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Johnny Depp Denies Amber Heard Pregnancy: Engagement is 'Not a Shotgun Affair'

Johnny Depp Denies Amber Heard Pregnancy: Engagement is 'Not a Shotgun Affair'

Johnny Depp sits down for a candid interview with the Today show’s Savannah Guthrie, which aired on Friday (April 4).

“I feel a little guilty for asking this, but there is a story out there [today] that you guys are expecting,” Savannah asked the 50-year-old Transcendence actor about the rumors that he and Amber Heard are pregnant.

“Expecting what?” Johnny asked, to which she replied, “A baby!”

“A child? Good god, what do you think I am, a savage?” Johnny added. “No, no truth to that. [It's] not a shotgun affair.”

Watch the interview below, where he chats about Amber, his upcoming film, and more.

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  • ahahah

    omg his voice turns me on!!! why is he constantly moving?

  • martha

    she will leave him for that in no time! I can bet

  • BrooklynT

    @martha: So negative and hateful for what!?

  • Drats

    That woman interviewer is too giggly and annoying.

  • JDF

    @martha: Is that your way of congratulating the guy? Pathetic.

    They have been together for more than 2 years and they are happy and in love and they won’t break up anytime soon.

  • Me

    Oh god! he looks so happy

  • soooo

    his teeth are awful looking and he has money…yellow stained teeth are so unappealing.

  • remember da truth

    JDF, you are right. Pathetic is a great word for people like that Martha, and Sooooo.
    Some people never learned what the rest of learned by the time we were six: If you don’t have something nice to say, say nothing at all.
    But then some people are so desperate to be heard, just to have someone, even anonymous people on the internet, pay attention to them, that they have to make unnecessary comments about strangers that are unkind. If pressed, they will claim they have a right to their opinion. It’s the only bit of power they feel in the world — the right to be rude anonymously about strangers — so it’s the only way they can feel good about their lives and themselves.
    Pathetic, indeed.

  • remember da truth

    Johnny Depp has two kids out of wedlock already. Obviously, he is well aware that the old Middle Aged convention of forcing marriage before the baby is born to be sure that inheritance rights are kept in order has long since passed its usefulness.
    If he wants to marry Amber Heard, he will, regardless of whether she’s pregnant, or when that baby is born.

  • Anna

    @soooo: Why do you care about his teeth? Would you not be with someone you love just because you don’t like their teeth?

  • lola

    Savannah Guthrie has some nerve asking Johnny Depp if Amber is expecting; Savannah got married three weeks ago and is already four months pregnant.

  • Drats

    @lola: Yes, she made a giggly annoying reference to it by patting her stomach and saying ” I should talk.”

  • lola

    Yes, Savannah is already four months pregnant and she got married less than three weeks ago. I can’t stand these so-called journalists who like to dish it out but, if the tables were turned, can’t take it.

  • stevie

    And even if Amber was pregnant, which she isn’t, it’s none of Savannah’s or anyone else’s business.

  • xir

    I love him and i’m happy for him!!Haters will you please stfu!??

  • Tyla

    I’m actually starting to love them as a couple. But I don’t think it will last.

  • JDF

    @Tyla: I think it will. It will last as long as they are in love and happy together. Period.

  • fil

    aww he was looking so happy when he was talking about the engangement and so in love when he talked about Amber!

  • Didy

    I’m really happy for him! Maybe they think it’s still early for a baby. It’s not a “shotgun affair”. Yes, it’s a serious relationship, with a classy sweet woman who did not get pregnant in two or three months (not even in two years).
    This time Johnny is enjoying the relationship phase by phase. They met in 2009 (when he and Vanessa were already spending more time apart than together), they are serious since 2011, last year they moved in together, now they are getting married after being engaged for months and then they had a party to celebrate their engagement with family and friends.
    Everything is happening quietly, no pressure, no rush and with a lot of joy and pleasure because they love each other and are experiencing every moment of this relationship with wisdom, intensity, passion and tranquility at the same time!
    Two true people with old souls! Lucky people because they found each other in that crazy Hollywood!
    I wish happiness and more and more and more happiness to them and all their beloved ones!

  • cutie pie

    Yup. Indeed. That engagement is only a midlife crisis affair, not a shotgun affair of course. Small detail.

  • Oliver

    @JDF: you keep saying that, as you want to convince yourself that D i c k & D y k e love each other

  • Oliver

    Johnny was really smiling, but I’m not sure if it was from happiness

  • Brian

    Johnny didn’t buy the wrong size ring, nobody buys the wrong size ring for your fiancee.
    I think it was the way he created to make fun of the whole situation

  • Brian

    @Oliver: D i c k&D y k e?

  • JDF

    cutie pie + Oliver + Brian = Same person. Same troll.

  • Brian

    @JDF: No!
    I’m another troll.

  • Brian

    in fact, Amber is the troll. The D y k e troll

  • Love The Shoes

    @BrooklynT: Thank you Brooklyn! I was thinking the exact same thing even before reading what the poster you’re addressing said. I saw Johnny’s words and thought “the downers will just find something else to cling too.” They can’t stand anyone else having happiness because they don’t have any.

  • mom50

    I like Johnny and his yellow teeth. Im impressed that he doesn’t worry about impressing others. Just himself. cool

  • kat

    this couple is odd together, not because of the age gap, they don’t fit. No chemistry between them, but it doesn’t matter to me.
    I think Amber should stop acting, she is very dull and can not act. She could be a photographic model

  • BrooklynT

    @kat: All this according to you! Have you seen personal pics of them!? They look happy and more relaxed when not being chased down by paps or standing on red carpets! Johnny always looks uncomfortable on red carpets for years now! No matter who he’s standing next or even when he’s standing alone! Google any pics of him w/Vanessa/Kate/even Winona who’s supposed to be the love of his life! Here’s what Johnny said about being in public in 2005-“My biggest stage-fright moment is anything where you have to go and talk in front of people. Doing the work on set, that’s fine. But an appearance, anything where there are a lot of people, especially if you have to say something. Even just standing there I feel like an idiot.”

  • BrooklynT

    @Didy: Exactly because Johnny usually rushes into engagements/babies really fast in almost every relationship he’s been in except this one! You can’t deny how happy he looks.But some people were born to sing the blues and just have to be negative for no reason!

  • BrooklynT

    @Love The Shoes: Yep some people are born to sing the blues!

  • BrooklynT

    @Oliver: Hey knucklehead! she’s only been w/1 woman according to her! She’s always been w/men! Stop trying to make her into whatever you want her to be just so you can show how bigoted you are!

  • BrooklynT

    @soooo: He smokes! And obviously Amber doesn’t care! You don’t fall in love w/teeth!

  • kat

    @BrooklynT: I didn’t say uncomfortable. I said odd. they are odd together. they don’t match

  • Oliver

    @BrooklynT: It makes her a D Y K E

  • More
  • UGH!!!

    @soooo: “yellow stained teeth are so unappealing.”

    That’s the nicotine and they go with his smokers breath.

  • JDF

    @kat: Judging by what? The paps pictures that were taken in less than 30 seconds and were the paps were shouting and making them uncomfortable?

    They fit so well together and there’s chemistry between them. They were electric together in The Rum Diary.

    They wouldn’t be together for 2 years and getting married if they didn’t fit together.

  • Kat

    sorry but I have to disagree about the chemistry, the electricity between them in the film. And the pictures of the two together.
    They don’t fit.

  • Kat

    Well,I saw chemistry between them during the promotion of TRD, but I didn’t see it in the movie.
    I think most people agree with me, because I read a few comments about this scene.
    I heard more about him and Angelina Jolie in The Tourist than on him on TRD

  • Kat

    @JDF: In my opinion, I think she is really a lesbian. She is beautiful, but doesn’t have an attractive proposition for men, she doesn’t appeal to men.
    Maybe they’re falling in love for each other, but now that things have cooled they are realizing that. Well, it’s just my opinion.

  • Mm

    I’m glad that Johnny isn’t a savage. Thanks God!

  • sillyyou

    To the ignorants who call her “lesbian” even when she never said she was one, you could read this article about her and open your “tiny” mind:

  • hmmmm

    Isn’t that obvious that he didn’t propose to her because she was pregnant? they have been engaged like 6 months according to “US Weekly”, we surely would have noted if Amber were pregnant by now.
    Anyway, I have no doubts they going to have a baby soon after the wedding. Johnny is crazy for his children and according to the magazines, Amber’s motherly instinct has gone increasingly high since she not only fell in love with Johnny, but also she fell for his children
    By the way, I do remember that even the paparazzis mentioned how the ring (the first time she was seen with him) looked too big for her finger and even in the first pictures you can see the ring almost hanging out of her finger, so I think the “it was too big for my girl” it’s true
    And “US” mention (on the printed issue) that Johnny’s ring is the antique Edwardian ring mentioned months ago, so maybe that’s why they don’t want to modify the ring? because it’s a valuable antique?

  • Frankie

    That movie must be doing terrible if he is already pushing pregnancy rumors.
    The guy is such a joke, desperate for attention with his PR girlfriend old enough to be his daughter. I bet Vanessa is glad she got out just in time.

    And yes his teeth are rotten beyond belief.

  • Falala

    @Frankie: I agree with you about his teeth, he needs to get them seen to. However, he is not pushing any pregnancy rumours, in fact he shut it down. Secondly, the movie has not been released yet. Thirdly, Vanessa has also moved on so you should move on too. Obviously something went wrong in their relationship since the beginning. She confirmed that herself. So move on already.

  • Frankie


    LOL, good find!

    Actress Amber Heard (R) holds a protest sign with her girlfriend Tasya Van Ree during a same-sex marriage advocates demonstration against the stay barring gay marriages on August 19, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. On August 4, District Judge Vaughn Walker ruled against Proposition 8 as unconstitutional, and after his ruling the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals granted proponents of Proposition 8 a stay on August 16.

    So in 2010 she was still a lesbian and in 2014 she wants to get married to Johnny Rotten Teeth Dope?

  • JDF

    @Frankie: The movie hasn’t been released yet to be “doing terrible” you clueless idiotic hater.

    How is he pushing pregnancy rumors when he shut them down when they asked him about it? Did you even see the video???

    He is a joke in your own very delusional mind.

    Desperate for attention? He’s promoting a movie you utter moron. Getting so much attention does not mean that he’s desperate for it. He gets all the attention because he’s Johnny Depp.

    PR girlfriend? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, yea I guess that’s why she refused to talk about him and their relationship when she was promoting her latest movie and I guess that’s why they always look annoyed and uncomfortable while being photographed! Yea defo a PR relationship right there!

    She’s old enough to date whoever she wants. She’s 28 and not 18 and unless he had sex with her mother, No SHE COULD NOT BE HIS DAUGHTER.

    Vanessa have nothing but love and respect for Johnny and she said nothing but nice things about him in all her recent interviews. She was just pictured with him at Jack’s school a few weeks ago.

    He might have bad teeth but he’s not got a black heart like you.