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Gerard Butler's Smile is Irresistible at the Ellery Fashion Show

Gerard Butler's Smile is Irresistible at the Ellery Fashion Show

Gerard Butler‘s smile is swoon worthy at the Ellery show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2014 held at Bondi Icebergs Dining Room on Monday (April 7) in Sydney, Australia.

The 44-year-old actor sat in the front row with some female attendees, who he shares many laughs with! Looks like Gerard had a blast at the show.

Late last week, Gerard stepped out for lunch with a pal at North Bondi Fish restaurant where he showed off her large muscles in a tight t-shirt.

15+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler at the Ellery fashion show…

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gerard butlers smile is irresistable at ellery fashion show 01
gerard butlers smile is irresistable at ellery fashion show 02
gerard butlers smile is irresistable at ellery fashion show 03
gerard butlers smile is irresistable at ellery fashion show 04
gerard butlers smile is irresistable at ellery fashion show 05
gerard butlers smile is irresistable at ellery fashion show 06
gerard butlers smile is irresistable at ellery fashion show 07
gerard butlers smile is irresistable at ellery fashion show 08
gerard butlers smile is irresistable at ellery fashion show 09
gerard butlers smile is irresistable at ellery fashion show 10
gerard butlers smile is irresistable at ellery fashion show 11
gerard butlers smile is irresistable at ellery fashion show 12
gerard butlers smile is irresistable at ellery fashion show 13
gerard butlers smile is irresistable at ellery fashion show 14
gerard butlers smile is irresistable at ellery fashion show 15
gerard butlers smile is irresistable at ellery fashion show 16

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  • @Freckles

    It came out. It bombed. Now take your trolling to the DH thread. No one wants to hear about her here, or anywhere, from what I can tell.

  • Freckles

    Oh, I’m terribly sorry for mentioning Gerard Butler’s ex girlfriend. You know, at a Gerard Butler thread.
    Sorry, but who named you board moderator, censor, dictator? Who are you to tell people what they can and cannot discuss?
    I think I mentioned Gerard as well? Nothing to say about that? Of course not, your the bully, but I’m no troll. Please to not speak to me like you are. You have no right.
    Well, I don’t see where anyone wants to hear about him too much either.
    This event looks exhausting for Gerard if you ask me.

  • saoirse

    He sure does have his mojo working. He is something else, really. :) The Enchanter of Ellery. Lol!
    Sans bracelets, let the filming begin! I just love seeing him so spirited….lively and playful!



  • Reunited and it feels so GOOD

    @saoirse: Maybe that’s because his princess is on her way to reunite with him.

  • it’s a rough life

    @Autumn: You missed my sarcastic tone LOL.

  • Freckles

    TYSM. I was not going to say anymore. She scared me. LOL I’m from Belgium and no one talks to ppl like her here. #53 is her too. What a meanie!
    I miss other posters who have been run out of here, the truthful ones. The ones who don’t kiss up. Those who dared to speak up.
    His images entering the soiree seem most him. He appears preparing for his role and running orders through his mind.
    Dinnertime, bye.

  • it’s a rough life

    @Reunited and it feels so GOOD: Nah Naomi’s got the Fassbender fever now.

  • Bubba

    @it’s a rough life: Naomi’s like Cinderella’s wicked stepmother, Maddie’s a princess and Gerry’s an old wrinkled queen.

  • Observation

    @Reunited and it feels so GOOD:

    The only Princess in OZ is Kate and her little Princeling Georgie.

  • Observation

    @Ann Lockwood:

    Neither will you. God forbid that people AGE.

  • Showbizzzz

    Why did his ex take a picture at gerard’s house? is it an old photo?

  • @Showbizzzz


    Yes, she’s also putting out stuff from her cell phone when they were together when he was filming Playing For Keeps. She probably can blackmail him for the rest of his life, I bet that how she gets things, she’s such a weasel. She’s not a good person, IMO, she’s so stupid because if she was merely a nice person, she’d have everything. But mental issues are her problem.

  • Showbizzzz

    @@Showbizzzz: i don’t think she’d have everything. she’s had a lot of plastic surgery and looks like a puppet. gerry is cool but his attraction for plastic muppet looking women is strange.

  • Jump

    @@Showbizzzz: the mental illness of her probably comes from having too much plastic surgeries. it’s an addiction just like drugs and can leave women confused and end up with identity crisis.

  • Point Break
  • GFW

    Alcon Entertainment which develops, packages, finances, and produces feature length theatrical motion pictures and television programs. Might this connect the dot to Gerry with Mel Gibson in Florida some time back. So this could be why they met up? Financing?
    Selling what you can do for a film and that power is limitless. Gerry seems to like the art of the deal. It could be a high for him same like I get high on intellectual conversation? Connecting people through feeling words?
    I agree with Freckles, which shouldn’t be shocking, that his most honest photos are those of him arriving. It’s a peek under the wallpaper as I call it.

  • Just the facts ma’am

    They were together while he was filming OHF, not PFK.

  • gigibee
    Image of Set.

    I can see why he’s been working out.

  • gigibee
  • GFW

    That image is flippin’ frightening. Set has forked-tail too? Red burning eyes? I can see where chaos would be his trademark, much like the Devil he’s representing. What a beefy, pardon the pun, role.

  • GFW

    Wonder if Set (corruption) dies in Gods of Egypt? Ra (Sun) reins supreme? It’ll be a longtime before we find out that much is certain. 2016 is ways away without a doubt. June will bring How to Train Your Dragon 2 which will bring him out to the premiere, which is great.

  • Daria K. from Virginia

    @GFW: What difference does it make now? Even if you were with him, he’d never get a thing from you, you dried up old hag. How well I know this, Kathryn. He saves the beef for his tender young chicks.

  • gigibee

    There are quite a few different interpretations of Set.Curious to see how they depict Gerry as Set.

  • gigibee
  • gigibee
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  • Shaking my head

    So many people are so far gone from reality, it’s now making me sad.

  • GFW

    Why do you do this? What is your purpose? You don’t scare me. You won’t keep me away. You only make yourself look bad and that Gerry has a nutcase fan who is obsessed with me.
    Thank you. This person is sick in the fking head beyond a shadow of a doubt.

  • Autumn

    Afternoon JJErs! Wow, I guess I should be flattered – my moniker got hijacked! Came home after stepping off a curb this morning and twisting my ankle to play on the net and I come to JJ. Glad most of you know my writing style and spiel.

    Gerry looks great in these photos. Very relaxed – good for him. Fashion shows are boring as watching paint dry, but he got invited and with no film shooting yet – you can’t spend everyday on the beach!

    Hey Prancer, no bracelets – trying not to have a tan line on his wrists for the shoot I guess.

    Hey Ducky, the real Nicole, Embla, and everyone else I missed – have a great day! Raining in DC.

    Stay safe, sane, happy & healthy.

  • God Bless yoou all!

    Thank you sassy and Lolita for your support. The poster in question has a right to her opinion. If she doesn’t understand why I do what I do here, all I can do is say God bless you anyway.

    “My child, don’t lose sight of common sense and discernment. Hang on to them for they will refresh your soul.” Proverbs 3:21-22a

  • GFW

    I just wished JJ would get rid of the God-awful You Might Also Like photo of that sick woman puking when you look at his pictures. It is absolutely nauseating. How does that link-up with Butler? Yuck.
    I agree with the poster who said his hair/beard, which has been trimmed nicely, is red-tinted for this part.
    Those images of Set are frightening, but I still think it is going to be a fascinating film, and very dark role. I hope he isn’t claustrophobic. I wouldn’t like wearing a mask like that for very long.
    Hey, stalker obsessed with me, what are you so afraid of? Don’t answer. Not a real question.

  • Ducky

    @God Bless yoou all!: Hope i am catching you GBYA. I read the posts and felt so bad for you that you were so attacked. That was was very sweet of Sassy to write to you and we all know how dear you are to Lolita. Never will we know how many lives you encouraged and blessed with your verses, me included. Even the encourager needs encouragement from time to time. Thank you for all that you do and may God continue to bless you too.♥♥ Ducky.

  • Embla

    Hi Autumn. Nice to see you. Hope your ankle twist wasn`t too bad, and that it heals quickly.
    I knew it wasn`t you that posted that stuff earlier on. ;-)

  • Embla

    “I just wished JJ would get rid of the God-awful You Might Also Like photo of that sick woman puking when you look at his pictures”
    Do you mean the trailer for that movie “The Quiet Ones”? I didn`t pay it any attention at all, until you mentioned it right now.
    So I then watched it, and thought it looked really interesting! :-)

  • 6641259

    “Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom (or a stalker) shrinks and vanishes. You are free.”
    - Jim Morrison


    @Shaking my head:

    The remedy for that is turning off your computer, going outside and doing something useful, AND getting the heck over it and moving on. It’s the internet, not your life.

    It’s amazing how people get butthurt of a patch of text on a blinking idiot box. No one here has any power over you but what you let them. These are throw away comments on a throwaway board.

  • edwinadru

    Where is maddy is she still and newyork do she still love michael where is she.

  • Autumn

    @Embla: Thanks Embla – my ankle looks like a grapefruit! Just a day or 2 to heal and I’ll be back in walking form!

    Just on the CDAN site and came across a blind – it was a bit shocking “This A list reality star should use triple protection with her new celebrity boyfriend. His last celebrity girlfriend lost a baby because of an STD he gave her.” Could this be the MF/ MG / NC triad? I know folks it’s not about GB – but I’m not a fan of the 3 listed above – give me a pass on this one please?!?

    Wow you couldn’t write a script with more plot twists than the real life of some of the celebs.




    Yeah, I am disgusted by it too. Why would anyone like that? It’s obscene.

  • GFW

    So true!! Thank you for your support. It means so much to me for anyone brave enough to stand up for me here because I was speaking to work and on topic while trying to make it interesting! Plus, I have every right to be here too.
    xox back :o)

  • Embla

    @POST SPD:
    Well, we`ve all got different tastes. (thank god for that) ;-)
    I at least am thinking of watching it when it becomes available.



    I don’t mind watching anything, the picture is gross and not appropriate. That has been up there for weeks already. This isn’t the only board I visit on JJ.

  • Embla
  • Shaking my head

    @POST SPD:

    No actually, I wasn’t talking to anyone in particular. How about taking your own advice, you dumb broad. And I’ll do whatever the hell I want. Butthurt? Over what? Enlighten me.

  • Nope

    @Autumn: That blind is not them. Whatsherface isn’t a “celebrity” anywhere other than on these measly JJ threads. Very few know who she is other than the fans of her ex “boyfriends” and people who read trash papers in third world countries.


    @Shaking my head:

    If you don’t even know what you’re talking about, you shouldn’t accuse others of being dumb.

    I mean in general. No one should be able to hurt you online an on anonymous board.

    That was all. I am not spoonfeeding you answers. Stop being butthurt and also directionless as well.

  • Shaking my head

    @POST SPD:

    You know, if you’d just move on and not comment, you wouldn’t look like you are picking a fight, but I guess that’s too much to expect from JJ comment posters…People can’t post anything without some kind of drama.
    LOL. Do you not get you just tried to insult and injure me? Maybe you need somebody to point out your simplistic behavior. Every you just did was what you were complaining about.