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James Franco Admits to Trying to Pick Up 17-Year-Old Girl on Instagram: 'I'm Embarrassed'

James Franco Admits to Trying to Pick Up 17-Year-Old Girl on Instagram: 'I'm Embarrassed'

James Franco appeared on Live! with Kelly & Michael early Friday morning (April 4), where he admitted he did in fact try and pick up a young teen girl on Instagram.

“I’m embarrassed and I guess I’m just a model of how social media is tricky. You just don’t know who is on the other end,” the 35-year-old actor, who is currently on Broadway in Of Mice & Men, said on the show. “I used bad judgment and I learned my lesson.”

“I was feeling awkward — I didn’t want to come on the show and just feel awkward,” James added. “I’m embarrassed.”

News broke yesterday that James had tried to pick up the Scottish teen named Lucy Clode via the social media site. James responded to the whole incident on his Twitter, saying “I HOPE PARENTS KEEP THEIR TEENS AWAY FROM ME. Thank you”

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  • Sheyenne

    I really don’t know what to say about this. I like James Franco but that is disgusting!

  • Vocals

    James franco send a video to a girl who has a blog about him. He was telling her to masturbate to his video and would bring his tongue out and say nasty stuff. that girl is 15 !!!!! she took the video out and i do not agree with that. it’s a serious issue and shouldn’t hide the fact that he behaved in such a disgusting way.

  • 666

    @Vocals: yeah i remember it was on james franco forever and on youtube. he’s gross.

  • Bltrx

    Franco is a creep. Such a douche!

  • Truthie

    I am glad posters 1-4 GET IT.

    He’s a perverted douchebag.

  • Viva La James!!

    James Franco fooooooooooorever!!!! He didn’t do anything wrong. Fck yall B*tchies! Age of Legan concent in NYC is 17!!! Go James!! Stop acting like he was going after a 10 year old! LOL

  • JUles

    @Viva La James!!: Shut the fvck up James. you have no morality. your mother is a pervert just like you. you don’t know any better. Sad pathetic wannabe artist. go play with your dildos and blow up dolls. you’re wrong and you’re too dumb to question yourself.

  • Amy

    THIS IS FOR A MOVIE. I think this is a whole stunt that he will later admit to since his new film palo alto is coming out in may and he plays an older teacher or coach who tries to get with one of his students. I think even the girl is in on it. Everyone is getting punk’d.

  • Tragedy

    James got a nose job!

  • 5

    @Amy: james is so dumb. no wonder he envies smart people.

  • play

    James was a retarded teenager. he was ugly and had major issues!!! he was awkward, insecure and impulsive. he’s just taking a revenge on his teenage years when his bible was beverly hills 90210. He is an unhappy guy.

  • play

    I went to high school with James. I was actually nice to him when he was a jerk as a teenager. He was obsessed with beverly hills 90210.

  • Kurt

    His nose is perfect not made in hw , ya’all envy him

  • pato

    @play: what else u can say about him beyond his obsession with 90210? is this weird for you or you saw this comming?

  • JUles

    His mom is sick just like him, a fame w* using him for recognition. Crappy family playing hard with dildos and dolls. dumb fcks

  • Janire

    @Vocals: WTF?! Disgusting!

  • Tyla

    He should be embarrassed. It was a scum-bag move! The fact that he was so arrogant to be hitting on a 17 year old, especially as a well-known celebrity is so like him. Either he wanted people to find out, or he thought no one would ever know. He’s really gross.

  • DBZ

    “New to it” my ass. He wasn’t looking to date her, just to f-ck her in some shady hotel room he’d have booked the previous day. Lying unwashed pig has to admit his $hit to the world now. He has probably been trollin for years and just now was dumb enough to get caught, by a teen. Boo friggin’ hoo dude. I ain’t shedding a precious tear on this creep. He got what he deserved.

  • Nope

    James got a nose job, it’s true!!!! he’s a creep and a fool. he’s stupid and has no talent! he’s a famewhoooooore!!!! by the way james “looooved” your first movie THE APE …NOT!!!! his eyes are so small he can’t see what he’s doing!

  • my 2 cents

    He should have ended it after finding out her age. I don’t care what the “age of consent is” in NYC it’s still sleazy. A 17-year-old girl, who is probably so flattered (and vulnerable) by a 35-year-old movie star is easy bait. And if this was actually a cheap stunt to tie-in to his new movie, still incredibly stupid. He just ruined his career and what’s left of his reputation and that movie is probably gonna be boycotted by anyone who heard about this. Yeah, blame social media for your blue balls, douche. He wanted to frame it like he was the victim here not like he’s taking responsibility, it wasn’t an apology that’s for sure.

  • DBZ

    To clarify my post#68 I’m gay and i cried when i heard bout this, he was my fantasy and God. He needs to go back to his brokeback mountain ways or my dickk will never get hard again

  • Nana

    @DBZ: he’s bisexual.

  • BS

    The part about him not really understanding social media is utter BS. Most people who regularly use Instagram do not even know you can IM with it because it’s such a new feature they just implemented. Everyone with half a brain knows that if you do something dumb, the odds of it being put on blast online are pretty good. She tagged him on Instagram and he found and contacted her by searching for images & videos he had been tagged in that day. Creepy self-obsessed stalker. This smug motherf’cker deserves all the embarrassment the universe dishes out on him cause he’s only sorry he got caught.

  • DBZ

    @Nana: he wasn’t bisexual when i was on top of him and he screamed for my semenn inside his ripped hole, he needs to remember that and come back to our community, my dickk needs him, brb crying

  • gross

    @Nana: I don’t think so, he’s just a pedo straight creepy pompous pretentious “artist “wanna be jerk

  • YUK

    @gross: he’s so gross man. i’ am disgusted. You know, this is not the first time. His assistant IRIS retweeted saying that it was the girl’s lost. WTF?

  • Kate

    I do remember like someone here said that he send this 15 year old fan a video telling her to masturbate to his video and letting his tongue out. She took the video out saying that she did not want to worsen his image because she wants to get famous with her blog about him. Her site is called james franco forever. I can’t believe she took it out as another evidence of him being disgusting to another teenager.

  • DBZ

    @#71 & #74 – And you think impersonating me as randomly gay is funny why exactly?? Never liked Franco, never will. Go get a life creep.


    Franco is a douche for life.

  • 123456

    He’s not new to social media. he’s been using it for years , provoking and doing stupid stuff. he’s such a liar! he’s so full of BS! what a hypocrite!

  • truth to be known

    He’s not bi /gay /or straight, jf is a pedo like mj -rest in peace

  • BBBBBbb


  • Word!

    Shame on that son of a b!tch!
    He’s done worst things in the past, he’s an abuser and a pervert.

  • Martha

    He’s got nothing to be proud of. He’s too dumb to understand that he has a mental illness.


    With his birdsh!t art then this, he makes me want to vomit. ewwww.

  • Zorro

    @Kate: he’s gross. telling a teenager to masturbate to his video. He’s a pedo and everybody knows that. he’s hated in hollywood anyway.

  • 7

    It’s so sad that James keeps doing that. This has been going on for years. The guy has a lot of problems. He’s really miserable and has been going through depression for years. He needs medical help.

  • Dave

    This guy has an ugly face and ugly body. and he smells like shit, worst breath ever and farts all the time. He’s such a turn off.

  • Classic
  • DJ

    He’s worst than Lindsay Lohan.

  • Brandon


  • Xav

    Sex with minors is james’s thing. He also enjoys hardcore porn, rape, sm etc.

  • Life


  • Momo

    Pedophile all the way!

  • Well

    f he wasn’t a celebrity no one would give a fvck about him!

  • Well

    James you sucked at the oscars! oh and your mother is just as ugly as you!

  • starchy

    of for pete’s sake, typical Americans, overreacting to everything. Have you looked at what’s on TV lately? And 17 year olds are allowed to have babies and get married and all kinds of nonsense. Lots of men hit on young girls but at least he’s open about being skanky.

  • Leo

    @starchy: he’s a douche with no human values. he’s getting older and doesn’t like it and has to hit on high school girls. he’s gross, grow up james. james is being talked about in many countries: france, england etc….. everybody says he’s a dumb pervert. james go back to that palo alto hole of yours and shut the fvck up! he’s a pedophile and many stories about him have been told. he’s gross. he’s just trying to find an excuse of why he’s a pervert.

  • Wolf

    James reads porn stories with his crazy mother; James we all know you’ve slept with guys too, they are going to get you out!

  • Girl

    James is in serious pain. He is just trying to get rid of it by being a d!ck. go play with your dildos and your blow up dolls james. sick basterd