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Keith Urban Goes Solo Without Nicole Kidman at ACM Awards 2014

Keith Urban Goes Solo Without Nicole Kidman at ACM Awards 2014

Keith Urban makes a solo red carpet appearance while attending the 2014 Academy Of Country Music Awards held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Sunday (April 6) in Las Vegas, Nev.

The 46-year-old singer and American Idol judge is nominated this evening for five awards.

Keith is up for Male Vocalist of the Year, Vocal Event of the Year for “We Were Us” with Miranda Lambert, and Single Record of the Year, Video of the Year, and Vocal Event of the Year for “Highway Don’t Care” with his collaborators Taylor Swift and Tim McGraw.

Keith‘s wife Nicole Kidman was not able to make it to the show as she is working on a movie in Australia right now.

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  • guest

    He looks so effeminate.

  • Buzz

    What a feminine looking man lol

  • Sylvia

    Keith has won 3 awards already. Yay!!

  • Holly

    His face is no longer all natural. His face is starting to look odd like his wife.

  • Oh dear

    Keith‘s wife Nicole Kidman was not able to make it to the show as she is working on a movie in Australia right now ….. another box office flop.

  • rita

    Is it weird that he looks hotter when Kidman isn’t hanging
    on his arm?

  • maclen

    “Keith has won 3 awards already. Yay!!”

    “The “American Idol” judge was the early leader Sunday night, cashing in by teaming up with his super friends. He won two trophies as producer and performer when he and Miranda Lambert won vocal event of the year for their duet “We Were Us” before the awards.
    And his “Highway Don’t Care” collaboration with Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift won video of the year.”

    Perhaps next year the orb can win an award on his OWN…without riding the coattails of lambert, mcgraw and swifty.

  • curious

    Urban does appear unusually happy. Maybe Kidman has finally agreed to the divorce.

  • sara

    Looking HOT as usual!! Congratulations Keith!!

  • maclen

    So, for orb’s 6 nominations…3 were for playing backup guitar for the mcgraw/swift duet…2 are for the duet with lambert..and ONLY 1 is for the solo “vocal” category. No solo nod for Entertainer…Album or Song. Again, as the article I previously posted mentions…orb simply “cashed in by teaming up with “super friends”.

  • rita

    I’m not saying there is anything wrong in the marriage, I’m just saying I like it better when he can wear what he likes and not have to match Kidman.

  • maclen fails again

    @maclen: Backup guitar? WRONG. A duet is for two people which means two people have to contribute for a nomination. What #1 songs have you produced?

    What really gets your goat is that these collaborations would have never happened if Keith’s talent and career are the way you try and fail to portray them.

    Tim McGraw: “With Keith playing the guitar, he’s just one of the greatest. I think he’s just such an asset to our music. He’s just one of the guys that we should prop up and say that this is somebody we’re proud of.
    We still want to find one to sing together on. It’s just finding the right thing.”

  • Ella

    How sad is it that maclen and The Crazy One have sat all afternoon waiting for Keith’s red carpet photos.

    Congrats Keith on the wins! We love you, the music, and your adorable family!

  • Carolyn

    Congratulations to Keith!!! I’m sure he’s thrilled with the awards. Anyone would be. I don’t understand why the same few posters try to diminish everything he does. Just to be nominated is an honor. To win is fantastic. A great night for him.

  • maclen

    So Aldean just won for Male Vocal. So orb’s “wins” are for the “gimmick” categories. NO male vocal…nor even nods for Entertainer…or Album…or Song. So WHO’S coattails can orb ride next to “wins?”

  • duh

    Don’t worry maclen. You ponder those ”deep questions” while the rest of us live in reality.

    Miranda Lambert Love this pic! An award with one of my biggest inspirations! Thanks Keith! http:/


  • Zakk

    The nomination is already an honor but you definitely deserve the win Keith!

    Thank u duh for sharing the Winning Photo!

  • Nelly

    They will put a negative spin on any bit of news. How would you like to live with someone like that? Yuck! No wonder they are alone with plenty of free time to criticize.

    On the flip side, Keith is gorgeous and sexy even with that awful hair.

  • Eve

    Congratulations Keith!

    @Nelly Keith’s family and friends are proud. The fans are proud. His co-winners and colleagues are proud. The women who leave nasty messages do so because they are powerless. It’s Keith that won a ”gimmick award” but not Taylor, Tim, Miranda or any of the categories’ previous winners. It’s not too hard to see through their anger and desperation over a great night for Keith.

  • maclen

    Well, as I am constantly attempting to explain…to those who obviously become “entranced” by “shiny baubles” and “glittery confetti”…that being GIVEN these awards is NOT an achievement in and of itself. These awards shows are for simple promotion. That’s why they are 90% “performance”…they are simply trying to SELL you something. And that is cds and concert tickets of the performing musicians. Do you seriously believe that swifty NOT winning tonight…is actually going to be a hinderance to her selling the most cds …or the most concert tickets? And by the orb “winning” something… that is going to help his cd and tickets sales? It certainly HASN’T help prior this award “show”…because that is ALL it is. People buy what is popular and appealing. Bryan IS popular and appealing…orb is NOT…these silly awards have nothing to do with that. Award shows are like the Billboard country airplay chart…give MOST of the acts #1s…hell give them EACH 3 or 4…it is NOT an achievement…it’s simply another promotional tool they can put on their resumes to make them LOOK better. It is NOT a true gauge to what is popular and appealing.

  • maclen fails again

    At 9:35 pm Keith won gimmicks as opposed to the other awards of the night. At 1:54 am all awards are silly and don’t matter.

  • >

    Selling tons of records is not necessarily a measure of great talent; but also of a lot of people with dubious taste in music. Much like Kim Kardashian having 20 million ‘followers’. It’s called the ‘dumbing down of America’. Mindless masses with no talent of their own, simply following the herd.

  • 1urbanfan27

    My sweet Keith…Congratulations, baby!!!

  • Karen

    Sweet Keith is Nicole’s <3. Congratulations Keith on all your wins!

  • Nelly


    Why don’t you text YOUR sweet Keith? If he is yours, you must have his cell. No? Hm. Wonder why that is?

  • emilyrose

    she seems to like gay like guys
    this guy needs to find a better hsir stylist please
    he and Kidman just don’t go together

  • Keyboard Junkie

    Congrats to Keith on winning, collaborations or not. He was in his element Sunday night, without being overshadowed by Nicole’s attendance. He looked great, performed acceptably (I don’t particularly like ETSFFY from the album), and generally had a fantastic night. We all make choices in life, he and she make theirs.

    I just can’t for the life of me understand the ‘why’ of the Casio watch, rather than his honking Omega…….

  • duh

    @Keyboard Junkie: There is nothing to the Casio watch except a conspiracy created by the skeptics. Over the past few years photographers have wised up and realized that if there’s closeups of accessories, watches, shoes, purses those photos are wanted by celebrity and fashion blogs as a way to extend the conversation. There’s entire sites and message boards devoted to who is wearing what and ID’ing fashion for people that want to purchase what celebrities are wearing. Skeptics have tried the same thing with Nicole – why are there closeups of her shoes, clutch, etc. The internet wants photos. Jared bought that photo. Nothing more.

  • joanie

    If Keith wants to wear a Casio instead on an Omega, that’s his business. He’s not under contract. However, I can’t for the life of me figure out the deal with the display on his watch. Why does he have it on GMT and why is there a 10 minute time difference. It’s like his has his watch set 10 minutes SLOWER…. who the heck does that?

  • Keyboard Junkie

    The watch was shown for some reason. That is a cheap Casio watch, rather than his VERY expensive Omega. There is a reason for the photo.. For lack of a better wording…he is under contract in a way. He started wearing the Omega shortly after one of Nicole’s Omega promotions. Some said that it must have been a anniversary/birthday/Christmas or whatever gift from her. It may well have been a gift, but there is some reason he did not wear it on the red carpet. Whether he just left it back in LA so as not to have someone have responsibility for keeping up with it in Vegas where it could be problematic security-wise or whether he was sending a message by NOT wearing it…who knows…but there was a reason….

    I truly have my doubts that ANY of their baubles (including their expensive vehicles) are ever paid for out-of-pocket. They are ‘perks of their profession’. If you notice, they don’t drive an automobile for more than a year or so before they have another expensive one to show off. I’m not saying that they could not afford any or all of the things they have, but it is doubtful that all of the ‘things’ are truly theirs. That’s just the way it is in the business. It is a merry-go-round of shameless promotion, perks, and power plays.

    Keith has his favorite items of clothing and wears them quite often many, many times. There is

  • 1urbanfan27

    @Nelly: I told you…Keith is a VERY smart man… :)

  • 1urbanfan27

    @Keyboard Junkie: Keith has had that Casio watch for a long time…

  • Keyboard Junkie

    @1urbanfan27: He may well have, but ‘why’ of the ‘why’ is what’s important….

  • http://comcast Lynn

    Pathetic comments: they have many, many automobiles !! I am sure he has many watches too. For someone paying that close attention on what he wears and what he drives, GET A LIFE !!!