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Zac Efron & Halston Sage Sit Courtside at Lakers Game Together

Zac Efron & Halston Sage Sit Courtside at Lakers Game Together

Zac Efron cheers on the home team while attending the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Dallas Mavericks game held at the Staples Center on Friday evening (April 4) in Los Angeles.

The 26-year-old actor was joined by his Neighbors co-star Halston Sage in the courtside seats.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Zac Efron

Zac and Halston shared some very intimate time on the set of their movie almost a full year ago. Make sure to check out the photos of the young stars kissing for a party scene!

Neighbors will be released in theaters everywhere on May 9, so check it out.

20+ pictures inside of Zac Efron and Halston Stage at the basketball game…

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Credit: Noel Vasquez; Photos: GC Images, WENN, SplashNewsOnline
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# 1

Really Jared, some very intimate time? Looks like it’s his style to hook up with co stars, did with Amanda, Taylor Schilling, Maika now Halston. Well we know who he is, also we know his movie is just starting promotional time

# 2

The very intimate part is really suggestive, are they becoming a thing, and are you saying this to prepare his fans?

# 3

lmao another of his pr stunts. Everytime he is caught buying, drinking or something he has to be seen with a “girlfriend”. And this time that girl is his costar in is new movie coming next month! OH WHAT A COINCIDENCE. Wasnt that girl dating James Maslow? lmao how pathetic, is that girl the new lily collins in Zac´s life? HA
Also Zac should be banned from the lakers games, everytime he is courtside on a game they lose.

# 4

the famewhore and the drug addict. cute

# 5

i’m slowly losing my respect for Zac. I thought he was a good role model, now i know he was and probably is always lying. I thought he was better than those pr games, and just look at him. Let me guess they will be seen together till july and then they would never ever been seen together again.

# 6

@BO: really, the Lakers suck… Plain and simple. Zac had nothing to do with that.

# 7

OH MAN!!!! Zac, you’re doing it again PR, where?

# 8

Can’t wait for Neighbors!!!

# 9

the fact that all of Zac Efron’s fans on twitter are saying this is a pr relationship to promote Neighbors and to distract everyone from Zac’s personal scandalous life, omg thats SO SAD: when even your fans know how pathetic you are.

she looks like rachel mcadams.

Halston Sage had a boyfriend when she was filming “Neighbors” get your facts straight.

@BO or should I say K…. At least change what you say here from what you said on your twitter.LOL

He should have brought Rogen and James, the other main stars. Now that’s how you promote a movie

Zac you look fantastic Love you.

Zac… I know you love the Lakers but come on, they kind of suck. Time to favorite another team :-)

@Mil: yea the Lakers are bad, not even Kobe can bring them back.

His tattoo just pops out at you. Wonder how painful that was.

I do have to say she is pretty in a Barbie kind of way, which is not bad at all.

Drugs and bearding, what a sad guy.

His brother was with him too.

Just got back from the game. Efron was so nice. Took pictures with everyone.

He needs a girlfriend, I don’t post usually, but 26 is a good age to get serious with someone, and he needs someone to love him, and get him off drugs… #justsaying

Yeah pR. Or just another beard like vanessa was. Just come out zac! And ryan seacrest and louis tomlinson !

She’s very pretty. Good to see him smiling :-)

i like how people assume right away it’s a PR thing, althought he always goes on Lakers game for years now. People are so obsessed with him being gay that is pathetic.

jon m'shulla @ 04/05/2014 at 5:26 am

A different woman every week. Sounds pathetic. Bet he wishes he was at the game with someone more boyish like Justin Bieber or Austin Malone. Not fooling anyone you cokehead Zac.

How can you even deny that it’s pr though? it’s obvious that zac always does this. During promo season he hangs out with his co stars in the ‘real world’ by going to games or whatever and then once it’s over; they no longer hang out. This time they’re hoping to distract the public from all his drug related issues by these two hanging out and by announcing his new movie and all that. Honestly, this should be expected by all his fans by now lol
No, I’m not obsessed with whether he’s gay or not; personally I couldn’t give two hoots about that.

They are just watching a game together! Get over it.
And really Jared> Way to spin up facts and write nonsense. There was nothing about this on the set while it was filming.

They are just watching a game together. That’s it. You can go to a game with a friend, right? And it’s fairly obvious that by going to the game, they may generate some publicity for the movie. I think every movie does this. All co-stars suddenly start hanging out and going to games together.
This doesn’t mean they are trying to fake some relationship.

He looks good btw. And she’s cute,

you are ALWAYS sooo delusional about zac i mean it’s sooo clear just say it after his rehab announcement last year what the thing he did immediately after that ? (hang out with lily in disneyland) and after he is back to drugs again or sushi or whatever you call it its was about time he is seen with another girl but this time he didn’t go too far it’s just costar

She has a very unique name.

And you spend to much thinking/researching about someone you dislike so much.
I did say that this is PR in a way. But almost all starts hang out with their co-stars when their movies are coming out. Yes, I don’t agree really agree with this.. And there’s a difference between going to a game together and faking a relationship. This doesn’t mean they are dating, they are just watching a game together.

I do not understand why people are so obsessive over whether a person is gay or not. What’s the point?

so from im getting this is a pr stunt?

Zac, it’s time to come to the Heat.

so apparently two co-stars who are in a movie together, and apparently halston is on some tv show means they are dating because they sat buy each other at a lakers game and zac is flirty? no?

It’s crazy over some people’s obsession over his sexuality.

Looking forward to Neighbors.

Haters, why so bitter? He went to a game, big freakin deal. If he went with his guy friend, you’d say he’s gay, if he goes with a woman friend, it’s a showmance, if he’s by himself, you’ll find some other stupid insult to throw at him. You guys (or actually I get the feeling that it’s mostly one person under diff names) need to relax and make some real life relationships of your own. If Zac bothers you so much then don’t watch his movies and don’t follow his personal life so closely, plain and simple. It’s really counterproductive for you to constantly follow his twitter and every single celeb gossip thread just to insult him at every opportunity you get. It’s not hurting him and it’s obviously not making you happy, so why bother?

i think he’s talking about neighbors and they filmed a kissing scene?

because they need to make it known or clear that they dont like zac and so they go on all these sites and say the same thing over and over, pretty sure the same ppl comment under a different name, it doesnt matter what zac does people are always going to some it’s pr or not,

This has nothing to do with being a “hater” This is just stating the obvious. This is a PR stunt for the movie

lol we are just starting some facts you like or not zac efron is a mess who need to take his drugs prob seriously

@Kyit Does the K in your name stand for Kalu who has a very unusual attraction to Zac. She say she hates him but is commenting on him 24/7? Follows all his friends and stalks him. I believe most these haters are Kalu under different names. Really Really (Cryptic) I do. LOL

oh really ? i don’t even know what are you talking about and if you go just and search zac efron on twitter plenty of people are saying this a damage controle from his team and he has some seriouse prob i mean you guys are delusional and believe he really is sober and he did go to skid row to get some sushi doesn’t mean everyone should be as stupid as you

Seriously, you guys are having a nut just because the guy goes to a game with a costar? Seriously do you guys have a life or do you always criticise people for doing something normal? Whether it for pr or whatever does is really that serious that you belittle his fans or zac for that matter? And another thing, his fan are not delusion in thinking he has demons. All week they have been saying that he need help or he need to be healthy , and fight whatever demons he has. What is delusional about that? Stop hating on a guy who you don’t know, and worry about your life.

um pretty sure most zac fans are worried for zac and his well being? were not dumb, yes zac is having issues and what makes you think you know whats going on with zac’s life ? didnt realize you know what is going on with him 24/7?? again where are you getting his fans are delusional? they are worried about him and wanting him to get better?

A girl who met Zac at a high school play last month said he was cuddling with a pretty blonde. Now she confirms Halson is the blonde he was with that night.

@Kyit Yes you do.
BTW I gave logical explanations about that night. However I did say I did not believe the explanation. I even said “Zac admitted he made a misstep and moved on.”
He obviously is taking care things and looks great here. Don’t call people stupid unless you know what you are talking about.
At least I’m not spreading hate like some are.

@Kyit BTW It wouldn’t surprise me at all that this would be damage control from all the stories lately.
It also fits in very well with promo. for “Neighbors” Two birds with one stone.
Whatever I wish Zac the best of luck.

lauren901 @ 04/05/2014 at 9:17 am

you mean the only zac fan who saw zac and the girl cuddling now confirms this? your going to believe that one zac fans who got accepted into the fan base?

Zac looked like he had fun… Too bad the Lakers lost.

People in floor seats sure do get into the game.

those floor seats like over thousand dollars,

Another “hollywood” photo-op. Too much of a struggle keeping up a “healthy” look. One thing is missing, his sobriety accessories…this is closer to reality!

He’s a lost cause! The basketball star of HSM is ending up the basket case!

Rachel: You are so delusional!

Zac watched games with his That Awkward Moment co-stars, and with the kid of Charlie st Cloud, this is not like he had sex with everyone

we get it, you do not like zac at all, why waste your time commenting on here?

Another day in Hollyweird.

This guy is such a pr ***** now its sad. I have no idea what he is doing with his career anymore, it’s like lets go to the game so people will take pictures of us because we have a movie coming out. Doesnt screamof desperation at all.

I haven’t really heard about her before, but she is very beautiful!

I never knew going to a basketball game could cause such a mess.

Why are people making a big deal out of this?

Why did they only take pics of them two? He was with his brother and a friend too. It wasn’t just them.

Lauren901 @ 04/05/2014 at 1:06 pm

Because well zac was seen Around skid row couple weeks ago, besides thst because neighbors is coming out in a couple of weeks and zac and halston r co stars and ppl think this is pr , so that’s why

@Derpina: I know right.

@Lauren901: okay but it’s just a basketball game. Doesn’t he go all the time?

Haha. Cut the crap with the “Zac fans are so delusional’ stuff. His fans have been saying for the past week that they think that he has some problems and wishing that he sorts them out. No one is really saying that he has gotten over his drug issues.

So much drama over nothing. PR or hook ups who cares? He’s an actor(a fledgling one at that) not a Nobel Peace Prize winning neuroscientist.

He’s worse than Biebster and Lohan combined!

Damage control @ 04/05/2014 at 2:03 pm

Damage control for sure,. This takes eyes off his negative press. If he gets some sex it’s just a bonus plus for him. . Now her (poor girl) she should run as fast as she can in the opposite direction. He is nothing but trouble with a capital T. Not to mention she opened herself up to scutiny, paps ,and hate from fans who think she isn’t good enough. We won’t even go with his reputation for banging less than steller women. (Lindsey, three ways with Strippers) STD’s coming your way young lady.

Honestly, all you haters need to leave the guy alone. He’s at a basketball game w/ a costar that is probably his friend. And if not good because Halston was dating James for like 2 yrs and all of the sudden they break up and a month later he’s with that Peta…… it’s some good revenge right there. Zac is super hot. **

@Cokester: He actually is worse than Biebs and Lilo…at least with those two train wrecks..what you see is what you get.With him (ZE) what you see isn’t necessary what you’ll get. Caveat Emptor right?

Damage control @ 04/05/2014 at 2:36 pm

@Rachel: True but just having the great looks on the outside isn’t a prize when your all f*****up on the inside. If she was cheated on , that was sad but
you don’t trade one hot f***up for another hotter f***up who is worse because he is an addict on top of all that. Plus if she was hurt and brokenhearted this is not the guy you want to find happiness with. He will destroy her. If this is just friends or friends with benefits I get that . He has that hot bod and she should f***him til the cows come home , then leave and find a nice man. Just use protection girl you seriuosly don’t want any dieases . Remember the outside is just a pretty shell it’s what’s inside that counts.

This has nothing to do with Zac being gay — which he isn’t — and everything to do with promotion and damage control. Killing two birds with one stone is what they’re accomplishing here. I’m not some internet troll trying to cause a stir. I’m simply trying to put it into a logical perspective.

The incriminating details of Zac’s Skid Row incident leaked on March 27th. 4 days later on the 31st, Zac is papped having lunch with his personal assistant and publicists assistant. Planning this little Laker outing no doubt. 5 days later he’s at the Laker game. After 9 days of the world questioning his health and sobriety, he’s seen with a shiny new toy. She’s so shiny that she’ll grasp the attention of the world long enough to make them forget Skid Row ever happened. And what else? Put more focus on Zac’s movie coming out May 9th, which Halston is also in.

Despite having a pretty big scene of hers cut from the final edition (the one scene where her and Zac kiss), Halston still has a relatively big role in Neighbors for an up and coming actress (although almost every one of her scenes are with Dave Franco & Rose Byrne). Not only do these pictures give fuel to the reporters and interviewers who will be surrounding Zac in upcoming weeks for promo, but they also give Halston a nice little PR boost herself so that her new NBC show Crisis — which premiered 11 days before Zac’s Skid Row story — can get a little more attention as well. Before Halston left to shoot Crisis in Chicaco in February, she had herself a little outing with Chord Overstreet at the pap-infested Grove on a Friday night in January — not exactly a place two celebrities want to be, but I guess when you’re C-listers it’s vital.

Without this outing with Halston, Zac would have gone into Neighbors promo with a dirty slate. Every reporter and interviewer would have been focused on the Skid Row story, asking if he’s doing ok, and etcetera. Now with these fresh photos, interviewers can pry all they want about his pretty blonde co-star that he’s now linked to. He’ll give his adorable crooked smile and give a coy reply with a shrug of his shoulders. Say what you want about Zac, but he’s a great actor, and he plays his parts well.

Many people will call me a “hater” after reading this post. I’m not. Actually, I’m quite fond of Zac. I’ve been following his career since Hairspray and I think he will continue to go far. Say what you want, but the guy has had tremendous success and he is just beginning. I think he’s an all-around great guy as well. What I’m simply saying here is that he’s playing the game, and he’s getting quite good.

She looks exactly like a female Austin butler. LOLOLOL

lauren901 @ 04/05/2014 at 3:40 pm

i dont think anyone would call you a hater, your just giving your opinion and thoughts and it seems pretty spot on. even before your comment people been saying/thinking what you posted.

So ready for Neighbors.

Lauren901 @ 04/05/2014 at 4:08 pm

I don’t think people would bring up skid row during interviews because his publicist seems tough and wouldt allowed those questions, but then again interviewers did ask about his sobriety during tam promo, so were chad and halston were only papped once in January and that’s it? But she was dating that guy james for like two years and they broke up so she must be getting her pr 101 from her publicist right now, but also from the pics on Monday we could barely seen his publicists or his assistant tho,

@Lauren901: When you get down to it, publicists can’t prevent reporters from asking specific questions. Sure, they can ask reporters to avoid certain topics, but that doesn’t mean that they will. Which is why Zac still got countless questions about rehab and his health while doing promo for TAM. And yes, she was only papped once with Chord in January.

What are they going to ask zac on neighbors promo that already hasn’t been asked at sxsw,? Ask about what was it like kissing halston during filming? Was he a big partier? It seemed we already got a preview on what zacs going to be asked for interviews

Are you guys still talking about the skid row incident that happened a week ago. I am happy that he is out with some friends. It doesn’t look like a pr stunt to me, the guy can’t be friends with his co-stars.

@Lauren: Sure, you could see it as a little preview of sorts. But these pictures are a game changer. They’re all going to be asking him about Halston now.

He was so into that game.

@Why?: The people on this thread aren’t the only ones still bringing up the Skid Row incident. Every website and magazine still is, too. Not to say the guy can’t be friends with his co-stars, but to suddenly appear as “friends” a week before Zac leaves to promote their movie? And amid the scandalous Skid Row story that everyone is still buzzing about? It’s not too difficult to connect the dots. The additional commentary on this story is pure gold as well. “Zac and Halston shared some very intimate time on the set of their movie almost a full year ago.” Just as Zac is paid to act, Mr. Eng is paid to spin stories the way he is told.

They did the same thing with lily also,well that was only E! Who did that,
Also the why Jared said how zac and halston shared some cozy moments on set while filming was like was a weird way of saying they were kissing co stars last year, yet needs to mention neighbors comes out in less then 4 1/2 weeks
Also where is zac going to leave in a week to promote neighbors in London? Because idk if its been confirmed yet. Sorry for my dumb questions

@Lauren: I’m sorry — I don’t know where he’s scheduled for promo. But I do know, just as many other fans know, that he is starting promo next week.

@Lauren: She had a boyfriend last year when she filmed this so unless she cheated on the BF with Zac there should have been nothing going on back then. Her show films in chicago so she just got back a few weeks ago. So any romance it would be new , this reeks PR all the way but Zac has a way of mixing business with pleasure if you know what I mean. she seems willing that is for sure.

lauren901 @ 04/05/2014 at 5:22 pm

sorry for all my questions
i just have alot of questions.

Halston Sage did have a boyfriend (James Maslow) at the time she was filming “Neighbors”.
I believe the “intimate” time together on set is in reference to the filming and not private time.
This is how rumors (sometimes PR) get started.
I have no doubt that last night has both PR teams happy this morning.

@Chris I must say I like most your commentary and I have been “around” PR at times.

@OK: Thank you. These are just my opinions; I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. Just calling it as I see it.

Chris is right, this is PR 101. Lather, rinse, repeat. Everything leading up to the release of their movie is promo whether they get together or not. Flip the switch; change the subject. They’re doing what they’re paid to do. I like him better with ex-girl Hudgens. At least then there was a sense that he was real as opposed to a heavily managed commodity.

@wow: PR 101 at its finest.

Zanessa pulled much worse PR stunts though… Remember their Hawaiian getaway before everytime HSM movie came out? At least he’s not fake-PDA’ing with his co-star this time.

I did not know Zac was going to promote in London.

Who cares about these two?? What up with the Lakers? WTF.

Ah, and so the string of meaningless blonde model/wannabe actresses starts………

She’s only 20…… And quite a famewh*re already.

@Ha!: Yeah, here we go…zzzzz.

@kami: Rachel is prettier and doesn’t have a dumb name.

@LMAO: Well, I wouldn’t call her a famewhore. I mean they’re co-stars with a movie coming out. Predicable but harmless. Don’t hate the playa hate the game…no pun intended.

That blond guy sitting next to zac is cute. Look like Zac was having fun. Those two should start daing. She should dump her boyfriend.

Tick tock @ 04/05/2014 at 8:54 pm

How many weeks until Zac OD’s? I say 2. What do you guys think?

Forget about Zac and wassername…can we talk about Zac’s bro? Kid is the splitting image of Aaron Johnson in Godzilla. Gorgeous. Good looking guy no doubt but do yourself a favor bro….stay in school, go the grad school and stay out of Hollyweird. Real job, real world. Real problems not fake ones.

Tick tock
Um are you kidding me right now, you are sick and twisted, why are you betting on when zac ods? Are you serious right now

Tick tock @ 04/05/2014 at 9:06 pm

@Lauren: what you don’t understand is that Zac will never learn his lesson. He’s a bad seed. He will OD in a couple of weeks I guarantee it.

@tick took
Um because I’m not some heartless person like you who basically is wishing zac dead? You apparently have zac all figured out? Your a heartless douche

@Tick Tock Can’t wait for Karma to wrap those arms around you.

@zzzzz: i would. She’s already dated a boy bander and is workin her way to bigger and better and richer. Yup. Famewh*re.

It is just a shame that the haters here are so jealous. The only talent they have is tearing others down. Last laugh is on you guys.

@Tick tock: I didn’t say I hope he ODs just that I think he will. An OD doesn’t always mean death by the way.

@craygirls @ 04/05/2014 at 11:49 pm

handsome guy but i never noticed him myself before now.

@Tick Tock: Just you being realistic and his crazy fans think you’re wishing someone OD and death! What a bunch of losers!

@LMAO: The famewh0r3 is Zac himself. He seems to uses starlets like Halston as cosmetic to cover up his huge addiction problem.

florence2 @ 04/06/2014 at 6:26 am

Zac hasn’t had this many comments for ages

uh no he’s wishing zac to od your telling me that’s ok?
wow at some of you right now.

More than one Rachel here. #76 is not me. Some of the older comment were mine.

Anyone knows whether he is coming to The Ellen Show this time or not? Or what talk shows is he going to visit?

Neighbors is going to be hilarious.

Zac has that perpetual “hammered” look! He is just wasting away.

It’s irritating that many years after he is still using the tactic of look-at-me-i-was-troy-the-basketball-star everytime he dugs himself into a mess he creates, drawing from his previous “glory” to mask his “fallen” state. The post that he became a basket case is sad but true!

@zzzzz: that’s what I thought too.

Does anyone know the Neighbors promo schedule?

Never knew going to a basketball game was that big of a deal.

I wonder how many haters on here are changing names and answering questions and agreeing with themselves ?

@Ray Between April 9-11 Mtv. will have a chat discussing “Neighbors” with Zac, Seth, and others.

@Chris: all I am trying to say is why bring it up to begin with where it has nothing to do with the topic. As for the Zac & Halston story that did stem back to last year but that was nothing but rumors and why can’t co-stars hang out with each other outside of making films?

@Tick tock: What the f*** is wrong with you. Saying something like that is wrong, I wouldn’t say that to somebody i don’t know or somebody i do know. That is just cold.

well i think its because halston was with james maslow as of last year, so i think fans of big time rush were freaking out i think,

@Tick tock: You’re disgusting counting down the days to an overdose like that’s some kind of funny joke. That sh*t is NOT even close to being funny you don’t joke about someone dying that’s beyond low. Karma is gonna bite you in the a$$
@zzzzz: I agree Zac’s bro is good looking too. Good genes I guess :-)

@Ray Zac’s (And others from “Neighbors”) day for the “Mtv Takeover”
is Thurs. 04/10/14/ . All day they will have chats at various times and an exclusive “Neighbors” clip at 11:30 PM.

Well, in four years he’s gone from nice guy, good boyfriend to the guy that your friends and mom warn you to stay away from. I guess the f8ckery in hw will ruin anyone.

@OK: awesome, thanks again.

But…good luck with your movie and your so-called “sobriety”. Because making bank counts more than anything right?

@OK: wow, you know a lot of info. Thanks so much.

@lauren: Either way people are going to freak out about anything anybody does in Hollywood.

Does anyone knows who’s the guy sitting between dylan and zac?

Loathsome, spoiled, over-rated. Make it stop.

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