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Jennifer Aniston's 'Cake' Begins Filming, Starts at a Cemetery

Jennifer Aniston's 'Cake' Begins Filming, Starts at a Cemetery

Jennifer Aniston wears some comfy attire while waiting to film for her upcoming movie Cake on Thursday (April 3) in Los Angeles.

The 45-year-old actress filmed in a cemetery that afternoon for the indie flick set to be released next year!

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Cake is about a grieving mother suffering from chronic pain in the aftermath of a fatal car accident who finds an unlikely source of inspiration. Anna Kendrick and Sam Worthington recently joined the cast.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston filming in a grave yard for Cake

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jennifer aniston begins filming cake in a grave yard 01
jennifer aniston begins filming cake in a grave yard 02
jennifer aniston begins filming cake in a grave yard 03
jennifer aniston begins filming cake in a grave yard 04
jennifer aniston begins filming cake in a grave yard 05
jennifer aniston begins filming cake in a grave yard 06
jennifer aniston begins filming cake in a grave yard 07
jennifer aniston begins filming cake in a grave yard 08
jennifer aniston begins filming cake in a grave yard 09
jennifer aniston begins filming cake in a grave yard 10
jennifer aniston begins filming cake in a grave yard 11
jennifer aniston begins filming cake in a grave yard 12
jennifer aniston begins filming cake in a grave yard 13
jennifer aniston begins filming cake in a grave yard 14
jennifer aniston begins filming cake in a grave yard 15
jennifer aniston begins filming cake in a grave yard 16
jennifer aniston begins filming cake in a grave yard 17

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  • http://JustJared Jan

    @: I wonder what people will say about you when you get old? Karma will bite you. Allow people to age, will you? She looks amazing for 45!

  • http://JustJared Jan

    @JustinWantsaBlackWoman: Ease up there….wow…vile tongue when you don’t get your own way huh?

  • missy

    Another Aniston movie for the shelf, before you know it there’s going to be a warehouse of low budget bombs with her dedicated just to her.

  • Akari

    She is good comedic actress but she is not versatile.

  • missy

    @Jack S.: The ratings always drop around the time the movie is about to premiere. Also, a 78% with only 10 reviews is kind of sad. I’ve seen worse movies receive a higher score during the early stages…

    What happened, usually even bombs have at least 50 or 60, of course A-Lister films get a couple hundred reviews, what does that say about LOC, it’s a disaster.

  • JustinWantsaBlackWoman

    @Jan: Is this your new alias, lol.

  • Jack S.

    Life of Crime has not been released yet… opens on Aug 29th. The 10 reviews that were posted on Rotten Tomatoes are from the Toronto International Film Festival last September. More to come after the film opens.

  • Jack S.


    You obviously don’t understand the business of film: release dates, film festivals, reviews etc etc etc.

  • Lies

    @Jack S.:
    Some of those 10 reviews are from others movies. No one talked about life of crime at TIFF and Aniston was never mentioned as one of the great performances seen nor was her movie mentioned. If the movie was a big hit with the critics people would be talking about it n even penciling in Aniston as a contender for an Oscar.
    Also what are your thoughts on justin allowing a stranger to grab his ass.

  • Interstellar

    That’s Sam Worthington filming with Aniston, JustJared! Your “reporting” leaves something to be desired.

  • Jack S.


    The Hollywood Reporter is a joke and cannot be compared to the likes of Variety which gave Jennifer a stellar review. Since the Hollywood Reporter changed hands 2 years ago, it has become just this side of tabloidism. THR has their favorites film personalities and they have those they don’t care for. Jennifer hasn’t been a fave of THR since changing hands.

  • Jack S.


    Read the reviews from Variety and the indiewire……great reviews for Life of Crime. The other reviews were unfortunately not for Life of Crime.

  • Joy B Angie

    My Jen is a terrible actress, she can’t move her face, her lips are frozen.
    This is a low budget movie, the wig is dreadful, the clothes are from The Salvation Army.
    Her salary will only pay for her make-up, she will have to make four movies to make a million this year.

  • Jack S.

    Normally I post under Dirk_Reese_Fan, Jennifer is making an Oscar baited movie, oops I lied, just checking to see if anyone was gullible to believe this nonsense.

  • Jack S.

    @Jack S.:

    WTF? You are a fake sir.!

  • Diana

    You might try posting about Jolie, Pitt, and their children, the Jolie-Pitts on threads about them. Isn’t time to let it all go? Hounding jennifer posts out of some strange fascination with a decade old relationship is seriously strange.

  • ummm

    Not much of a stretch from her normal homely self. She just don’t have a 5 layer cake of makeup on. Another boring movie to be used as a doorstop.

  • LettyB

    Don’t think it is much positive praise if the review refers back to her performance in her Friends days. Just points out that the highwater of her career was over 10 years ago on a TV show not in a film. She is a mediocre actress who lucked into a pot of gold in an ensemble TV show. She was one of six.

    She needed to have mapped out a career like CamDiaz who has been upfront and truthful as to not wanting or needing to be pitted as some symbol of a left behind wronged female celeb and CamD is a strong woman unafraid to say she does not particularly want kids.

    This film looks like so many other clones she has made in an futile effort to be a true film star. jmo

  • JustinWantsAFrontLaceWig

    @JustinWantsaBlackWoman: LOL at your moniker and for slapping the hypocritical jenhags who keep the hate going on every Brangelina site
    Time is almost up for oldladyjen No one wants to see her naked except 85yoa men with cataracts

  • Joy B Angie

    @Joy B Angie:
    Comment # 63 is FAKE
    and written by Jolie’s 5 years old fan.

  • Interstellar

    This is a Brangelina site?

  • Joy B Angie

    You have a cataracts of your head@LettyB:
    “She was one of six” -
    is it all you can say about the most successful TV show ?
    It’s like Marley & Me is a
    Go enjoy Jolie’s new fake breast, kid.

  • Awaiting m

    it’s enough to say
    something about the friendship
    between jolie’s brother_jason
    and_ the_ owner_of_this _site
    and your comment
    “is _awaiting_moderation”

  • well known kiss

    so called “awaitnig_moderation”
    your comment will disappear
    in a minute.

  • Heidi

    Might I ask why the zillion-aire Ms. Aniston resorted to a frenzied press promotion of a narration of a short ad about oats and Aveeno lotion? Her weight gain and Justin’s ability to make pasta? Is this something new in the world of advertisement? One would think Ms. Aniston would have lost her extra poundage while her man was spending all his time in NYC getting his rear felt up by various women, rekindling old friendships and grieving for lost friends while Ms. Aniston was in LA preparing for her narration of short advertisements and a whirlwind press junket about herself.

    Tsk, tsk. Ms. Aniston wonders why the tabloids talk about her, me thinks she loves it. Perhaps, she even pays for it.

  • Linda

    you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT !

  • Sure Heidi

    Jen has a PR team and she pays them -
    it’s a usual thing in the Hollywood.

  • Sure Heidi

    Some people
    like Jolie love to say they have no PR,
    but they have a team of well organized haters
    and use his team against other actresses.
    For example against Jen.

  • Joy B Angie

    of course !

  • Nox Van Dirk

    Jen’s hair is longer
    as I can see.
    I like her hair.

  • Stacey

    Wow, Jen really owns the JP loons. If she is really that old, ugly and talentless….why have you been hating on her for almost 10 years? She hasn’t mentioned your idols in years…yet her ex husband can’t shut up about her…they even went to sleep in her favourite hotel room…you all should let this go. And no, Aniston fans don’t care about the JP’s.

  • Elsie Whatson

    Loons are obsessed with Jen.
    Loons have a very own interest.
    Loons love to have seks between sister and brother.
    And to make a PR show from this.
    And than they try to make a look they are not perverts.
    They use even UN trademark to fix their image.
    They use celebrities_sites like this one
    to say you are talented kissing your own_brother,
    and you are “old” and “boring” if you don’t do it.

  • twpumpkin1031

    Great! Another movie with the No-talent Jennifer Aniston. Another bomb! When will Hollywood get it?

  • Cake lover

    Jen is very beautiful.

  • Davi

    Most of Anistons movies have made a profit. She wouldn’t still be getting jobs if she weren’t bringing in the money for studios. Her next project Mean Moms will be released in the summer on 2015 and will be carried by Jen and was greenlit on her name. People should do their research before coming here with their usual hate spewing.

  • Mandy

    The loons love the narrative of Jen being a loser. They want her movies to bomb and her fiance to dump her, because in their sick, twisted minds it makes Angelina look better. They want to prove that Brad and Angelina were justified in what they did. Let it go loons. The media is over it. Jen is happy with Justin and Angelina is happy with Brad. Now can you leave this woman alone?

  • norah

    how does jen “own” us ? really – what is so wonderful about her that one is so insecure
    - not a good actress at all – plays the same character over and over again
    talks about brad and her breakdown of marriage very often – not known for anything else – allows her pr and her bff chelsea handler to talk about brad’s kids – has gone through so many guys like kleenex – who all end up leaving her and moving on to other women – see vince vaughn etc who married someone else not too long after jen. what i see imo is a woman who has always been so needy and self absorbed and people are really quite fed up about – imo who only talks about hair and her holidays and is she pregnant etc? that ‘s all that is all she is – if she is so happy with justin thats great – i wish her well but he is no prize – either on the same standing as her financially or even professionally – if you contrast brad and angie with jennifer and justin – so obvious what the difference is- hit movie wwz oscar winner as producer – lots of films in production – interesting films – 6 children – family he always wanted – freedom to do things like furniture that jennifer always laughed about – wine making – make it right in new orleans and the fact that angie is a beautiful accomplished recognised lady – who is always a two time oscar winner – so talking about ” loons” is that we just feel so sorry for this woman who at 45 years old is just so out of brad’s league now . that she is reduced to doing indie films – and btw life of crime – one review said that the fact she was kidnapped and not seen throughout the movie made it more interesting – so i say that being a ” a loon ” is pretty cool right now at least better than being a jenhag – btw also there is no chelsea handler show either for jennifer to spew whatever she wants !! long live ” loons!!!


    “People who don’t like Jennifer Aniston get more and more pathetic as time goes on. I don’t really get it, she seems lovely enough, and she’s not the best actress alive, but she’s not terrible. Not every movie has been a hit, but some have. But you people, my goodness you are a vitriolic and pitiful lot. You say that all she can talk about is getting dumped by Brad Pitt to stay relevant, when I haven’t seen her mention it in YEARS and he has mentioned her in several interviews in the past few years. She wouldn’t even respond when asked about HIS talking about HER. You say that she’d never get a long term boyfriend, then you say she’d never get engaged, now it’s that she’ll never get married. You say she’ll never do anything but portray rachel-esque characters, but now she’s branching out into different roles (and getting rave reviews, in cases like Life of Crime) and you’re criticizing her for something different. If you don’t like her, say you don’t like her, that’s your opinion, but don’t come up with bogus reasons and then keep changing them. I’m sure you feel pretty satisfied with yourselves when you post comments calling people an ape, but my goodness, how miserable you all must be. It makes you look like the worst kind of person.”
    Bravo Keller!
    But i dont agree with you about one thing
    She is good actress- to play comedy demands talent

  • norah

    I don’t hate or dislike jennifer aniston honestly i used to like her in friends but the way she has conducted herself esp with chelsea handler – not cool at all – you can talk about brad and angie but why doent she call him out for cheating if she is so bothered about it why only angie ? if your husband walks away from the marriage with you esp when you yourself have said that there were problems even before he met angie – something fishy about all this – why attack angie and kids and let your friend chelsea speak about the kids like that – jennifer is a coward imo – if she wanted to directly attack her she sd have the guts to do so openly — using someone else like chelsea makes her look so cowardly and pathetic imo – i think we should realise that maybe jennifer aniston has had some issues with trust esp with men like her father etc maybe that;s why the neediness and insecurity can come in – no body talks about that aspect – because the universal theme of all her boyfriends is how needy jennifer is – john mayer, brad etc – if she has been in therapy for so many years something still isnt fixed which is sad honestly,

  • What a gutless wonder

    @Sure Heidi:
    And what that makes your fellow stalker who park theirs XXXXXXXL asses at the JPs threads 24/7 nine long years getting more and more pathetic bashing ..harassing ..abusing JPs their Family and their fans non stop.

  • Stacey

    Norah , you should let this go sweety. These are strangers and a divorce that happened almost a decade ago. I hate it when JP fans have to make up lies to make their idols look better. She has moved on. She made one comment about Brad and one about Angelina…”sensitivity chip” and “uncool”. I would not have had her restraint honestly, but that is all in the past. Chelsea Handler is a comedian, she has ragged on Jen in the past also. Are you responsible for everything your friends say? Comedians rag on celebs al the time, why must Angelina be excluded. She lost her freaking husband and before the ink was even dry on the divorce papers, he cavorted around the world with another woman and playing daddy to her child and adopting more kids with her and if that wasn’t enough, he got her pregnant. May you never have to go through such emotional abuse. If you ever loved someone you know, you wouldn’t just dismiss her feelings like that. Sure she was sad for a while, who the F wouldn’t be? She made two comments about your idols and then moved on.

  • Joy B Angie

    Why not to think Chelsea Handler has own interests
    in the friendship with JA ?
    JA is not guilt Chelsea has an own career.
    Chelsea’s occupation is making people laugh
    and she is responsible for the things she talks about.

  • Her face SO WIDEand HUGE

    The only way to disguise her humanggus chin is to pump all that Botox and filler on to that man face of her.

  • Stacey

    Also, Norah, why compare Brad to Justin. Jen is obviously happier with Justin than she ever was with Brad. Since when does a persons worth depend on Oscars and adopted kids? Does your man have an Oscar to his name, no? Well then he must be kicked to the curb according to that logic. Justin is a creative type, he writes, acts and directs. He does not go around chasing Oscars. That does not make him less of a man. He is younger than Pitt, and IMO way hotter, so good for Jen. Pitt has passed his good looking days and can only chase Oscars now. He also cheated on her, so that makes him an ass really, who wants a cheater?

  • Joy B Angie

    @Her face SO WIDEand HUGE:
    What the kind of filler exists in your brain ?

  • norah

    i think deep down most jenhags want jen to be back with brad – to be seen with him at oscars and other red carpet events and premieres – i think all her fans blame everyone like brad and angie etc instead of jennifer herself. that is the truest sign of insecurity when one attacks someone else because no way they can defend jennifer. honestly in her clothes, her choice of films her lifestyle – all is the same over the years – where is the change – same hair same hairdresser etc – same salad i mean really the woman seems tohave major issues – can you imagine going to the same place every single year or eating the same food etc – >> seems very odd. contrast her with every other actress in her age group – nicole kidman – sandra bullock – julia roberts – amy adams demi moore – julianne moore who is older than jennifer aniston – i mean these are all accomplished women who have won awards and are highly recognised for being talented actresses in every genre – comedies and dramatic roles alike – what has jennifer aniston done – she is doing rauchy roles which are so beneath her i mean really being a stripper??

  • Davi

    Loons should worry about the lies their idols spew. Firstly, Brad said he would retire at 50??????? They are still saying they don’t work at the same time, so what the hell happened the last few months? Angelina says Brad drives the kids to school. When do they attend school when they are on a plane every other week? Visiting circuses, amusement parks etc. when other kids are at school. Jen isn’t perfect, we as fans know that, but get a reality check about your idols jeez.

  • Stacey

    No Norah, that is what you loons want, for her to be pining over old grandpa, stinky, dirty , cheater Pitt. Her fans love Justin for her. Why won’t you address me refuting your lies? Typical loon, just fire back with some more lies. Why are you wasting your time on a celeb you hate, that is sickness. Also, what century do you live in that a woman needs a man to help her succeed. There is nothing wrong with her life. She has been in the industry for over 20 years and you don’t get to do that if you don’t have talent and business savvy. So no other actress have ever played a stripper? Her next role is far from raunchy. She is trying different things. Nobody has ever blamed Jolie/Pitt for anything, so don’t look for excuses to hate on a person who has done nothing to you.

  • Norah relax…

    …You seem too emotionally invested in Jennifer Aniston. Go drool over Angelina and Brad in the many threads they have here. What are you doing on a Aniston thread, it’s for fans only.

  • Pamela


    Some dumb*ss used my other moniker….Oh my GOD REALLY?