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Gerard Butler Shows His Barefoot Confidence at Sydney Bondi Beach Lunch!

Gerard Butler Shows His Barefoot Confidence at Sydney Bondi Beach Lunch!

Gerard Butler goes barefoot while grabbing lunch with friends at North Bondi Fish restaurant on Thursday (April 3) in Sydney, Australia.

A few weeks ago, the 44-year-old Scottish actor was spotted showing off his muscles while riding a motorcycle around town.

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It was recently rumored that Gerry will be attending the Sydney Carnival’s The Championships to watch horses race over the next three weeks.

FYI: Gerard is wearing a Chan Luu for Men wrap bracelet.

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler walking without shoes for a lunch in Sydney Bondi Beach…

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gerard butler barefoot confidence at bondi beach 01
gerard butler barefoot confidence at bondi beach 02
gerard butler barefoot confidence at bondi beach 03
gerard butler barefoot confidence at bondi beach 04
gerard butler barefoot confidence at bondi beach 05
gerard butler barefoot confidence at bondi beach 06
gerard butler barefoot confidence at bondi beach 07
gerard butler barefoot confidence at bondi beach 08
gerard butler barefoot confidence at bondi beach 09
gerard butler barefoot confidence at bondi beach 10
gerard butler barefoot confidence at bondi beach 11
gerard butler barefoot confidence at bondi beach 12

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Nicole

    Hi Gerry! You’re the sexiest guy! Love!!!

  • Nicole

    Gerard Butler all relaxed as he walks on Bondi Beach, Sydney. The actor was seen enjoying a walk along the iconic Bondi Beach. Gerard took the time to chat with some pretty girls who looked very happy to pose with the Hollywood hunk.

  • Nicole

    more pics enter Gerard Butler

  • Hi Nicole

    @Nicole: Thanks for the links. He looks wonderful. Hope you don’t post new thread. Just want to enjoy a peaceful moment.



  • Looking relaxed

    What a holiday he is on. Who is the tall guy with him?

  • Hi Nicole

    @Nicole: To late

  • Ciao

    44? Is he married? Got kids? Or is he part of the ‘we hate kids and any woman who wants to settle down? A la George Clooney?
    Old farts who started having fun late in life
    Kids, be kids while you can, so that you can be adults when the time comes

  • Teresa54

    Gorgeous!!!!!! Looking good as always.

  • JS

    Is this all he’s going to do? Hit the beach every day and veg out? He’s boring. That hair makes him look old…it’s way too dark for him and looks like he’s fighting the age thing. Please start filming and go away so we can at least miss you again. The sooner you wrap, the sooner you can lose that hideous dye job.

  • Nicole

    You right! I prostelina and he no look good now! Why he do that to beard? He look tired and old again. Maybe he look for younger girl now is legal in Australia. Pah, he look like old Russian peasant with babushka needing to be on head.

  • Nicole

    @Nicole: # 11 not me!!!
    You disgusting woman. You want to hurt me, so you steal my moniker?? Trying in vain. Everyone already knows that it’s not me! I do not enter into a silly dialogues! You’re an idi/ot!
    Im off..

  • Nicole

    I leave now for to find my babushka and rubber boots. I work the farm and feed pig like me.

  • Nicole

    Я русский проститутка с бабушкой. Я работаю ферму в день и спать с Иванами ночью. Я люблю Madalina Ghenea она красива.

  • fake Nicole

    You’re sick, take a pill, fu/ck:)))))

  • Monicker stealer

    @JS: @Nicole: #11



  • He’s smoking again

    Look at the packet of cigarettes in his right hand. He has no will power at all.

  • Wile E Coyote

    @He’s smoking again: No, he’s not smoking. In his right hand, he’s got an aqua-colored cellphone. In his left hand, his shades. No cigs anywhere, at least not in these pics. BBL, I’ve got an ACME shipment coming in.

  • geraldine

    @He’s smoking again: Those aren’t cigarettes. That is his new light blue mobile phone.


    He looks just wonderful and happy and unhassled. Guess the Aussie paps haven’t started to aggravate him yet.

  • Spray on tan!

    omg, he’s got bit splotchy blotches of spray on tan on his legs. tacky, Gerry. if you go out in public in oz at least act the part and get a better fake tan or avoid it altogether.

  • What you talking about?

    @Spray on tan!: There’s nothing wrong with his legs.

  • Spray on tan!

    @What you talking about?: Hey, if you like blotchy spots, go for him. He’s got areas of white blotchy looking spots where his fake tan has been scrubbed off.

  • fromoz
  • Honey

    Mr. Butler! Those do Not count as THE pink swim trunks, but the thought is greatly Please stay out of the water. The nasty fishies do not have dibs on nibbling on you. I call! Nibble, nibble… What a delightful way to wake up in the morning! TNX :-X

  • Embla

    Thanks Fromoz. ;-)

  • Not so

    @Spray on tan!: He might just have blotchy skin on his legs, lots of people do.

  • Oh no

    @He’s smoking again: that’s a pity, he’s obviously hooked on nicotine.

  • Embla
    Came across a quite interesting documentary about the Osiris myth. You`ll learn the story of Osiris, Seth, Horus and the other gods related to Gerry`s new movie.
    It`s a bit long though.

  • fromoz

    @Embla: Thanks, but it’s me that should be thanking you & Nicole for all you share on the threads. Much appreciated. :-)))))

  • Embla

    Lol! I haven`t been sharing much lately though. Nicole and Tasty are doing such a wonterful job, so there is no need for me to work on it aswell. I`ve just been relaxing and enjoying the pics they`ve brought here. :-D

  • Very Tasty
    Malin Unger Berglund
    Cecilia’s birthday and Gerald Butler passes by to say hello! — with Cecilia Dilot.

  • Honey

    The blotchy skin and red hair, and green shirt are only seen here. Bad photo-imaging on this site. His shirt is black to match the swath on his swim trunks, there is absolutely no yellow blotches on his legs or anywhere else, and his hair is the same dark chestnut it was yesterday. You can see on the GALS site.
    My question is, they started filming on Wednesday there, so why the next day off? Even if they did a read-thru on Wednesday, they should be pressing hard on a tight schedule, shouldn’t they? Strange. Hope all is well with the unions. Haven’t been hearing much about all that since Gerry arrived.

  • No Shirt No Shoes No Service

    That looks like a very nice restaurant. I’m surprised they let people in without shoes. Around here (U.S.) it’s a health code violation.

    That said, does he ever work?

  • saoirse

    I have to share it. The print of the cushions they are sitting on in the restaurant are the exact same as the comforter on my bed. Lol! So the closest I may ever get to GB is his bum resting on a piece of fabric with the exact same print that I go to sleep under every night. Kind of weird, actually. Lol! ;)~

    Maybe the producers are waiting to dig in until after GoT Season 4 kicks off Sunday. Perhaps some promo left for Nikolaj to deal with? At any rate Nikolaj did say they had begun rehearsals already in that one interview, so certainly the long days of filming will begin soon enough. I enjoy seeing him out and about and I believe he is not one to shirk his responsibilities in any arena, so he just seems to be filling his days maybe working a little, working out a lot (those guns…whew) and enjoying the beach and ocean as any smart person would while in the land of Oz. JMO of course.

  • advice

    @Oh no:

    get new glasses..if you want to troll

  • Bella

    Wow, he looks like he’s doing awesome…makes my heart glad. I really love all the pictures everybody posts.

  • Nicole

    with Ana Clara Zimer Silva, Bárbara Kunzmann, Ana K Marques Martins and Paula Tokawa at Sydney Opera House.

  • Nicole

    Yum yum Gerard Butler sat in front of us with his ‘little’ entourage — feeling giddy.

  • GFW

    From The Daily Mail (a little mention about actual work)…
    “Gerard, cast to play Bodhi in the new Point Break remake, has been rumoured to be filming scenes for that movie as well whilst in Australia. Last month big wave surfer Jamie Mitchell revealed that Australia was definitely a location of interest to the film’s production crew.
    ‘Australia was 100 per cent on their radar,’ he told the MailOnline.
    Another admission from an industry insider fuels speculation that Gerard will travel to the Gold Coast after his Sydney filming commitments are finished.
    ‘The Gold Coast is the location producers are looking at because of the water tank facilities at Village Roadshow studios,’ said a prominent Australian director who did not wish to be named.
    So working, out of sight of course, on two films at once? Am I reading that right?
    Guess after filming he might want to scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef? I realize he can’t do anything too dangerous now, but maybe later? No idea if he’s already seen the gorgeous undersea world?
    I have some opinions about these photo shoot sightings that look very contractual and vanilla, which is a good thing [that they're vanilla], yet something comes across the screen to me. Not going to discuss this here other than to say he’s a new “friend” practically with each outing. Like I said yesterday, I’m read. My opinions, angle, insights, perceptions, and point of view as a seer have always been of interest to many people that are fans and those that are not.
    That oyster tray looks inviting. One can almost taste his sandwich. I love he’s a hands-on eater. Lord, did I just write that? I did. It’s going to stay. LOL

  • Very Tasty

    Sat behind @GerardButler at the Sydney Opera House tonight for the symphony presentation of Gladiator! Was such an amazing event!

  • Sweet Gem

    Gem looks so nice :) Love that color from hair to trunks. Reminds me of candyfloss. Makes me smile to look at his smile and his bare feet. Grounding is good when working hard and the beach with it’s salty water, fresh air and people relaxing is the right place to do so.
    Life is grand.

  • JS/sux


    His natural hair color is BLACK. How is brown too dark?

    And he went a month early to enjoy himself. You are so jealous and peevish because he’s having a good time. If I had his money, I’d do exactly the same thing. Just keep your hatred to yourself.

  • GFW

    @Sweet Gem:
    A gem indeed. An opal! Each one different, fragile and beautiful.
    A broken bridge can always be fixed. Your response is what they want. What I do too. It means all positive efforts are working, and that’s a good thing. So much of this was suggested before. One was too blind to see or were too deaf to hear. And it always has to be his idea like most men. Anyway, I think Gerry wants a more wholesome image as a healthy available actor now rather than partying guy seen leaving night clubs and all. That’s brilliant. Even if beach-combing, seen eating out during the day or at local events. However simple they are they send a message: I’m a decent person who lives well. Life is indeed grand.
    The healthy living track is a good one to be on visually and literally to be on right now. He’s a commodity, like most actor’s are. Everything matters. After the stresses of last year internally and externally, for him to put a new fact, not literally, to the brand that is Gerard Butler, is wise. A wholesome likable serious grown up Gerry with a joyful spirit-filled heart. That’s what we want! Working, focused, and moving forward. Let no one enter your kingdom unless they come with love.
    Those beaches look so beautiful. I can see why Sydney won out on the bid. It’s got more to do than Melbourne.
    I’m of the opinion he went early to do that, yes, but also to work on refurbishing his image. (ducking) No one faults him for his life. He’s earned it! Not envious, I’m happy for him.

  • Sigh…

    @No Shirt No Shoes No Service:

    Of course he works. We just don’t get to see pictures of that. Do you think anyone wants to be filmed 24/7? That’s like taking pictures of you out and about on your day off, and then saying you NEVER are at work.

  • God Bless yoou all!

    “Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.” – Ephesians 4:31-32

  • Sweet Gem

    Bondi Beach is a wonderful place and it’s energy is so remarkable. So laid back. Surfer mode. No wonder it attracts, relaxes and grounds with the ocean and white sand. Only when you have been there you will know the very feeling of this place and you will never forget. Gem is showing the beauty of this place in his very being and smile.

  • Physical

    Gerry must feel young in Australia. Great weather and his physical workouts help draw young beauties who are used to rugged men.There is a nice vitality to the country. I hope he finds a nice person there.

    Unfortunately, this high maintenance man who wants unconditional love looks to the physical too often. You never see him hanging out with a average weight woman (who still enjoy sport and eat healty) with a wonderful humble personality. He leans to the superficial ones with the hot bodies. Or just hot bodies. His character gauge to assess quality is very low.