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These Kate Middleton & Prince George Pics Will Melt Your Heart!

These Kate Middleton & Prince George Pics Will Melt Your Heart!

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (aka Kate Middleton) carries her absolutely adorable 8-month-old son Prince George at the Wellington Military Terminal during their first day of the royal tour on Monday (April 7) in Wellington, New Zealand.

The absolutely adorable pair were joined by husband/dad Prince William
Over the course of three weeks, the royal trio will visit a total of twelve cities in both New Zealand and Australia, including attending a yacht race in Auckland Harbour, paying their respects to victims of the 2011 earthquake in Christchurch, and visiting Ayers Rock in Australia.

FYI: These photos were taken by an official photographer from the royal family’s press pool.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Middleton and Prince George arriving for day one of their royal tour…

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  • caroooolinaa


  • It doesn’t matter

    GORGEOUS! He is a cutie and she’s beautiful!

  • caroooolinaa

    oHHH sorry These photos were taken by an official photographer from the royal family‚Äôs press pool…….. my badd sorry just jared

  • awww

    soo cute

  • sarah

    OMGGGG Prince George is so cute! Love the Royals.

  • karine
  • Aussie

    You’ve misspelled Ayers Rock, which is now officially known as Uluru

  • ^_^

    :D omgggggggg hes the cutest and kate looks gorgeous in red.

  • Elisa

    Wow since when do the Royals shows up and the way. She holds George! They are in coats and George is in shorts

  • Norah

    Wow, Georgie looks like his daddy. What a looker.

  • alice

    it seems like she can’t even hold that baby properly
    i bet she spends no time with him
    he seems not to know her
    no connection

  • niagirl

    For shame for shame for shame. NO PICS OF KIDS!

  • jen

    My granddaughter used to only like being held that way. LOL we used to say that she was very curious.

  • Susan

    Georgie looks just like his Dad. If you look at picture’s of William as a tot, you’ll see.

  • Tiana

    I could ya’ll stop w/ the No Kids Policy like for real get over it, it’s not your child why bitch about it, it’s not that serious it’s really not celebs kids has been getting there pics taken for years and it’s not going to stop. I don’t even know why Jared even did this NO Kids Policy bull crap as long the child isn’t in danger what’s the issue!

  • 55vineyard

    Their son is cute, long flight for them.

  • Observation

    What a little sweetie pie he is. And well fed, lol… Chubby little thing. He looks just like his dad did when he was a baby.

  • Yeah

    You spelt Ayers Rock wrong. Also, it would be more appropriate and respectful to call it Uluru, which is the name given to it by Indigenous Australians.

  • Dahlia1947

    Oh I love her! Such a lady! And little George is so adorable! :)

  • Piper

    haha right, just as i thought. #nokids unless there’s an image to sale. hypocrites celebs (yes, the “royals” are just another bunch of celebs) and hypocrites JJ.

  • ctwg

    Actually little George looks like Queen Elizabeth as a child, google her baby pictures, he looks just like her!

  • Adrienne

    Their child is SUPPOSED to be in the spotlight given the couples status and position. It was mandatory for them to show the baby, remember?

  • asd

    Why is she dressed like a flight attendant? And it’s Uluru, not Ayers Rock.

  • Kelly

    Fly Emirates is the first thing that comes to mind when looking at Kate in these pics

  • Elise

    @alice: Wow, amazing how you can gather that information from a few photos. Idiot.

  • Domino

    @Tiana: Agreed! Jared is obviously doing it for attention. He’s such a famewh*re.

  • diana

    @Elise: the only idiots are those of you that give your hard earns dollars to these lazy do nothings. that is what is idiotic!

  • bb

    For everyone complaining about the #nokidspolicy it has it stated the photos were taken by a member of the Royal Family’s Press and anyway it doesn’t matter even if they weren’t because Prince George is a PUBLIC FIGURE himself even if he is still a baby.

  • Diedre

    @alice: Let me break it down for you, alice: Prince William is not going to leave the lovely Kate just because you have some creepy crush on him. Why would he go for dog chow when he already has prime rib?

  • gracie

    @alice: Do you have any experience with young children? I doubt it because if you had, you would know that Kate is holding her child in a perfectly acceptable way… no different than carring a child face forward in a baby pack. This positioning allows the child to see what is happening and tends to keep him more calm and engaged. George seems well adjusted…not at all affected by the noise and crowds…curious and interested…a sign of good parenting. Children are most calm with those they know and love and have experience with, especially in unfamiliar situations. I would say George spends lots and lots of times with his parents.

  • superconanwoman

    Thank you royals!!!!

  • Emma

    So much for the No Kids policy JJ. But then again, these are the Royals. You know, they have their own PR teams and NEED the good publicity since they really don’t have any real jobs. The people in the Mother Country are fools.

  • superconanwoman

    @Emma: sorry to say this but you should notice you seem jealous

  • superconanwoman

    Im jealous too nvm lol

  • JustChill’n

    Aww… I can’t help but to go all goo-goo about this family. If ever I want a ‘famous’ couple to be the ‘real deal’ & to have a successful relationship, it’s Kate’s & William’s. I so, so wish the best for this family!

  • JustChill’n


    How can you ascertain that baby George is uncomfortable with his mother based off of these pictures? Because if you are judging his comfort level with her based off of these pictures, he looks pretty content & relaxed to me – especially among the loud chaos of airport noises & the flashing cameras of the media. There are no signs of stress between his brow or the puckering of his lips like he’s getting ready to cry – like babies do when they are stressed & uncomfortable. Believe me, as a mother of 3, baby George is in no way shape of form uncomfortable in those picture. I’m betting it’s because he is in the security of his mother’s arms. That to me says he’s VERY COMFORTABLE with his mother. Go be despiteful somewhere else. You don’t mess with a mother & her child.

  • Emma

    @superconanwoman: not jealous when I run my own firm dick lol. Royals are a pain in the a$$ and their constant PR coverage to change the monarchs image speaks volumes.

  • Emma

    @alice: You are right! He’s been with his nanny. They are no different than Kanye and Kardashians, only their pr image is different. Kate’s mom is just like Kim’s mom except they show off themselves in a different way. You royal a$$ kissers need to open your eyes and stop getting fooled by it. It’s the preppies v. s the hip hop lol!!!!

  • alice

    george is very ugly baby

  • lawrence @ng

    The way she carry her baby is like holding a new pricey branded hangbags…

  • gracie

    Wow, both Emma and Alice seem to be very envious of this couple. Alice posting that the baby is ugly and Emma using fowl language just speaks to their lack of class. When one has to revert to insults and bad language, it only reflects back the person making the comment. If you don’t like this couple , just don’t read the post. Your insults will do nothing to deter those who appreciate seeing photos of this couple.

  • Sisele

    It is true that George gets no face time with his mom! And Queen Elizebeth is a very wealthy woman who does not live off the taxpayers
    Pays her own way! For everything $$$ ! Why is she wearing a red long
    Coat when her son is wearing shorts and light top? That is probably Y
    He was looking at Lupo than his dad! This should be some visit leaving
    George with a bunch of Infants while his parents are off talking to other people. Kate is nothing compared to Diana ! Every media outlet compared Kate vs Diana! Kate could care less about George only for photo Ops!

  • WaityKateTHePig

    Kate’s dress went up much worse than what this article shows. If you happen to see other sites and find the photo you’ll see it’s horrible – in fact in one version of it they had to airbrush it so you couldn’t see her crotch. After having numerous, tacky incidents of “dress in the air” problems already over the years, why did Kate wear a flared dress ? It’s a no-brainer that type of dress style will go up in a wind like a balloon,.
    Unless that’s what she was hoping for. Some people do have a mental condition and it is called “Exhibitionism”.

    It’s time that both William and Kate stopped copying his dead mother, the wonderful Diana. This dress was very similar to something that Diana wore. They’ve been copying Diana for a long time, hoping to boost their own popularity. One example, Kate wearing a polka dot dress leaving the hospital with George.
    William is a sick puppy for going along with copying his mother. Kate has no personality of her own and tries to channel Diana, but neither William nor Kate has the work ethic or great depth of character that Princess Diana had. In fact in the UK their own people call them “Willnot and Cannot”, that’s pretty blunt and it sums them up pretty well. There was no charity work, no public service at all from either William or Kate this year, and they were minimal in past years. But they want to dress Kate up like Diana.

    Stop the madness of copying Diana’s clothes, and Kate TRY to keep your dresses down. The Queen manages to, so can you.

  • MONA

    Willy Boy is bald with buck teeth and a slacker lifestyle.

  • MONA

    Waity Kate managed to show the public her crotch again….she needs a psychiatrist.

  • Ivermom

    Adorable little guy!

  • ann

    william, kate, and george are looking really good…the royal family are always fun..

  • Helena

    I thought people are born equal – from the beggining they have equal opportunities. But these people – they always prove that it’s wrong.