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James Franco Allegedly Asks 17-Year-Old Girl to Meet at Hotel - Find Out James' Response to the Controversy

James Franco Allegedly Asks 17-Year-Old Girl to Meet at Hotel - Find Out James' Response to the Controversy

A conversation between actor James Franco and a 17-year-old Scottish teen Lucy Clode has been leaked on the Internet, and from the text, it appears as if he propositioned her to meet up at a hotel.

If the texts are to be believed, James and Lucy first encountered each other outside the stage door of his play Of Mice & Men. They later spoke via Instagram, where he asked her relationship status and if she wants to get a hotel room.

Lucy posted video and photos on her Instagram, and James does audibly ask to be tagged in the selfie with her.

“I’M NOT! I HOPE PARENTS KEEP THEIR TEENS AWAY FROM ME. Thank you” James said in response on his Twitter.

It should be noted that James has a movie coming out called Palo Alto which has been based on his own stories about a high school teacher who has a relationship with a student. We can only wonder if this is an elaborate promo for the film.

Click inside to read the alleged texts of James and Lucy‘s exchange…

Franco: Hi

Clode: hi

Franco: Where do you live?

Franco: NYC?

Clode: Scotland

Clode: In a small town called Dollar

Franco: How long will you be in New York?

Clode: Oops sorry, um a few days it’s my 18th birthday present

Franco: You’re 18?

Franco: Who are you with?

Franco: Do you have a bf?

Clode: Nearly 18, my mum and not if you’re around

Franco: When is your bday?

Franco: Where are you staying?

Franco: What’s your #?

Clode: In May but I have exams then, just off of Times Square in Hilton, what do you mean #?

Then later, had another conversation:

Franco: Can I see you?

Clode: As long as you are james Franco

Franco: I am

Franco: You’re single?

Franco: What’s the hotel?

Franco: Should I rent a room?

Clode: April fools was an hour ago though…

The Your Highness star then shared what appears to be a selfie.

Franco: It’s me

Franco: Yes or no?

Franco: Tomorrow or thurs?

Franco: Ok

Franco: Be well

Franco: X

Clode: I’ll come back when I’m 18

Franco: X

Clode: Well this is a story my Scottish friends will never believe

Franco: Don’t tell

Clode: I just want proper evidence that it’s you and I won’t

Franco: I gave it to you

Franco: If you don’t want to meet, then text me when you do.

Franco: Bye

Clode: You sound so dodgy though

Franco: Bye

Clode: One second, I will meet you if you write my name on a piece of paper then send it to me with your face also in the picture, please

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136 Responses to “James Franco Allegedly Asks 17-Year-Old Girl to Meet at Hotel - Find Out James' Response to the Controversy”

  1. 1
    Mary Says:

    Once a douche, always a douche.

  2. 2
    willikilliams Says:

    Check out what I had to say about this creepy situation!

  3. 3
    link Says:

    LMAO! Hilarious

  4. 4
    Elodieee Says:

    Dude is embarrassing. And his delusional fans will probably defend his behaviour on this, waiting for the “it was a stunt for his art” comments LOL!

  5. 5
    pedobear got caught Says:

    Serves him right for trying to pick up someone who knows how to screencap. What a creeper.

  6. 6
    Pam Says:

    Lawl he was ready to go. He’s lucky she only asked for his face.

  7. 7
    some dude Says:

    Dumbass. He got played.

  8. 8
    Leah Says:

    He’s such a skeez, gross.

  9. 9
    creep Says:

    His answer:

  10. 10
    Elodieee Says:

    @creep: LOL why would parents keep their teens away from him! Delusional ***** YOU are the one who should stay away from them!

  11. 11
    Sandyy Says:

    Wow, he really wanted to get some underage p-ssy.
    All of those questions are making me LOL “What hotel? Should I rent a room? Yes or no? Tomorrow or Thursday? Marvin Gaye or Al Green?”
    Dumb and caught in his own celeb hype that teens will fall for him like he’s a rock star or some sh-t…

  12. 12
    Tyla Says:

    Wow. I didn’t think my opinion of him could get any lower, but it just did. He’s nasty.

  13. 13
    karine Says:

  14. 14
    marple Says:

    Was it texts?? Or was it g+??
    Because I know for a fact that there’s a man on g+ be Gerard Butler, James Franco and Ewan McGregor.
    A guy from Malaysia who asks for numbers and to meet up and becomes very angry when you refuse to take him on.

    Just saying. Its probably not him… Shame that people ruin celebrity credibility from doing stupid sh/t like this.

  15. 15
    -_- Says:

    He looks desperate, rough and disgusting and she’s an idiot. How do you not know what # means?! Ain’t hashtag kiddo.

  16. 16
    Elodieee Says:

    You’re 18?
    Who are you with?
    Do you have a bf?
    When is your bday?
    Where are you staying?
    What’s your #?
    Can I see you?
    You’re single?
    What’s the hotel?
    Should I rent a room?
    Tomorrow or thurs

    … this poetry right there ….

  17. 17
    Leah Says:


    It was on Instagram and there is no excuse for his behavior so stop making stanny excuses.

  18. 18
    Truthie Says:

    He could’ve just waited for her to turn 18, so he can start dating her LEGALLY like all the other douchebags in Hollywood (Paul Walker, Leo DiCaprio, James Wood, Jeff Goldblum, etc)

  19. 19
    -_- Says:

    @marple: He wrote her name on a piece of paper along with his face! IT’S HIM. He’s not even denying it on Twitter. Moron.

  20. 20
    tina Says:

    He’s famous, rich and still attractive, why does he sound like some creepy dating site weirdo who didn’t got laid in years?

  21. 21
    niagirl Says:

    He got played. If were throwing men under the bus for dating young girls then throw Paul Walker (same scenario), Liam Hemsworth (miley was 17), Jamie Strachan (Dakota F bf), Woody A, and the barely legals that belong to Leo, Bradly and Joaquim. You can’t be shocked that a single man attractive man tried to get laid. I find it amazing she didn’t go for it. Most would have. There’s a lot of thirst out here.

  22. 22
    guest Says:


    He IS denying it.

  23. 23
    jen Says:

    Oh James James James

    Good on her for getting proof though… Lol

  24. 24
    Nick Says:


    It’s not illegal. In New York, a 17 year old can legally consent.

  25. 25
    snapcracklepop Says:

    I can’t believe I’m gonna do this but, I kind of agree with you. He’s getting more heat for it because he’s slimy looking but, LOTS of Hollywood guys have been doing this (within sight) for years.

    Also, the age of consent is 17 years in New York- where they were.

  26. 26
    Xoxo Says:

    Are his yellow teeth the reason why he can’t get a woman his own age
    Or his doushy behaviour the problem?
    Nawwww, he just is an immature punk, and what 27-30 ish women want that? Losssssssser

  27. 27
    Lena Says:

    That’s hilarious. Now you all know that this is the EXACT reason why certain celebrity men say they “resort” to hookers and professional escorts, right? That is, because they can’t “TRUST” ordinary women (I suppose in this case minor girls) to keep their mouths shut about their romantic rendezvous. It’s everyone else’s fault. Not theirs. Apparently.

    Interesting logic. These men with an addiction for “consuming” and “experiencing” and “enjoying” girls and/or women instead of loving or respecting them, get caught in the act of trying to “consume” and discard them without conscience. But, then they blame us, the ordinary folks, for not only invading their privacy and not allowing them, as poor “never catch a break babies,” to be “human,” but also for forcing them into “neato” additional vices where they can explore their consumption of women even better, ie, prostitution.

    What did that pig Charlie Sheen say? “I don’t pay for them to sleep with me. I pay for them to leave afterwards” or something vile like that. It looks like James wanted to use this minor as a bargain basement “free” escort for the night. I don’t think she deserved that. Looks like from her disclosure of his tweet, she also felt she didn’t deserve to be treated that way by a narcissistic and “dodgy” male celebrity.

    Message to Clode my dear: Go to college, then to law school as we need more women like you in the world. Way to respect yourself and help girls to respect themselves as well.

    Yes, I think it is a good thing this loser got caught with his hands in the teenage cookie jar. Perhaps if he was a normal man who leaned towards mature women of his OWN age, and learned how to be good to women, instead of treat them with contempt and as mere “throw away garbage,” he could find a woman who would not betray his privacy.

    What did he honestly expect from a girl who he was clearly trying to use and throw away with no intention of respecting or seeing again? Did he expect her to respect him when he did not have the intent of doing the same for her? Think about it. He asked to meet her knowing she was 17, and was only in NY for a brief time, and would leave the country and be out of his hair shortly. It was, in my opinion, James using and abusing his celebrity status to get off on consuming a much younger minor, and that is gross.

    If it was just an elaborate stunt to publicize his movie, and he doesn’t come out very quickly with this girl to not only reveal that as the case, but take time to scold men who troll for young PU/SSY, then it is even more vile and pathetic as he would be just leeching off of the world using negative attention to get all eyes on him.

    That instagram nonsense he followed up with doesn’t make any point other than “all eyes on me” AGAIN. It doesn’t condemn conduct like his or say it was a joke. It just says, “I am a pervert who trolls for underage girls” and if that doesn’t work out, I’ll settle for any attention, good or bad the world will send my way.



  28. 28
    Roberta Says:

    A 17 year old knows exactly what she’s doing. I don’t see anything wrong in this. There are tons of guys in hollywood who do the same thing, and no one seems to even mentioned. Just get over it.

  29. 29
    hey Says:

    If her mom wasnt around she would have done it , still not right on both pars but it takes 2 to tango and he got exposed cause he was trying to hook up with a fg of course shes gonna brag she was braging all over her pic aboit it her acct isnt private either and still isnt , lets hope he learned his lesson and try to clean up his act to go after a woman who change him for the better,,its still weird tho itll take a while for ppl to forget about hes not the only one whos done this

  30. 30
    Truthie Says:

    @hey: All the loser men defending him.
    He’s an ADULT.

    I really wish female moviegoers would stop supporting these men: Franco, Depp, Dicaprio, Butler, etc.

  31. 31
    scowter Says:

    Gross. SO gross. I used to be a huge fan of him, but not after that. How can a guy be so disgusting? Such a disappointment.

  32. 32
    Cate Says:

    He’s a disgusting creep!

  33. 33
    countrygirl Says:


  34. 34
    hey Says:

    Yea i know its nasty but the girl was playing along she could have shut down the whole thing, but then again he shouldnt after young girls any way legal or not l, but w/e its done with.lesson learned hopefully for him

  35. 35
    hey Says:

    *Shouldnt go after

  36. 36
    hey Says:

    And im not a man….?

  37. 37
    rey Says:

    then… he is not gay? :D

  38. 38
    Lisa G Says:

    Wow, he is a serious douche.

  39. 39
    Bruh Says:

    @-_-: lol you’re a dumb. She was playing him. Hence why she asked him for the pictures.

  40. 40
    Wow Says:

    I don’t know what’s more f^cking skeevy: “Should I rent a room?” vs “Don’t tell.” LMAO @ his thirst.

  41. 41
    marple Says:


    What is stanny??

    Just playing the devils advocate.
    I don’t like to spread hate. That is all…. No excuses. Playing different cards to spark debate.

  42. 42
    Janey Says:

    The best quality a guy can have now a days is to be a good husband and father. Thankfully, there are many guys out there who do have these qualities, just harder to find but they do exist.

  43. 43
    Brian Says:

    The only way that guy has made his career has been through provocation and gossip. He’s still the average actor he was. he just loves the media so much.

  44. 44
    Teenager Says:

    Look at this; James met this fan called Macy when she was 13. he sent her a video (she is now 15) and the things he says to her in it is gross and disgusting. take a look at it,

  45. 45
    MG Says:

    She doesn’t even know that # means number…..she’s too young for you bro.

  46. 46
    15 Says:

    james franco is into the occult. and this came out but I can tell you that he has done much worse in the past. someone should out him. it’s horrible.

  47. 47
    naughty naughty james Says:

    outsmarted by a teenybopper
    you go girl

  48. 48
    Kris Says:

    Knowing franco and his “art” I think this was just a way to promote his new film lol

  49. 49
    phil Says:

    gerard butler dates barely legals. i know he’s dated younger women in their 20s. but with james it’s totally different. he’s done this many times, he’s a pervert and a pedophile.

  50. 50
    Skylar Says:

    @Kris: what a way to promote your film, by encouraging perverts and pedophiles. that’s not an excuse and I think that you’re lying. shame on him. But like that phil guy said, he’s done this before, some people will come out with the truth about him. go get yourself treated james, you’re sick in the head!

  51. 51
    Yuk Says:

    ewwww. wake up people, that guy has been addicted to teenagers, hardcore porn blablabla…he’s always making excuse for his “art” but he’s just a bad person who uses people and treats them like dirt. he’s been like this all along. those people should be banned and punished in society. can’t believe they act like this. gross, just gross. Pedophile james franco pedophile!

  52. 52
    casa Says:

    @Teenager: he’s a creep and a pedophile! i agree.

  53. 53
    Hello Says:

    you guys are idiots. this is a viral stunt for Palo Alto, his new movie. he’s an older teacher in the movie that has a relationship with an underraged student.

  54. 54
    b!tch please Says:

    @Hello: No way! Why would they use a Scottish teen vacationing with her mum in NYC for cheap promotion?
    Perv got played and caught for the whole world to see…. there are no excuses for what he did! He’s a middle-aged creep.

  55. 55
    Boogie Says:

    @Hello: stunt? media pr whatever, his brain cells are dead for doing it. he can’t grow old, he’s immature, and veryone knows he’s a pervert. he got into yale because he’s an actor. he sucks at art and writing. he talks a lot but the bottom line is, he’s full of BS because he’s insecure.

  56. 56
    88888 Says:

    @Hello: shut up! what a weak statement , stop excusing a pervert. suck it up franco, you’ve done shadier things in the past. much shadier. and you know it. hope you have it on your conscience biiiaattcch!

  57. 57
    Ew Says:

    Kinda creepy trying to pick up a 17 year old, especially after he asked her how old she was. A deadly combination of male and fame entitlement that makes him think he doesn’t need tact to bang ladies, and anyone would obviously just absolutely SWOON at the prospect of sucking his D so it’s acceptable to act like complete turds and basically demand sex or GTFO.

  58. 58
    Brick Says:

    @b!tch please: he is. he’s almost 36. i think it’s time for him to realize he’s not 16 anymore and he should get medical treatment. he’s weird all the way. he’s got little shittyyyy brown eyes and a dumb face. he’s ugly.

  59. 59
    carter Says:

    @Ew: i’m telling you he’s a pedophile. look at his fantasy film he made with young teenage boys raping another boy. if you guys only knew.

  60. 60
    Yesterday Says:

    He thinks he’s so incredible because he’s famous. but he’s just an ordinary prick. I hope they booooooo him in broadway! fvcking jerk!

  61. 61
    wonderland Says:

    i agree he is full of bs and you are right that he is insecure
    he’s lazy too

  62. 62
    james is dull Says:

    he’s a boring bump on a log

  63. 63
    color me surprised Says:

    James Franco is a freaking creep. When he was teaching at NYU Tisch he was absolutely infamous for trying to pick up 17 year-old undergrads. He liked to frequent the NYU and Columbia campuses to pick up on Freshman girls at parties. He hasn’t changed. And in case you are wondering, yes, Palo Alto is a movie based on a book wriiten by James Franco. Even more creepy.

  64. 64
    Brasileira Says:

    I do not understand anything. I do not know what happens to the famous, are very eccentric. If James was not famous and rich, would propose a challenge. Would give good fun and a good story to tell.

  65. 65
    Rusty Says:

    Franco is really a mediocre talent that has coasted by on his looks and celebrity for years. The guy sleeps through classes and pretends to be a scholar. He got an NYU professor fired for giving him a ‘D’ because he missed 12 of 14 classes. There’s not much to like about him, and from a distance if he looks like a douchebag no one should be surprised if he acts like one up close.–aCNQBXoX–/c_fit,w_320/663583506754377360.jpg

  66. 66
    drats Says:

    Methinks he’s been with women younger than 17. I don’t get him. He’s aging badly.

  67. 67
    conflicted Says:

    I’d still bang him.

  68. 68
    female moviegoer Says:


    # 30
    “I really wish female moviegoers would stop supporting these men: Franco, Depp, Dicaprio, Butler, etc” (and I’m afraid the list goes on and on..)

    Yes… plain and simple

  69. 69
    Well, well, well Says:

    Another day, another fùcking creep I’ll never give my money to again.
    Franco should consider moving to Germany, where the age of consent is 14.

  70. 70
    frank Says:

    She is looking for her 5 minutes of fame.

    I find more creepy what she did.

  71. 71
    idk Says:

    Franco is dumb enough to think this could have been a funny April Fool’s joke, smartish enough to think it’s some sort of “project” or “statement” related to his work (perhaps his upcoming film Palo Alto?), or bored enough while starring on Broadway to try and bag teenagers on Instagram. To me, the whole thing reeks of bullshit. But in a post-LaBeouf world, I no longer know what to believe.
    Anyway, that’s a very rough-looking 35 James Franco on those selfies… Maybe he was trying to turn Lucy’s blood into a youthful elixir that would freshen him up a bit?

  72. 72
    Lena Says:


    Yeah, isn’t it interesting how everyone forgets Brad Pitt and Juliet Lewis, now that everyone worships Brangelina? How quickly folks forgive and forget. You are so right to bring that up. Brad Pitt is a pig too.


  73. 73
    Drats Says:

    @Rusty: He’s aging REALLY badly. He looks 45, not 35.

    Whereas Brad Pitt at 50 looks better than ever.

  74. 74
    lol Says:

    “Tomorrow or Thursday?”
    “Ok be well.
    The best parts are his semi-annoyed, lonely replies, this sort of closing of the awkward curtain, because she hasn’t responded yet. Love this girl.

  75. 75
    niagirl Says:

    @Conflicted: I would too, but at 23 I too old for THESE dudes. Right Paul, James, Jeff, Leo, Woody, Bradley, Jamie, Joaquim, Ryan, Marc,Liam,Ian, and others. Dakota Fanning bf has been around since she was barely 18 and he’s 30+. Whenever they are on here people go ohhhhhh there so cute. Hypocrites.

  76. 76
    Rob Lowe Says:

    Pfffft. Amateur. Couldn’t even close the deal.

  77. 77
    Lena Says:


    Frank, what did she do that was creepy? String along a perv and out him? He didn’t ask her to dinner. He asked if he should rent a room. He was trying to turn a 17 year old girl into a “free” hooker. You take dates to dinner. Hookers to hotel rooms. She was clearly offended when she called him “dodgy.”. And she gave him clues to what she was doing by the April Fools comment. Just because he is dumb doesn’t make her actions creepy.

    To me it looks like his intent was to use her and discard her. And because he was a celebrity, he assumed any girl would jump at the chance to offer herself up in sacrifice for his consumption, be grateful, and then cheerfully just fade away after being used and discarded.

    He thought wrong. LOL.


  78. 78
    huh Says:

    I thought Franco liked boys? I guess he’s up for anything these days.

  79. 79
    Lena Says:

    @Rob Lowe:



  80. 80
    female moviegoer Says:

    @Rob Lowe:

    Rather smart indeed!

  81. 81
    Lola Says:

    Anyone spotted his dirty fingernails? Dreamboat right there.

  82. 82
    boyfriend Says:

    he’s a loser, he sucks at what he does. that’s it. he’s a douche.

  83. 83
    fo' real Says:

    “What do you mean #?”

    Oh, kids these days.
    She couldn’t figure out why he wanted a hashtag. #youdumbgirl

  84. 84
    #76 Says:

    @Rob Lowe: HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  85. 85
    You win! Says:

    @Rob Lowe:

  86. 86
    Lena Says:


    You said:

    It’s not illegal. In New York, a 17 year old can legally consent.

    Is that the standard now? As long as it’s not illegal, it’s fine? I think the point is that the guy was using his celebrity status to try to get a 17 year old girl to go with him (not to dinner) but to a hotel (presumably for se/x and not a passionate game of monopoly). He knew she was leaving town, and was a minor.

    So, he was basically trying to use a minor child for sex, and throw her away. She didn’t bite, she called him out, and exposed him. That’s what you get for playing with kids, Franco.

    No one is trying to arrest the pig. We’re just ridiculing the b/stard.


  87. 87
    Elodieee Says:

    I love it how people keep saying “’s legal” as an argument to shrug off a celeb’s nasty behaviour as something being legal make it any less morally questionable….

  88. 88
    ready Says:

    @Elodieee: i agree a 100%. glas to see some people still have a head on their shoulders. it’s not the first time franco does something like that, he’s done worst.

  89. 89
    Name it Says:

    What kind of 36 year old man tries to pick up a 17 year old? yuk.

  90. 90
    miles Says:

    “What kind of 36 year old man tries to pick up a 17 year old? yuk”
    well, the same kind of 25 years old guys that hang out with 15 years old girls

  91. 91
    Perso Says:

    The only time we hear about that jerk is when he talks about porno, the gay rumors or his pedophile ways. wrinkled idiot!

  92. 92
    Perso Says:

    @miles: He’s 36!!!!! hellooo!!!!!!!

  93. 93
    Burn Says:

    Why am I not surprised? everything that loser does is dumb. do you know anything about morality james?

  94. 94
    Karma Says:

    One word: perdophile

  95. 95
    Karma Says:

    PEDOPHILE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. 96
    Sarkov Says:

    His mother must be sooo proud of him! hahhahahahahhahahaah!

  97. 97


  98. 98
    Zorro Says:

    @TRUTH WILL BE TOLD: Oh my god, it’s true, I remember reading that. Well, it shows that deep down inside he knows it’s wrong….He’s weird.

  99. 99
    Zorro Says:

    @Karma: i have to agree with you on that. you know he’s done some weird things behind the scene.

  100. 100
    Nina Says:

    James likes to have girls’s virginities.

  101. 101
    Turtle Says:

    Knew it! knew it! he abuses people, always has. and he sucked at the oscars, those are the two things he will be remembered for…

  102. 102
    miles Says:

    @Perso: now he’s 36, but once..

  103. 103
    pato Says:

    @Zorro: what weird things behind the scene?

  104. 104
    Franco who? Says:

    Another creepy pedo. What a jerk. No wonder most of these clods never marry or have steadies. Boycotting.

  105. 105
    Toiletfranco Says:

    He’s bisexual and he’s a creep.

  106. 106
    Ana Says:

    Why should anyone be surprised by this. A 17 or 18 year difference…..To half of the Hollywood men this is a dating requirement. Look at Bradley and Suki 17 years, Jason and Rosie 20 years, Leo and Toni 18 years, George Clooney, Gerard Butler, and many more. Even look at Paul Walker may he rest in peace, he was also dating a girl who was underage and he was a lot older than her. It is amazing that in their celebrity world it is all okay and I am sure this one will be swept away also. In non celebrity world dating someone so much younger would be considered very strange.

  107. 107
    Pute Says:

    @Ana: listen a guy close to his 40s trying to bang a 17 year old is fvcking nasty. if a guy who is 40 dates a 27 year old ok. But when she’s barely legal and still in high school? do you have to learn about not following the crowd like a sheep and think this kind of thing is ok? creepy all the way and wrong. he even send a 15 year old girl a video of him telling her to masturbate to this video of him, throwing his tongue out. not funny at all. this kind of thing shows how he is.

  108. 108
    One Says:

    he’s not even good looking. fame transforms the view we have of people.

  109. 109
    Ana Says:

    @Pute I did not say it was right at all. I think it is gross but, really she is almost 18 there really no difference with that compared to Leo dating a girl when she is 19 and all the others when they are that young. Someone who has class in Hollywood really needs to call all the men on preying on young girls. It seems that young girls are a prerequisite for these actors on dating, even Johnny Depp could not say “shes a great woman” when talking about his fiance, he had to say “she is a great girl”. Why can’t there be more stand up men like Ben Affleck and Matt Damon?

  110. 110
    Qt Says:

    He’s such a *****!

  111. 111
    mansion Says:


  112. 112
    allison Says:

    Wonder why he does not do the Leo DiCaprio/Bradley Cooper route and date a young model.

  113. 113
    mansion Says:

    @allison: what a smart thing you just thought about! Not!

  114. 114
    VIC Says:

    James watches kiddie porn.

  115. 115
    Break Says:

    He’s gross , treats people like a piece of meat.

  116. 116
    Amy Says:


    Ahahahaha! Ben Affleck? LOL. He cheats on Jennifer all the time.

  117. 117
    Car Says:

    OOOH james must me so happy, people are talking about him! He loves the attention so much. needs it, feeds off it. whatever the subject matter he’s just so proud to have his name up there. congrats james, that’s what you wanted, you got it!

  118. 118
    SickHWactorsbrigade Says:

    I can’t stand these phuckking HW perverts. Just because loads of HW arseholes think it’s perfectly acceptable to chase down barely legals, it doesn’t make it right…get some perspective sicko enablers like Roberta.

    Honestly, the media should really start calling out phuckking middle aged and old creeps like Cooper, DiCaprio, Butler, Franco, Woods, Leto, Pheonix, Allen…jeez the list just goes on and on and on. What the ***** is wrong with them? What makes them so sick in the head? Whycan’t they hook up with hot women their own age? oh I know why… because hot women around their age aren’t as easy to control.

    These aren’t proper men, they are just feeble excuses for men. They are so pathetic they have to resort to being hardcore perverts and sexual predators of barely legals because only they can make them feel like men. How utterly pathetic is that. These sick twisted aberrations of the male species will never have what they really want, and it’s not money or fame, it’s respect from real men, because real men won’t want them sliming around their teenage sons and daughters.

    Let’s be honest most men think acting is a wimpy, weak, childish, vain, cowardly pursuit. Something that individuals do because they can’t hack the rigours of real life and hold down a proper job and the likes of Cooper, Dicaprio, Franco and Butler are doing absolutely nothing to dispel that image.

  119. 119
    reality Says:

    @SickHWactorsbrigade: Thank you for your message. share your opinion. I think it’s wrong and disturbing.

  120. 120
    ????? Says:

    Are there any real men in Hollywood? Or are they all pervs with good PR?

  121. 121
    Nope Says:

    @?????: pervs with good PR.

  122. 122
    Marcella Says:

    Both were wrong. You should not explain to anyone, it belongs to your personal and non-working life. Let those who want to talk, judge, criticize … it will not change who you are or how you act. Was consensual and happened between four walls. Just need to have a little more sense. She’s not a helpless child, knew very well what he was doing.

  123. 123
    Richie Says:

    @Marcella: shut the fvck up! try and find lame immature excuses like that. Get some brain cells biaaatch. And Franco, get yourself some talent, it’s kind of pathetic. Your work sucks to a horrible level. Your money will never turn you into the artist you hope to be!

  124. 124
    Lena Says:


    Interesting you say she was not a helpless child. So, what is the age of majority in New York? Not age for sexual consent. I’m talking when she can contract for herself, sue on her own behalf, etc. 18? So, say he goes to the hotel and hurts her. And, the DA does not press charges. If she was 17, and not considered an “adult” in New York, could she sue James on her own behalf? Can minors contract for cars on their own? Get rental apartments or bind themselves legally? If she needed her parents assistance to do those things, why is he asking her, a complete stranger, who is a minor child in a foreign country to come with him to a hotel room?

    I think whether it was consensual is not the point. I think it is his “predatory” vibe…. The point is that he did not ask this minor girl to dinner and a movie. He did not ask her parents, who are her guardians until 18. He knew she was leaving and going home, and the only thing he asked from her was to meet him in a “hotel” room most likely for se/x only. It only shows that he’s a disrespectful jerk that has no problem messing with minors. Pretty gross.

  125. 125
    Marcella Says:

    @Richie @ Lena — Hello , first let’s try to maintain a dialogue without offending words . We have different opinions , but I respect that. I did not say the james was not to blame , said that both were wrong . I am Brazilian , unfortunately here in Brazil is 18 years of age . Where were her parents? Now, where are her parents to find out what happened ? Let me tell you two things that happened to me . When I was 16, my history teacher of 24 years began to harass me . At the time my friends encouraged me , but I did not . First because I wrongly loving relationship of student and teacher . Second, I have always respected my time . The day I followed the advice of friends , I experienced an attempted rape . The worst thing is you have no choice . Not be consensual . Third , what he had to offer me I did not feel prepared to experience and what I had to offer , surely , would not be enough for him . I introduced my older sister to him , the two dated for almost 2 years. I developed a friendship , and I earned his respect . I will now turn to another situation : a friend of my sister was 17 and dating a 19 year old , when they finished she got angry and accused him of rape. Being a minor, he was tried and luckily he was not arrested . But it was an awkward position , it just was not arrested because the parents of this girl , the court argued that the two dated with their permission and refused to pursue the prosecution . Do you think it right? The james and this girl talked for wanted . When he proposed a room because she did not defend himself and refused ? Why take it public? Do not know much about James Franco ‘s work , admire some of his works , I think he talented. Of course , it would be better if he had a more balanced life . Slightly more than judgment. But who am I to judge ? These celebrities have a different view of our rhythm of life different life. principles and different values ​​. At the time when I refused my teacher was not thinking about age imposed by law . But because of my family values ​​and principles . Thank God , I have always had a wonderful education. With unquestionable values ​​. After the attempted rape , never allowed out of my principles . This girl surely fan james knew his age . Where the principles of it ? What she did expose was wrong. Respect the opinions of you . But that’s my opinion . I do a lot of volunteer work in support groups , know several delicate stories . It is not always what it seems. The 17 year old , you know what to do . Aware of their actions and know that for every choice has a consequence ( good or bad ) . The private life of an artist was not to be judged , they have a right to privacy and respect. The professional life so this can be judged . If he put this event on film and encouraged , that would be wrong and subject to judgment . But no, he has the same desire qualuqre of us . Also entitled to make mistakes . When he went to the program and apologized for the event , it was not his obligation . He could just say no comment . But he spoke and said he learned his lesson . Let us respect , if put in his place . You certainly would feel uncomfortable seeing an error in judgment of you exposed for the world to see and judge and having to apologize and worse , admit that it was true and what was wrong . If he commits the same mistake again , so he judge. But not at first. If you admire him as an actor , director , writer … okay . We have the right to choose who they admire. But do not judge as a person , you do not know him as a person but professional . Every story has two sides . We all have glass roof . We all make mistakes .

  126. 126
    Bong Says:

    @Marcella: Defend his case like that? hmmm, fishy. I think he has no values or respect. I don’t think highly of him. If he didn’t get caught he would not feel bad at all. I would be surprised he’s learned anything; if he tries to screw a teenager in a hotel, he’s attracted to that type of stuff. it’s completely irresponsible of him.

  127. 127
    Marcella Says:

    @Bong: I’m judging the case occurred. Not what could happen. The future does not belong to us. It was a consensual conversation. If she had gone to the hotel to meet up with him, would have been her decision. A 17 year old, knows what he does. I think this wrong exposure. Of course, he could look like a woman with his age. But she also could have avoided this conversation, she knows that a man like james would not chat and stroll holding hands. Even I, who have 31 years’m afraid james. Surely, our values ​​are different and what it has to offer me, would not be comfortable accepting. I’m too modest for a liberal man like james. Opposite worlds.

  128. 128
    Marcella Says:

    @Bong: If it is to judge, have to judge them and her parents. He going to be behind a 17 year old, and she does not have limits for indoors.

  129. 129
    Bunch Says:

    @Marcella: you have no moral compass. he’s protected because he’s rich. if he had done anything with her he would go to jail. get your facts straight and get a head on your shoulders. stop being so invested in this and get a brain.

  130. 130
    Sheilla Says:

    @Marcella: if he had actually done something with that girl, he would get probabtion. A normal non rich and non famous person would go to prison and then be thrown on the sex offender list.

  131. 131
    Marcella Says:

    @Bunch: You do not know me and judge me ? If you knew me , you would not tell with certainty that I have no moral compass . I have values ​​and principles . If you knew me , you’d know that . I am judging the situation . Not involved , whether they are famous , rich , perverted … I do not know the life of either . I know nothing of the life of james franco , just a little professional . My opinion is not formed under the effects of media , I have my own opinion . I was raised not by television and the internet , but for books and everyday examples . The situation is as follows : a consensual conversation. accepted by both parties . Indecent Proposal ? he gave the option of choice : rent or not rent a room . You know what her response was ? You know what was her intention ? You know why she took this conversation public? You ‘re judging a person you dislike , but you do not know . I study the facts . The exposed situation. The fact presented . Not what could have happened .

  132. 132
    Brunch Says:

    @Marcella: there are more perverts than I thought. It’s not worth it to talk with you. Keep thinking that way you’re going nowhere with what you say.

  133. 133
    Lena Says:


    Marcellla, you lost me at you ADMIRE him and He “learned his lesson.”. James Franco learned HIS lesson? Why? When not even you, a self professed victim, don’t see harm in his actions and blame the minor kid. Think this was the FIRST time he did this? Doubtful. FIRST time he got caught? Possibly. He’ll just be more careful next time. Go younger and easier to control perhaps? And someone here said he abused his professor position to troll for young girls too, is that correct? If so, another breach of trust with control elements?

    And, imo, it’s the mentality of folks like you that give guys like Charlie Sheen an excuse to advocate for prostitution. “Oh regular women aren’t discreet… blah blah blah” as HE announces it to the world. Guys like him use their positions of “media dominance” to rub in the faces of every decent woman, the message that women are throw away garbage to be defiled, preyed upon when they are young, innocent and naive, used for sex, and then just discarded.

    If you cannot see the harmful effects that having a growing group of celebrity men who are constantly in the spotlight, praised, and pushed in our faces, sending that message to all young women out there, then you are sad indeed. What was it that Charlie Sheen said? “I don’t pay them to sleep with me, I pay them to leave afterwards.”? Something like that. Pig. Why does that misogynistic a$$hole still get media coverage to freely teach his vile message of degradation against women? That guy is disgusting. I honestly don’t see how ANYONE can stomach watching his gross face on the screen after him revealing himself to be such a subhuman lowlife.

    As far as James Franco goes, I understand confidentiality and privacy. In my profession, I’m bound by strict rules of client confidentiality, and in my personal life, outside the protection of anonymity of the internet, where people know my REAL name, people never know who or if I’m even dating, not just because I am a private person (we all are) but b/c I am protective of myself and my lover, and I’m not interested in letting outsiders in to interfere and cause trouble. I don’t even tell my friends or family unless it’s serious. Unusual, yes, but the way I am. And when it’s over, why kiss and tell? So people who don’t care about you can judge your failures and feel superior?..No thanks. And revenge is futile and childish (helllooooo?…young girl? Childish? Outing James? What did he expect?)

    But, when a guy like James Franco has been BLESSED with fame and fortune and notoriety, and hence has been entrusted with power through his limitless access to press and media which he can use to sway public opinion, then he owes the public a DUTY to treat that power with respect and not abuse his celebrity status to act out his perverted fantasies leaving destruction in his wake.

    Distilled, the gross act of James Franco was this: He used his fame and status to get access to girls, in this case a minor. This girl was a foreigner only in town briefly. He chose her presumably because she LACKED POWER. He could have found a 30 year old NY native who knew her way around town for a one night stand. But he didn’t. He trolled and preyed upon a “minor” in a very big strange city, who didn’t know her way around. If he decided to “get rough” with her and start choking her during sex like Jared Leto’s groupies report he’s done, then James Franco knew due to her age, and b/c she didn’t know her way around, he could have better CONTROL over her, thereby helping him to be able to abuse freely if that was his intent.

    From his statement asking if he should “rent a room,” it is doubtful he intended to respect her, show her NY, take her to dinner, and get to know her. His communication to me (in my opinion) was this: “Hey, kid, I’m a big Hollywood actor. Do you want the chance to come and f/ck me for a couple of hours? I need to get my rocks off tonight, and I don’t want the hassle of any b/tch that will think I’ll ever talk to her again, and I’m too cheap for a hoo/ker, and besides, I like that you’re real young and are a foreigner. Gets me hot, cause I like my throwaway p/ssy easily CONTROLLABLE. What do you say? Want the privilege of being treated like garbage by me?”

    This girl had NO DUTY to keep his privacy when he was being so incredibly offensive to her. I, as an older mature adult woman, would have not aired it because, adult experienced women tend to handle things more discreetly than teenage girls (generally)….DUH! And he wouldn’t be worth my time after “should I rent a room” anyway. But, that’s what he gets for messin’ with kids. That’s what they do. That’s a benefit of age appropriate women (in general). He got burned and he deserved it in my opinion.

  134. 134
    Marcella Says:

    @Lena: I learned one thing in my life . When you point the finger at a person , look at your hand and you ‘ll see she has three fingers pointed at you . I do not put myself as a victim , I was wrong too. To work in the artistic medium can not be 100 % integrate . Could not handle so many promiscuous , liberal , eccentric , egocentric people , freedom without limits …. If he treats women as disposable objects is because they allow . Women need to learn to get you respect . No matter who he is or is so rich , would not be treated that way. Because I respect myself , I’m not a woman one night only . I am a woman of commitment. For men respect you you have to learn to respect . Never be groupie . Do not go and tell. Respect and love my privacy and the man who is jared leto comigo.O that makes between four walls , only concerns him . Yes , he should take as artrista space in the media to give good examples and try to improve the world . Repay it receives. But do not forget that he is a person like any other , has the right to make mistakes . Do not forget that life is a karma , what goes around comes around . At some point he will be confronted by every thing he did . No need to judge the living snake. I respect your opinion, but this is my opinion . If he uses his fame to consgeuir women can be sure that women who have come out with him , just because he’s famous. Not for what it is but by what it has to offer as famous. I feel sorry for James , he seems lost . Looking for help . Have good examples , good family values ​​. He has fame, money but apparently does not have happiness and peace of mind . The most important things money can not buy and fame not conquer .

  135. 135
    Jump Says:

    He’s just gross and should learn how to behave himself. No excuse. it’s lame and wrong.

  136. 136
    Anonymous Says:

    Just because the age of consent is 17, that doesn’t make it any less disgusting. Is it legal in NY? Yes. Is it gross? Still yes….
    Im a young girl myself and am normally not that picky on age gaps, but come on! A person (male or female) who is in their late 20s or 30s or over should not be hitting on a teenager. There is actual proof that brain development continues until a person is their 20s. So no matter how mature a teenager may seem, they are still more vulnerable because certain parts of their brain that evaluate situations and risks are not fully developed yet. If this is real and not just some weird promotion for his new movie based on a similar topic, then he would have taken advantage of a young girl who is clearly too young for him. And before a few of the sleazy males start to sprout some idea about how evolution dictates that men are attracted to youth, its important to look at all the evolutionary arguments. First of all, a lot of that stuff is based on theory only. Secondly, the same theories also state that women are sexually MORE attracted to younger men because while men don’t go through menopause in their 50s, they do experience a decline in their spe rm count and fertility each year for the rest of their life after age 30. This means that younger men are more fertile, have higher chances of getting a woman pregnant and also have healthier babies. In caveman times, sexual reproduction was more competitive for men because women were pickier and could selected younger males for breeding and older males for support. So the main reason for them going after an older male was social and economic pressure. But the world has changed. These days age gaps are statistically smaller and there is less social and economic pressure on women. That doesn’t mean that big age gaps are always wrong. These days there are still couples where one partner is much older, but this occurs less and its not ok for it to occur with a high school student!

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