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Hayden Christensen is Currently Filming Warrior Movie 'Outcast'

Hayden Christensen is Currently Filming Warrior Movie 'Outcast'

Hayden Christensen steps out to run some errands on Thursday afternoon (April 3) in Studio City, Calif.

The 32-year-old actor is currently in the midst of filming his upcoming action flick Outcast alongside Nicolas Cage.

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Here is the film’s synopsis: A mysterious warrior teams up with the daughter and son of a deposed Chinese Emperor to defeat their cruel Uncle, who seeks their deaths.

Hayden was last seen while attending a hockey game with his longtime girlfriend Rachel Bilson at the Staples Center in Los Angeles last month.

10+ pictures inside of Hayden Christensen running errands…

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hayden christensen currently filming warrior movie outcast 01
hayden christensen currently filming warrior movie outcast 02
hayden christensen currently filming warrior movie outcast 03
hayden christensen currently filming warrior movie outcast 04
hayden christensen currently filming warrior movie outcast 05
hayden christensen currently filming warrior movie outcast 06
hayden christensen currently filming warrior movie outcast 07
hayden christensen currently filming warrior movie outcast 08
hayden christensen currently filming warrior movie outcast 09
hayden christensen currently filming warrior movie outcast 10

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  • What happened to Hayden’s face

    He either is really suddenly not aging well for someone age 32… OR looks like he has been crying /going through something stressful.

  • karine
  • gemma

    What a sweetheart!

  • Washed out

    He hasn’t had a decent role since Star Wars. He’sjust not very versatile…but that reboot set him up for life so he and rachel can just shop all day and do nothing much.

  • ForMe

    ‘Shattered Glass’ was his best movie. A really good actor with so much potential. WTF happened to this guy.

  • Observation

    He is hiding his ring finger. IS he married?

  • He’s fine

    Hayden is just squinting in the sunlight without his sunglasses in most of the photos. He looks fine, left his hat and shades in the car. The title should say “finished filming Outcast” because they finished filming Outcast in CHINA in mid December. Hayden spent almost 4 months in China filming it. He filmed American Heist with Adrien Brody last summer in New Orleans. Outcast has Nicolas Cage, both these movies sound interesting and are supposed to come out this year. He made 2 movies back to back after a long break, hope they do well.

  • MT

    He’s still good looking, but not aging well. He’s shown acting talent in the past, but seemed miscast in the Star Wars series. Hopefully, his next clothing line well sell as well as the last one.

  • wow

    some of you guys are nuts these are just candids on the street his photo shots last fall and last week for RW&CO are great he is aging very well. he doesn’t look his age and is ten times hotter in person than in random photos on the sidewalk!

  • @observation

    @Observation: His ring finger is clearly visible in half of these photos actually he is holding that blue pack with his LEFT hand.No ring in sight.

  • Loro

    I love him

    Thanks JJ

  • screwed

    HCsick… as long as you’re not real, you’re career is doomed!

  • just me

    jared why you have to mention Rachel when he be alone? Hayden was at a game and you didn’t even show it. He was with a guy not with Rachel. it was a basketball game not hockey game. Why you lie like that? And it was in Canada not la. He was with a guy friend not with Rachel@He’s fine: I agree. everytime Rachel”s show comes up to be show he has to promote him with her. The show is under million viewers and he has to make it look good for her.Hayden doesn’t mention Rachel anymore in interviews so why jared has to do it? Its not going to make the show any better, Jared lied about that Rachel was with him at the staples center game. He would showed it.He is not married still single!

  • @just me/shanda

    The Staples Center is in Los Angeles not Canada and you posted twice a couple of threads back on a big photo of Hayden and Rachel watching a hockey game at the Staples Center a couple of weeks ago, there are photos of the two of them at that game at multiple sites and star pulse magazine. Hayden was at a basketball game a week or so later over the weekend at the Staples Center in LA it was not publicized much. Google staples center in LA and check your geography. No one is lying except for you. Hayden and Rachel live together whether you like it or not.

  • Hanna

    @He’s fine:

    Yeah, because having Nicolas Cage and Adrien Brody means quality nowadays. American Heist sounds mostly as a VOD flop with a no name director and second rate casting. And Outcast is produced by a Chinese DVD studio.

    Let’s face it, Hayden Christensen’ career isn’t fine, especially with the current competition among his generation and the new foreign imports. But hey, Hayden is rich and doesn’t need the money. Not bad for him either

  • just me

    @@just me/shanda: Rachel was not there with hayden so you should telling lies for them. All hayden do not is go back and forth from la and Canada . Then he stay and Rachel follow him like she does. You don’t see Rachel getting nothing from it.. She don’t even go for audtions like other actress does. Hayden don’t even go for none either. His career has gone and so has Rachel. Racheel play games so does hayden now adays. He lied about not being with Rachel and she lied too. Two liars. Hayden didn’t mention he stayed with her did he? You didn’t asked jared . Why you supporting this. Hayden never talk about staying with her. She said she didn’t want to settle down so she lied. why don’t you asked them yourself . unstead a made up lie. She only does this to keep this going. She can’t find another man to be with? Hayden should forcus on his career not a relationship. Just because Rachel don’t have a career she still using him and she letting him do this.You Rachel wasn’t with him there. Rachel dumped Adam while she can’t do the same with hayden? Hayden career is dome so why she still running behind him and people make up stories about him and her. Her show rating is dropping and this suppose to make people watch it and talk about hyden and Rachel. Hayden don’t have to do this for Rachel when his caeer is gone. He never talk about her so why follow her around like this. He use to stay home and not return to la. Now that’s all he ddoes is run behind Rachel like there are no other women to be with. Live with her you believe that story when he still leave go home anyway. You don’t know what he was there for anyway. Its about Rachel cause she ‘s too lazy to get work because she think hayden suppose to still help her. Why Hayden keep doing this? He don’t owe Rachel nothing or a visit. Hayden suppose to be working like other actors his age not running behind a woman like he does. Its suppose about his career not who he is with all the time. Jared you lied ok.You can’t get because of it. He was a guy friend. You never see Rachel never come out when he’s not there. Or she hide and run behind him. How long this going to last? Hayden should no better than waste his time doing this.. Its still a lie about them living together. He has a brother don’t he? Rachel still covering the fact he don’t live in la. That is to keep this relationship going for her show nothing else.Cause that’s all she got going for herself. Hayden should date other people too. No let racheel control him like that. She was with a man so why he has to run to la to see her. He can do better than that.Need to get a career goingi instead are letting Rachel use cause he don’t have a career like other actors his age. Anybody can be with someone, But its your career that’s matter, No being at the beach on vacation, Rachel would lose her job to be with him. Hayden has let his career go just to hang around Rachel. Not being around real actors and other women.Something is wrong if hayden don’t hang around other women. The lies will come to light like there wasn’t no engagement So he didn’t get a house with her then? He don’t stay with her either. Nobody ask him that why? All lies Rachel tell to keep this relationship going.Why can’t she just break things off with him? His career is no good and hers eithrr!

  • @just me

    You are an idiot–do a search and you will find that both Hayden and Rachel left LA TOGETHER this week for a destination that required passports.

    They live together in LA, they have been together for 7 years(apart from a break-up that lasted 3 months) yet again just me/shanda you type rants, if you don’t like the relationship stay away from it-it is obvious it causes you stress and mental problems–you can’t face the truth.

    BTW—back in the day even Hayden said he was engaged, so I doubt very much it was a lie.

  • Kaka

    I’m glad that someone realizes the lies. There so many people in this world for these lovely people. They believe they don’t have no one else. There are still hanging round each other cause there stuck in they’re 30′s with Rachel wanting to having children before menopause and she may be aware of that. Hayden can’t leave her either cause of where he’s at in his life too. So be happy for them or right something that lets them know they don’t have to lie about they’re relationship.

  • Kaka

    By the critizing them ain’t going to help. Supporing them will.