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Miley Cyrus Is Heart Broken Over Precious Pet Pooch Floyd's Death

Miley Cyrus Is Heart Broken Over Precious Pet Pooch Floyd's Death

Miley Cyrus has just announced that her pet pooch Floyd has sadly died.

“I don’t wanna say it because I don’t want it to be real… But my precious baby Floyd has passed away 😿’” I am broken,” the 21-year-old entertainer tweeted.

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She added with another pic, “I know I don’t mean it but I wish he would’ve taken me with him 😿 this is unbearable. What am I gonna do without him?”

Our thoughts are with Miley at this difficult time.

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  • Domino

    So sad. No matter who you are, losing a furry friend is one of the hardest things to deal with. He was such a cutie! RIP :(

  • Roberta

    @Domino: Agreed. Only people who have experienced this will understand.

  • Saroru

    How old was her dog? It looks so young!! So sad :(


    Wowwww, he looks like a pup. Way too young to have died naturally from old age. I hope he didn’t die from neglect. Too many pet parents ignore signs that there’s something wrong with their pets and by the time they take them to the vet their condition has progressed. Rest in peace, little angel.

  • Ap

    so sad for Miley! R.I.P Floyd

  • go go

    didnt she have another dog that died, she said thats why she cried during wrecking ball?? what is she doing to these poor dogs

  • abcd

    She got him when she was with Liam. So he was only like 4-6 years old. Wonder what happened to him. So sad though :(.

  • truthful

    @abcd: No, that picture of Miley with the dog shows that the dog is still a puppy. Her current look says it all. He wasnt 4-6 years old. He would be like 2 years old at the most.
    So please, stop paying attention to this dumb attention seeker hoe. She must have killed her own dog just for attention. I wouldnt sell this piece of trash a dog if I really was a dog lover.
    L.A. dogs must be so sad with that lifestyle they have.

  • truthful

    Btw, Siberian Huskys arent made for hot weather.

  • itstrue

    Breaks your heart, hope they are all in heaven to meet us.

  • aisha

    oh wow you are the best

  • cam


    YOU ARE A VERY SICK PERSON! Keep your hate olff here!

    Anyone could see that Miley loves all her dogs and they woluld never be neglected. The whole Cyrujs family are animal lovers and have many pets that are treated well and love them all.

    My heart is b roken for Miley – much love to Miley & prayers.

  • karlo

    It’s just a dog, for gods sake. YOu people need to get a grip.

  • Diedre

    This is the third dog of hers that has died in the past couple of years. Here’s an idea: instead of abusing weed and ecstasy, running around mostly naked, performing heinous ‘music’, and displaying her diseased tongue, why doesn’t she actually stick around and TAKE CARE of her pets?
    It seems she only cares about them when their death can garner her some press and sympathy.

    And I don’t want to read any replies from her idiotic fans. You’re as stupid as she is.

  • guest

    @Roberta: #2

    One does not have to have experienced it to know how she feels, we all know pets are family to their owners.

    My heart does out to her on the loss of her beloved Floyd..

  • truthful

    @Diedre: Very well said
    @guest: Unfortunately not all pets are family to their owners. If you harm such an innocent animal which only wants please you I wonder how you treat human beings.

  • Rocky


    When it was time to put my 15 year baby to sleep, I couldn’t take him to Vet, so my sister did. When she returned she just looked and me and I lost it. I cried for three days. When you’ve got someone who gives you unconditional love and you have to make the decision to let it go, it just kills you. No one who has not gone through the experience of losing a doggie will never understand what it does to you. I feel for Miley.

  • Amanda

    That pup was a mini husky, a Klee Kai. So he didnt grow much anyway. And she got him in 2011.

  • snapcracklepop

    Our neighbors just lost an almost 4 year old bulldog. It was purebred with a beautiful, healthy looking coat of fur. He had some stomach sensitivities but, not enough to indicate an early death; they are all in shock.
    It happens, pets do die young no matter how good their care.

  • wow


    You are an ASS!

  • amy


    I totally agree.

  • amy


    What makes you think she harmed Floyd? She was not even there.

    This proves that some people just love to hate Miley for ANY reason. You are all jerks – why comment here – grow up!

  • Jayme


    Animals die over unknown causes often. They are very good at hiding pain and illness so sometimes you don’t know anything is wrong with them until its too late to do anything. I’ve had 3 cats die in the last 6 years, all over 5 years old at their time of death. All very all of a sudden with no warning whatsoever. No change in behavior, nothing. You don’t know her to accuse her of neglecting her animals. It can be something as simple as a poisonous spider bite that you can’t see coming. I officially hate you for making me take up for miley cyrus, but you kinda just took it too far.

  • Jayme


    Its not just a dog to her. Some people actually LOVE their pets like family. My pets are a part of my family. Anytime I’ve lost one I’ve been completely inconsolable and heartbroken. You’re the one who needs to get a grip. Heartless asshole.

  • L998

    Floyd is an Alaskan Klee Kai, not a Husky/Siberian Husky. They are like Huskies in many ways and in many ways they are not.

    Its still relatively a new breed so there could be some health issues, but so far the only things that pop up aren’t necessarily life threatening until they are much older. So the death is rather suspicious. The number one cause of death for these dogs are other elements (like getting hit by a car, killed by another animal or eating something deadly).

    Now if she has been doing drugs around her dogs, this could have drastically affect his health.

    And judging by her photos and past photos, the Klee Kai could have not been more than 3-4 years old. Very young for it to have die from a health issue.

    I got my Klee Kai a little bit before Miley got hers and mine is still happy and healthy…

  • D333

    Floyd wasn’t a puppy he just looks like one because he’s an alaskan klee kai. Mini huskys that never really look like full grown dogs. I have one and she’s a year old and I still get people asking if she’s 3 months old or something like that.

    AKKs have health issues, but none that are more scary than any other breed right now. They’re a newer breed.

    From what I know about her dog she’s had him a while, but not long enough to have passed from old age or anything like that. I saw her mtv doc and floyd looked healthy and very agile and still young. I feel terrible for her. I would be so sad if my pup died on me while she was still young.

  • Diedre

    @Jayme: And also to ‘wow’. I may be an @ss, but you’re both idiots. Yes, dogs can die suddenly, but at least one of Smelly’s dogs was killed by another one of her pets.
    She’s a stupid hillbilly, as is her entire family. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they neglected their dogs. Rather than being outraged at me for speaking the truth, perhaps you could muster up some feeling for the poor dogs who are DYING while in Smelly’s ‘care’.
    I have zero sympathy for Smelly Virus. If she is so ‘heartbroken’ over the deaths of her pets, then maybe she should quit getting animals since the common denominator in their demise seem to be HER.
    So phuque off, both of you.

  • spirit7

    Diedre, you sure are angry about something. Im sorry for you, BUT more sorry for Miley’s loss. Pets are like family. All Miley’s dogs were rescue animals and Im sure she has someone take good care of them when she has to leave for work, like most of us do. I like Miley, I think she is a smart girl. And a good person. No judgements here.

  • Diedre

    @spirit7: How Zen of you! Of course an ignorant fan of Miley’s would take up for her and completely ignore how sad it is that her pets are dying.
    You might want to rethink that support, sweetie.

  • http://facebookss Dotty

    So sorry miley. I just lost my little maltese, broke my heart too. He has been gone eleven days, and I still cry over him. I had him cremated and I still talk to him. He was my baby! We mourn over our pets just like we would over humans. Good bless you.

  • L998

    That Klee Kai was not a rescue dog, she bought it as a puppy from a breeder. You will never never find a Klee Kai puppy at a shelter, not even an adult Klee Kai.

  • shame on you

    @karlo: You need to get out of this world! Gosh, what’s wrong with you??? It is not just a dog…it is not just an animal!! People who say things like that don’t deserve to call themselves humans!!!

  • al

    Some of you people are heartless assh*les.
    @karlo You’ve obviously never had a dog if you think it’s ‘just’ a dog. They’re members of the family.
    @Diedre Her other dog that died was attacked by her other dog and killed. It was a complete accident.

    I feel so sorry for her. Losing an animal is unbearable. Floyd was her baby.

  • Tyla

    All the people giving Miley shit – It’s not her fault her pup died. Mini-Huskies are not healthy dogs! They are bred and not well. They are not meant to be mini, but some jacka55 decided it was a good idea. A LOT of them die unexpectedly.

  • Jess

    @truthful: Floyd wasn’t a Siberian Husky NOR was he a puppy. He was an Alaskan Klee Kai, a breed that stays small.

    Miley got him around 3 years ago so he was somewhere between 3-4 years old I would assume.

    Stop talking about shit you don’t know anything about.

  • bob

    It’s just a dog! Parents that treat their
    animals better than their own children should be
    ashamed! Your precious dog dies and you people cry
    and a week later you go buy another one.

  • Jess

    @Diedre: “only cares about them when they die”

    Alright, go to her Twitter, her Facebook fan page, her instagram – she has ALWAYS posted photos of her dogs. Always. She loves her pets more than anything and makes sure they’re always cared for. They’ve all been rescues except Floyd and only one has died before him – Lila, who was attacked by one of her other dogs who she then sent to a rescue shelter and made sure s/he went to a home without kids or another dog.

  • Sara

    So sorry for your loss Miley, I know from expirience that loosing pets is extremely difficult. It’s never “just a dog.”
    I just wanted to point out to everyone that I really truly think Miley loved her dogs. If you follow her on twitter/instagram you’d know she is CONSTANTLY posting pictures of her snuggling with them, and seemed to really love them. Her Bangerz tour even has a giant blowup statue of Floyd. :(
    Her last two dogs were lost when one bit another (the aggressor was a pit bull that belonged to Liam and the one that actually died was her own). A freak accident which caused the death of one dog and the sending away of another.

  • fatalreview

    what is this 4 dogs in less than a year she has killed?? WTF??? is she giving them STD’s always frenching them or just leaving her molly baggies around for him to lick . Its obvious the dog is either neglected or taken of by the maid because she is on tour , in bars, out getting drunk and acting slutty way too much to be a responsible pet owner she is like the alcoholic mother who is overly affectionate when people are looking but is to busy getting high and screwing the barflys to actually be a real mother-hopefully she never has kids

  • Cathy Bright

    Go to rainbow it will help you deal with the lo

  • fatalreview

    @Diedre: don’t let the overly “affectionate” dog pervs get to you-instead of taking selfies frenching her dog for the 2 minutes a month she saw it maybe should have shown the kind of true love and affection when you actually take care of something , love it more than yourself not by flapping your BS around but by walking the walk and being there giving the dog what it really needs and dog molestation selfies to make an “image” of loving your dog isn’t it-she iS NOT a responsible dog owner and with her life she really should stop adopting dogs she is like the mommy dearest of pet owners-oh and go have “intimate knowledge” of your damn sheep freakin PETA “animal lovers” South Park nailed your psycho azzzaez on the head

  • fatalreview

    @Jess: what a stupid freakin cow you are-oh she has a bunch of selfies posted on instagram so she must love her dogs-and all of them are her frenching them in bed-not out on walks not doing dog stuff no just being Smelly’s living stuffed animal for her own amusement when she is laying around hung over -it’s not about the dogs dummy -making her a terrible pet owner and I think the proof is in the pudding as long as they keep “mysteriously” dropping dead something’s up-Smelly fans are really just illiterate brainwashed mohons-but that is also very self explanitory

  • The Beers Family

    Miley is so talented and gorgeous! We listen to bangerz everyday and can’t wait to see you in Detroit baby!!!!! RIP FLOYD AND MUCH LOVE OVER THE RAINBOW BRIDGE!!!

  • You dumbass.


    You do know it’s a Alaskan Klee Kai right? That’s what the look like as adults

  • Sam

    @Diedre just because I know you’re going to read to this, let me just tell you that you are an ignorant jackass who probably has absolutely no respect for anyone, or yourself. The way you speak about people you don’t know is tragic, not for us but for you. How do you know her tongue has a disease? Or are you just simply speaking about yourself? She has a career, a very successful one for that matter. I wonder if you have a successful one too? Thank god Miley does not listen to you ignorant, pathetic, idiots who bash on someone you don’t know. Oh, and calling people, again, whom you don’t know know, “stupid” , just proves my point of how you’re a horrible person and I wish no one will ever have to deal with you in their life. You’re just simply pathetic and obviously have no sort of intelligence.

  • Joseline

    Her doggy died because a Coyote killed him, not because she neglected him. You all are so heartless for judging her when she’s going through this. Can you imagine what you’d feel if you were away on your, not being able to go back home, and knowing that your precious dog whom you’ve raised since he was a pup, was killed by a coyote? Can you put yourselves in her shoes and imagine the pain she is feeling to even imagine how exactly Floyd died? It is unbearable, and yet she is still giving concerts because she is that professional. She has to sing, dance, laugh, and pull all of these funny stunts while she is actually dying inside.

  • barron797


    As Ghandi said, ‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

    I guess you have not progressed beyond thinking about yourself.

  • nothing

    Floyd was a purebred Klee Kai, purchased from a breeder, and he was 4 years old. His breeder said on her Facebook page that Floyd did NOT die of natural causes. Yet, here we are again watching Miley publicly grieve over the death of yet another of her dogs, the last of which was a purebred Yorkie. What breeders are selling Miley these dogs? Her other dogs were rescues, so perhaps the vetting process is a little less strict, but I’d think that particularly an AKK breeder would be much more careful. The bottom line is that ANY RESPONSIBLE BREEDER SHOULD NOT HAVE SOLD A DOG TO MILEY CYRUS. As someone else previously mentioned, the TOP causes for this breed to die early are usually related to human error and neglect. It is neglectful to not provide secure structure for a breed like this, and I don’t buy it that “accidents” happen. Death by being hit by cars is the top cause of AKK deaths. Death by other animals attacking them is also a top cause. It is deeply NEGLIGENT to not provide a secure home for this kind of dog, and if it was in fact killed by coyotes (highly unlikely given that Miley lives in Hollywood!) or another dog, the blame rests purely on Miley’s shoulders. Two dogs dying under similar circumstances in as many years would result in criminal negligence charges for the average dog owner! Think about it! But Miley will probably be able to get away with this, and will keep on buying more rare breed dogs to feed her fame addiction. She may have “loved” her dogs, but she did not do right by them. Floyd deserved so much more. RIP beautiful dog.

  • bloodynoserudy

    They should test that dog to see if he had illegal drugs in his system-Miley parties too much-the dog could have gotten into her drugs.

  • Devin

    @go go:
    She has lost 3 dogs and none of their deaths were her fault. Floyd apparently died from a coyote attack and Lila, her other dog, passed because he was attacked by her other dog, Ziggy. She willingly gave Ziggy away to another family with no pets or children just incase he has violent tendencies.