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Katie Holmes Can't Camouflage Herself From 'Dangerous Liaisons'!

Katie Holmes Can't Camouflage Herself From 'Dangerous Liaisons'!

Katie Holmes carries a camouflage Valentino handbag while arriving on the set of her upcoming show Dangerous Liaisons with a friend on Wednesday (April 2) in New York City’s West Village.

On the same day, the 35-year-old actress was all bundled up while walking to her trailer on the set of the show.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

The day before, Katie was in good spirits while heading to set with a gal pal.

“Having great time working on dangerous liaisons” pilot :)” Katie tweeted on the same day with a pic of herself. Check out the pic below!

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katie holmes cant camouflage on dangerous liaisons 01
katie holmes cant camouflage on dangerous liaisons 02
katie holmes cant camouflage on dangerous liaisons 03
katie holmes cant camouflage on dangerous liaisons 04
katie holmes cant camouflage on dangerous liaisons 05

Credit: Twitter; Photos: PacificCoastNews, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Interstellar

    I hope she gets her groove back and this kickstarts her career.

  • Jordan

    She is annoying looking. Like seriously, she looks like the kind of person that will get what they call a “ha ha ticket to heaven” if you know what that means.

  • rubyz

    Did Holmes ever have a groover? She played a teenager as a teenager. To the best of my knowledge, absolutely everything she has done since then has sucked.

  • rubyz

    make that “groove” LOL.

  • Nathan

    That black & white selfie katie posted on twitter is so beautiful. Love you Katie.

  • http://comcast Patricia

    The greatest thing she did was be a real mother and save Suri from Scientology, Katie saw first hand what Toms other kids went through.

  • Peppermint Patty

    I look at her photos and I am really really trying to see why her few fans call her beautiful and I just can’t see it. None of her features individually or together seem attractive to me. Thin lips, fatish nose, yellowish crooked teeth, eyes are droopy now and skin is losing tone already.The body? Well fat legs and thick on bottom with cankels. I just don’t get it. They really must be viewing her through their teenage Joey goggles.

  • Nathan

    @Peppermint Patty:

    Joey Potter has nothing to do with Katie Holmes Hotness. The first thing I saw her in was (1998) Disturbing Behavior and I thought she was sexy as hell as a bad girl in that movie.

    And in my opinion Katie just keeps getting sexier with age.

  • annie

    Sorry Ruby but she made quite a few movies in her 20′s.. She was on DC from 18-23, and made movies in between. Actually she was 17 when she made The I ce Storm, and didn’t do anything after that , she finished school, and lets mention it again, but was accepted into Columbia Uni. The same time she won the role of Joey, and chose DC over Uni. Movies were written for her, with her in mind. Not everyone gets that .And she’s still working, and people are employing her left right and centre.
    If you people can’t see that, well nothing any of us can do about it.
    And you can say whatever you want, it really doesn’t change the truth, whatever spin you want to put on it.
    Same goes for Peppermint Patty.
    Continue on….whatever makes you happy…..

  • American

    What exactly did they go through, #6?

  • Caryn

    @American: Well Macbeth we see you are still on JJ denying the evils of Xenu. There has been plenty written about Scientology and their abuses against kids. You once said you were in college. Google it. You do know how don’t you?

  • Roberta

    @Caryn: No religion is accused more of abusing children than the Catholic curch.

  • It Must Be True


    You can google it so it MUST be true. :-/

  • Jona

    His other kids are doing fine. Connor seems very happy.Some think being a dj means something negative. Its now medical school but so what. He is 18/19 a good kid and enjoying life right now. You don’t hear stories of any drinking or drugs like a lot of celeb kids. Bella is over weight but that is not a crime. She is living in london going to some art school and stays out of the press. Probably because she gets mocked for her weight. They seem like nice decent people though.

  • K-Flop – Just Great

    Katie is great. Google it.

    - Great Actress – If one-dimensional means great then yep, that’s K-Flop. 0_0

    - Great Business Woman – Must be true… getting all these great roles and business opportunities. 0_0

    - Great Scientology Escape Artist – Nail-biting cloaks & daggers. 0_0
    Kept the paps and gossip blogs jumping.

    - Great Fashion Innovator – H & Y’s 5 year operation is a testament, no? Minor correction, it was 1 yr 6 or so months post marriage – spells SUCKESS to me. 0_0

    - Great Interviews – tv or print… it’s just like watching paint dry. 0_0

    Great…Great ….Just Great!

    All of K-Flops two fans are thankful to JJ for the Great documenting the Great making of the Great first episode of Great K-Flops yet to be signed Great series. 0_0

    Non-story for a pilot that has the odds stacked against it for making it to series. The updated version of the story has been done – many times (Cruel Intentions – 1,2,3, and most recently TV’s Gossip Girl). Also, the ABC viewers/audience numbers by themselves dooms the show and throw K-Flop in the mix….the writing’s on the wall.

    P.S. nice (not great) character hair though

    Miss Meadows – Tribeca Film Festival – 4/21 – 4/24

    A movie trailer release or nada like Days & Nights?

    Almost a quarter through 2014 – Year of K-Flop?

  • To k flop

    We still don’t know why the contract ended for Bobbie Brown. It was originally stated 3 yr 3 million. It ended just over a year. Most contracts are not a year only.
    Very doubtful that it was on her end since she is not too busy to turn down money for an easy endorsement job.

  • Nathan

    @K-Flop – Just Great:

    But Cruel Intentions and Gossip Girl were big hits plus Katie is an A-lister how often do you see an A-list celebrity on TV? People will watch even if it’s just to see katie.

  • ANNE

    @K-Flop – Just Great:

    KH try and not afraid of making mistakes. You lose hours of your time chasing and wishing failure for her. God forgive her vengeful soul. Get a life already.

    Hi Annie.

  • can’t stop laughing

    at anyone calling K ho A -list.
    She was the wife of an A -lister briefly but she herself is no where near A list.
    Her fans are a few hold overs from her teen years or those that like watching for the soap opera aspect of her divorce. “Go Katie, so glad you left that religion.” (yawn) She has tabloid power but not star power. I hope you know the difference.

  • Caryn

    @Roberta: jona and it must be true:

    We aren’t talking about Catholicism, but Xenu. If you are not a star like Cruise your kids are taken from you and put to work in work camps. Many are often abused. They are audited constantly. These accounts are from children and families and high ranking defectors who left. There are too many accounts for this to be a group of connected people being disgruntled as Xenu leader Miscavage claims. Furthermore there is a growing movement for the cult to have its religious status revoked due to all sorts of irregularities with its so called “religious” mission vs the tax laws.
    However you three are probably the same person and a Xenu devotee.

  • Jona

    Nope just me Jona. I am not the others you mentioned.
    However I think the point Roberta or the other was making that mentioned Catholics is that IT IS JUST AS BAD unless you don’t consider raping little boys over the course of many years to be a bad thing.
    Point is its not just Sci that should be held accountable if you are going to hold stars accountable for their religion. Is Katie being held responsible for the raps of little boys?
    Agreed Tom was way into it but it is not proven in any way that he knows about the abuse or approves of it. I think he is a bit daffy or being a part of it but overall he doesn’t seem the type to approve of abuse. Its been well documented that stars are treated different so they don’t see it unless something really bad happens to them.
    Do you think Leah R was an abuser for being in? She was very vocal in her love for it before she defected.
    BEfore you say it TOM IS NOT A LEADER. He is friends with David but no doubt David kissing his butt and shows him only the best parts.
    So yes it is VERY VALID to bring up Catholics(Miss Katie) anytime someone wants to bring up the other.
    AND NO I AM NOT A MEMBER IN ANY WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Missy

    Multiple ex-scientologists have claimed that Tom is physically and verbally abusive to his sea org staff. I used to defend him as well, but it’s getting harder and harder to give him the benefit of the doubt. If true, it seems that he is not only aware of it, but actively participating in it. Very sad.

  • Jona

    He doesn’t even have sea org staff.
    Are you believing everything you read? Or do you have proof? didn’t think so.
    The “staff” is not his. Is anything David was kissing his a&& and hired people to do things for him. It is not known if Toms if those people were paid properly (which was one complaint).
    the ex’s have a big agenda to get attention for the cult by going after stars who are in. Mentioning a stars name brings much more attention to their cause.
    If someone is trying to impress you and they hire someone to come over and clean your car and tell you they will pay for it. Then they don’t pay the person. That is not your fault
    And once again Sea Org staff are just that…people who work in the sea org…and Tom has no direct contact or isn’t on staf f to be their boss.

  • Caryn

    @Jona: jona I was replying to a specific long time commentor who defends Xenu because Tom Cruise and Katie Homes are/were members of it. Yes bad things happen in the Catholic Church and have since it began, but my reply was specific to the commentor and has nothing to do with what holmes may or may to believe. Although I don’t care for her I think she did right by getting Suri away from the cult along with herself.

  • Missy

    Whether the staff works directly for him or not is beside the point. The point is that he is allegedly abusive to people. I didn’t say anything about whether the staff is paid, so I don’t know why you brought that up. I also didn’t say that I was 100% sure if it was true. That’s why I said “if”. You can’t have it both ways though. If an ex scientologist claims that he doesn’t know about the abuse, you take it as fact. If an ex-member says that he does know (and even participates in it) then we shouldn’t believe them, because they have an agenda. One could just as easily argue that the ones who say nice things about celebrities have an agenda. They don’t want to piss off hollywood stars. None of us will ever know the full truth, but like I said, I’m finding it harder to give him the benefit of the doubt. If you’re still able to, then more power to you.

  • Jona

    if it is ALLEGEDLY why bring it up?
    If Katie is ALLEGEDLY abusive to Suri then… know where that can go. ANyone can say anything on the net with no proof.

    Fine….you tend to believe it as your post implied or you would not have brought it up.
    I however, will wait for some proof before accusing someone of being abusive or even putting it out there like that as a suggestion.

    accusing someone or spreading rumors that you heard someone is abusive with no proof is much different that commenting on a celeb blog if you think they are good actor/actress or attractive or not. Abuse is serious and you should have real proof before spreading that.

    whatever..I am done. Keep spreading those rumors you heard if it makes you feel better. (but then you try and make it sound like you want it to be false at the end with your “I hope it isnt true but i heard….”

    thats like if i was to say “wow, i hate to spread gossip and i hope its not true but did you hear Katie has been abusing little suri.. Someone posted it on the net who hates katie but might be true, but i sure hope it isn’t”
    the false disclaimer is a joke…you want it out there to spread but you don’t have proof for it.

    whatever,,,keep repeating it without proof.
    good day.

  • annie

    @ k-FLOP
    And her detractors, are only a few, that is when they are not posting under lots of different names, lots and lots of different names.
    Actually i’m just trying to figure out what name i’m going to use next.
    I’ve used Becca and Carina, maybe something starting with E. don’t go away.

  • Missy

    The abuse allegations aren’t just from random gossip sites and tabloids. They were published in reputable publications. I don’t take it as gospel, but can’t just completely dismiss it as idle gossip. Perhaps you should do your own research before lashing out at me. I don’t know why you assume that I want it to be true. I was actually a much bigger fan of Tom’s than I ever was of Katie’s.

  • Reputable publications?


    Which “published in reputable publications”?

    Did the “published in reputable publications” make the allegations? or did they just repeat them with the disclaimer that they are “allegations” – neither taking responsibility for them or repeating them?

  • Jona

    @29 THANK YOU!!
    Don’t have the energy to go round and round about this with her.
    Spreading things like that is just as bad. I have to wonder if those that do would have the conscience to feel bad about their part in it if it was ever proven false.
    There are a lot of ex’s who use the stars names from the cult to get more attention when they go on TV. In fact radaronline – another tabloid site- always does article on the cult but never just says COS but always says
    “the church that Tom and John goes to” to get more attention.
    Tom can’t have staff at sea org…that alone doesnt make sense since its a separate part of the cult altogether and to have staff would imply he worked for the church/cult and he doesn’t. He has said that several times- he is just a member. Granted he is friends with David but in no way a leader.

  • Missy

    “Don’t have the energy to go round and round about this with her.”

    LOL. I love how you’re so dismissive. I didn’t start this conversation. I only brought up the abuse allegations because YOU insisted that Tom couldn’t possibly know about the abuse. I was simply pointing out that there are plenty of people who say that he does. These aren’t just random people. Folks like Marty Rathburn and Marc Headly were some of his closest confidantes. Is it possible that they are lying? Sure. But I can’t just completely dismiss it the way that I would if it were coming from an anon source in star magazine or something like that.

    Like I said, I used to like Tom. Still kinda do. I think he’s incredibly charismatic and pretty good actor. But I’m also not naive enough to think that means that he couldn’t be guilty of some shady things. I still try to give him the benefit of the doubt. It’s becoming increasingly difficult, the more I read about him and Scientology.

  • Jona

    marty- do you know about this man?? he is not a nice guy. He is someone who was very abusive in the cult. (by his own admission so i am not spreading gossip) Good for him he is out but he is not someone of high morals. He likes to brag of his cruise relations.
    he was in charge of getting cruise back in tight with cos after the split with nic . He tells stories of how the church was trying to get to tom and trying to get him to have the kids not like nic. It was HIM who was behind it and part of it and he speaks of it with no remorse.Did all of that happen or is he trying to spin it more to get more attention when he goes on tv? Idk and either do you. He should be ashamed that he was part of that- and not name dropping on tv. He should be offering public apologies for his role in those things but i have not heard him do so. (assuming his own stories or true idk) He is out – good – but he still has an agenda now too. Everytime he drops cruise’s name it gets him more attention for his cause of bringing down the cult that he was once a leader in. Some people are members of cos because they think it helps them- like cruise and his dyslexia and leah who was just a member enjoying the benefits…but to go into leadership in the sea org and be someone who is part of the abuse- that is much different. I am glad for anyone that leaves but that doesnt make them a good moral person the day they step out. It is very possible he embellishes things now since his cruise connections get him more chances to talk to the media because they ask about him more. if dm left cos tomorrow i guess that would be good but i would not trust him as a person still.
    I didnt say it was impossible tom could know…i said it was unlikely because even leah and others have said starts are shown celebrity treatment..and there was no need for you to bring up accusations without proof….but i am sure you will keep doing it.

  • annie

    For a very long time, I gave Tom the benefit of the doubt, for a lot of things and then I just started doubting him altogether, not because of things I have read, but his words don’t always add up to his actions, and over time you pick up lots of different things.
    Somehow, I get the impression, there are scientologists and there are scientologists… what do they call them independent.
    I have no problem with peoples religious beliefs, as long as they are good people …who cares.
    But I read what what Leah Reminis sister said about the seating arrangements at T and K wedding, and how Leah wanted to sit next to Jen Lopez. People had to write a letter of complaint to Scie about her, including Katie.
    Not long ago, I read that, Leah, Kirstie, and Jenna went after somebody, and quite verbally abuse them, because that’s what looks like you are encouraged to do. You have to go after that person.
    This is a woman that was brought up with this, and she did it, until one day after about 40yrs, it dawned on her. So imagine seeing this, and having to live with it, and even being encouraged to participate in something like that, when you were not brought up that way, or was against what you believed. It must have been awful.
    So really I can see why Katie didn’t want Suri brought up like that.
    She must have seen so much.
    Tom Travolta, and Kelly attended Scie things with their medals hanging off them, but Katie was not in the pics, after 2- 3 yrs.
    I used to wonder why she wasn’t there.
    And Tom saying that she partly left because of Scie, the puzzle comes together piece by piece.

  • Jona

    in your own wedding you do not worry about other people’s seating arrangements.
    WHoever was the wedding planner – who was prob a cult member….but it was not tom
    he and katie probably had no idea until much later about the seating ordeal.
    bride and grooms are kept out of that stuff on their day…do you really think jlo was bothering tom about it at the wedding? that isnt who you go to.

    you said “go after ” some one but you didn’t mention any reasons…could it be because this person was attacking them or their church/beliefs?

  • annie

    @ Jona
    Love the way you call her Nic, like she’s you buddy.
    So here’s a question for you
    We are forever reading that Nic kept Tom away from Scie, but…..her 2 kids Conner and Bella went to scie school.
    If I don’t approve of a certain teaching.. how did Tom get them into something their mother didn’t approve of. He wanted Suri to have the same education as B and C. He said that in the interview with Diane Sawyer. Suri wasn’t even born. 2005 or early 2006. How old were those kids that HE chose that line of teaching. Where was the mother who didn’t like Scie…or was she more involved in it, than anyone cares to think, or you can do with the kids whatever you want Tom, I’m married again now, I live in Tenn, got someone to make me pancakes in the morning, and share my empty bed( this is what she said when TC left her, that there was no one to do these things for her anymore)
    I don’t dislike NK, but one thing just leads to another, and that’s how it looks to me.
    So not altogether sold on the fact people turned Nk’s kids against her, regardless whatI think about TC or Scie for that matter.
    Again too many questions unanswered, and sometimes some of it just doesn’t add up.

  • annie

    No it was Roberta Armani, I read she put the arrangements together with Katie.
    They are encouraged to go after people.
    Katie and some others had to write letters of complaint. SO to who? TC’s best friend?
    You do realise that when you overstep a line to certain people in Scie you are sent to wash toilets and floors with a tooth brush.
    Jesus don’t know how I got to this now.!

  • Jona

    saying nic because typing on a devise that isn’t easy more short hand the better.
    i dont know a whole lot about her. I didn’t follow her very close so i am not going to say too much about her personality/character because i haven’t watched her close.

    i thought b&c had home schooling…they weren’t shipped off some place.
    I think home school CAN be a great thing for some– as long as the courses are really good…and i dont think every kid has to have the same life experience to be “normal”.
    BUT if by education you mean what they were taught..idk…might be like the school (but home school version) of what jada and will were doing…so sort of like how you say some like the tech side of cos (independent still keeping the basics but not the church side) but not the other parts…the education might just be teaching them the techniques that tom used that said helped him. Those basics might be things in and of themselves nic did not worry too much about.
    Its those that experience the abuse in the cult that have problems. If you are wealthy you dont get treated that way.

  • Jona

    not everyone has to clean bathrooms…i doubt tom or leah or john or kiristie would ever be sent and if they were they wouldnt go.
    Leah left when something bad happened to her. She was sheltered from most of the bad over the years. Why stay if not? She was rich and successful- and i dont see her as desiring to hurt others.
    The cult will eventually mess up with the other famous ones too…and honestly- the cult is less then 50k world wide now according to tony ortega on his blog. that is NOTHING.
    at its highest it was 100k he said. still adrop in the bucket for all the hype and talk it gets but pt is i think it is dying at a faster rate now. I do wonder if this law suit (despite my feelings of marty) that he is bringing will make dm testify-.that can really do damage to it as well. I think its going to be a non-issue in a few years. Those that liked the tech stuff will do like you mentioned and practice it away from the official church and not under thatname like they do now.

  • Anon

    ” Tom has no direct contact or isn’t on staf f to be their boss.”

    BS, Sea Org members pimped his ride.

  • annie

    Look Jona, like I said, one question leads to another.
    Why did that girl get sent to clean toilets. Well people knew about it, why because she wasn’t rich, that gives you the right to degrade someone in that way, because she didn’t understand what someone said, so that was her punishment. It wouldn’t happen to the rich ones, no I’m sure not, but I bet word got around. Bet Leah knew, and so did the others.
    There were a couple of people in that room besides her.
    One was the person she didn’t understand, and the other one was the one who got offended on behalf of his best friend .
    Think about it!

  • @jona

    If you want to learn more about Xenu google Village Voice and Scientology. Or Scientology and children. Or Scientology and Tom Cruise. Search for Tom Cruise and Scientology on YouTube. It is one scary cult.

  • @@Jona


    Everything on the internet is gospel.

    Whether its ex-Mormons, ex-Muslims, ex-Jews, ex-Christian (pick a denomination), ex Hindu, I am sure there are some who were members of those faiths who have a bone to pick with their ex-religion.

    Why are we to believe ex’s over adherents?

    If the allegations are true, why no civil case or criminal case wins against them? Especially, if the allegations include physical assault, abuse against minors and other documented wrongs (slave and child labor, forced abortions, etc)

    Scientology has so few members – does it even make up a % of world faiths? And yet is said to have so much money and power?

  • Jona

    Like I said- DM was kissing his a## and got people to do work for him. We don’t know if Tom knows if they weren’t paid (which is the accusation for that). If I hire someone to do work for you to try and impress you and then i don’t pay them it is not your fault. I am sure Curise got ton of favors since they were trying to keep him in and impress him. I bet he was shown the royal treatment and shown the best . The sea org is a part of the church not the church. He doesnt have staff from there. They might have done something for him on direction of DM but they are not his employees not the same ones that work for him in his house. All reports ihave heard on that none of them even said Tom knew . They said there were asked to do this work(from some leader) and then not paid.
    Annie yes all questions lead to another but its all speculation since we are going on limited information and don’t know the full answer to the first question then assume alot of things about the next one.
    Does TOm know? I think its very possible he is sheltered as are other big celebs.
    The guy that told thestory about that girl he is rumored to have dated (do we even have real confirmation about that?) he was also in for 30 something years. What did he know about the bad at that time? why did he stay so long?
    If people are really sent off- then why do they go? They don’t HAVE to. You can leave the cult . Doesn’t this girl – if it was true- have any responsibility for going? Did they kidnap her and blind fold her and not tell her where she is going? they are all brainwashed. Yes including tom if he falls for this stuff. They believe it is best for them or concede it is at the time.
    The religion is weird for sure. no debate there. I don’t understand the exact thinking but those that are in and have problems or “make mistakes” believe themselves they need to go ‘away for some intense help” ( i don’t know the word for it).Its the teaching of the religion .not audit but something more intense. So I am with you that if Tom believes in that he is weird too but the girl that we are assuming this was done to believes in it too or she would not have gone or listened to the authorities that were telling her that. I guess when she was there she woke up. Good for her.But she became a member and believed the teachings at one pt. Yes the religion teaches something like that from what I understand. Is it weird? yes. But that girl, the guy who told the story who is the director also believed in it at one time. I am sure that guy himself had to either submit to that sort of thing(probably at a lessor degree) or do it to others or something during his time. You wrote about about having to write people up- a report. I forget the name of it but agree it was common to keep people in check. but they all believe it.
    I am not conveying this the exact way i want to. I am not denying that belief in that cult is not very strange…but only trying to convey that they ALL believed that one at one time or another. Glad they got out but its not like they didn’t think that at one time too. Brainwashed? not sure if i want to use the word. maybe. , i know #41 its a scary cult but why do Leah and that director and others stay for 30 years? They don’t see the bad until something happens to them and not all of them see it.
    If Tom gets screwed over by DM that is what it might take for him to see it. I think DM comes across totally different in front of tom –his biggest star and the one he wanted to be the rep for the church- then he does with others. Tom is his biggest client.
    I dont think I ever tried to say that i thought the cult was good in any of my post. However, I do think that 1) celebs are sheltered from a lot evenleah said that 2) the teaching about being sent to sea org or whatever does exist never said it didn’t. But they all believe it at the time . As to what tom or celebs are told goes on at sea org i dont know. Even on Marty’s blog he talks about how when dm became the leader things changed and abuses were really out of control (i think specifically at sea org where marty was leader). Implying it wasnt like that before. That is the main reason for those that you spoke of who left the physical church but still practice the religion on their own in smaller groups. Yes, many have spoke out about sea org abuses but even marty claims it wasnt set up to be tthat way in the beginning. Probably sent to ‘refine ‘ yourself (not their word) but the abuse was not in the teaching but later practices by DM and little leaders. So did Leah, and the director know what went on at sea org at the time ? I wonder if someone will ask her directly about that in an interview. She is often very open and i would like to know that.

  • Jona

    wow that was a long a## post. I am rambling because I am tired.

    anyway last thing about the chic in question. I think the big picture was probably true but same as i feel with marty- he was in a cult, and just because he left it i dont take all his words as gospel now. He embellishes , he has an agenda, he isnt a saint or above twisting things to make himself look better.
    So in this case – the same thing. we are hearing one side of a story that she paints to make herself look almost perfect victim. She thinks the only reason tom dumped her was that night at dinner– that might be an over simplistic view of it in reality. Anyone who tells you their side of a story should be questioned .She was in a cult. Leaving that cult did not make her a saint the next day and all her words are not the gospel truth.
    As far as being sent away- like i said about 1) she was a member who believed in the teachings and 2) even marty(and others who post on his blog) claims sea org was not always that bad so what do celebs and others know about what really goes on there? Are they thinking something different?
    someone tweet to leah and tell her we need to know these answers.
    Bella’s ex bf went to sea org and on his fb page he talked highly of it. I don’t claim to understand why some see abuse and others are spared it. How much is reality and how much is embellished? Or why do some not have to experience the bad. I do really think that that not all people are exposed to the horrible things that are said (assuming they are true) to go on.


    I can’t believe no one has mentioned the Celebrity Center yet.
    That alone pretty much guarantees that the Celebrities are treated differently. The average rank and file member has a completely different experience. It is not like they have a “Sunday Service” like Christianity and you see all the members weekly. I think Tom and celebrities went to the center to get their classes and I would bet my life all of them only saw wonderful things there. The day to day life is not the same for them as for the rank and file member. It is viable they were kept deliberately away from any shenanigans.

  • Cut through the b.s.

    @Peppermint Patty: A fine wine ages well. But than there’s Katie Holmes. All she is missing now is a wart

  • Cut through the b.s.

    @Nathan: The list is endless ding dong. Almost did the list for u but than wished up.

  • Cut through the b.s.

    @Jona: Provocative mom walks on to set/”work”. With dtr. In tow and with her own version of ripped jeans/tights. Dail Mail shows the revealing blouse better. Like I said, a fine wine ages well,,,,

  • Cut through the b.s.
  • Missy

    Had to take a break from this board for a few days, but I gotta say, you guys clearly don’t know much about Scientology if you think that Tom has no contact with sea org. Pretty much everyone who works at the celebrity centre is a sea org. So for instance, his auditor would be a sea org. His entourage is at least partly comprised of sea org. Remember when Tom and Katie first got together, there was this woman named Jessica who seemed to follow Katie around. She was a sea org from a prominent Scientology family. It has even been claimed by a former high-ranking scientologist (Amy Scobee) that much of Tom’s household staff is/was comprised of sea org. It’s a bit of a trade off, I guess. He got free labor and the church was able to spy on him.