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Keith Urban Takes Off for Nashville to Attend ACM Awards 2014!

Keith Urban Takes Off for Nashville to Attend ACM Awards 2014!

Keith Urban shows off his support for his fellow country music pals Little Big Town while heading into the airport on Friday afternoon (April 4) in Los Angeles.

The 46-year-old singer is on his way to Nashville to prep for the 2014 ACM Awards, which will air live this Sunday night at 8/7c on CBS.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Keith Urban

Keith is nominated for five awards this year and he is also set to perform at the show. He is nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year, as well as Single Record of the Year, Video of the Year, and Vocal Event of the Year for “Highway Don’t Care” alongside Taylor Swift and Tim McGraw, and Vocal Event of the Year for “We Were Us” with Miranda Lambert.

10+ pictures inside of Keith Urban going to the airport…

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keith urban takes off for nashville acm awards 2014 01
keith urban takes off for nashville acm awards 2014 02
keith urban takes off for nashville acm awards 2014 03
keith urban takes off for nashville acm awards 2014 04
keith urban takes off for nashville acm awards 2014 05
keith urban takes off for nashville acm awards 2014 06
keith urban takes off for nashville acm awards 2014 07
keith urban takes off for nashville acm awards 2014 08
keith urban takes off for nashville acm awards 2014 09
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  • Whatever!!!

    Nice highlights. She looks amazing.

  • Cara

    He’s nominated for 6 awards not 5. Nice to see his hair is growing. He is so gorgeous!

  • Xoxo

    I feel like he is ken and Nicole is barbie

  • 1urbanfan27

    My sweet Keith!!!

    Hate to tell you JJ, but he was headed for Las Vegas! The CMA’s are in Nashville…Not the ACM’s… :)

  • kami

    the acm awards are in vegas not nashville.

  • Carolyn

    It’s so nice to see so much coverage of Keith here at JJ. He’s so talented and always willing to help worthwhile causes. He’s doing a charity event tomorrow night in Las Vegas before the ACM Awards on Sunday.

  • Sally


    I think you made a typo. I know you meant to say “Nicole’s Sweet Keith.” She is his Baby Girl after all :)

  • Sarah

    @Whatever!!!: No not ”whatever”. Keith has a great career and great life without your blessing.

  • Keith

    His babies are his kids ! Nice to see Keith on the move at the airport!
    He is great guy! Love how Chris Martin came on the show as a advisor!

    Maybe he is going home before going to Vegas, wow Blakre Shelton from the Voice is the co Host …! It looks like fun ACM Awards! On Sunday!

  • Miranda

    I wish he would either go short or go long. This short in back, long in front look is just so stupid.

  • Whatever!!!

    @Sarah: Please remember to take your meds. This blog is for OPINIONS. Simmer down sad lady.

  • Paisley

    He looks very happy! I agree, I miss his longer hair. Let it grow back sweetie!

  • x

    Earring Magic Ken (Ken Dolls GAY alter ego) is taking his extra tight jeans, tight T-shirt and highlighted blond locks to Vegas!!!

  • benmonts

    @Keith: Keith’s got an ACM charity show in Vegas on Saturday.

    Love that he’s wearing a Little Big Town tee, another favorite of mine!

  • truckin

    “Highway Don’t Care” if you’re gay KEITH.

  • Oh dear

    Where’s Nicole? Oh that’s right, she is too busy making another box office flop in Oz.

  • Bizz

    Love those smiles! Have a fun time with all your friends for Country Vegas Week!

  • 1urbanfan27

    @Sally: I think you made a typo Sally…Was that the name you meant to use?…He is MY sweet Keith…I dubbed him “Sweet man” years ago…BG…All for the promo…If you only paid attention… Tunnel vision…Missing the peripherals…

    I love the LBT tee too…I always knew LBT would end up a “Tornado”…They are so good…Best harmonies in the business…I saw them first, in June 2004 with Keith in Georgia…I knew it then…

  • 1urbanfan27

    @benmonts: Yes “Party For The Cause” on Saturday…The ACM’s on Sunday…And then a taping on Monday, on an ACM salute to the troops… :)

  • http://comcast Patricia

    @ urbanfan27. I believe in June 2004 Keith was living with Niki Taylor, did she attend your trip to Georgia also ????

  • http://comcast Lorna

    What kind of car is Keith driving ?

  • http://yahoo lizzie


    That was the first thing that came into my mind also. Perhaps she meant she saw LBT at one of Keith’s concerts in 2004. Let’s give her the benefit of doubt.

    It’s a shame that so many people fixate on Keith’s hair. The man’s a consummate entertainer, and he’s going to give his fans what they want. It’s funny that when Idol started the audition process, he had long hair and Connick had curls over his forehead. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Idol producers and FOX did a little arm twisting. I wonder what’s up with Harry’s sartorial splendor on Thursdays? I wish Keith would wear a sport jacket and shirt just occasionally to let the critics know he ‘cleans up’ darned well.

  • http://comcast Mary Ann

    Keith is one of the most talented musicians going today. From what I have read, anyone that doesn’t like Keith are people that have never met him. I truly believe that.

  • JustMe

    I think Keith is gorgeous! His hair looks good too. I don’t get either why so many are fixated on his hair! When he wore it long, you fussed, then he gets it cut and you still complain! His hair looks better than most of the Country singers or for that matter other genres too! You just can’t please all the critics out there. And you people that come on here and degrade artist are a bunch of sickos..IMO

  • JustMe

    @MaryAnn…you are so right! Keith is a very humble and sweet guy and not to mention…very talented!

  • sara

    @1urbanfan27: He’s not YOUR anything. If he was, we would all know nothing about you because you would have what you wanted from him. But you don’t.

  • Barb

    that isn’t 1ubanfan27 , if you have been around awhile you know that isn’t how she writes .

    That is one of the dorks pulling your chain again. Ignore the idiots.

  • maclen

    Apparently, per his twits…the orb will be performing “Even The Stars Fall 4 U” …his MOST “bubble gummy” jingle off his mediocre album on the awards show. Clearly after getting a VERY caustic tweet from the co-writer of “Cop Car” who tweeted this after the orb performed the song on the Grammys…

    “I worked hard on “Cop Car.” Everything I poured into that song was stolen from me. I unfortunately can’t celebrate it being on the Grammys.”

    …quite naturally, orb decided NOT to perform the song again on the awards show…DESPITE it still being his CURRENT single. Not that ANY performance on the show will help orb’s very weak album sales…seeing how the “quality’ pool of the songs on the album is so very shallow.

  • maclen


    “Earring Magic Ken (Ken Dolls GAY alter ego) is taking his extra tight jeans, tight T-shirt and highlighted blond locks to Vegas!!!”

    Yes x…despite those “frosted highlights”…the skin tight T-s and skinny jeans…the buzz cut in a ridiculous “faux” punk style…the orb has NO chance of suddenly appealing to that tween/teen demo he is obviously so desperate to attract. Along with the obvious amping up of his declining attendance live show tour…and the current amping up of the chat videos attempting to create buzz for ALL the “fabulous” events he’s got coming up…it’s apparent by the further catastrophic ratings plunge of Idol this season…the orb’s career will also simply continue to plunge. Just try to imagine…how many monkeys are really going to be “amped up” this summer…and ACTUALLY going to look forward to sitting on stage at another dull and recycled orb show….on a La-z-boy?

  • Rockon

    Oh my . Maclen must have had a really bad Friday night in her lonely basement.
    Hope the hangover goes away and you start feeling better about yourself.

    No one could be that ugle unless they were ill.

  • maclen

    Careful…your “insecurity” is showing.

  • Reality


    I guess he will realize that it’s all NK’s fault… Divorce her… And come looking for you. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
    That’ll revive his career and bring him happiness. ;)

  • 1urbanfan27

    @Reality: YOU have NO idea what brings him happiness…

  • 1urbanfan27

    @sara: You have NO idea what I get from him….And that’s fine with me…

  • 1urbanfan27

    @maclen: Keith hasn’t said why he decided to perform a different song…It’s unfortunate that one of the co-writers decided to diss the artist who has the right to perform it…Whatever Keith’s reason is, it’s Ok by me…

  • http://comcast Teri

    @1urbanfan27. You are correct, we don’t know what you get from Keith, whatever it is, it is all in your head. Enjoy it !!! You aren’t hurting anyone just keep imagining, I bet you are having fun. If he knew who you were, after being married ti his beautiful wife, I bet he would gag. Hate to burst your bubble !!!

  • I bet Keith would gag …

    Someone at the official Cannes photo-call today told Bohomoth: “Up close, Nicole’s face is terrifying, you can see the lumps under her skin of where she’s had the fillers put in. It looks very odd and there’s only a few poses she can do where she still looks human.”

  • maclen

    “Someone at the official Cannes photo-call today told Bohomoth: “Up close, Nicole’s face is terrifying, you can see the lumps under her skin of where she’s had the fillers put in.”

    There is obviously documented proof kidman has continually mangled her “silly putty” face throughout the years.

    And to claim she no LONGER has wrinkles because she wears a “strong sunscreen and stays out of the sun” is simply being delusional. Again, I’ve NEVER read or heard of the process that simply sitting in the shade REMOVES at once visible wrinkles.

  • maclen

    …and in fact…in the photos posted in this entry….the orb’s face is also looking very shiny and smooth as if “polished” with a car buffer. But then clearly…orb’s overall “new look”… is to appear like a teen “surfer dude.”

  • Holly

    Keith needs to find his own stylist that will make him look like a man. Maybe when his career officially belly-ups, he’s hoping to join One Direction or be an Ellen look-a-like.

  • Holly

    @maclen: The surfer’s hair looks terrible with the gray scruff. What a ridiculous look.

  • Earring Magic Ken

    is so vain.

  • Jackie

    He’s gay or??

  • Earring Magic Keith

    is vain and gay!

  • maclen


    Obviously he’s using kidman’s hair people…as he explained when he gave kidman credit for the ridiculous cut. He’s obviously looking for his own harry styles “look” with that rat’s nest.

  • maclen

    Ha…so after getting burned by REAL songwriter Sam Hunt on twitter for “trying to steal what he put into the song” he helped co-write…which was OBVIOUSLY aimed at orb..the orb plays it safe by performing ANOTHER song he DIDNT write…with a writer of that song…”Raise Em’ Up’ at the ACM for a cause fest. He was ALSO sure to give the writer PUBLIC props for it…

    “Keith Urban ‏@KeithUrban 2h
    Ain’t nothin like singin a song with the writer – #RaiseEmUp with my pal Jaren Johnston – KU”

    …which pretty much puts to rest ANY doubt that Hunt WAS referring to orb as “stealing what HE put into the song.” A warning to up and coming country “songwriters”…beware of giving orb songs to cover…he will more than likely try to “steal” your emotions and experience…as he has no idea whatsoever of how to convey them on his own!

  • 1urbanfan27

    @Teri: Hate to tell you, “cough, cough”, Teri…From the first night, Keith and I met, almost 11 years ago, he never gagged… :) And you have no idea who I am…And I don’t claim to be perfect…But I am…ALL natural…And he knows that…

  • 1urbanfan27

    @maclen: Keith didn’t “steal” anything from that song…He simply said that he had never heard a song written from that perspective before…And he loved the lyrics and he had to record it…So one of the co-writers has basically shot himself in the foot by dissing Keith’s perceived emotional or whatever attachment to it…And using the word “steal”…Keith has every right to that song…And as a song should do, allows him to see himself or someone else in it…Other than who the songwriter originally intended it to be about…It is Keith’s song to sing…HIS single…

    Richard Leigh, who wrote “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue”, a song known to be about a sad , brown eyed girl,said… And I heard this in person, with my own ears, that his original inspiration was a dog he had, with a brown eye and a blue eye…Songs should inspire the listener to their own memories and stories…Otherwise, one should keep them only for those who they are intended to be about…Keith did NOTHING wrong…

  • http://comcast Jody

    Mary maclan and Taralea hit run. You are both cruel people that don’t have a heart. The Crazy Ones !!!

  • http://comcast Joni

    @ urban 27–what a laugh you are. No matter how many times you tell us how terrible Nicole Kidman looks(we are not blind) we can see she is breathtakingly beautiful. You say you met Keith 11 years ago, same time he was living with Niki Taylor. Like someone said, he would gag if he saw you.