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Orlando Bloom Receives Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Orlando Bloom Receives Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Orlando Bloom gets a huge honor while attending his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony on Wednesday (April 2) in Hollywood, Calif.

The 37-year-old actor’s son Flynn, 3, was on hand to support his dad!

Orly recently discussed his future with Variety after news broke about his star.

“I am currently reading a lot of different material,” Orly said. “There are a couple of things coming into shape, but nothing I want to talk about just yet. At the moment it’s just a process of developing and bringing the characters into place in my mind, so that once the project falls into place I know exactly what to do with it.”

Congratulations, Orlando!

FYI: Orlando is wearing Lanvin.

FYI: Orlando is wearing Christian Louboutin shoes.

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  • YAY!

    Congratulations, you beautiful man!

  • Sam

    Congrats to Orlando for a well deserved honor.
    He looks amazing in blue!

  • Interstellar

    Such a cutie!

  • Mia

    So everyone gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today??? I mean, people like Jennifer Anniston and Orlando Bloom? And then there are the real actors who get f–k all.

  • Miranda Kerr

    He doesn’t even have a career anymore LMFAOOOO! He didn’t have much even when he was popular! Good thing I dumped him for a millionaire, Leo D and the Biebs xoxoxoxo

  • Meme

    Why? This is ridiculous, he doesn’t even have a career anymore.

  • Janey

    so um he gots a walk of fame and George Clooney, Julia Roberts, leo and Clint Eastwood still dont have one LOL

  • @Mia

    Even Kaley Cuoco is getting one this year…go figure!! LOL

  • guest

    Where’s Miranda? She should have been there.

  • Meghan

    Congratulations to Orlando! He deserves it and has definitely earned his star on the walk of fame. He looks gorgeous in his suit. A well deserved honour I would say and it’s great he’s being honoured for his contributions in the film industry.

  • Lydia

    Proof that literally anyone can get one. Wow.

  • Ha

    Who’s the next? Honey Boo Boo??

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: A celebrity pays a $30,000 fee to receive a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame. I suppose Orlando Kerrdashian feels that this is money well spent so he can go on pretending that he’s an actor and that he has any relevance whatsoever. He doesn’t, but he was willing to pony up so he can keep his delusions. And so can his fans.

  • Justina

    Are you kidding me? Why the hell would he get one? He hasn’t achieved anything significant in his career or for humanity.

  • LOL!


    They don’t need to pay for a star. It’s something that the individual actor or singer pays for …PUBLICITY. It’s not like someone voted for him over other notable actors.

  • Indol

    @ Janey #7 – the people you name are people who have either declined to be considered when it was offered, or refused to turn up to the opening ceremony, which is a requirement. Orlando deserves it and I’m glad he accepted.

  • webmail


    First I like to give congratulations to Orlando Bloom on receiving a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. With that being said, I am a little concerned that the standards or the qualifications to receive a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a little skewed. As for me, in my personal opinion, those who get this invitation should be famous Superstars who are, lack of a better word ICONIC and have changed or had a dramatic impact in the film industry. Otherwise it kind of cheapens the honor. Just my 2 cents

  • Lol

    Haters SOCKPUPPETS are so thirsty!
    Thinking that someone who had been an important part of three HUGE franchises doesn’t deserve a star???? How can anyone be that stupid?
    And btw, TROLL, the stars are paid for by the agents and management companies who think someone has earned recognition. Not by the stars themselves.
    Also, you idiots seem to have forgotten that Jennifer Aniston was part of one of the most successful series on TV. That alone earned her a star.
    Nothing significant? Creating two iconic characters who will live forever isn’t significant?
    Being a UNICEF ambassador and traveling to bring awareness for children’s charities isn’t significant?
    You are too stupid for words.

  • Sara

    Congratulations Orlando!
    He looked gorgeous, and Flynn was just too cute!

  • Orlando Bland

    No career to speak of lmfao

  • DV8

    But why??

  • Ha

    Funny that you haters claim that he doesn’t deserve a star, but a writer from variety expounds on his “expansive career”.
    But I guess that you idiots think that you know more about the business than a writer for one of the most important magazines in the industry.
    Sure you do. Sure.
    Morons, all of you.

  • what!

    The Star used to be to A-list actors.

    Kanye…you are the next.

  • HA!

    @what!: And Kim Kardashian’s star will be right between Orlando’s and Kanye’s.

  • HA!

    @Lol: Actually, that comment proves that you’re the one who is too stupid.

  • @25

    How is anything that they posted “stupid”?
    You call facts “stupid”?
    No wonder you have so much trouble in life.

  • HA!

    @@25: There are no facts in that post only fangirl delusions. And you are stupid.

  • @27

    So anyone who saw him as Legolas is delusional? He didn’t really play the part of Will Turner? He isn’t really an ambassador for UNICEF?
    Gee. Someone should tell Peter Jackson that Orlando has been trespassing on set. And tell Disney that they are sending those residual checks from POTC to the wrong person. And UNICEF needs to know not to send him to Jordan to visit the refugees from Syria.
    Gosh. I guess that millions of people across the world are delusional too.
    Only you know the truth. That must make you feel so special.

  • Alaric

    @Janey: I know for a fact that julia and george have said they don’t want one. But it is weird how he has one.

  • Dee

    Congrats to handsome Orlando! Love the suit, he should dress like this more often.

  • Bryan Fabian

    I’ve been there, with so many peoples.

  • @29

    How could you know anything about a celeb ‘for a fact’?
    Unless you know them personally, the only information that we get is either unreliable rumors, or info from their reps that has been filtered and polished to project them in the best light.

  • n

    you know they have to pay for the star right? so yeah ‘anyone’ can get it

  • @33

    Yes, we all know that they are paid for by the star, or their representatives.
    But there must be some qualification rules that the celeb must meet, otherwise every actor in H’wood would have one.

  • @me

    I see that every one talking Orlando shouldn’t get his star, but what is about Olsen twins? For what they deserve star? For Full House?

  • Kath

    Congrats to Orlando!! The haters are just jealous and ELENA is still predending to be relevant I see……well your so not & your so very old & boring…..

  • Randa

    Hey idiots! Its called the Walk of FAME. Well he is famous. Even if you dont like him you all seem to know who he effing is… regardless of his career which has been pretty effing good. So for f#cks sake whats your point? F#cking good on him I say.

  • Rocky



  • nadines

    What wrong if people like Orlando or Jennifer Anisiton get a star on the walk of fame? Atleast they are famous for a good reason.
    Kanye West is a D list rapper and Kim K is an F list reality tv star. They are not eligible for a star on the WOF sorry. Orlando and Jennifer both have had successful careers.

  • nadines

    @Lol: People hate on Jeinnfer Anistion because JJ is PR for the Jolie-Pitts. They seem to forget that Friends was super popular for 10 years. And the star on the WOF is usually given as an honour for past works. Please people know him from the highly successful LOTR and POTC films. I think he has every right to have this.

  • Anon

    Orlando has earned his star on the walk of fame. He has a successful career and looking forward to seeing new projects from him. I don’t get why some are saying he shouldn’t have the star. Look at all the successful movies he has done and look at all the charity work he is involved it. It is about time that Orlando is being recognized that he has contributed to the film industry.

  • Fabric_Princess

    Bloom has been in some extremely lucrative film franchises, and while I do think he has had some good moments on film as an actor, his body of work does not, in my personal opinion, merit a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Charity work is admirable, and that speaks well of any actor or Artist, but one must acknowledge that money and industry politics play a role in the selections of some things.

    Kermit the Frog has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Why?

    Kanye and Kim Kardashian are on the current cover of Vogue. Why?

    What does that tell you about how far down the standards for certain industry honors have gone?

    Generally speaking, in terms of his acting skills and onscreen presence, Mr. Bloom could have been replaced by many other similar body type and dark haired young actors in the course of his career. His acting skills have not kept pace with his fame and celebrity over the years.

    Certain honors should have remained just that – true HONORS. The value of a Vogue cover and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame just plummeted and hit rock bottom.

  • @42

    Well said! Bravo!!

  • @42

    Hi CARMEN!!
    Yes folks, THAT Carmen!
    What’s it like being banned from every site but Delphi?
    Do they appreciate your stalker tendencies? No wonder you fit right in with that lot.

  • Ha

    I guess that Carmen is still mad that Orlando’s family had to tell her to back off. Even going so far as to return the things that she kept trying to send Orlando.
    Poor, deluded Carmen.

  • Missy

    He looks mighty fine <3

  • Anon

    There are some really nasty people on Delphi and on Kerrazy lies that are really saying despicable things about Orlando and Flynn. They are claiming that Orlando is not a good parent and that Flynn acted badly during the ceremony and that Flynn is not Orlando’s son because he looks Mediterranean. They stated he couldn’t control his son. Flynn looks exactly like Orlando and he seems like a loving and devoted father to Flynn. Orlando looked gorgeous in his suit and Flynn looked adorable. It was great that Flynn was there to see his dad get his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You can see that Flynn has a close bond with his dad and look at how loving Orlando is with Flynn. Kerrazy lies is a despicable board because one member on there states that Orlando should be punched in the face for exploiting his son. I don’t get the hatred and bitterness these people have. Orlando does come across as a terrific father to Flynn. I don’t see Orlando exploiting his son for his image like those people are saying.

  • @47

    All of that is nothing new.
    They once called O&M bad parents because when Flynn was a baby he *gasp!* cried on a plane. Or when they said that Flynn was well trained because he looked/smiled at a pap. They’ve evidently never been around babies, because all babies soon learn to smile at a camera. They don’t understand the difference because well, they’re babies. One of the two delphites who actually are mothers would sometimes post this same comment. They would say that something that the others were condemning is normal behavior for any baby. But the delphites would rail on about it anyway. I guess that they think that Flynn should have the awareness and behavior of an adult, and acting like a normal baby is unacceptable.
    They called Miranda a famewhore because she was in the car that met Orlando at LAX when he arrived in LA to go to his house that had just been robbed. Imagine actually going to meet someone you care about after they had just had a crime committed against them? Why of course that is what a decent human being would do. But since they aren’t decent, they said “who does that??”
    And they have always claimed that Flynn is not Orlando’s child. They claim that he looks ‘Mediterranean’ because that are trying to link him to George M-something, a business associate of Miranda’s, who is of Greek decent. The fact that this man was thousands of miles away from Miranda during the approximate time period of conception has never stopped them from claiming this. Nor has the obvious resemblance between Orlando and Flynn. Anyone with eyes, and a fully functioning brain can see that Flynn is Orlando’s son. But I guess that leaves the Delphi ladies out.
    One of my favorite comments concerning Flynn’s paternity from those loons came on this site. For a while they were claiming that the father was one of the guys from Kings of Leon. When informed that it was genetically impossible for two blue eyed parents to have a brown eyed child, they claimed that genetics was just a “theory”. Lol. A “theory”.
    So for them to complain that Flynn is acting like a brat, when his only crime is being a normal three year old. Or for them to attack Orlando for wanting all of his family with him for that important day, is nothing new.
    Those are normal reactions from people who have stopped so low as to condemn Orlando’s charitable associations.
    Nothing that Orlando does will ever be right in their eyes. He could rescue a baby from a burning building, or find the cure for cancer, and they would find something to complain about.
    They are a very small group of bitter women who have dedicated their lonely little lives to attacking people that they will never meet. It’s sad, really. I pity them. They will never have normal lives until they can step away from the hate. But I don’t think that will ever happen. They’ve invested almost eight years in this slide into lunacy. It may be too late for them.

  • Amelia

    Orlando looks gorgeous. Orlando definitely deserves his star on the walk of fame.

  • Marlies

    Orlando looks gorgeous and he definitely deserves his star on the walk of fame.