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Katie Holmes Gets to Work with 'Dangerous Liaisons' Co-star Melissa George!

Katie Holmes Gets to Work with 'Dangerous Liaisons' Co-star Melissa George!

Katie Holmes wears a semi-sheer top while heading to the set of her new television pilot Dangerous Liaisons on Thursday afternoon (April 3) in New York City.

The 35-year-old actress was joined for the day of work by her co-star Melissa George.

The series follows “Ann, a woman of education and breeding, who has never used those advantages for power over others. She’s smart, stylish and genuinely down to earth. Ann runs a philanthropic foundation with her husband. When Philip and Margot make a bet and destroy Ann’s perfect marriage, Ann learns to play the game and becomes the ultimate match for Philip,” according to TV Line.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Melissa George on set…

Just Jared on Facebook
katie holmes sheer top dangerous liaisons set 01
katie holmes sheer top dangerous liaisons set 02
katie holmes sheer top dangerous liaisons set 03
katie holmes sheer top dangerous liaisons set 04
katie holmes sheer top dangerous liaisons set 05
katie holmes sheer top dangerous liaisons set 06
katie holmes sheer top dangerous liaisons set 07
katie holmes sheer top dangerous liaisons set 08
katie holmes sheer top dangerous liaisons set 09
katie holmes sheer top dangerous liaisons set 10

Photos: SplashNewsOnline, INFphoto
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  • oy vey

    I can’t wait to see her fans try convince us this dopey looking girl is hot. C’mon try and be honest. She looks foolish with these expressions on her face.

  • oy vey

    With Jared showing us daily pictures of her walking to and from the set it is exposing the idea of this sitcom even more.
    All the more funny if it doesn’t go to series in the end. Anti- climatic?

  • Nathan

    Super cute face in pic #2 Love Katie Holmes so much!

  • Native NYker
  • Tori

    Geez, what is that on her head. This has to be one of the most unattractive hats she has ever worn.

  • KHo the train wreck

    She doesn’t look good here. She’s not the type that ages well. Look at the lines on her face, even with full makeup and forced smirk, she still looks very tired and old.
    The girl next to her standing by the stairs to the trailer looks 10X better than this no talent wannabe.
    And let’s give her credit for stopping the facade as fashion designer. Just look at the way she dresses herself.

  • MR. BIG

    Yummy Midnight Cowgirl look here. Can we still say ‘ hard on ‘ on this site?

  • Leni

    All the stuff I’ve heard about this show, how did Melissa George’s name not get mentioned until now? She’s awesome! I’m kind of looking forward to this now!

  • Paris

    Isn’t she a little old for ripped jeans?

  • Nathan

    @KHo the train wreck:
    There is NO WAY that chick on the steps looks better than Katie Holmes that chick is totally average like any other person you see every day. I get that you hate Katie but now you reached a whole new level of hate with that statement. LOL

  • Dare To be Honest

    This show/ pilot has all the right “moves”.

  • Janea

    Don’t worry Natan. That just leaves all the more Katie to you. lol
    Seriously, she just isn’t beautiful to many people.
    I wouldn’t call her down right ugly but to me and obviously others there isn’t anything special there.
    Whatever it is that you are seeing isn’t shared by the whole world.

  • Daily Mail

    what’s worse =no comments or negative comments?
    No love or no attention for Homely at the DM.
    Bring your daughter to work day? Or is it rather bring your daughter to get papped with me day? Katie Holmes actress or is it Suri’s mother who was married to Tom Cruise? I think you know which she is more known for.

  • Daily Mail PT2

    Dang, same as yesterday. She use to be loved there or at least generate lots of comments. Close to 50 or so.
    Now its ten and under and mostly blah.
    Mimi Rogers is calling your name Katie. Tick Tock.

  • Daily Mail PT3
  • Promoting Mom Time
  • annie

    they are not lines on her face it’s strands of hair.
    I like that outfit, it’s playful, I always say if I don’t like something on Katie.

  • @16

    Indeed. However this link here is my new favorite. She was beyond obvious about kneeling to get in the frame with Suri for the pap shot. Pic 2 is pure gold.

  • sabrina

    She looks awful. Dreadful hat, awful Valentino bag, jeans more suited to a teen, and that blouse…geez. For someone in the fashion world with a former line, half owner of a hair product company and the ex-face of Bobby Brown, Ann Taylor etc., she certainly has no clue how to dress herself. I don’t mind that she is casual, but at least choose clothing that flatters your body.

  • Dare to be honest

    @@16: I totally agree. … BUT aren’t these the traits of movie stars, me me me ?

  • baby

    @Dare to be honest: Not all stars bring their children into their Me Me Me disease. Be a famewhore all you want but leave the kids out of it. Pathetic. Suri is getting old enough to be perceptive. She might not articulate it as such but kids are smart and she will see through her mother like no one else. Mother daughter relationships can be tough under normal circumstances. Suri might grow resentful if she picks up on her mothers motives for such things as bending down to be at the same height to get in the photos with her for more press. Yikes.

  • Cut through the b.s.

    A fine wine ages well, …and than there’s Katie Holmes. All she needs now is a wart.

  • Cut through the b.s.

    @baby: Like Lindsey Lohan did re: her father.

  • Walking Contradiction

    If she is such a fame whore, why does she look so annoyed in the pics?

  • Misty blue

    That is typical celeb M.O. Act pi33ed off so it doesn’t look like you like it.

  • annie

    judging from all pics of katie on her own without her daughter, don’t think she needs suri to keep her in the celeb news. SHE BENT DOWN TO HER DAUGHTERS LEVER TO SAY SOMETHING TO HER
    Judging from all the pics of Katie without Suri, doubt she needs her daughter to keep her in the news.
    The problem is.. the reality outweighs your nonsense, either that, or you need to get a pair of glasses.
    At least 7 comments by the same person, but hey who are we to spoil your fun!

  • denial ani’t just a river

    In the pictures of Suri and Katie that are being talked about Katie is not talking to her daughter in any of them.
    She is looking at the camera and smiling into it.
    It’s not just one picture it is a couple and Katie is not looking at Suri she is looking at the camera.

  • Missy

    Have you seen the latest photos of Suri? The girl is getting tall…practically up to Katie’s shoulder. So even if Katie cared about such silly things like “being in the same shot as her daughter” she’d hardly need to bend down to her level. There could be a million reasons as to why she bent over. Looks to me like she’s trying to keep her daughter calm. But whatevs. People will believe what they want.

  • Excuses, Excuses, Excuses


    Suri didn’t look distressed in the photo’s. Plus there are other photo’s in the past were Suri looked visibly upset and Katie didn’t do that exaggerated bending she does in these pictures.

    Katie gets photographed when she is alone because of her PR, but papz don’t need to be called to snap Suri because they know they will get paid for whatever shot they bring if it’s Suri.

    Suri pictures sale. Katie’s no so much.

  • Missy

    OK you’re right. I give up.
    Katie MUST have been bending down to be in the same shot as Suri, even though the paps could easily take a photo of the 2 of them w/out her bending down. And you’re right; photos of Katie by herself don’t sell, even though plenty of sites including this one, regularly buy photos of her by herself. On this site her threads usually generate 25 to 75 comments (more than most celebs)People still click and comment on her threads days after they’ve been posted. Even if they’re negative, she is still generating hits for sites which =$$$.
    But no, she was so desperate for attention that she just had to bend down to make sure that she was in the same shot as her daughter.
    Seriously, this must be the silliest debate I’ve had on this site.
    And btw Katie has bent down many times before to comfort her daughter. But I’m sure she was just trying to get into the shot, right?

  • bottom line

    I am not #29
    but bottom line:
    -Suri doesn’t look distressed at all in the pics at the airport. She looks fine if anything a bit bored.
    -Katie is laughing and smiling and she doesn’t look like she is trying to comfort her
    -if she was trying to comfort her she would be talking to her or looking at her.
    -she is not. She is looking into the camera and posing just like you would to get a picture.
    -there are several pics- all show the same action. None show her looking at Suri in anyway for comfort.
    - its been long time since Suri looked distressed- like when she was little. She is older now and I have not seen her look that way in a long time. However, it doesn’t matter because in all the shots Katie does not appear to be concerned about her daughter at all by the looks of it,

  • bottom line

    The picture you provided means nothing in fact if anything it would appear to prove our point and not yours. When Katie did appear to be talking to Suri in the pic from years ago she is actually looking and talking to her. Not smiling and looking into the camera., Suri is getting taller but not tall enough where Katie doesn’t have to bend down to be at face level.

  • @Missy


    Which sites besides JJ and DM regularly buy photos of Katie by herself?

    Most of the 25-75 generated comments talk about Tom or Suri in relation to Katie. Her appearance and talent start of the conversation, but the conversation ends up slamming Tom and Scientology.

    Katie posts are mostly anti-Tom and Scientology meet-ups.

  • Missy regularly buys solo photos of Katie. Search her on E! online and you’ll find a lot of pics sans suri. People and US also buy a fair amount of pics of her, but those site focus more on articles than pics, so they wouldn’t buy quite as many as Jared.
    Some discussions focus on Tom and Scientology, but there have also been some long discussions on her career. And for the record, I see just as many if not more posts defending Tom as I do Katie.

  • Until the fat lady sings

    So her 1st big break (Ice Storm) is about a bunch of permiscuous, entitled, people. Hmmm. Does the pilot bring it? Does she bring it?