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Lupita Nyong'o is Lancome's Newest Face: 'I Am Truly Honored'!

Lupita Nyong'o is Lancome's Newest Face: 'I Am Truly Honored'!

Lupita Nyong’o has just announced that she is the newest face of Lancome‘s beauty campaign, and she looks gorgeous in the first campaign image for the brand!

“I am truly honored to join the Maison LancĂ´me, a brand with such a prestigious history that I have always loved. I am particularly proud to represent its unique vision for women and the idea that beauty should not be dictated, but should instead be an expression of a woman’s freedom to be herself,” the 31-year-old 12 Years a Slave Oscar winner said in a statement.

“Me + LANCĂ”ME. #TGIF The secret’s out. And it feels GREAT. @LancomeUSA #Lancome” Lupita wrote on her Instagram, along with a video – check it out below.

Lupita Nyong’o Announces New Gig with Lancome

Bigger campaign image inside…

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lupita nyongo lancomes latest face 01

Credit: Lancome
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  • xoxo

    Gorgeous woman

  • Beautiful

    I’m happy for her. She’s so beautiful. Can’t wait to see what else is coming her way

  • nice

    Love this picture!

  • meow

    she is the perfect face for LancĂ´me. she’s so gorgeous, yay lupita!!!!

  • aassaasd

    shouldn’t she be concentrating on trying to find another acting job? she is an Oscar winner but has nothing lined up.

  • soooo

    Why does Hollywood media and people rally around her but not around other notable hard working and beautiful black actresses who have been in the business longer than her?

    Viola Davis
    Angela Bassett
    Naomi Harris
    Taraji P. Henson
    Kerry Washington

  • Alexa

    @aassaasd: Go be negative somewhere else. She said in the interview about her Lancome campaign, she can’t speak on any of her upcoming roles.The news for that is probably coming soon.

  • To soooo

    @soooo: Everyone has a different path in life, so of course their fame isn’t going to be the same. Yes they are all talented but something about Lupita is different, she stands out.

  • Aoedele

    Yeah!!!!! So proud and happy for her, she is just stunning! Smart, beautiful and nice, love her!

  • Mejay

    What great news!

  • hello

    @soooo: People don’t talk about Kerry? Have you been living under a rock the past year?

  • Free at last!

    Good for her! Congrats! What a beautiful girl!

  • Rocky


    While I agree with you, Lupita is stunning! Applause to Lancome!

  • Heather madej

    She’s so beautiful, all the time! The woman can do no wrong. I am so jealous of her flawlessness and inspired by her.

  • Cate

    Wow! That’s so great for her. Lancome is a huge get especially so early in her career. She has a great face and features so this is a great match-up.

  • ashin

    awesome…. such a beautiful and class girl :)

  • Wolf

    she’s ugly.

  • they lightened skin

    They have a black and white video and lightened her skin in the pic. She is way darker. Why lighten her skin? Leave it dark as is.

    Who is saying they don’t rally around Kerry? KW is prettier and more talented and gets lots of attention.

  • elle

    Theres seriously no point in photoshopping her. She has the smoothest looking skin I’ve ever seen

  • Sadist

    She sucked a lot of d!cks.

  • For one

    @soooo: Lancome has the best products!!! Lupita has a refreshing beauty, femininity and class. Don’t you know that beauty really matters in Hollywood? Halle Berry is a poor actress. Kerry Washington is beautiful, but I personally don’t like her acting. However, she still got SCANDAL.

  • For one

    @elle: I’ve seen Lupita’s skin looking less than perfect around Oscar time. I knew immediately that the makeup and cosmetics she was using was irritating her skin. She has lots of little fine bumps all over her face. But Lancome will make her look better than ever. Lancome is a superior brand.

  • Limit

    her skin is sooo dark. her features are big. she’s not attractive.

  • aassaasd

    she can’t speak on any of her upcoming roles because she doesn’t have any. I know her five fans like to think she’s a huge star, but she isn’t.

  • wah?

    @Limit: Her features are big? Her skin is too dark? Hah! Ridiculous! Some people have tiny features and they are still not beautiful. You can’t explain it. It’s a mystery how that happens. I’ve seen Lupita on TV and she’s very pleasing to look at. She has a cuteness about her. Her features are small enough. What matters most is how she photographs, as many people — even beautiful — are not photogenic. So far, if they use Lupita in commercials etc, she has it in the bag.

  • uh

    @aassaasd: Whatever! What could you POSSIBLY have against this lovely young woman? Are you jealous of her?

  • Kristen

    She is so pretty. Gorgeous.

  • neil


    LOL. You have to be trolling or you have to be blind.

  • Closet

    Ugly face

  • soooo

    I don’t dispute that Lupita is pretty, but by no means are any of the other black actresses I listed are not equally beautiful and its telling that we only celebrate and call stunning those whose features are small and more her case. Yes her skin is darker but her features are more pleasing to “Hollywood” eyes than lets say Viola Davis.
    There is nothing exceptional about her over those other actresses except for the fact Hollywood has given her a seal of approval.

    No I have not been living under a rock, Kerry Washington is not the IT girl of Hollywood even though she has more creds to her name and is the star actress of a successful tv show. If anything it shows how people are still lead by their noses to say Lupita is special. How so? Yet another beautiful refined black woman actress like Viola Davis is not offered a cosmetic contract, because again people allow white cosmetic firms to set the standard of who is beautiful.
    And yes, as another poster noted, her photo is already lightened up, not alot but its subtle.

  • essie

    She’s really beautiful naturally so why did they photoshop her so much.. they like painted above her lips and frosted it with some overlay filter

  • Candice

    @soooo: The difference is she’s actually won a oscar unlike those who you have listed. She’s very like-able and there is nothing wrong with people like her more.

  • Hey

    Can’t deny that she’s pretty. BUT why is she photoshoped so much
    in this picture.. That’s not even her real color skin(look at her other photos). AND to say that she’s the most beautiful dark skinned black woman is stupid! Go out more guys! There’s other black actresses better looking than her..
    She’s slowly being overexposed. (I am not hating at all)
    People are making such a fuzz about her. Have we forgotten those other black female artists that are (sorry to say) way more better than her!

  • Brunch

    james franco is a pedophile. a woman like lupita would be “too old” for this crep. gross, what is happening in hollywood! hope lupita will fight for women to work longer in this business and put the perverts like james franco out!

  • Ktg

    She’s pretty but she’s now moving into overrated territory.

  • Jessie

    aassaasd @ 04/04/2014 at 10:38 am #5

    She’s already been in another film, Non-Stop with Liam Neesom. She’ll do just fine. Maybe she’s interested in doing quality rather than quantity. Now if you could find something to do other than being a dopey downer that would be a blessing. She’s barely out of acting school, has received several acting awards and an Oscar. She’s made another film with Neesom and is now Lancombe’s spokesperson. What have you done?
    Hey @ 04/04/2014 at 10:47 pm

    Everyone is photo shopped, even animals and kids. That isn’t news. Just because there are other black actresses you feel are better looking and/or better actresses doesn’t mean that people who like Lupita and the way she looks and acts should stop appreciating and praising her. People have different notions about what beauty is. It’s not like you have to choose one or the other. The world is big enough for diversity. it’s about people having different standards of beauty and opinions. You can have your without dissing others for their opinion. Don’t hate.

  • Dylan

    @Jessie: she didn’t deserve the oscar she had one scene and appeared a little here and a little there in the film. Not a lot of acting from her in that film. it’s not worth an oscar it’s ridiculous her part in it was so small. she did a lot of campaigning and sucked up to people; let’s see what she’ll do next. let’s hope she has more than 3 lines in the next one.

  • I think

    @soooo: Viola Davis is a beautiful person, but she is not “physically” what most people would call a beauty. So, of course, she’s not going to get a cosmetics contract like Lupita. Davis is a fabulous actress, but she has a harsher, more serious face. She will continue to be offered serious roles like police chief, lawyer, judge, etc. She reminds me of Alfre Woodard in that way. That’s how it is in this world. People gravitate toward physical beauty and they always will. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but generally only to a certain extent.

  • ugh!

    @Dylan: Don’t blame Lupita for small roles in films or a lackluster career. Blame the stupid film industry that caters to the “same ol, same ol” every year and discriminates against remarkable “minority” talent, leaving them with the “crumbs.” It’s disgusting! I still say, for that to change, minorities must band together, rise up and take the industry by force. They must create their own opportunities.

  • AdĂ­a

    Very beautiful women! I winder which color they used on her lips

  • Jessie

    Dylan @ 04/05/2014 at 12:10 am #37

    That’s a matter of opinion, just like mine. I didn’t think Jennifer Lawrence deserved one for Silver Linings Playbook. She was a snore as far as I’m concerned, but she got the Oscar and I’m not going to debate that with anyone or hate on her.
    Most actors do a LOT of campaigning when they feel they are getting the Oscar buzz, why shouldn’t she. She didn’t create the buzz, that was done by people who reviewed the film and actors and others who saw it. I’m not hating on her for that, she did what most actors do. I agree that the dialogue was sparse, but in this SUPPORTING role, Patsy’s story was an intricate part of the narrative and Lupita’s performance imo was moving and well acted. In other words, she did much with little, while some do little with much.
    I didn’t believe Halle Barry deserved it for Monster’s ball either, but that didn’t stop her from walking away with it. Other than not wearing make up and getting naked with BBT, I didn’t see where she did a great acting job. So, when it comes to a matter of who deserved it, the bottom line is we’re not the one’s making that decision. Lupita has an Oscar, so it counts just as Jennifer Lawrence’s and Halle Berry’s Oscars count.


    @Jessie: And Amen again! :-)