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James Franco Admits to Trying to Pick Up 17-Year-Old Girl on Instagram: 'I'm Embarrassed'

James Franco Admits to Trying to Pick Up 17-Year-Old Girl on Instagram: 'I'm Embarrassed'

James Franco appeared on Live! with Kelly & Michael early Friday morning (April 4), where he admitted he did in fact try and pick up a young teen girl on Instagram.

“I’m embarrassed and I guess I’m just a model of how social media is tricky. You just don’t know who is on the other end,” the 35-year-old actor, who is currently on Broadway in Of Mice & Men, said on the show. “I used bad judgment and I learned my lesson.”

“I was feeling awkward — I didn’t want to come on the show and just feel awkward,” James added. “I’m embarrassed.”

News broke yesterday that James had tried to pick up the Scottish teen named Lucy Clode via the social media site. James responded to the whole incident on his Twitter, saying “I HOPE PARENTS KEEP THEIR TEENS AWAY FROM ME. Thank you”

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  • Sam

    well, look at the picture he just send :

  • Jack

    @Sam: is he that dumb to post that after what happened? whaaaatttt?????!!

  • Mel

    even his best friend said on twitter that it was pure promotion for his upcoming movie “Palo Alto” , which is about someone falling in love with a 17 yrs old girl and the trailer been out the same that of that story so KEEP CALM YALL !

  • jen

    I can’t believe he went on TV acting all innocent and trying to portray himself as a man who was wronged by social media and all it’s trappings.
    You didn’t know who was on the other end? Bullshit. You knew you were speaking with a seventeen year old you creep. You’ve been in relationships with other women, go find yourself another one instead of fantasising and pursuing a girl who could have been your daughter.
    Stop trying to act like you’re the victim and that you didn’t know how social media works; grow a pair of balls.
    People who are defending him saying ‘she was of legal age in that state’ etc need to think, if that was someone rated to you/close to you, would you have felt the same?
    Respect level gone way down.

  • Alain

    @Mel: who is his best friend. and what kind of idiotic promo is this? lies on top of lies to get attention? wtf is that mentality?

  • Romeo

    @jen: The guy is dumb, always has been. he’s emotionally immature.

  • Mark

    @Mel: Oooohhhhh shut up!

  • Tom

    His book palo alto is a real joke. sad he’s so talentless.

  • John

    Frankly this is a publicity stant for his movie! Wake up fans! Welcome to showbusiness. Don’t buy everything you read!!!

  • Tom

    His books (all of them) aren’t from him. He’s talentless and i know this since i work in the business. He’s phony af

  • 12

    @John: he’s a follower and a puppet then. dumb move. James is no artist he’s a suckyyy perverted business man.

  • 12

    @Tom: well they are not even well written. he should pick better writers.

  • Person

    @John: yeah right!

  • Lena


    Keep calm??? What kind of pathetic lowlife tries to get publicity by raising the blood pressure of potential ticket holders through a perverted underage pickup stunt? Does he think people are going to high five him and congratulate him on mocking child exploitation?

    Perhaps if that is true, this a$$hole should sell his acting skills and the script instead of capitalize on the emotions of parents in this fashion. Is this the new fraud in cinema we can look forward to then? For the next murder mystery blockbuster, someone will stage a fake celebrity homicide and make America sit through a 2 year Court TV series only to shout “April Fool’s America?”

  • Longer

    @Lena: RIGHT ON!!!!
    but I think it’s true and not some promo sh!t.

  • eww

    what a jerk

  • Lena


    I have a tendency to agree with you. I think he is just arrogant and thinks he can get away with whatever he’s doing. Or, he’s just bored and needs attention. I mean, what do you do when you strive for fame and get there, and have nothing less to titilate you? You go seek out thrills right. And now he got caught maybe, so now there might be regret with thrill etc. It’s a sick thing, the fact that pepole with issues can wreak so much havoc on the masses by throwing scandal bombs out there. This is a small scsndal, but if it’s PR, it’s just as bad, in my view.


  • NO

    what a creepy guy.

  • Léa

    James has had a nose job, his nose was huge now it’s just fake. He’s a hollywood puppet, like many.

  • Hollyweird

    James has a mental illness. It’s only going to get worst if he doesn’t admit to it and get treatment.

  • Fire

    Why do we have such stupid people like him acting in movies? He’s a boring actor.

  • Jump

    Retard, major retard.

  • Anonymous

    Just because the age of consent is 17, that doesn’t make it any less disgusting. Is it legal in NY? Yes. Is it gross? Still yes….Im a young girl myself and am normally not that picky on age gaps, but come on! A person (male or female) who is in their late 20s or 30s or over should not be hitting on a teenager. There is actual proof that brain development continues until a person is their 20s. So no matter how mature a teenager may seem, they are still more vulnerable because certain parts of their brain that evaluate situations and risks are not fully developed yet. If this is real and not just some weird promotion for his new movie based on a similar topic, then he would have taken advantage of a young girl who is clearly too young for him. And before a few of the sleazy males start to sprout some idea about how evolution dictates that men are attracted to youth, its important to look at all the evolutionary arguments. First of all, a lot of that stuff is based on theory only. Secondly, the same theories also state that women are sexually MORE attracted to younger men because while men don’t go through menopause in their 50s, they do experience a decline in their spe rm count and fertility each year for the rest of their life after age 30. This means that younger men are more fertile, have higher chances of getting a woman pregnant and also have healthier babies. In caveman times, sexual reproduction was more competitive for men because women were pickier and could selected younger males for breeding and older males for support. So the main reason for them going after an older male was social and economic pressure. But the world has changed. These days age gaps are statistically smaller and there is less social and economic pressure on women. That doesn’t mean that big age gaps are always wrong. These days there are still couples where one partner is much older, but this occurs less and its not ok for it to occur with a high school student! I don’t think any parent would like it if their teenage child was propositioned or hit on by someone older like that. So before people make excuses for him, just put yourself in a parents shoes. Pretend you are the parent and honestly how would you feel?

    A part of me thinks this is another one of Franco’s weird jokes to oromote his latest film. But its still creepy. If its real though, then he should be ashamed of himself. He’s always given me a weirdo vibe, but I didn’t think he was this weird!

  • Yuk

    Its so sad when people get older and feel desperate to prove themselves by hitting on someone much younger… Seriously how sad, lonely and insecure must you be? Grow up and act your age. Total creeper. Lost all respect for Franco, especially if this is real.

  • Stars

    He’s depressed and stupid. that’s it.

  • This

    James franco comes on blogs and gets ideas and writing from the internet . then he puts it in a book and puts his name on it.