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James Franco Admits to Trying to Pick Up 17-Year-Old Girl on Instagram: 'I'm Embarrassed'

James Franco Admits to Trying to Pick Up 17-Year-Old Girl on Instagram: 'I'm Embarrassed'

James Franco appeared on Live! with Kelly & Michael early Friday morning (April 4), where he admitted he did in fact try and pick up a young teen girl on Instagram.

“I’m embarrassed and I guess I’m just a model of how social media is tricky. You just don’t know who is on the other end,” the 35-year-old actor, who is currently on Broadway in Of Mice & Men, said on the show. “I used bad judgment and I learned my lesson.”

“I was feeling awkward — I didn’t want to come on the show and just feel awkward,” James added. “I’m embarrassed.”

News broke yesterday that James had tried to pick up the Scottish teen named Lucy Clode via the social media site. James responded to the whole incident on his Twitter, saying “I HOPE PARENTS KEEP THEIR TEENS AWAY FROM ME. Thank you”

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  • Girl

    James sucks dildos watching gay porn.

  • Jambon

    Is he aware of how sick he is? Men who do that follow the crowd thinking it’s ok. it’s not.

  • Jeremy

    Gay rumors, gay rapist….james, you are full of surprises. the world is starting to see your hidden stories. You manipulate people and violate them. You’re a bad person and a thief. Shame on you. Your a hollywood puppet and an untalented idiot. Keep crying yourself to sleep you have a bad conscience and you know it. Can’t wait ’till all those things you did to people in NYU come out!

  • Stephan

    James is franco is so full of nonsense. Why is he so dumb????? What a horrible person he is. He’s known to have done some shady things in Hollywood. Very horrible things to people. The truth is starting to come out. prepare yourself James; What goes around comes back around.

  • Karma

    @starchy: “lots of men hit on young girls…” So if people jump off a bridge you’re gonna do it too? Idiot!

  • APPS

    Anybody who gets famous think they have power. James got famous because spider man, he must be so proud.

  • BF

    Poor little James wasn’t like by his father.

  • hours

    James was not liked in high school. he was considered gay and ugly and weird. He was not liked and laughed at because of his face and braces. I felt bad for him because people would talk behind his back and he was unattractive. I think he still suffers from these things and wishes his teenage years were different. that’s one of the reasons why he chases teenage girls. Because he was known to be a loser and a fvck up. He almost went to teen jail and was laughed at. I think he needs to see a therapist because I know how bizarre he was in high school. he had very little friends and nobody wanted to invite him to parties and he was often really drunk and loud at them. I think he’s trying to get some love by being an actor.

  • That’s the law

    I hope he never has a family of his own, he will sexually abuse his own children.

  • Palo

    His mother thinks she’s a big actress. I’ve heard her talk about her son and how much he was an underdog and that he had no artistic talent and that she wished he would help her more in hollywood but that he is still a little bitter about his parents refusing to send him to art school when he was young. his father thought he was an idiot for leaving school. Betsy makes people feel uncomfortable because she always talks about him and says weird stuff we don’t want to know about James. She used to be scared of him when he was a teenager. and she thinks he’s realy self centered and immature.

  • Stephan

    When i said horrible get ready for some NYU stories y’all, your past is your karma james franco

  • Alto

    @BF: his father went to afganistan and used to shout at the tv.

  • what a disappointment

    Such an idiot, and a phony, using the “gay thing” for years to get respect and be considered an artist, when in fact it’s just a perverted obsessed with underage girls

  • what a disappointment

    @Stephan: Oh my God, worse than this?

  • Ticket

    @Stephan: he treated some people like dirt. manipulating them. they should come out and get some respect for themselves, he’s a terrible douche. he sucks , people, defend yourselves!!!!!!!! it’s time to make it right! james is a liar and a douche with no talent.

  • Mu

    @what a disappointment: he uses people to gets attention. he used to get things his way but he’ll have to deal with his past and the disrepect he had for other people; he keeps it all to himself and treats people like dirt and they feel weak next to him. some people from NYU have been under him and they will never be able to have a career of their own because james already has done the damage. gross. thank god i don’t fancy him!

  • what a disappointment

    @Mu: My God, what horrendous and dangerous person.

    How did he get away with it so far?

  • Foot

    Honestly James can go fvck himself!

  • James

    Fetish for rabbits, fetish with dildos, fetish for teenage girls….james what the fvck?

  • Sadist

    James was badly influenced as a kid with his parents dragging him to many religious places and thoughts. he’s fvcked for life.

  • Society

    James franco is corrupted and participates in hollywood pedophilia. What he does behind the scene is disgusting. It’s the first time someone puts his action in the limelight. he’s not sorry. he’s always been doing gross things. shame on that freak.

  • 90s

    Go get psychological help James. You’re sick.

  • Ticket

    JF lying bout his sexuality cus he’s a pedo. Your past is your karma jf

  • Ticket

    #121truth. Truth to be known

  • Limit


  • Limit

    @Ticket: he’s just gross. I can’t believe he tried to play the victim on tv after what he did. If I came face to face with him he would know he’s a douche.

  • >>>>

    he’s so ugly

  • DRE

    James franco treats people like whoooores because he is one!

  • King Kong

    That guy has such a weird face.

  • Bong

    I think he has no values or respect. I don’t think highly of him. If he didn’t get caught he would not feel bad at all. I would be surprised he’s learned anything; if he tries to screw a teenager in a hotel, he’s attracted to that type of stuff. it’s completely irresponsible of him.

  • Closet

    He’s a phony.

  • Bunch

    PEDO !!!!

  • Sheilla

    @Limit: If he had actually done something with that girl, he would get probabtion. A normal non rich and non famous person would go to prison and then be thrown on the sex offender list.

  • Brunch

    James has the peer pan syndrome!

  • BIG

    That guy is a creepy head case.

  • Ghost

    James is a sad and pathetic man.

  • Jump


  • Lena

    He’s so gross. And now his little stunt has landed him in our faces. Otherwise, he’d be ignored. Pathetic. Weak sissys like him are too lazy and scared to learn how to become real men in order to keep up with normal strong adult women, so they prey on kids that they know they can easily control.

    So, I take it the stronger our young girls get in society, the lower in age these jello spined men are going to go in order to find female companions that don’t pose threats to their fragile paperthin egos?

    I think I will pass on seeing any movies to watch this dirtbag act out his little young girl romance fantasies on screen.

  • Black

    @Lena: i agree with you. this is the first time he gets caught but …..
    do you know that this 15 year old girl who has a blog on james met him when she was 13 years old? In january he send her a disgusting video bringing his tong out and telling her that she could masturbate to that video of him……gross things. and she took it out because she said that she did not want to worsen his image at the moment because she wants to be famous because of her blog on james. I’m grossed out and wished she would have showed what he send her and how he behaved. this is serious;

  • Lisa G

    James, you tried to pick up a 17 year old girl, you got caught and now your embarrassed. Stop blaming social media.

  • Mary

    He is beyond creepy

  • Half

    @Black: I saw that video too. it’s even grosser. She should have left it; he’s a pervert. A 36 year old man trying to get a high school girl in bed in some random New York hotel.

  • WTF Kelly

    I can’t stand the way that idiotic Kelly whatsherface was so conciliatory to that prev Franc. All the ridiculous woman had to do was to let him make his stupid, vomit making excuse and move on. She didn’t have to say a damn thing. And for all those posters who are condoning creeper Franco with the “she is of legal age” bulllshit. It just shows how effiing low your standards are, you enabling effwits. I feel sorry for your kids if you have any, or intend to breed.

  • TV

    He’s not even sorry, he’s trying to protect it on social media (which he’s been feeding off for years , he loves to control the media and always has, he’s known for that) and trying to blame this as if he was the victim and that you never know is immature of him. If this was not out, he would be proud of himself and would keep on doing this.

  • Alfonso

    @WTF Kelly: i agree. there are a lot of people with no moral compass who like to excuse people and close their eyes on shame. and then they blame the victims and we are stuck in a sh!tty mentality. some people just want attention and pretend they side with other people for shady reasons. I hate that. He’s creepy and always has been with his obsession of hardcore sex, rape “artsy” videos, showing naked pictures of himself on the net, playing the gay card…..he did this weird exhibition of rebel with a lot of sex, violence, dildos, blow up dolls, constant porn videos etc….And since he has money and is famous he can get away with anything and keeps on saying it’s performance art! wtf????!!! what is wrong with society?!!!!

  • http://justjared Ana

    This is soooo disgusting…grow up man, he is 35/36 and he nothing learnd good from his life* is he a pedophile ????

  • Linda

    @Ana: he seems to be one. this is not the first time he does something like that. he’s dangerous and sick in the head.

  • Married

    James franco is a pedophile. period. he needs to get treated for his obsession with barely legals. He’s using his fame to take advantage of young girls with no experience in hotels. Juts like sexual predators.

  • Lena


    I had heard vaguely something about that. But not in so much detail. You know what? I really had been “oblivious” to everything Hollywood until maybe a year a half ago. And never even know what a blog was much less “fandom” or who ANY of these guys were. And, I turned off my TV during the election, so I’ve spent my free time on the internet. Its definitely been eye opening. And actually LAST night it actually hit me how out of control things can get in the world because of the internet and the fast pace of messages constantly on us. Shock then desensitization. Shock then desensitization. Etc…

    What I mean is, we are getting so desensitized to shocking behavior because it hits us in 24 hr cycles from every where. And, these grown men in Hollywood are slowly “coming out” and testing the waters to see if their careers can survive even if they are outed as perverts. Charlie Sheen’s openness with hookers, DiCaprio’s serial model “consumption,” Robin Thicke’s sticking his finger up that girls vajayjay in a PR shot, Paul Walker with that high school girl, Pitt with Juliet Lewis, And now Franco. And we all chuckle when their mothers accompany these pushing 40 men to awards shows. It’s getting more and more bizarre yet normal and relaxed.

    I mean, I was on another site where they had a poll and 52% said this does NOT affect their view of this guy. So, you and a few others have the truth that he did something on par with or worse to a 13 year old (depending on that girls state laws) but who knows about it but us few folks on here? God bless Just Jared for giving a forum to at least speak up about it.

    Meanwhile, he goes on NATIONAL television with millions of viewers, and gives his best sheepish embarrassed smile, and everyone not only immediately jumps to his defense, but also volunteers their OWN daughters up to him in sacrifice, and condemns the minor girl for not “keeping his private affairs private”. How many 13 year olds did that 17 year old girl spare similar Franco videos in the future by outing him?

    I should not be so naive because I deal with child abuse and domestic cases daily and have done so for years, but despite this, I STILL Can’t believe what adults do to minor children WITHOUT conscience or fear of retribution. It is beyond me and I have NEVER been able to get used to it. Judges say it all the time, and I agree, “there is a special place in hell for anyone who would try to exploit or harm a child.” 13 years old? That’s pathetic. Even if the girl at that age THINKS she’s a missy hot pants or tries to act like an adult, she still is a kid and needs protection from adults, not explocitation or abuse.

    Thanks for sharing what you know. God bless…. :)

  • See

    @Lena: I am mad as well. some sick things going on in hollywood. franco is much darker than what people think. he’s manipulative and sick in the head. people hide and protect the predators. it’s makes me so mad.