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Jena Malone Goes Nearly Naked for New The Shoe Music Video!

Jena Malone Goes Nearly Naked for New The Shoe Music Video!

Jena Malone goes naked with only some tiny flowers covering her private parts in this new music video for her band The Shoe‘s song “Dead Rabbit Hopes”!

The 29-year-old Hunger Games: Catching Fire actress is the lead singer of the band, which will release it’s first full-length album, I’m Okay, on June 3.

“Women! Ladies, Beauties of your teen years. Little hearts that are only beginning to bud. If you do not value your body as YOUR OWN WORK OF ART, no one ever will,” the band wrote on it’s Facebook account along with the video premiere.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of The Shoe’s song “Dead Rabbit Hopes”?

The Shoe – “Dead Rabbit Hopes” Music Video

15+ pictures inside of Jena Malone going almost nude…

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  • iosjdgfoisjrdgpoijawer

    God. Okay. I really don’t know where to start. The music itself is horrible. I’ve never heard her live and don’t really care to but this song makes her voice sound terrible whether it is or not I don’t know. Now lets talk about the completely unnecessary nudity. I myself as a woman don’t understand why she would do this. After Miley Cyrus nothing really shocks anyone anymore. What she should of done was wear clothing and sound amazing but she really didn’t do either of those things. The music was horrible the video was horrible, I lost 5 minutes of my life. But you know what it doesn’t even matter she is probably making more money then any of us will ever make, even though we went to school and work our a**es off everyday to make an honest living. So to everyone who calls me jealous you are correct because I am I have to worry about how my husband and I are going to pay for food, our children, and essential things that we need. Mean while, she sits on top of a piano naked and probably makes more money then I will my whole life as a teacher. So yes I am jealous, I mean who wouldn’t be?

  • lizmiley

    Gosh she aint got no boobs she might as well show them because they aint there

  • stfu

    @lizmiley: you’re pathetic, putting down other women cause of breast size is f****** pathetic. i bet you have a chode of a d*** yourself moron

  • http://Justjared Leticia

    I like it it was tastefully done beautiful video there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who is proud of her small God given breasts. I’m not surprised by the negative comment About them since most celebrities these days are fake not surprised at all but regardless great video.

  • Ha

    @Leticia: Oh yeah completely tasteful. Can’t wait to see a dude wearing flowers over his nude body and that get called tasteful. Oh wait… it wont because it’s not tasteful it’s screaming for attention. Which is what she wants, attention.

  • Amy


    It’s obvious the inspiration came from American Beauty. Jena Malone looks anorexic.

  • starchy

    you lot probably prefer huge, grotesque Kardashian porno-style boobs – udders bloated like balloons. The US has a skewed view of what women’s breasts look like. Give me small ones any day. At least they are real! And this is a perfectly tame image. Not gross at all.

  • starchy

    @iosjdgfoisjrdgpoijawer: why do you expect fairness in this life just because you ‘worked’ for what you have got. She works too. Actors work. It’s just that the jobs us ordinary people do no-one pays a lot for. Sucks but there it is. No need to be mean-spirited about the more fortunate. I mean imagine living in the developing world (where I come from). Westerners and especially Americans have No idea what real, utter poverty is.

  • mom50

    @stfu: Well one does notice the really, really small breast. Some of us women are not used to seeing such non-breast women. Don’t have a cow. It’s kinda funny

  • iosjdgfoisjrdgpoijawer

    @starchy: Doesn’t work. I live in Russia. Not America. But thanks for assuming that I do.

  • niagirl

    A woman poses nude and the figting and judging amongst women begins. Typical and sad.

  • Fernando Schiavi

    I think Jena is very beautiful…. I love her perfect and natural body… Her little breasts are wonderful, as her whole body!!!

  • Pretty Ka

    I really support the message the band shared along with the video. Seeing Jena in this video reminds me not to be so body conscious all the time.

  • Pretty Ka

    @Ha: Flowers are symbols of femininity; off course we wouldn’t want to see a guy covering his bits in flowers. I think any girl can pull this off, but a guy… no thanks.

  • Ha

    @Pretty Ka: Oh how hypocritical you are Miss Pretty Ka. I know a lot of men who identify/are very feminine so I think it’s very misguided of you to say that men can’t pull off flowers because they are somehow exclusively for women. I as a woman would totally like to see men with flowers on their crouches since women can do it why not men?

  • Ha

    @Ha: Crotch I’m stupid. I meant crotch.

  • chrissy

    I loved her in “Bastard out of Carolina”

  • tonlaer

    Jena looks beautiful <3

  • wendy

    I think she’s awesome and looks great. Go Jena!

  • Andrew

    We’ve already got one too many lady gagas

  • nemo

    it is one thing to sent an important message, but it is another thing to use nudity for PR. that’s just cheap.

  • jake


  • http://jenamalonefanclub Ernest schoenmakers

    @iosjdgfoisjrdgpoijawer:Well i heard her live singing but her voice isn’t that consistent and i like she’s experimenting in music not following the mainstream but at sometime you have to give it a shape otherwise it sounds too messy. Life is not fair indeed, people working their butt out of their body and earning nothing compared to those people, that’s the way it is but i hope that this will change somehow in the future. About Jena Malone she’s my favourite actress, i mean she’s really a refreshment together with Jennifer Lawrence in the filmindustry. But as a music artist, she still has to learn a lot and you have to like her music. But it all sounds too simple for me and a little bit messy.

  • Justsane

    God. Okay. I know exactly where to start. Sorry, but don’t be so ignorant. Just because someone makes more money than you doesn’t mean that they don’t “make an honest living” or don’t work their “a**es off”, or didn’t go to school — did you seriously just say that? If you too, did what you loved and had no fear of truly becoming who you really are, then maybe you wouldn’t be so bitter about what other people have, compared to what is that you don’t have. Why are you even comparing yourself? Do your values only lie in money? And so what if she’s making money by looking beautifully nude on top of a piano making her own personal and brave art. And so what if you don’t make as much money being a teacher…at least you don’t get random people making unenlightened offensive comments about you whenever they please. Why are you even on this site if you so deplore losing minutes of your life? This is pop culture. Revolutions are evolution. Survival of the fearless.

  • jena is a goddess

    I love Jena Malone. If she wants to be topless and naked let her she has great body and she is allowed to show it. It shows her artistic courage and difference from the mainstream music and music videos we always see. I loved the song and the video. I say go Jena.

  • Katniss

    so brave of jena to strip..i hope shed do a futuristic video next a la hunger games

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