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James Franco Admits to Trying to Pick Up 17-Year-Old Girl on Instagram: 'I'm Embarrassed'

James Franco Admits to Trying to Pick Up 17-Year-Old Girl on Instagram: 'I'm Embarrassed'

James Franco appeared on Live! with Kelly & Michael early Friday morning (April 4), where he admitted he did in fact try and pick up a young teen girl on Instagram.

“I’m embarrassed and I guess I’m just a model of how social media is tricky. You just don’t know who is on the other end,” the 35-year-old actor, who is currently on Broadway in Of Mice & Men, said on the show. “I used bad judgment and I learned my lesson.”

“I was feeling awkward — I didn’t want to come on the show and just feel awkward,” James added. “I’m embarrassed.”

News broke yesterday that James had tried to pick up the Scottish teen named Lucy Clode via the social media site. James responded to the whole incident on his Twitter, saying “I HOPE PARENTS KEEP THEIR TEENS AWAY FROM ME. Thank you”

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  • Paulie

    Huh? She specifically told him she wasn’t 18. It’s not like she was pretending to be older.

  • loli

    Oh no, I love that guy but this is creepy ! :/
    Check my work:

  • Xxxxx

    He got caught but he’s done much worse in the past. He’s gross. If he didn’t get caught he wouldn’t care at all. he’s a pervert. He’s what like 36? she’s still a teen. This is too gross. can’t believe it. shame on him.

  • Xoxo

    Social media is not tricky….you are 35 yrs old and not 20
    She specifically said her age to you and u actually tried to take advantage
    And you’re the the one judging Kimye….? They’re a mature couple,
    Something Franco is lacking is an over 27yrs who will take his sorry a$$
    Seriously. Karma is a bish, if u see her tell her I said thnx!!

  • Native NYker

    as if there anyone out there who wouldn’t do the same or want to get into Franco’s pants… come on…

    Native NYker

  • Who Cares?

    17 is legal in a lot of states. It’s like the weed laws go to Vegas and they frown upon it yet go to Colorado and they encourage it. I have no problem with teenagers 16 and up making their own decisions when it comes to consensual sex. They can be charged as an adult if they take someones life so what is the big deal if they dabble in a little sex.

  • Rosie

    How is social media tricky, when that girl was very upfront and told him more then she should have? He’s embarrassed that he got caught and that girl was smart because she repeatedly questioned if it was actually him.

  • allison

    Bad judgement that he did it via social media. Not that he tried to pick her up and take her right to a hotel room. Everyone know he’s done this many times before.

  • Peter

    Bad judgment? Tricky social media? How pathetic this guy is? He is 35 and the girl told him that she is not 18 and he was asking her if she has a room or if he should book one.He is a sick pervert.

  • marple
  • Vanessa

    He’s just trying to find a lame excuse. he’s not new to social media, he’s been on it for years. he’s trying to act like a victim. he’s a 36 year old man trying to fvck a 17 year old, wtf? he’s done some nasty things in the past and forces people to get naked and do weird stuff while filming them. he’s a pedophile.

  • Asdf

    Hm, I thought it could’ve been a made up story with photoshop because it’s so easy to create fake texts. I wasn’t convinced with the picture he “sent” her either because it looked like a fan picture someone just randomly took of him. Well, now I guess we know it’s true. Harry Styles dated two women in their thirties when he was 17 but no one ever called those women gross. Double standards. It’s gross either way.

  • Living in a box

    Okay, hmmm, there is an article on the other website. The title is Is Lucy Clode a victim or a villain? on that website they release all the conversation between Lucy and James. James did asked her when is her birthday but she didn’t answer him but James did know that she is nearly 18.

  • 50000

    He’s been with much younger women in the past. people know about this one but they don’t know about all the shady things he does. james franco the addicted kiddie porn freak!

  • Bonie

    He’s a narcissistic pervert. He’s a pedophile and needs to be treated for his disease.

  • People

    @Living in a box: shut up! he is a lame predator. he’s done worse in the past, everybody knows how mean that guy is. he doesn’t care about anybody. he’s weird and old. and his face is ugly.

  • Unsealed

    James knew what he was doing? he got caught and now he has to say what his PR team told him to say, he’s not being honest.

  • Maddy

    I’m surprised and embarrassed for him. Maybe this is an extreme way for him to get into character for his new movie like Jared was saying in the last post. If not.. what the heck dude?

  • Wendie Dox

    first of all.. he had met her., she wasn’t a total stranger, and she approached him and told him that she was the girl he had met on the street… and she told him she was going to be 18 in a week.

    he admitted the mistake in judgement. over. its not like he was a war criminal. sheesh.

  • yeahhh!!!

    Booooo james booooooooo, everybody knows that you like to exploit other people and try to dominate them. I think you were really traumatized by your ex teacher Robert C. who used to control you. Why take your revenge on teenagers?

  • NEWS

    @Wendie Dox: he’s been a long time pervert. He likes teenagers, is obsessed with them. Boy does james like to film people naked and make them do weird stuff. This is not the first time you act like a pervert, it’s a known fact. ugly whore!

  • Clips

    Why a 17 year old girl? Lots of girls who are older who are pretty. He’s a pervert.

  • Paola

    @Bonie: narcissistic!!! pervert not.

  • Farts

    He manipulates people in order to get what he wants. he’s just dumb. He has people doing most of his work for him anyway. it’s all part of his personnnnaaaaaa ooouuhhhhhh. him and his freaking persona and his phony image. he gets on everybody’s nerves.

  • OK

    Love your writings james….NOT

  • Linda

    He’s mostly embarrassed that he got caught. He knew she was only 17 right away yet didn’t back off. Yes, Mr Franco it’s awkward being outted as a creepy perv. Doubt he’s really learned his lesson.

  • OK

    @Linda: he hasn’t. he has to explain himself now. his team told him what to say. he’s a jerk.

  • ZAC

    This guy smells really bad.

  • here’s the interview
  • Lena

    @Who Cares:

    Enough with the “it’s not illegal” crap! What is so repulsive and reptilian about this man’s actions (speaking as a woman) is that this girl is still a minor (who regardless of age of consent laws) cannot contract for herself, buy a car in her own name, RENT A ROOM at a hotel, buy a car, sue on her own behalf, etc. AND, she told him that she was leaving town. He did not even give the charade or ruse of respecting this KID, by inviting her to dinner and a movie. Instead, he asked if he should “get a room.” For a quickie that you could buy from a prostitute. He was treating her as throw away garbage. She didn’t bite. Good for her.

    THAT is the crux of the slime here. He has been outed as a pig. And a hypocrite given that ridiculous movie is coming out soon. Classic.


  • eternalozzie

    To the people throwing around the word “pedophile” just be quiet … you are too stupid to talk because you don’t know what that word means. Read a book or two or get some level of education before you try involve yourself in a grown up conversation.

    Depending on where this happened more than likely the girl was old enough to consent. A 17 y/o wanted to have sex with a movie star … I know very few that would not want to.

    This was blown way out of proportion.

  • WTF?!

    Kelly Ripa praised Franco for telling his truth on the morning talk show. “I think the way you came out here and handled it is perfectly acceptable. It happens to everybody,”

    Does it? DOES IT? Seriously Kelly, *does it*?

  • Now

    @eternalozzie: A grown up conversation? Oh yeah, james needs to grow up himself. he’s an adult acting like he has a 2 year old brain; he’s always been emotionally immature and self centered. he needs to know right from wrong.

  • rly

    His excuse is bullshit. He asked her how old she was and he still kept trying to proposition her so there was no trickiness involved.

  • @eternalozzie

    Wonder if it was your 17 years old daughter would you have the same opinion?

  • Kl

    @WTF?!: kelly is a brainless twit. I wouldn’t ask that idiot for advice. She’s not involved so she could not care less.

  • Dumb Franco

    A grown woman would have been more discreet by these teens run to social media to tell everything. All just to make themselves look better among their friends. That move alone should tell you that they are not ready to handle the ramifications of sex..very immature. These guys all put up a front about how they want to keep their private life private..but they try to pick up a teen who are the biggest blabbermouths on social media.

  • TREEs

    @rly: he’s a pervert. he knew what he was doing. he got caught. He’s done these things before. he likes teenagers and young people.

  • Joan

    @eternalozzie: what james did is stupid. He’s the one you should insult. I think he’s not fully aware of how disturbed he is.

  • Moon

    this is not the first time he does that. he’s used prostitutes and many other people and has done private videos of people getting naked and doing bizarre stuff with dildos and stuff. the guy is creepy. he’s got a lot of skeletons in his closet.

  • text

    he’s just repulsive, yuk.

  • lol

    James, the fact she wanted to tell her friends shows her maturity… just saying. Dude, she was clearly too young for you.

  • POLO

    Is he forgetting that he will be 36 in a couple of days? he seems to think he’s still a teenager himself. hello! wake up James, you’re not in high school anymore!

  • Weed

    Go take your meds franco, you’re sick in the head!

  • anon

    Suppose she lied and was really younger? Suppose she was an escaped convict? I mean really, he doesn’t even bother to meet a person in real life first to see what they are like. His actions reveal how he feels about women especially young women. He feels that they are disposable & to be thrown away when he is finished with them.

  • Hunter

    @anon: exactly. he has no respect for himself and for others.

  • 17

    James is a narcissistic pervert. He needs to go see a doctor. he has no moral compass.

  • skies

    He’s in denial that he’s a creep. he’s pissed that it got in the media. not about trying to bring a 17 year old girl in a hotel.

  • James

    James is really happy right now, he’s in the news. boy, does james like it when people talk about him. Especially when he sends pictures of his penis or him trying to get naked on his twitter account for the world to see. he’s an exhibitionist. he’s got many issues that he should try to solve.

  • Marc

    His whole family are a bunch of perverts.