, and insulting her intelligence because she hasn’t prepared for her life after modeling.
    This leads, of course, to the Adriana fans playing the martyr, and whining about the mean Miranda fans.
    But you can see for yourself that an Adriana fan came to a Miranda thread just to insult her. As they always do. They are the ones acting bitter. Maybe you should ask them why.

  • say what?

    What??!!! U miranda fans never cease to surprise me. We never claimed adriana was the best. We acknowledge all the time Gisele is the best and that we wish Adriana worked more. We are fans of Doutzen and individually different other models. Why are you lying? Kate Moss and a few others have better careers than Lima. We accept. The only thing miranda has over adriana is a smart pr team. Yes, they might be disgustingly ruthless and I wish they toned down this shameless attention seeking but they are smart. Other than that, miranda has deviated completely out of fashion. Designers don’t work with her for campaigns and she selects jobs at this point in her career she should say NO to.
    This whole war started when miranda was still with vs and adriana was stealing everyone’s thunder, you guys got jealous and started attacking adriana. Adriana fans had no reason whatsoever to attack miranda if it wasn’t started by yiu guys.
    We’ve also admitted some of the brands miranda works for are really good. The others are just no nos. A model in her calibre should not be onlyseeing dollar signs when a job comes along. You have to maintain your status. As doutzen said, her team said no to a lot of money jobs, because they were not good for her image. Look at doutzen now, I think she has one of the best careers in the industry and is one of the 3 models who have brilliantly balanced commercial and fashion. She’s continudd working well into her sixth month in her current pregnancy

  • Ha

    See what we mean. Acting like Miranda’s contracts are low, and below her status, but it’s ok for Adriana to rep a depilatory cream.
    And yet another example of an Adriana fan stalking Miranda just to throw out nonsensical insults. Then go on to whine about Miranda’s fans being mean to Adriana.

  • no

    @say what?:

    thats not true. When Miranda started to get more famous and papped alot after the birth of her son, Adriana fans (weirdly) began attacking her because Adriana is never papped and you secretly want her to be as much as MIranda is. That is where the sour grapes stem from. Adriana’s popularity has dwindled (naturally since shes been around so long) and Miranda’s has skyrocketed. Its just funny because most model fan groups can care less who is more popular/famous/pappedet al and just focus on their faves. but Adriana fans always made wars with other popular models, not just Miranda. When Gisele & Heidi were the main angels they attacked them just about everyday, always mad that Adriana wasnt the head angel…. Then it moved onto Alessandra,Miranda & Candice (other popular models). They never attack the non popular models such as Erin,Lindsay,Lily etc because they arent a threat to Lima. Just the ones actually getting some shine they cant stand it. Its hilarious.

  • VS

    It@@14: @15 Its Adriana fans doing it. On justjared its Adriana vs. Miranda and on tumblr its Adriana vs. Candice. Theyre notorious for comparing models to her. They cant bring Adriana up without bashing 10 other models in the process. She has the most immature fanbase of all time.

  • @19

    Agreed. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  • om

    How immature of u to blame everything on the lima fans when u guys are the most vapid fandom ever! Adriana fans were never hostile to Heidi. the the gisele thing wasn’t about who was more ssuccessful. Alessandra? Candice? Lol u guys are pathetic. Shopestyle is not a good look on any models resume. Veet is good. No one said it was prestigious.

  • @21

    Uhmmmm, we are blaming Adriana’s fans because they posted as ‘Adriana fan’.

  • @21

    If you’re not vapid and desperate to insult another model, why are you here?

  • ha

    @om: neither is that detergent commercial she did

  • meh

    @om: funny Shopstyle plays on American commercial breaks as well as her Clear commercials and H&M. I never see Adriana in or on magazines/commercials outside of VS. very very rarely. Even in American media her personal life is not gossiped about, ever. quit being so bitter. New models come along steal the old ones thunder. get over it.

  • teamlima

    And the funniest part is when they when they say adriana is so 2005. Lol. Adrianaa has worked steadily and has now created a room for herself in faahion while doing really commercial stuff like Veet, Amazon beverages, even endorsing cars. Like she keeps tweeting/instagramming ‘let your success speak for itself’. So no need for a manager to do it for you.
    Yeap, she’s so 2005, that’s why as an April fool joke, ske was on the gmail background worldwide. No big deal. Those atre the things she can pull off even as a joke

  • om

    @meh: which programs do shop style ad plays during break is all what matters. It’s definitely not during the more important shows. I’ve never once seen it on tv. What do you mean adriana’s life is not gossiped? Of course not. She wants her private life to remain private, jjst like other celebs like Adele. When it’s time to work, she’s professional. She was on the NY Times just for attending a gala a few weks ago. That is control! She’s not miranda who makes it her job to make the press aware of everything in her life. Like, adriana has been on american commercials since the beginning of her career. Miranda’s h&m contract is almost expired. She can keep shop style it’s her kind of job and clear will stop running on tv soon as well. And then what?

  • fan

    Did she came to tokyo from LA or Sidney?

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  • @22

    And by the way, I am the most important person at Miranda’s treats. I am sitting at the computer the whole day and responding to the Miranda’s haters and practically moderating this discussion. And that’s all because I am obsessed with Miranda Kerr. I have no life because I’m wasting it in pointless discussions with people I call haters, hypocrits and Adrianafans.

  • @22

    @@22: “threads” of course

  • wow

    “April fool joke, ske was on the gmail background ”
    Yes that was pretty cool. I flipped when I saw her

  • lmao

    Miranda fans silenced by the adriana stans. Yet again!

  • @37

    No sweetie. Unlike you obsessed stalker/haters, we have just been living our lives among real people.
    But thanks for adding to Miranda’s post count while we’ve been busy. The more you idiots post, the more hits she gets, and the more threads JJ posts.

  • lmao

    The lima fans handed you the truth and you had no way of beating it so you decided to shut up to excuse yourself from further embarrassment. Simple. Lol your childish self is the only one who takes the post counts seriously. You are so naive, Miranda’s team makes sure JJ keeps posting regardless.

  • @39

    According to Forbes Miranda has already earned $15 MILLION this YEAR alone proving that’s she’s a VERY successful Supermodel no matter what YOU say as the FACTS speak for themselves.

    So you can rant on & on about Adriana as much as you like but it doesn’t change the fact that Miranda’s career just keeps getting bigger & bigger.

    The truth is you would be bragging to everybody if Adriana was the “face” of Escada, Reebok, H&M, Wonderbra, Swarovski, Shopstyle, Clear, Qantas, Thavasa but YOU can’t because it’s Miranda.

    Or the fact she’s designed a tea set for ROYAL Albert as well as expanding her skincare company Kora to 60 countries!!!

    Miranda’s manager was very smart in helping her to decide not to renew her contracts with VS & DJ’s as the two brands were so restrictive in keeping her tied to them for 300 days of the year.

    In under a year since she left VS Miranda is earning more money & has more campaigns without having to travel on location shoots for VS & allowing her to stay mostly in NY.

    I don’t care in the least about Adriana but the fact that YOU as her “fan” keep insulting Miranda just REEKS of sour grapes because Miranda is so popular & successful!

  • Kath

    @@39: Hey dont forget Calvin Klein campaign.