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James Franco Admits to Trying to Pick Up 17-Year-Old Girl on Instagram: 'I'm Embarrassed'

James Franco Admits to Trying to Pick Up 17-Year-Old Girl on Instagram: 'I'm Embarrassed'

James Franco appeared on Live! with Kelly & Michael early Friday morning (April 4), where he admitted he did in fact try and pick up a young teen girl on Instagram.

“I’m embarrassed and I guess I’m just a model of how social media is tricky. You just don’t know who is on the other end,” the 35-year-old actor, who is currently on Broadway in Of Mice & Men, said on the show. “I used bad judgment and I learned my lesson.”

“I was feeling awkward — I didn’t want to come on the show and just feel awkward,” James added. “I’m embarrassed.”

News broke yesterday that James had tried to pick up the Scottish teen named Lucy Clode via the social media site. James responded to the whole incident on his Twitter, saying “I HOPE PARENTS KEEP THEIR TEENS AWAY FROM ME. Thank you”

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# 1

Huh? She specifically told him she wasn’t 18. It’s not like she was pretending to be older.

# 2

Oh no, I love that guy but this is creepy ! :/
Check my work:

# 3

He got caught but he’s done much worse in the past. He’s gross. If he didn’t get caught he wouldn’t care at all. he’s a pervert. He’s what like 36? she’s still a teen. This is too gross. can’t believe it. shame on him.

# 4

Social media is not tricky….you are 35 yrs old and not 20
She specifically said her age to you and u actually tried to take advantage
And you’re the the one judging Kimye….? They’re a mature couple,
Something Franco is lacking is an over 27yrs who will take his sorry a$$
Seriously. Karma is a bish, if u see her tell her I said thnx!!

# 5

as if there anyone out there who wouldn’t do the same or want to get into Franco’s pants… come on…

Native NYker

# 6
Who Cares? @ 04/04/2014 at 10:56 am

17 is legal in a lot of states. It’s like the weed laws go to Vegas and they frown upon it yet go to Colorado and they encourage it. I have no problem with teenagers 16 and up making their own decisions when it comes to consensual sex. They can be charged as an adult if they take someones life so what is the big deal if they dabble in a little sex.

# 7

How is social media tricky, when that girl was very upfront and told him more then she should have? He’s embarrassed that he got caught and that girl was smart because she repeatedly questioned if it was actually him.

# 8

Bad judgement that he did it via social media. Not that he tried to pick her up and take her right to a hotel room. Everyone know he’s done this many times before.

# 9

Bad judgment? Tricky social media? How pathetic this guy is? He is 35 and the girl told him that she is not 18 and he was asking her if she has a room or if he should book one.He is a sick pervert.

He’s just trying to find a lame excuse. he’s not new to social media, he’s been on it for years. he’s trying to act like a victim. he’s a 36 year old man trying to fvck a 17 year old, wtf? he’s done some nasty things in the past and forces people to get naked and do weird stuff while filming them. he’s a pedophile.

Hm, I thought it could’ve been a made up story with photoshop because it’s so easy to create fake texts. I wasn’t convinced with the picture he “sent” her either because it looked like a fan picture someone just randomly took of him. Well, now I guess we know it’s true. Harry Styles dated two women in their thirties when he was 17 but no one ever called those women gross. Double standards. It’s gross either way.

Living in a box @ 04/04/2014 at 11:08 am

Okay, hmmm, there is an article on the other website. The title is Is Lucy Clode a victim or a villain? on that website they release all the conversation between Lucy and James. James did asked her when is her birthday but she didn’t answer him but James did know that she is nearly 18.

He’s been with much younger women in the past. people know about this one but they don’t know about all the shady things he does. james franco the addicted kiddie porn freak!

He’s a narcissistic pervert. He’s a pedophile and needs to be treated for his disease.

@Living in a box: shut up! he is a lame predator. he’s done worse in the past, everybody knows how mean that guy is. he doesn’t care about anybody. he’s weird and old. and his face is ugly.

James knew what he was doing? he got caught and now he has to say what his PR team told him to say, he’s not being honest.

I’m surprised and embarrassed for him. Maybe this is an extreme way for him to get into character for his new movie like Jared was saying in the last post. If not.. what the heck dude?

Wendie Dox @ 04/04/2014 at 11:16 am

first of all.. he had met her., she wasn’t a total stranger, and she approached him and told him that she was the girl he had met on the street… and she told him she was going to be 18 in a week.

he admitted the mistake in judgement. over. its not like he was a war criminal. sheesh.

Booooo james booooooooo, everybody knows that you like to exploit other people and try to dominate them. I think you were really traumatized by your ex teacher Robert C. who used to control you. Why take your revenge on teenagers?

@Wendie Dox: he’s been a long time pervert. He likes teenagers, is obsessed with them. Boy does james like to film people naked and make them do weird stuff. This is not the first time you act like a pervert, it’s a known fact. ugly *****!

Why a 17 year old girl? Lots of girls who are older who are pretty. He’s a pervert.

@Bonie: narcissistic!!! pervert not.

He manipulates people in order to get what he wants. he’s just dumb. He has people doing most of his work for him anyway. it’s all part of his personnnnaaaaaa ooouuhhhhhh. him and his freaking persona and his phony image. he gets on everybody’s nerves.

Love your writings james….NOT

He’s mostly embarrassed that he got caught. He knew she was only 17 right away yet didn’t back off. Yes, Mr Franco it’s awkward being outted as a creepy perv. Doubt he’s really learned his lesson.

@Linda: he hasn’t. he has to explain himself now. his team told him what to say. he’s a jerk.

This guy smells really bad.

@Who Cares:

Enough with the “it’s not illegal” crap! What is so repulsive and reptilian about this man’s actions (speaking as a woman) is that this girl is still a minor (who regardless of age of consent laws) cannot contract for herself, buy a car in her own name, RENT A ROOM at a hotel, buy a car, sue on her own behalf, etc. AND, she told him that she was leaving town. He did not even give the charade or ruse of respecting this KID, by inviting her to dinner and a movie. Instead, he asked if he should “get a room.” For a quickie that you could buy from a prostitute. He was treating her as throw away garbage. She didn’t bite. Good for her.

THAT is the crux of the slime here. He has been outed as a pig. And a hypocrite given that ridiculous movie is coming out soon. Classic.


To the people throwing around the word “pedophile” just be quiet … you are too stupid to talk because you don’t know what that word means. Read a book or two or get some level of education before you try involve yourself in a grown up conversation.

Depending on where this happened more than likely the girl was old enough to consent. A 17 y/o wanted to have sex with a movie star … I know very few that would not want to.

This was blown way out of proportion.

Kelly Ripa praised Franco for telling his truth on the morning talk show. “I think the way you came out here and handled it is perfectly acceptable. It happens to everybody,”

Does it? DOES IT? Seriously Kelly, *does it*?

@eternalozzie: A grown up conversation? Oh yeah, james needs to grow up himself. he’s an adult acting like he has a 2 year old brain; he’s always been emotionally immature and self centered. he needs to know right from wrong.

His excuse is bullshit. He asked her how old she was and he still kept trying to proposition her so there was no trickiness involved.

@eternalozzie @ 04/04/2014 at 12:00 pm

Wonder if it was your 17 years old daughter would you have the same opinion?

@WTF?!: kelly is a brainless twit. I wouldn’t ask that idiot for advice. She’s not involved so she could not care less.

Dumb Franco @ 04/04/2014 at 12:03 pm

A grown woman would have been more discreet by these teens run to social media to tell everything. All just to make themselves look better among their friends. That move alone should tell you that they are not ready to handle the ramifications of sex..very immature. These guys all put up a front about how they want to keep their private life private..but they try to pick up a teen who are the biggest blabbermouths on social media.

@rly: he’s a pervert. he knew what he was doing. he got caught. He’s done these things before. he likes teenagers and young people.

@eternalozzie: what james did is stupid. He’s the one you should insult. I think he’s not fully aware of how disturbed he is.

this is not the first time he does that. he’s used prostitutes and many other people and has done private videos of people getting naked and doing bizarre stuff with dildos and stuff. the guy is creepy. he’s got a lot of skeletons in his closet.

he’s just repulsive, yuk.

James, the fact she wanted to tell her friends shows her maturity… just saying. Dude, she was clearly too young for you.

Is he forgetting that he will be 36 in a couple of days? he seems to think he’s still a teenager himself. hello! wake up James, you’re not in high school anymore!

Go take your meds franco, you’re sick in the head!

Suppose she lied and was really younger? Suppose she was an escaped convict? I mean really, he doesn’t even bother to meet a person in real life first to see what they are like. His actions reveal how he feels about women especially young women. He feels that they are disposable & to be thrown away when he is finished with them.

@anon: exactly. he has no respect for himself and for others.

James is a narcissistic pervert. He needs to go see a doctor. he has no moral compass.

He’s in denial that he’s a creep. he’s pissed that it got in the media. not about trying to bring a 17 year old girl in a hotel.

James is really happy right now, he’s in the news. boy, does james like it when people talk about him. Especially when he sends pictures of his ***** or him trying to get naked on his twitter account for the world to see. he’s an exhibitionist. he’s got many issues that he should try to solve.

His whole family are a bunch of perverts.

I really don’t know what to say about this. I like James Franco but that is disgusting!

James franco send a video to a girl who has a blog about him. He was telling her to masturbate to his video and would bring his tongue out and say nasty stuff. that girl is 15 !!!!! she took the video out and i do not agree with that. it’s a serious issue and shouldn’t hide the fact that he behaved in such a disgusting way.

@Vocals: yeah i remember it was on james franco forever and on youtube. he’s gross.

Franco is a creep. Such a douche!

I am glad posters 1-4 GET IT.

He’s a perverted douchebag.

Viva La James!! @ 04/04/2014 at 1:10 pm

James Franco fooooooooooorever!!!! He didn’t do anything wrong. Fck yall B*tchies! Age of Legan concent in NYC is 17!!! Go James!! Stop acting like he was going after a 10 year old! LOL

@Viva La James!!: Shut the fvck up James. you have no morality. your mother is a pervert just like you. you don’t know any better. Sad pathetic wannabe artist. go play with your dildos and blow up dolls. you’re wrong and you’re too dumb to question yourself.

THIS IS FOR A MOVIE. I think this is a whole stunt that he will later admit to since his new film palo alto is coming out in may and he plays an older teacher or coach who tries to get with one of his students. I think even the girl is in on it. Everyone is getting punk’d.

James got a nose job!

@Amy: james is so dumb. no wonder he envies smart people.

James was a retarded teenager. he was ugly and had major issues!!! he was awkward, insecure and impulsive. he’s just taking a revenge on his teenage years when his bible was beverly hills 90210. He is an unhappy guy.

I went to high school with James. I was actually nice to him when he was a jerk as a teenager. He was obsessed with beverly hills 90210.

His nose is perfect not made in hw , ya’all envy him

@play: what else u can say about him beyond his obsession with 90210? is this weird for you or you saw this comming?

His mom is sick just like him, a fame w* using him for recognition. Crappy family playing hard with dildos and dolls. dumb fcks

@Vocals: WTF?! Disgusting!

He should be embarrassed. It was a scum-bag move! The fact that he was so arrogant to be hitting on a 17 year old, especially as a well-known celebrity is so like him. Either he wanted people to find out, or he thought no one would ever know. He’s really gross.

“New to it” my ass. He wasn’t looking to date her, just to f-ck her in some shady hotel room he’d have booked the previous day. Lying unwashed pig has to admit his $hit to the world now. He has probably been trollin for years and just now was dumb enough to get caught, by a teen. Boo friggin’ hoo dude. I ain’t shedding a precious tear on this creep. He got what he deserved.

James got a nose job, it’s true!!!! he’s a creep and a fool. he’s stupid and has no talent! he’s a famewhoooooore!!!! by the way james “looooved” your first movie THE APE …NOT!!!! his eyes are so small he can’t see what he’s doing!

my 2 cents @ 04/04/2014 at 3:37 pm

He should have ended it after finding out her age. I don’t care what the “age of consent is” in NYC it’s still sleazy. A 17-year-old girl, who is probably so flattered (and vulnerable) by a 35-year-old movie star is easy bait. And if this was actually a cheap stunt to tie-in to his new movie, still incredibly stupid. He just ruined his career and what’s left of his reputation and that movie is probably gonna be boycotted by anyone who heard about this. Yeah, blame social media for your blue balls, douche. He wanted to frame it like he was the victim here not like he’s taking responsibility, it wasn’t an apology that’s for sure.

To clarify my post#68 I’m gay and i cried when i heard bout this, he was my fantasy and God. He needs to go back to his brokeback mountain ways or my dickk will never get hard again

@DBZ: he’s bisexual.

The part about him not really understanding social media is utter BS. Most people who regularly use Instagram do not even know you can IM with it because it’s such a new feature they just implemented. Everyone with half a brain knows that if you do something dumb, the odds of it being put on blast online are pretty good. She tagged him on Instagram and he found and contacted her by searching for images & videos he had been tagged in that day. Creepy self-obsessed stalker. This smug motherf’cker deserves all the embarrassment the universe dishes out on him cause he’s only sorry he got caught.

@Nana: he wasn’t bisexual when i was on top of him and he screamed for my semenn inside his ripped hole, he needs to remember that and come back to our community, my dickk needs him, brb crying

@Nana: I don’t think so, he’s just a pedo straight creepy pompous pretentious “artist “wanna be jerk

@gross: he’s so gross man. i’ am disgusted. You know, this is not the first time. His assistant IRIS retweeted saying that it was the girl’s lost. WTF?

I do remember like someone here said that he send this 15 year old fan a video telling her to masturbate to his video and letting his tongue out. She took the video out saying that she did not want to worsen his image because she wants to get famous with her blog about him. Her site is called james franco forever. I can’t believe she took it out as another evidence of him being disgusting to another teenager.

@#71 & #74 – And you think impersonating me as randomly gay is funny why exactly?? Never liked Franco, never will. Go get a life creep.

Franco is a douche for life.

He’s not new to social media. he’s been using it for years , provoking and doing stupid stuff. he’s such a liar! he’s so full of BS! what a hypocrite!

truth to be known @ 04/04/2014 at 4:15 pm

He’s not bi /gay /or straight, jf is a pedo like mj -rest in peace


Shame on that son of a b!tch!
He’s done worst things in the past, he’s an abuser and a pervert.

He’s got nothing to be proud of. He’s too dumb to understand that he has a mental illness.

With his birdsh!t art then this, he makes me want to vomit. ewwww.

@Kate: he’s gross. telling a teenager to masturbate to his video. He’s a pedo and everybody knows that. he’s hated in hollywood anyway.

It’s so sad that James keeps doing that. This has been going on for years. The guy has a lot of problems. He’s really miserable and has been going through depression for years. He needs medical help.

This guy has an ugly face and ugly body. and he smells like ****, worst breath ever and farts all the time. He’s such a turn off.

He’s worst than Lindsay Lohan.


Sex with minors is james’s thing. He also enjoys hardcore porn, rape, sm etc.

Pedophile all the way!

f he wasn’t a celebrity no one would give a fvck about him!

James you sucked at the oscars! oh and your mother is just as ugly as you!

of for pete’s sake, typical Americans, overreacting to everything. Have you looked at what’s on TV lately? And 17 year olds are allowed to have babies and get married and all kinds of nonsense. Lots of men hit on young girls but at least he’s open about being ******.

@starchy: he’s a douche with no human values. he’s getting older and doesn’t like it and has to hit on high school girls. he’s gross, grow up james. james is being talked about in many countries: france, england etc….. everybody says he’s a dumb pervert. james go back to that palo alto hole of yours and shut the fvck up! he’s a pedophile and many stories about him have been told. he’s gross. he’s just trying to find an excuse of why he’s a pervert.

James reads porn stories with his crazy mother; James we all know you’ve slept with guys too, they are going to get you out!

James is in serious pain. He is just trying to get rid of it by being a d!ck. go play with your dildos and your blow up dolls james. sick basterd

James sucks dildos watching gay porn.

Is he aware of how sick he is? Men who do that follow the crowd thinking it’s ok. it’s not.

Gay rumors, gay rapist….james, you are full of surprises. the world is starting to see your hidden stories. You manipulate people and violate them. You’re a bad person and a thief. Shame on you. Your a hollywood puppet and an untalented idiot. Keep crying yourself to sleep you have a bad conscience and you know it. Can’t wait ’till all those things you did to people in NYU come out!

James is franco is so full of nonsense. Why is he so dumb????? What a horrible person he is. He’s known to have done some shady things in Hollywood. Very horrible things to people. The truth is starting to come out. prepare yourself James; What goes around comes back around.

@starchy: “lots of men hit on young girls…” So if people jump off a bridge you’re gonna do it too? Idiot!

Anybody who gets famous think they have power. James got famous because spider man, he must be so proud.

Poor little James wasn’t like by his father.

James was not liked in high school. he was considered gay and ugly and weird. He was not liked and laughed at because of his face and braces. I felt bad for him because people would talk behind his back and he was unattractive. I think he still suffers from these things and wishes his teenage years were different. that’s one of the reasons why he chases teenage girls. Because he was known to be a loser and a fvck up. He almost went to teen jail and was laughed at. I think he needs to see a therapist because I know how bizarre he was in high school. he had very little friends and nobody wanted to invite him to parties and he was often really drunk and loud at them. I think he’s trying to get some love by being an actor.

That's the law @ 04/04/2014 at 6:36 pm

I hope he never has a family of his own, he will sexually abuse his own children.

His mother thinks she’s a big actress. I’ve heard her talk about her son and how much he was an underdog and that he had no artistic talent and that she wished he would help her more in hollywood but that he is still a little bitter about his parents refusing to send him to art school when he was young. his father thought he was an idiot for leaving school. Betsy makes people feel uncomfortable because she always talks about him and says weird stuff we don’t want to know about James. She used to be scared of him when he was a teenager. and she thinks he’s realy self centered and immature.

When i said horrible get ready for some NYU stories y’all, your past is your karma james franco

@BF: his father went to afganistan and used to shout at the tv.

what a disappointment @ 04/04/2014 at 6:44 pm

Such an idiot, and a phony, using the “gay thing” for years to get respect and be considered an artist, when in fact it’s just a perverted obsessed with underage girls

what a disappointment @ 04/04/2014 at 6:47 pm

@Stephan: Oh my God, worse than this?

@Stephan: he treated some people like dirt. manipulating them. they should come out and get some respect for themselves, he’s a terrible douche. he sucks , people, defend yourselves!!!!!!!! it’s time to make it right! james is a liar and a douche with no talent.

@what a disappointment: he uses people to gets attention. he used to get things his way but he’ll have to deal with his past and the disrepect he had for other people; he keeps it all to himself and treats people like dirt and they feel weak next to him. some people from NYU have been under him and they will never be able to have a career of their own because james already has done the damage. gross. thank god i don’t fancy him!

what a disappointment @ 04/04/2014 at 6:59 pm

@Mu: My God, what horrendous and dangerous person.

How did he get away with it so far?

Honestly James can go fvck himself!

Fetish for rabbits, fetish with dildos, fetish for teenage girls….james what the fvck?

James was badly influenced as a kid with his parents dragging him to many religious places and thoughts. he’s fvcked for life.

James franco is corrupted and participates in hollywood pedophilia. What he does behind the scene is disgusting. It’s the first time someone puts his action in the limelight. he’s not sorry. he’s always been doing gross things. shame on that freak.

Go get psychological help James. You’re sick.

JF lying bout his sexuality cus he’s a pedo. Your past is your karma jf

#121truth. Truth to be known

@Ticket: he’s just gross. I can’t believe he tried to play the victim on tv after what he did. If I came face to face with him he would know he’s a douche.

he’s so ugly

James franco treats people like whoooores because he is one!

King Kong @ 04/04/2014 at 8:25 pm

That guy has such a weird face.

I think he has no values or respect. I don’t think highly of him. If he didn’t get caught he would not feel bad at all. I would be surprised he’s learned anything; if he tries to screw a teenager in a hotel, he’s attracted to that type of stuff. it’s completely irresponsible of him.

He’s a phony.

@Limit: If he had actually done something with that girl, he would get probabtion. A normal non rich and non famous person would go to prison and then be thrown on the sex offender list.

James has the peer pan syndrome!

That guy is a creepy head case.

James is a sad and pathetic man.

He’s so gross. And now his little stunt has landed him in our faces. Otherwise, he’d be ignored. Pathetic. Weak sissys like him are too lazy and scared to learn how to become real men in order to keep up with normal strong adult women, so they prey on kids that they know they can easily control.

So, I take it the stronger our young girls get in society, the lower in age these jello spined men are going to go in order to find female companions that don’t pose threats to their fragile paperthin egos?

I think I will pass on seeing any movies to watch this dirtbag act out his little young girl romance fantasies on screen.

@Lena: i agree with you. this is the first time he gets caught but …..
do you know that this 15 year old girl who has a blog on james met him when she was 13 years old? In january he send her a disgusting video bringing his tong out and telling her that she could masturbate to that video of him……gross things. and she took it out because she said that she did not want to worsen his image at the moment because she wants to be famous because of her blog on james. I’m grossed out and wished she would have showed what he send her and how he behaved. this is serious;

James, you tried to pick up a 17 year old girl, you got caught and now your embarrassed. Stop blaming social media.

He is beyond creepy

@Black: I saw that video too. it’s even grosser. She should have left it; he’s a pervert. A 36 year old man trying to get a high school girl in bed in some random New York hotel.

WTF Kelly @ 04/05/2014 at 3:49 pm

I can’t stand the way that idiotic Kelly whatsherface was so conciliatory to that prev Franc. All the ridiculous woman had to do was to let him make his stupid, vomit making excuse and move on. She didn’t have to say a damn thing. And for all those posters who are condoning creeper Franco with the “she is of legal age” bulllshit. It just shows how effiing low your standards are, you enabling effwits. I feel sorry for your kids if you have any, or intend to breed.

He’s not even sorry, he’s trying to protect it on social media (which he’s been feeding off for years , he loves to control the media and always has, he’s known for that) and trying to blame this as if he was the victim and that you never know is immature of him. If this was not out, he would be proud of himself and would keep on doing this.

@WTF Kelly: i agree. there are a lot of people with no moral compass who like to excuse people and close their eyes on shame. and then they blame the victims and we are stuck in a sh!tty mentality. some people just want attention and pretend they side with other people for shady reasons. I hate that. He’s creepy and always has been with his obsession of hardcore sex, rape “artsy” videos, showing naked pictures of himself on the net, playing the gay card…..he did this weird exhibition of rebel with a lot of sex, violence, dildos, blow up dolls, constant porn videos etc….And since he has money and is famous he can get away with anything and keeps on saying it’s performance art! wtf????!!! what is wrong with society?!!!!

This is soooo disgusting…grow up man, he is 35/36 and he nothing learnd good from his life* is he a pedophile ????

@Ana: he seems to be one. this is not the first time he does something like that. he’s dangerous and sick in the head.

James franco is a pedophile. period. he needs to get treated for his obsession with barely legals. He’s using his fame to take advantage of young girls with no experience in hotels. Juts like sexual predators.


I had heard vaguely something about that. But not in so much detail. You know what? I really had been “oblivious” to everything Hollywood until maybe a year a half ago. And never even know what a blog was much less “fandom” or who ANY of these guys were. And, I turned off my TV during the election, so I’ve spent my free time on the internet. Its definitely been eye opening. And actually LAST night it actually hit me how out of control things can get in the world because of the internet and the fast pace of messages constantly on us. Shock then desensitization. Shock then desensitization. Etc…

What I mean is, we are getting so desensitized to shocking behavior because it hits us in 24 hr cycles from every where. And, these grown men in Hollywood are slowly “coming out” and testing the waters to see if their careers can survive even if they are outed as perverts. Charlie Sheen’s openness with hookers, DiCaprio’s serial model “consumption,” Robin Thicke’s sticking his finger up that girls vajayjay in a PR shot, Paul Walker with that high school girl, Pitt with Juliet Lewis, And now Franco. And we all chuckle when their mothers accompany these pushing 40 men to awards shows. It’s getting more and more bizarre yet normal and relaxed.

I mean, I was on another site where they had a poll and 52% said this does NOT affect their view of this guy. So, you and a few others have the truth that he did something on par with or worse to a 13 year old (depending on that girls state laws) but who knows about it but us few folks on here? God bless Just Jared for giving a forum to at least speak up about it.

Meanwhile, he goes on NATIONAL television with millions of viewers, and gives his best sheepish embarrassed smile, and everyone not only immediately jumps to his defense, but also volunteers their OWN daughters up to him in sacrifice, and condemns the minor girl for not “keeping his private affairs private”. How many 13 year olds did that 17 year old girl spare similar Franco videos in the future by outing him?

I should not be so naive because I deal with child abuse and domestic cases daily and have done so for years, but despite this, I STILL Can’t believe what adults do to minor children WITHOUT conscience or fear of retribution. It is beyond me and I have NEVER been able to get used to it. Judges say it all the time, and I agree, “there is a special place in hell for anyone who would try to exploit or harm a child.” 13 years old? That’s pathetic. Even if the girl at that age THINKS she’s a missy hot pants or tries to act like an adult, she still is a kid and needs protection from adults, not explocitation or abuse.

Thanks for sharing what you know. God bless…. :)

@Lena: I am mad as well. some sick things going on in hollywood. franco is much darker than what people think. he’s manipulative and sick in the head. people hide and protect the predators. it’s makes me so mad.

well, look at the picture he just send :

@Sam: is he that dumb to post that after what happened? whaaaatttt?????!!

even his best friend said on twitter that it was pure promotion for his upcoming movie “Palo Alto” , which is about someone falling in love with a 17 yrs old girl and the trailer been out the same that of that story so KEEP CALM YALL !

I can’t believe he went on TV acting all innocent and trying to portray himself as a man who was wronged by social media and all it’s trappings.
You didn’t know who was on the other end? Bullshit. You knew you were speaking with a seventeen year old you creep. You’ve been in relationships with other women, go find yourself another one instead of fantasising and pursuing a girl who could have been your daughter.
Stop trying to act like you’re the victim and that you didn’t know how social media works; grow a pair of balls.
People who are defending him saying ‘she was of legal age in that state’ etc need to think, if that was someone rated to you/close to you, would you have felt the same?
Respect level gone way down.

@Mel: who is his best friend. and what kind of idiotic promo is this? lies on top of lies to get attention? wtf is that mentality?

@jen: The guy is dumb, always has been. he’s emotionally immature.

@Mel: Oooohhhhh shut up!

His book palo alto is a real joke. sad he’s so talentless.

Frankly this is a publicity stant for his movie! Wake up fans! Welcome to showbusiness. Don’t buy everything you read!!!

His books (all of them) aren’t from him. He’s talentless and i know this since i work in the business. He’s phony af

@John: he’s a follower and a puppet then. dumb move. James is no artist he’s a suckyyy perverted business man.

@Tom: well they are not even well written. he should pick better writers.

@John: yeah right!


Keep calm??? What kind of pathetic lowlife tries to get publicity by raising the blood pressure of potential ticket holders through a perverted underage pickup stunt? Does he think people are going to high five him and congratulate him on mocking child exploitation?

Perhaps if that is true, this a$$hole should sell his acting skills and the script instead of capitalize on the emotions of parents in this fashion. Is this the new fraud in cinema we can look forward to then? For the next murder mystery blockbuster, someone will stage a fake celebrity homicide and make America sit through a 2 year Court TV series only to shout “April Fool’s America?”

@Lena: RIGHT ON!!!!
but I think it’s true and not some promo sh!t.


I have a tendency to agree with you. I think he is just arrogant and thinks he can get away with whatever he’s doing. Or, he’s just bored and needs attention. I mean, what do you do when you strive for fame and get there, and have nothing less to titilate you? You go seek out thrills right. And now he got caught maybe, so now there might be regret with thrill etc. It’s a sick thing, the fact that pepole with issues can wreak so much havoc on the masses by throwing scandal bombs out there. This is a small scsndal, but if it’s PR, it’s just as bad, in my view.


what a creepy guy.

James has had a nose job, his nose was huge now it’s just fake. He’s a hollywood puppet, like many.

Hollyweird @ 04/06/2014 at 6:06 pm

James has a mental illness. It’s only going to get worst if he doesn’t admit to it and get treatment.

Why do we have such stupid people like him acting in movies? He’s a boring actor.

******, major ******.

Anonymous @ 04/08/2014 at 3:47 am

Just because the age of consent is 17, that doesn’t make it any less disgusting. Is it legal in NY? Yes. Is it gross? Still yes….Im a young girl myself and am normally not that picky on age gaps, but come on! A person (male or female) who is in their late 20s or 30s or over should not be hitting on a teenager. There is actual proof that brain development continues until a person is their 20s. So no matter how mature a teenager may seem, they are still more vulnerable because certain parts of their brain that evaluate situations and risks are not fully developed yet. If this is real and not just some weird promotion for his new movie based on a similar topic, then he would have taken advantage of a young girl who is clearly too young for him. And before a few of the sleazy males start to sprout some idea about how evolution dictates that men are attracted to youth, its important to look at all the evolutionary arguments. First of all, a lot of that stuff is based on theory only. Secondly, the same theories also state that women are sexually MORE attracted to younger men because while men don’t go through menopause in their 50s, they do experience a decline in their spe rm count and fertility each year for the rest of their life after age 30. This means that younger men are more fertile, have higher chances of getting a woman pregnant and also have healthier babies. In caveman times, sexual reproduction was more competitive for men because women were pickier and could selected younger males for breeding and older males for support. So the main reason for them going after an older male was social and economic pressure. But the world has changed. These days age gaps are statistically smaller and there is less social and economic pressure on women. That doesn’t mean that big age gaps are always wrong. These days there are still couples where one partner is much older, but this occurs less and its not ok for it to occur with a high school student! I don’t think any parent would like it if their teenage child was propositioned or hit on by someone older like that. So before people make excuses for him, just put yourself in a parents shoes. Pretend you are the parent and honestly how would you feel?

A part of me thinks this is another one of Franco’s weird jokes to oromote his latest film. But its still creepy. If its real though, then he should be ashamed of himself. He’s always given me a weirdo vibe, but I didn’t think he was this weird!

Its so sad when people get older and feel desperate to prove themselves by hitting on someone much younger… Seriously how sad, lonely and insecure must you be? Grow up and act your age. Total creeper. Lost all respect for Franco, especially if this is real.

He’s depressed and stupid. that’s it.

James franco comes on blogs and gets ideas and writing from the internet . then he puts it in a book and puts his name on it.

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