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Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone Reveal Intimate Details While Playing 'Never Have I Ever'! (Video)

Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone Reveal Intimate Details While Playing 'Never Have I Ever'! (Video)

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone reveal some intimate details about themselves while playing a game of “Never Have I Ever” during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing Friday (April 4).

The on-and-off-screen couple was joined for the appearance by their co-star Jamie Foxx.

During the game, the trio was asked whether they have had a one night stand, if they have sexted before, whether they have visited a nude beach, if they ever lied about saying a baby was cute, and more.

Watch below!

Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone Play ‘Never Have I Ever’

FYI: Emma is wearing a Sandro top and skirt.

Click inside to watch more videos from the cast’s appearance…

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Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield on Their Chemistry
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  • Rima

    Aww I love Emma & Andrew. And Jamie basically did everything hahaha

  • Alice

    I think Andrew is full of himself and loves fame more than a fool a candy.

  • Deanne

    LOL at Jamie’s face during the game. And now I can’t get the “Chasing Spiders” song out of my head!

  • Kathy

    Wow, Ellen is relentless! LOL She’s like that nosy aunt…and Jamie is like the creepy uncle. This is too funny. That Chasing Spiders song bit was hilarious, Emma’s singing and Andrew’s vibrato hahaha Can’t wait to watch the full interview today :)

  • amanda

    He is the last person in hollywood who you should say that about. He is the complete opposite. He is the nicest and most down to earth person in this world.

  • Emma

    lool poor Emma she’s such a fake and annoying person ! now no matter what she does she’s no longer relevant because people found out that she has 0 talent and 0 personality!

  • bluebla

    At least Emma is classy. Girls who have one night stands are disgusting!

  • cara

    Love them. Andrew’s singing was unexpected. he’s so much fun!

  • jen

    Such a fun interview!! Loved it!
    Jamie was hilarious throughout and that song was awesome.

  • Sarah

    Emma seems kind of fake in the first clip tbh. She used to be cute. Sadly as she is getting thinner and thinner, her likable personality is fading too. Jamie and andrew are awesome as always

  • ginger

    so cute when andrew pats emma’s head in the first video.

  • ginger

    thanks for the laughs. i best you love describing yourself.


    Still have mad love for Emma Stone. She is just a very likeable person, at least it seems that way. Yes the hype has dyed down about her but she seems like the type of person that doesnt want to be in the media like ALL THE TIME. True talent like her’s doesnt need to be upfront and center everyday.

  • Mia

    Every time Emma’s fans say that she is very talented I rolled my eyes. She is a mediocre actress at best. She is cute in easy A, but mediocre in every other movie she is in. Also I can never separate herself with her roles. Very limited actress.

  • It’s called

    I have never. Read the signs they are holding. Has JJ never played it? Or have you played it on the set of Downton Abbey?

  • Fercat

    If you’ve been together for this many years, stop playing coy about it. It’s just stupid. Unless…

    Now about Andrew’s body language. Notice his right arm in the classic date maneuver in Jamie’s direction. But offers a blocking left elbow in Emma’s direction.

    Yes, I’m delusional. Don’t mind me. :)

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  • talia

    @bluebla: one nights stands are tacky/un-classy and desperate regardless of gender in my opinion.

  • MR. BIG

    Oh yeah. Total FFer cult followers. For sure.

  • Tyla

    The “never have I ever” video was pretty funny. I love that Ellen plays games on her show.

  • Melissa

    They clearly like to keep their relationship private, interviewers should take the (not so subtle) hint. Love Ellen though, the ‘never have I ever’ video is awesome.

  • You-Know-Who

    Omg so many jealous stupid bitches here!!!! Emma is awesome <3