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James Franco Allegedly Asks 17-Year-Old Girl to Meet at Hotel - Find Out James' Response to the Controversy

James Franco Allegedly Asks 17-Year-Old Girl to Meet at Hotel - Find Out James' Response to the Controversy

A conversation between actor James Franco and a 17-year-old Scottish teen Lucy Clode has been leaked on the Internet, and from the text, it appears as if he propositioned her to meet up at a hotel.

If the texts are to be believed, James and Lucy first encountered each other outside the stage door of his play Of Mice & Men. They later spoke via Instagram, where he asked her relationship status and if she wants to get a hotel room.

Lucy posted video and photos on her Instagram, and James does audibly ask to be tagged in the selfie with her.

“I’M NOT! I HOPE PARENTS KEEP THEIR TEENS AWAY FROM ME. Thank you” James said in response on his Twitter.

It should be noted that James has a movie coming out called Palo Alto which has been based on his own stories about a high school teacher who has a relationship with a student. We can only wonder if this is an elaborate promo for the film.

Click inside to read the alleged texts of James and Lucy‘s exchange…

Franco: Hi

Clode: hi

Franco: Where do you live?

Franco: NYC?

Clode: Scotland

Clode: In a small town called Dollar

Franco: How long will you be in New York?

Clode: Oops sorry, um a few days it’s my 18th birthday present

Franco: You’re 18?

Franco: Who are you with?

Franco: Do you have a bf?

Clode: Nearly 18, my mum and not if you’re around

Franco: When is your bday?

Franco: Where are you staying?

Franco: What’s your #?

Clode: In May but I have exams then, just off of Times Square in Hilton, what do you mean #?

Then later, had another conversation:

Franco: Can I see you?

Clode: As long as you are james Franco

Franco: I am

Franco: You’re single?

Franco: What’s the hotel?

Franco: Should I rent a room?

Clode: April fools was an hour ago though…

The Your Highness star then shared what appears to be a selfie.

Franco: It’s me

Franco: Yes or no?

Franco: Tomorrow or thurs?

Franco: Ok

Franco: Be well

Franco: X

Clode: I’ll come back when I’m 18

Franco: X

Clode: Well this is a story my Scottish friends will never believe

Franco: Don’t tell

Clode: I just want proper evidence that it’s you and I won’t

Franco: I gave it to you

Franco: If you don’t want to meet, then text me when you do.

Franco: Bye

Clode: You sound so dodgy though

Franco: Bye

Clode: One second, I will meet you if you write my name on a piece of paper then send it to me with your face also in the picture, please

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Credit: Instagram
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  • Yuk

    ewwww. wake up people, that guy has been addicted to teenagers, hardcore porn blablabla…he’s always making excuse for his “art” but he’s just a bad person who uses people and treats them like dirt. he’s been like this all along. those people should be banned and punished in society. can’t believe they act like this. gross, just gross. Pedophile james franco pedophile!

  • casa

    @Teenager: he’s a creep and a pedophile! i agree.

  • Hello

    you guys are idiots. this is a viral stunt for Palo Alto, his new movie. he’s an older teacher in the movie that has a relationship with an underraged student.

  • b!tch please

    @Hello: No way! Why would they use a Scottish teen vacationing with her mum in NYC for cheap promotion?
    Perv got played and caught for the whole world to see…. there are no excuses for what he did! He’s a middle-aged creep.

  • Boogie

    @Hello: stunt? media pr whatever, his brain cells are dead for doing it. he can’t grow old, he’s immature, and veryone knows he’s a pervert. he got into yale because he’s an actor. he sucks at art and writing. he talks a lot but the bottom line is, he’s full of BS because he’s insecure.

  • 88888

    @Hello: shut up! what a weak statement , stop excusing a pervert. suck it up franco, you’ve done shadier things in the past. much shadier. and you know it. hope you have it on your conscience biiiaattcch!

  • Ew

    Kinda creepy trying to pick up a 17 year old, especially after he asked her how old she was. A deadly combination of male and fame entitlement that makes him think he doesn’t need tact to bang ladies, and anyone would obviously just absolutely SWOON at the prospect of sucking his D so it’s acceptable to act like complete turds and basically demand sex or GTFO.

  • Brick

    @b!tch please: he is. he’s almost 36. i think it’s time for him to realize he’s not 16 anymore and he should get medical treatment. he’s weird all the way. he’s got little shittyyyy brown eyes and a dumb face. he’s ugly.

  • carter

    @Ew: i’m telling you he’s a pedophile. look at his fantasy film he made with young teenage boys raping another boy. if you guys only knew.

  • Yesterday

    He thinks he’s so incredible because he’s famous. but he’s just an ordinary prick. I hope they booooooo him in broadway! fvcking jerk!

  • wonderland

    i agree he is full of bs and you are right that he is insecure
    he’s lazy too

  • james is dull

    he’s a boring bump on a log

  • color me surprised

    James Franco is a freaking creep. When he was teaching at NYU Tisch he was absolutely infamous for trying to pick up 17 year-old undergrads. He liked to frequent the NYU and Columbia campuses to pick up on Freshman girls at parties. He hasn’t changed. And in case you are wondering, yes, Palo Alto is a movie based on a book wriiten by James Franco. Even more creepy.

  • Brasileira

    I do not understand anything. I do not know what happens to the famous, are very eccentric. If James was not famous and rich, would propose a challenge. Would give good fun and a good story to tell.

  • Rusty

    Franco is really a mediocre talent that has coasted by on his looks and celebrity for years. The guy sleeps through classes and pretends to be a scholar. He got an NYU professor fired for giving him a ‘D’ because he missed 12 of 14 classes. There’s not much to like about him, and from a distance if he looks like a douchebag no one should be surprised if he acts like one up close.–aCNQBXoX–/c_fit,w_320/663583506754377360.jpg

  • drats

    Methinks he’s been with women younger than 17. I don’t get him. He’s aging badly.

  • conflicted

    I’d still bang him.

  • female moviegoer


    # 30
    “I really wish female moviegoers would stop supporting these men: Franco, Depp, Dicaprio, Butler, etc” (and I’m afraid the list goes on and on..)

    Yes… plain and simple

  • Well, well, well

    Another day, another fùcking creep I’ll never give my money to again.
    Franco should consider moving to Germany, where the age of consent is 14.

  • frank

    She is looking for her 5 minutes of fame.

    I find more creepy what she did.

  • idk

    Franco is dumb enough to think this could have been a funny April Fool’s joke, smartish enough to think it’s some sort of “project” or “statement” related to his work (perhaps his upcoming film Palo Alto?), or bored enough while starring on Broadway to try and bag teenagers on Instagram. To me, the whole thing reeks of bullshit. But in a post-LaBeouf world, I no longer know what to believe.
    Anyway, that’s a very rough-looking 35 James Franco on those selfies… Maybe he was trying to turn Lucy’s blood into a youthful elixir that would freshen him up a bit?

  • Lena


    Yeah, isn’t it interesting how everyone forgets Brad Pitt and Juliet Lewis, now that everyone worships Brangelina? How quickly folks forgive and forget. You are so right to bring that up. Brad Pitt is a pig too.


  • Drats

    @Rusty: He’s aging REALLY badly. He looks 45, not 35.

    Whereas Brad Pitt at 50 looks better than ever.

  • lol

    “Tomorrow or Thursday?”
    “Ok be well.
    The best parts are his semi-annoyed, lonely replies, this sort of closing of the awkward curtain, because she hasn’t responded yet. Love this girl.

  • niagirl

    @Conflicted: I would too, but at 23 I too old for THESE dudes. Right Paul, James, Jeff, Leo, Woody, Bradley, Jamie, Joaquim, Ryan, Marc,Liam,Ian, and others. Dakota Fanning bf has been around since she was barely 18 and he’s 30+. Whenever they are on here people go ohhhhhh there so cute. Hypocrites.

  • Rob Lowe

    Pfffft. Amateur. Couldn’t even close the deal.

  • Lena


    Frank, what did she do that was creepy? String along a perv and out him? He didn’t ask her to dinner. He asked if he should rent a room. He was trying to turn a 17 year old girl into a “free” hooker. You take dates to dinner. Hookers to hotel rooms. She was clearly offended when she called him “dodgy.”. And she gave him clues to what she was doing by the April Fools comment. Just because he is dumb doesn’t make her actions creepy.

    To me it looks like his intent was to use her and discard her. And because he was a celebrity, he assumed any girl would jump at the chance to offer herself up in sacrifice for his consumption, be grateful, and then cheerfully just fade away after being used and discarded.

    He thought wrong. LOL.


  • huh

    I thought Franco liked boys? I guess he’s up for anything these days.

  • Lena

    @Rob Lowe:



  • female moviegoer

    @Rob Lowe:

    Rather smart indeed!

  • Lola

    Anyone spotted his dirty fingernails? Dreamboat right there.

  • boyfriend

    he’s a loser, he sucks at what he does. that’s it. he’s a douche.

  • fo’ real

    “What do you mean #?”

    Oh, kids these days.
    She couldn’t figure out why he wanted a hashtag. #youdumbgirl

  • #76

    @Rob Lowe: HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • You win!
  • Lena


    You said:

    It’s not illegal. In New York, a 17 year old can legally consent.

    Is that the standard now? As long as it’s not illegal, it’s fine? I think the point is that the guy was using his celebrity status to try to get a 17 year old girl to go with him (not to dinner) but to a hotel (presumably for se/x and not a passionate game of monopoly). He knew she was leaving town, and was a minor.

    So, he was basically trying to use a minor child for sex, and throw her away. She didn’t bite, she called him out, and exposed him. That’s what you get for playing with kids, Franco.

    No one is trying to arrest the pig. We’re just ridiculing the b/stard.


  • Elodieee

    I love it how people keep saying “’s legal” as an argument to shrug off a celeb’s nasty behaviour as something being legal make it any less morally questionable….

  • ready

    @Elodieee: i agree a 100%. glas to see some people still have a head on their shoulders. it’s not the first time franco does something like that, he’s done worst.

  • Name it

    What kind of 36 year old man tries to pick up a 17 year old? yuk.

  • miles

    “What kind of 36 year old man tries to pick up a 17 year old? yuk”
    well, the same kind of 25 years old guys that hang out with 15 years old girls

  • Perso

    The only time we hear about that jerk is when he talks about porno, the gay rumors or his pedophile ways. wrinkled idiot!

  • Perso

    @miles: He’s 36!!!!! hellooo!!!!!!!

  • Burn

    Why am I not surprised? everything that loser does is dumb. do you know anything about morality james?

  • Karma

    One word: perdophile

  • Karma

    PEDOPHILE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarkov

    His mother must be sooo proud of him! hahhahahahahhahahaah!



  • Zorro

    @TRUTH WILL BE TOLD: Oh my god, it’s true, I remember reading that. Well, it shows that deep down inside he knows it’s wrong….He’s weird.

  • Zorro

    @Karma: i have to agree with you on that. you know he’s done some weird things behind the scene.

  • Nina

    James likes to have girls’s virginities.