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Keith Urban Brings House Down with 'Even the Stars Fall 4 U' at ACM Awards 2014! (Video)

Keith Urban Brings House Down with 'Even the Stars Fall 4 U' at ACM Awards 2014! (Video)

Keith Urban strums his guitar in a powerful performance of his song “Even the Stars Fall 4 U” at the 2014 Academy Of Country Music Awards held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Sunday (April 6) in Las Vegas, Nev.

The 46-year-old entertainer is up for many awards this evening including Male Vocalist of the Year. Best of luck, Keith! We hope you take home some gold tonight!

“What did you think of Keith‘s performance of “Even The Stars Fall 4 U” on the @ACMAwards?” Keith‘s team tweeted after his performance. What did you think??

Keith Urban Sings “Even the Stars Fall 4 U” at ACM Awards 2014

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  • http://comcast Patricia

    KEITH URBAN Only the Best of the NIght. He is sooo talented and is a # 1 Showman. Jadon Aldean winning male vocalist of the year is insulting to all.

  • http://comcast Teresa

    Love Keith, he was great tonight. I would have liked to see more of him and less of Blake and Luke.

  • Ella

    Keith and Eric’s performances were best of the night. Jason Aldean’s MV win is mind-boggling. There’s so many others…Keith, Eric, Tim, Dierks, Jake, even Blake who I don’t really care for that deliver real vocal performances.

  • 55

    Love his music, did not realize this was tonight so sadly I missed the show.

  • Sally

    I love Even The Stars Fall 4 U. Congratulations Keith on your win with Miranda for Vocal Event of the Year!!

  • duh

    Congrats Keith on all your wins tonight! Great performance as always!

  • Zakk

    Keith is always a star! Can’t wait to watch it later on TiVo.

    @Patricia: Seriously Jason won? Luke Bryan deserves it more and his booty does all the work. What a ripoff.

  • http://comcast Lynn

    Loved Keith Urbans performance tonight. I didn’t think I liked this song Even The Stars Fall For You until I heard him perform tonight. Now I cannot get it out of my head. Congrats on your win tonight.

  • http://comcast Steve

    What a great singer and guitar player Keith was super tonight. I would have liked to have seen more of his guitar playing.

  • http://comcast Jason

    Keith urban was a good performance tonight. I do think I am kind of sick of Luke and Blake now, their humor got really stale.

  • rita

    Wow, that first picture is absolutely beautiful and that last one… whew, word fail me.

  • wsykes

    Keith sounded so good tonight, like a true male vocalist of the year!

  • maclen

    The orb is the “bieber of country.” All “flash” and NO substance…all “poses” with no weight behind the empty moves. He made luke bryan’s performance seem “deep and thoughtful.” Unfortunately for orb…bryan outsells orb about 4 to 1. Lyrics like this…

    “So make a wish and make it fast
    I just want this thing to last
    ‘Cause heaven knows it’s falling hard
    And I’m not the only one ”

    …is AS rudimentary as it gets…and about as deep and thoughful as orb can get.

  • Luv Keith Urban

    ”Even the stars fall for you momma!”

    Keith knows how to work it. Always a treat to see him perform.

  • Nelly

    Mmmmmmmm. Keith in leather rocking that guitar! So sexxxxxxxy.

  • Louise

    Beyond awesome. A true entertainer. To see Keith in concert is a masterpiece.

  • Eve

    Keith was rocking that crowd. You can’t expect anything less!

  • Oh dear

    Urban sings out of tune, performs a few rudimentary guitar licks and the country bunnies think he’s a rock star. Sad.

  • maclen

    @Oh dear:

    “Urban sings out of tune, performs a few rudimentary guitar licks and the country bunnies think he’s a rock star. Sad.”

    He’s out of tune…AND it cracks into a million pieces. He overdoes the “flash” and he’s ridiculously hyperactive on stage. It’s to cover the obvious flaws and defects. I noticed he had 3 drummers on this performance tonight. Obviously, NOT being able to impress with quality or poetry…he is going to try to blow the monkeys eardrums. As he borrowed on the song…”She’s my 11″ from the film “This is Spinal Tap”…he is gonna win them all over again…by LITERALLY simply turning his amp “up to 11.”

    …and if you’ll notice in the video…it is clear that orb got his “look” of tight sleeveless t-shirts from Nigel Tufnel!

  • skeptics fail again

    You lie like dogs but it’s sweet that at least the two of you have each other to share your deluded thoughts on the performance.

  • skeptics rule

    @skeptics fail again: come on SM, even you would have to admit everything about that performance was awful.

  • bahahahaha

    Sewer mistress (delusional bunny extraordinaire) will never admit Urban sucks, even when he does.

  • Lover of GREAT Music

    Brian Mansfield, USA Today:
    “Keith Urban, Even the Stars Fall 4 U (****). The black-clad Urban turned one of the best songs on his Fuse album into an even better live guitar showcase. In a different era, it would be an immediate power-pop classic.”

    CMA Fest VIP ‏@CMAFestVIP
    ⭐️⭐️ @KeithUrban blows us away with his powerful ‘Even the Stars Fall 4 U’ @ACMawards

    ACM Awards ‏@ACMawards
    Pre-telecast winner:
    ACM Video of the Year – “Highway Don’t Care” – @TheTimMcGraw feat. @taylorswift13 & @KeithUrban #ACMs

    Yahoo News: Keith Urban early leader at ACM Awards with 3
    The Band Perry opened The Academy of Country Music Awards a little bit country and a little bit rock ‘n’ roll with a sexy version of their hit “Chainsaw,” but it was Keith Urban who was ripping through the awards as they opened. He won two trophies as producer and performer when he and Miranda Lambert won Vocal Event of the Year for their duet “We Were Us” before the awards.

    CBS NEWS: 2014 ACM Awards highlights
    APRIL 7, 2014, 1:21 AM|George Strait won entertainer of the year, and Miranda Lambert and Keith Urban were the top winners of the night.

    Looks like “maclen” and ‘oh dear’ are the only ones who are blind and deaf!

    And what the he## are you talking about with this stupid statement? Maclen:
    “…it is clear that orb got his “look” of tight sleeveless t-shirts from Nigel Tufnel!” Keith wore a BLACK LEATHER JACKET, NOT a “tight sleeveless t-shirt”!

    All of the crap that you spew only proves what a jealous, EVIL monster you’ve become, after years of jealousy and hate-filled slander and libel towards Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman. What a pathetic person you are and what an empty life you lead… while Keith Urban is admired, loved, and respected for his talent and abilities throughout the world. And NO LIES that you create will ever change the VALUE of Keith Urban in his music profession and to the world.

  • Lover of GREAT Music

    “Keith Urban Electrifies With ‘Even the Stars Fall 4 U’ at 2014 ACM Awards”
    By Christina Vinson April 6, 2014 10:47 PM

    Keith Urban‘s performance of ‘Even the Stars Fall 4 U’ got the crowd at the 2014 ACM Awards on their feet and dancing.

    With three drummers, the stage was literally pounding with adrenaline. Urban looked incredibly classy with his black leather jacket, and showed off an aggressive guitar solo that had fans cheering throughout.

    ‘Even the Stars Fall 4 U,’ which is from Urban’s album ‘Fuse,’ was the perfect choice for an early ACM Awards performance; it amped up the excitement to an ever higher level and the fun 80′s vibe was electrifying.

    His vocals were spot on, and the crowd never stopped dancing throughout the song. When he finished, Urban received a well-deserved standing ovation and flashed his mega-watt grin, obviously pleased with his performance and the crowd’s reaction.

    Read More: Keith Urban Plays ‘Even the Stars Fall 4 U’ at 2014 ACMs |

  • RDH

    Keith Urban’s performance was amazing! I love to watch him as he seems to thoroughly enjoy performing…the love of music shines through.
    I have been a fan for many years and it is wonderful to see him at the top again after his surgery. Congratulations to Keith for his awards!!!

  • 1urbanfan27

    “Even The Stars Fall 4 U” was the first song off “FUSE” that Keith played, when he opened the “Light The Fuse” tour in Cincinnati, last July…And I gotta love that number 4…And the song was considered for the debut single off the album as well…As a numbers geek, I love the 3 drummers… :) Great job Keith…

  • Holly

    He performed the best song of the “Fuse” album? That’s not saying much since the album nor any songs on it were nominated for album, song or single. He needs to stop the “flipping of the wrist while sticking out his hip” move.

  • Nelly

    Fun song. He can rock it! I also love Somewhere In My Car! Love to blast these two when in my car! Rock on, Keith! Oh, and Come Back to Me is beautiful. So sexxxxxy.

  • Yeah and these are deep lyrics

    Get up on the hood of my daddy’s tractor,
    up on the toolbox it don’t matter
    down on the tailgate girl i can’t wait
    to watch you do your thing

    Shake it for the young bucks sittin’ in the honky-tonks
    For the rednecks rockin’ ’till the break of dawn
    for the d.j spinning that country song
    c’mon c’mon c’mon

    Shake it for the birds
    shake it for the bees
    shake it for the catfish swimming down deep in the creek
    for the crickets
    and the critters
    and the squirrels
    shake it to the moon
    shake it for me girl

    Country girl shake it for me
    girl shake it for me
    girl shake it for me

  • Carolyn

    He closed the ACM charity festival on Saturday night. He performed and won three ACM awards on Sunday night.Tonight he’s joining other artists to tape a tribute to the troops that will be aired in May. He’s organizing All for the Hall, doing American Idol, beginning a tour of Australia in June, starting a North American tour in July. After more than two decades in the spotlight, Keith’s one of the busiest and most respected musicians in the country. So well-deserved.

  • Sally

    Maclen I have to ask you, What did Keith and Nicole every due to you. All your ridiculous posts seem very personal. Tell me do you rip other celebrities apart or are you just focused on Keith and Nicole.

  • Libby’s Mom

    I seriously don’t get the Luke Bryan thing.

  • @Sally

    Maclen doesn’t know Keith or Nicole personally. She’s just a lonely old broad with nothing to do but Google.

  • scary

    “maclen”s IP address links to a federal prison sooooooo…..that should explain a few things.

  • @Scary

    Federal prison? I would have thought it linked to a mental hospital. That kind of obsessive hate is a sickness.

  • Holly

    @Carolyn: He won three awards last night? Don’t think so.

  • duh

    @Holly: Does spending too much time at the cuckoo board take away your ability to count? Or are you just in denial about the whole night?

    1. Video of the year winner as artist
    2. Vocal event of the year winner as artist
    3. Vocal event of the year winner as producer

  • Holly

    @duh: Same category.

  • maclen


    “He performed the best song of the “Fuse” album? That’s not saying much since the album nor any songs on it were nominated for album, song or single.”

    Well, that certainly gives you an indication the “level” of the monkeys that the orb has remaining. He has a remaining fanbase of about 300k…the ONLY monkeys left who were willing to buy his mediocre and quality lacking album. The TRUE music lovers have deserted him…and he’s left with the musically “deaf and blind”…and this is their motto..

    ie: the front row of an orb concert.

  • Justme

    Keith was AWESOME as usual!! What a class act! He so deserved that standing O! Congratulations for winning 3 awards Keith! You are the best!

  • http://Yahoo Lizzie

    Other than Blake monopolizing the show, it was pretty good.
    Keith gave a terrific performance; loved his standing ovation. Considering there were so many duets being sung last night, would liked to have seen Eric Church with him performing ‘Raise ‘em Up’.. That would have gotten the crowd on their feet again.

  • duh

    @Holly: He won 3 awards. You don’t need to believe me. All news outlets have told you its 3. Artist is not the same as producer.

    Vocal Event of the Year [Awarded to Artist(s)/Producer(s)/Record Company–Label(s)]*(Off Camera Award)

    We Were Us – Keith Urban And Miranda Lambert

    Producers: Nathan Chapman, Keith Urban

    Record Labels: Capitol Records Nashville, Hit Red Records, RCA Nashville

    Go back to the cuckoo board and lie to yourself becaise you obviously can’t deal with the truth.

  • Holly

    Standing ovation? Every performer got one.

  • maclen

    Seems this years ACM awards was given over to “lets tribute George Strait”…because he’s “retiring from touring” and given the Entertainer award at last nights show. He was suddenly also given the Entertainer award at the last CMA awards. Don’t be deluded into thinking that just because the ACMs or CMAs are NOT as obvious in their awards “manipulation” as the MTV or CMT awards shows…that they are NOT as contrived to meet whatever “theme” they want to push…be in these kind of “tributes” to old timers… or for simple promotion.

  • maclen

    So it appears that co-hosts shelton and bryan both left empty handed from last night’s show…while orb received 3 awards. Now…CLEARLY…that is just indicative of what a GREAT year orb has had as compared to shelton and bryan. It’s just SO obvious…the ACMs are a true indicator of how the country acts are doing in their careers, right? Orb has sold about 300k of his album…shelton’s has sold 1.1 million cds ..and bryan’s has sold 1.6 million cds. Those ACMs … just like Nostrodamus…andJUST as accurate.

  • Nelly

    Did it hurt you to see Keith win? I bet it did. Aw. It must hurt you to see the lifestyle he leads on a daily basis. Jealousy is an ugly thing. It hurts only you. It doesn’t hurt Keith at all.

  • http://Yahoo Lizzie


    Queenie, so now you’re mad at the entire ACM’s because Keith received 3 awards. You need help. Keith’s a handsome, talented and likable guy. All your crazy figures and hateful, immature remarks aren’t going to change that in any way. So go ahead with your ridiculous figures and meaningless gossip which everyone has heard before. But, remember, you’re still a joke to everyone with an IQ in triple digits.

  • Skeptics are really stupid

    @Holly: Same skeptic game for every awards show. Keith’s ovation doesn’t count because others got them too. If he didn’t well it would matter to skeptics wouldn’t it? Bahahahaha!

    @maclen: So we should expect you not to care or comment on any award Keith does or does not win in the future because the awards are so contrived and irrelevant? Bahahahaha!

  • Chandler

    Could angry maclen paint herself any faster into a corner?

  • sara


    lol maclen LIVES in a corner.. of a cell :)