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Zac Efron Bares His Toned Arms While Shopping for Guitars!

Zac Efron Bares His Toned Arms While Shopping for Guitars!

Zac Efron shows off his toned arms in a short sleeved t-shirt while shopping at Guitar Center on Thursday afternoon (April 3) in Hollywood.

The 26-year-old actor was joined by a friend who went barefoot for the shopping trip.

It was just announced that Zac will be starring in the upcoming movie The Associate, based on the novel of the same name by author John Grisham. Not only will he be acting in the film, but Zac will also be a producer!

Earlier this week, Zac was seen looking super hot despite being attacked just a few days prior.

15+ pictures inside of Zac Efron shopping at Guitar Center…

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zac efron toned arms shopping guitars 01
zac efron toned arms shopping guitars 02
zac efron toned arms shopping guitars 03
zac efron toned arms shopping guitars 04
zac efron toned arms shopping guitars 05
zac efron toned arms shopping guitars 06
zac efron toned arms shopping guitars 07
zac efron toned arms shopping guitars 08
zac efron toned arms shopping guitars 09
zac efron toned arms shopping guitars 10
zac efron toned arms shopping guitars 11
zac efron toned arms shopping guitars 12
zac efron toned arms shopping guitars 13
zac efron toned arms shopping guitars 14
zac efron toned arms shopping guitars 15
zac efron toned arms shopping guitars 16
zac efron toned arms shopping guitars 17
zac efron toned arms shopping guitars 18

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  • Merra

    I gotta say this title is hilarious but his biceps are pretty nice.

  • Jackson

    I don’t understand how anyone can walk barefoot outside their home but it’s his decision lol.

  • lauren

    Why is zacs friend shoeless? is he poor?

  • Melissa

    Zac you look awesome, but that dude next to him is styling!!!

  • Karen

    @lauren: hey, some people like that kinky stuff lol. Maybe he’s in touch with nature. Toned arms? Wow.

  • Claudia

    He looks soooooooooooooooo good!!! i can’t even breathe!!! :D
    Love you, Zac <3

  • Maddie

    Styling with no shoes… That’s how you get it!! Zac was like, yea dude I’m wearing shoes. Lol

  • Pey

    I am the only one that finds Zac even more attractive with facial hair?

  • Sam

    Bares his tone arms…..alrighty.

  • Anna

    I wonder how many times he works out during the week? Whatever, it’s working.

  • boohoo

    Oh look who’s got a new boyfriend!

  • boohoo

    Boyfriend 1 likes it “bare.” Boyfriend 2 says “for sure.”!

  • boohoo

    He sure looks fresh off the closet! And don’t keep the “engagement ring” finger in the pocket!

  • Meg

    @boohoo: look who has nothing better to do with his life but comment on someone he does not like. Must be the highlight of your day boo.

  • Larry

    @boohoo: if your jokes weren’t so lame, they might be, nah… they still won’t be funny.

  • Maybelle

    “Zac was seen looking super hot” lol just Jared is man crushing just like Rogen. Can’t for Neighbors.

  • boohoo

    You guys are pathetic just like your idol! One day he drives down skid row presumably buying stuff, the next day he’s playing a role of a lawyer. You seem entranced of what is seen on screen and brush off the reality of who he really is. #heisthebiggestjoke

  • boohoo

    I’ve never seen such gullible fans like Zac’s lapping up lame stories such as empty-gas-tank-in-skid-row or puddle-of-water-disaster! You are so in denial!

  • Sigh

    His friend looks like a complete douchebag. Tore up from the floor up. Seriously, who walks barefoot in L.A. or anywhere for the matter?

  • Sigh

    L.A. is douchebag central.

  • Burbosha

    I don’t care If Zac is gay or not, none of us will never have sex with him in any case. But he is awesome and talanted, this is only important.

  • Erin

    @boohoo: I think you are in denial to know we are not in denial. We are not brushing off reality and we are supporting him to get help. Everyone is supporting him to get help. We are also supportive and happy for him when he gets roles. That’s not wrong. Seriously, why is this affecting you so much. You say the same thing in every one of your post. Like come on, say it once and move on. You don’t want to waste your time on someone you don’t like… Right?

  • Benita

    @boohoo: all of this for someone you don’t like. Got a crush on him or something? Lol Zac needs help (whose in denial again) and I am rooting for him to get help. I’m also going to root when he stars and produces movies. End of discussion. Your point is now moot. Sorry honey.

  • OK

    Zac your looking fantastic.

  • Ben

    @Burbosha: never did understand why people are so hang up on his sexuality. Is it really that big of a deal?

  • Izzy

    I don’t understand how celebs deal with the paps. Trying to walk, mind my own business, and then snap. I would really get annoyed. Zac is looking good. Hope he is getting whatever help he needs. Congrats on the role.

  • Amber

    I know a lot people who do go barefoot. In fact at my college, they did a barefoot day for a shoe charity event. It was a success. Also, good luck on the role and health.

  • Hot

    Gorgeous specimen.

  • Burbosha

    @Ben: Not for me, I said. I think people like @boohoo who lost any sleep over Zac’s sexuality, just had a crash on him more than who admited they’re his fans.

  • billy.elliott

    @Jackson: you know, I’m all for ppl living living their own “truth”. But I too see no possible or plausible reason to go barefoot. With the exception of being at the beach…

  • kelly

    Can’t walk bare foot in stores. Yuk dirty feet. Don’t his’s friend own a pair of shoes? He looks good. Liking the his’s tight shirts.

  • hannah

    Zac looking incredibly sexy as always. Love him <3

    P.S. Just ignore boohoo aka zacfan aka zaceffyou aka Crack of Dawn (all the same person) Don't feed the troll.

  • hannah

    @kelly: Yeah I was wondering the same thing, where I live you can’t even enter a store without shoes, maybe Cali is more bare foot tolerant? lol

  • whistle whistle


  • Rena

    Short and gay, still cute in that tween way.

  • lauren901

    come up with a better comment,

    what a repetitive comment

  • Alex

    Zac has been looking really good lately.
    @Rena: You say short and gay like it’s an insult, neither of those things should be insults.

  • Alyssa

    These haters can’t ever find some chill. lol. seriously, get over yourselves and stop hating on someone you don’t even know. Zac, you look fantastic! Keep up the great work. <3

  • Faith

    Zac looking gorgeous as usual.

  • Ben

    @Burbosha: haha okay

  • Adams

    @Alex: yea, I got that vibe too. Hope Zac is staying healthy. He’s got a lot of stuff to work on to keep him busy.

  • Meno

    Yup, definitely like Zac with facial hair!! Beautiful. Love the book and role.

  • Addison

    This guy is still pretty sexy….. Mmmmm yes, yes.

  • boohoo

    You’re not in denial? One night he’s reported roaming on skid row and the next day he gets a successful lawyer role or wear a tight shirt and everything’s fine and he’s looking good? Why not you say he gets locked up for a year in rehab and get himself better! You really think he’s ok?! Do you see that he looks bloated and dry in his photos. How about you guys get a reality check!

  • Bailey

    Yea, boohoo has nothing better to do with his life and he can’t read because most fans said that he needs to stay healthy and get the help he needs. Never knew it was a problem to comment on someone’s appearance if you like it. And of course boohoo is going to come back and say the same thing over again because hey, what else is there to do. Never read anything on here that said everything was fine but he thinks that since we are only commenting on his appearance and new movies, etc., we’re in denial that he has a problem. I hope Zac gets the help he needs in order to stay healthy and I congratulate him on his new movie and role.

  • Tate

    Looking dry? Lol man, he must looking and analyzing real hard lol.

  • Tate

    @hannah: yea, I agree with you.

  • Giselle

    That title though…. Lol. Zac looks fine, appearance wise, health wise? I don’t know, I’m not in his personal life. Do hope he gets whatever treatment he needs and relaxing time to himself. He’s talented, don’t want that wasted.

  • Kay

    Hello Mr. Efron!!

  • Kay

    Really? I miss him at Guitar Center by a day? Ugh