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Chelsea Handler & CBS Negotiating Possible Late Night Show!

Chelsea Handler & CBS Negotiating Possible Late Night Show!

Chelsea Handler is reportedly in negotiations to launch her own late night talk show on CBS, according to The Wrap.

While many will probably jump to the immediate conclusion that Chelsea will be getting David Letterman‘s spot on The Late Show, sources are saying that CBS is expressing interest in having her take over Craig Ferguson‘s 12:30am slot.

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Initially, Chelsea was approached by CBS to host a syndicated show when she announced that she was leaving in E!, but she was not interested in doing that.

Other offers on the table right now include hosting a weekly radio show with SiriusXM and having a taped version of the show streamed on Netflix.

WHAT DO YOU THINK Chelsea Handler should do next?

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  • Nicole

    God, nooooooooooooo!!!!

  • kk

    @Nicole: I know I wanted Ferguson.

  • lori

    go away and never come back

  • Never ever

    I have never watched her show and never will. She has no class. Frankly, I wonder about those that associate with her as well. She is warped.

  • Debby

    This racist WHOOORE should be banned from television.

  • Jack S.

    I don’t watch CBS, so it is not a problem, her ratings will be terrible where ever she goes.
    Her Publicist is probably putting this story out there to get other Networks, to start paying attention, not fooling anyone.
    Maybe she will be giving freebies to the CEOs of the Networks, like she give to the guy at E, she is like beef jerky.

  • Anon2

    That would be one of the greatest mistakes CBS has ever done. Have they seen Chelsea’s falling rates? Seen her foul mouth and racist comments? Watch out, Julie Chen….Chelsea Handler will be going after your husband. oops, not that hypocrite!

  • sabrina

    What should she do next? How about disappear? She is rude, cruel and talentless.

  • allison

    Wonder if CBS won’t allow her to get attention by saying racist things or calling women c*nts. Because this is all she does. It’s the only time people care about her “joke” is when she is putting someone else down.

  • FAN

    She needs back to your cave,she is brut,cruel,anoyent,,boring,horrible human!

  • Sarah

    Ferguson will never work at 11:30, but Handler is just trash. Find someone else. Anybody else. Keep her away from The Tiffany Network!

  • not gonna happen

    She can’t get away from saying her usual racist c*nty thinks on CBS. People will be writing them left right and center. If she did get a CBS show it would be cancelled or she would have to change. This isn’t the 50′s anymore Chelsea you racist piece of sh*t! Love Ferguson…

  • Fercat

    She talks more about herself and often talk over her guests. Not exactly a good combo for Late Show.

  • Teri

    Handler is trash. Something you’d see on Springer.

  • Ew

    I hope the hell not! this chick is horrible JUST HORRIBLE! Please GOD DON”T allow this chick to ruin what Letterman has created, she is AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LC

    I would not watch this racist loud mouth not funny or intelligent s.l.ut on any channel. Who is she giving B.J’s to this time? The ignorant loud mouth is disgusting. She won’t last when it comes to ratings.

  • who

    What should this talentless racist biitch do next? Get lost and stay lost.

  • Racist C@ntler

    Please make this Handjob C@ntler to go way.. never like her ever!
    not b4 not now not EVER!!!!!!!!!

  • nana

    No no no no no noooo!!!

  • http://JustJared Jan

    She has no class whatsoever and CBS seems to think that’s cool. Course they are about ratings, not ethics….people will tune in just to hate her and be disgusted….Howard Stern did it. Ferguson was the only choice….he’s amazing.

  • http://JustJared Jan

    What guest would want to be on with Handler? It’s amazing that Aniston is connected to her…doesn’t make Aniston look good.

  • JP

    I seriously don’t get why people here are against Chelsea Handler… I just love because she isn’t one of those “sugarcoated” talk show host like Ellen. She says dirty things and that is her thing and it also makes her special and different from others. If people cannot stand her dirty & ironic jokes then it’s your loss and I’m sorry; I really enjoy them!

    And don’t get me wrong here, I love other talk show hosts like Ellen but it simply just pisses me off that Ellen for example spend from every single show about 10mins just praising and saying how much she loves the visiting guests… Chelsea won’t do that, if the guest arrived in ugly dress she will make fun of it, Ellen would just say “I love your dress, I think you are awesome”. So I think it’s great that there is someone like Chelsea to entertain those people who understand & can enjoy something more serious dirty jokes in the expense of celebrities.

  • http://justjared chrissy

    I never watched Chelsea Handler know way so wherever she goes or show up she’s not funny except in her beginning, so, Chelsea Handler can go to H-E-L-L AND DON’T COME BACK. GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD-BYE. TV is nothing but a REALITY SHOW and that is GARBAGE.

  • jaliah

    WHAT DO YOU THINK Chelsea Handler should do next?
    Dive head first into a pile of steaming manure and stay there whilst holding her breath, and only breath once scientists can establish whether she is of the human variety or a lesser spotted hyena. Personally I’d say the latter.

  • cee

    Noooooooo! She is a mean, racist and unlikable person. If they bring her in to replace Letterman they have lost me and a lot of minority viewers.

  • Dean

    “WHAT DO YOU THINK Chelsea Handler should do next?”

    Bury herself in a very deep hole and never come out of it!

  • She’s the real C@nt

    Just coz she’s a C@nt she THINKs she can called someone a C@nt on a NATIONAL TV.

  • It’s jennifer C@ntniston

    @She’s the real C@nt: but you know who’s TOLD her to say that word on national tv don’t you? The Queen of Queen of C@nt.

  • awesummm

    Hope she features a segment bashing the JPs and their child army. The potential material is endless.

  • http://Justared Happy

    @awesummm: Not getting any love today? Chelsea hates being ignored, and Angie does it very well, so Chelsea comes off looking like the C*nt she is.
    What you do and say on Cable is not tolerated on Network TV, the Sponsors would jump ship like it was the Titanic.
    Her ratings went down the drain a couple of years, and never recovered, that is why she is so mean, sucking C*ck, is not cutting it at E anymore.

  • AshleyLove

    CBS, please don’t! Just like Alec, her mouth would get her fired within 2 weeks anyways. So no biggie.

  • cindy

    It would be nice to see Chelsea, Tina or Amy . It’s time to see a female overtake late night with Jimmy Fallon and Jimmey Kimmel. It’s amazing that there is no female host yet. Some r the funniest out there.

  • awesummm

    juss keeps on a fudgin’ dem massive granny panties

  • getyouryaya’s

    she’ is a complete bitch .

  • Ann

    What? No. Just…no. I could understand that CBS would consider her for Late Show after Letterman leaves, but I can’t even wrap my mind around the idea that they would replace Craig Ferguson with her. Absolute madness.
    She doesn’t have even half of Craig’s charm and ability to uphold such show and would destroy what he’s done through the last 10 years!

  • Hannah

    Chelsea Handler is the shit. And one of the nicest most grateful celebrities. Not only did she do over an hour of stand up for her show for 9,000 people, she then announced at the end how grateful she was for her fans giving her the career she has. And she everyone’s book that brought one to her show after. Hundreds and hundreds. Including mine. She was so nice and genuine. She’s a comedian. She pushes the boundaries. And anyone who is a fan of her at all knows not to take any ridiculousness she says seriously. I have been a Chelsea fan since she started out and will continue to be. People need to lighten up.

  • awang

    @Hannah: She’s actually a dumb, racist idiot. She got her job because she dated the president of E! CBS just said that she won’t be replacing Craig Ferguson! HAHA.